My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Let’s Do Lunch

Thanks for all the interesting lunch ideas you guys left in the comments yesterday. I was particularly charmed by this Flickr set of photos of lunches that Mama Cat posted about — what fun to look through the photos!

A lot of you offered cool ideas for ways to transport a lunch to work, which I don’t really need — I am the self-proclaimed queen of bags and totes, after all. ๐Ÿ™‚ But it was certainly fun looking at the different options that are out there.

And a lot of you gave great ideas for incorporating leftovers and suchlike into lunches. If I actually cooked at home, that would be great. But my dinner usually consists of an Amy’s Kitchen frozen entree nuked in the microwave. Wish I could do something like that for lunch! (Nope, it’s verboten to have a personal-size microwave or fridge in the office.)

And I’m not gonna be having any salads anytime soon, even ones I make myself. After last week, my thought processes are such that I can’t even consider it. Eeeeeek!

Picky, ain’t I?

Thank you to those of you who suggested hummus — yum. I love hummus and may have to get some and some pita bread. Added bonus: if I get some with a lot of garlic, my coworkers will stay away from me after lunch.

Rest assured that anything I bring to work is kept very securely wrapped up and sits on top of my desk until lunchtime, not hidden away in a dark drawer, in an attempt to discourage wee creatures from sampling. I notice that they rarely make an appearance under the glare of my fluorescent desk lamp. I never store food in my office — that’s just asking for trouble. I think that’s a big part of the problem in this building. A lot of people habitually store a supermarket’s worth of food in their office, which only encourages the beasties.

But enough about vermin. Here’s today’s Still Life With Sock in Progress and Emu Egg.


That’s the second sock — I finished the first one last night.


Yep, I finished a sock at home. While I am still slogging along on the first Cromarty sleeve, I wasn’t feeling the cable love last night so I worked on my sock. But the first Cromarty sleeve is nearing completion.


Just a few more rows and then I cast off for the shoulder strap. I’m on the 10th skein of Kersti, and I’m still not certain I’ll be able to finish half the sweater in 10 skeins. While I have long been aware of the “1/3 for the front, 1/3 for the back, and 1/3 for the sleeves” rule of thumb, the fact that the sleeves extend into a wide shoulder strap makes this estimate less reliable. It’s just a matter of “wait and see.” So I will. Wait and see. First sleeve should be done in the next couple of days if I don’t flake out and take to knitting socks 24/7.

Clearly, I just like the drama and am dragging it out as long as possible.


Why does Lucy have this look on her face?


Because she’s listening to “Meow, Meow,” the new single from Rap Cat, of course.


  1. No refrigerator or microwave at the office? And I thought I worked in bizarro world. Is there a coffee pot? Just wondering about the logic of this situation.

  2. I heart Rapcat! I’ve got all of his albums. That Rapcat be one cool rapasaurus! And I recoginize that song as his first big hit “Meow Meow” from the album “8 Lives Left”.

  3. Cathy-Cate says:

    Just commenting for yesterday when today’s post popped up.

    You’ll simply HAVE to post the pattern for Emu Egg Hat; someone is no doubt looking for one at this VERY moment!

    Love the way the variegated yarn looks in Feather and Fan–extremely cool!

    And I, with Toby, can’t believe there’s no fridge/microwave and you can’t have your own. Isn’t that substandard working conditions or something? Especially when the food service area is populated by varmints? Maybe if people were able to store/heat their food appropriately, there wouldn’t be food in offices and critters everywhere!!
    Thanks again for everyone’s help with lace-y questions!

  4. Lucy is clearly enraptured by Rap Cat.

    If you are still on the 10th and not finished with it, I think you might just squeak it out. May be necessary to use another yarn for seams. ‘t will be fine in the end, I’m sure.

    I hope I never work in your office. If I did, the mice would be gone within a copule days (I’m a mammalogist by trade). Roaches would take a bit longer.

    You should feel lucky there aren’t raccoons running around in the ceiling. I caught two in the ceiling of the science building when I was still a student. Kept getting into offices and messing with people’s stuff. Also broke into the microbiology lab on many occasions and ate the old agar plates in the biohazard bucket. Mmmm…toxic bacteria…

  5. My German Phrase-A-Day calendar says “Deine Katze ist wundershoen.” which translates to “Your cat is adorable.” I immediately thought of you and Lucy.
    I think I will have enough yarn for my current shawl, I keep weighing what I have left, so I feel your “do I have enough yarn for this project?” pain. Please keep us posted!

  6. I suck at packing my lunches. Every day I have class and work and I’m regularly out of my house from 9am to 11pm. There is no possible way to pack three meals a day…I spend a lot of money. There is no hope for me.

    PS. I love Cromarty in that bright color. Cables in teal…Cable work like that seems so traditional and feels like it would only work in a “traditional” color (browns, grays, shades of white), but the teal gives the whole thing a new look and feel.

  7. PICAdrienne says:

    I am not sure I will be able to stand the Cromarty drama, if you take to full time sock knitting (although, I understand the allure.) I am enjoying watching it grow in the pictures.

    Lucy has the look on her face that our Taz gets when he wants whatever we are having. She is such a pretty kitty.

  8. I wanted to thank you for the video of the “how to cable without a cable needle” that you posted about a week ago. I used it last night (from memory) and loved it once I got the hang of it. Photos on my blog.

    No good lunch suggestions. Personally, I’m a fan of leftovers, but if you aren’t cooking at home … I also agree that without access to hot water or a microwave, your lunch options are exceptionally slim. That stinks!

  9. Beautiful sock!

  10. Gorgeous sock! And I like the little cap you’re knitting for your emu egg. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Mmmm… hummus. Also very nice with baby carrots and even healthier!

    Hmm, neither Chaos nor Mayhem seemed interested in Rap Cat.

  11. oh miss lucy! i luv ya honey but that rappin’ cat is right up there with my son’s heavy metal music….

  12. I am new to your blog and have also just gotten your book and have to say I love them both. There are so many points in the book I keep identifying with, particularly the discovery of the on-line knitting world, which I love, because believe it or not, I really don’t know any in-the-flesh knitters, at least not any who love it as I do. My daughters and I adore seeing Lucy and her pictures, too. She’s gorgeous! I grew up with cats (once had 5 at the same time, like you) but we don’t have one now (mostly due to the dog, guinea pigs, rabbit and hamster being enough to handle) and I really miss having a cat.
    So anyway, thanks for the great blog and book!

  13. Cool, Wendy likes the laptop lunches!! Cromarty is beautiful, btw, and coming along nicely. I hope you have enough yarn to finish it.

  14. In all in suspense over Cromarty. I hope your little sock bear isn’t jealous of the egg ๐Ÿ˜‰ Rap Cat is pretty cool, never saw him before-Not as cool as you Lucy! You don’t need any props…

  15. I don’t know about that Rap Cat, to me Lucy looks like she’s a mite frightened & about to bolt.

    You really move on socks! Do you have any that aren’t handknit?

  16. Gracious! That Rapcat is quite a character… Hannah (my feline mind-control unit) says it’s a good thing we had her spayed last month, or she’d be hitching out of Alaska to find him…
    Love the socks! I really must try that feather and fan pattern – does it have a good bit of elasticity? I seem to find lace patterns fall down more often, but I know that pattern has a good mix of lace and stocking stitch…

  17. I miss one day’s entry and my chance to be useful for once ๐Ÿ˜› Whenever I’m feeling uncreative I surf over to Of course, you’re not a vegan, but she has so many good ideas, most of which are not fussy in the least (she packs for a grade-schooler. No pate here ๐Ÿ˜‰

    If nothing else, it’s fun to look at the octopi made from veggie hotdogs!

  18. Have you tried the Amy’s Kitchen soups? Any good? I’m thinking of trying the low sodium versions….

  19. There must be something in the air because lately I’ve been feeling like going to socks 24/7 myself. Still, Cromarty is just divine.

  20. Do you have any trouble with Lucy attacking yarn?

    One of my cats (and I’m not sure who, although I do have a prime suspect) likes to unwind wool (only wool) yarn around the room if I leave my knitting unattended for even a second. Another one attacks any and all roving that they can get their paws on. I just wondered if Lucy did anything similar.

  21. We have mice in my office. I’ve not personally seen them, but have seen evidence of them gnawing on a co-worker’s stash of Hershey Kisses in his desk drawer (yuck). The janatorial staff is totally on top of the trash situation as a result.

    We have no Company coffee pots, microwaves or refrigerators and no water cooler. Water not from the bathroom sink is only available between 7:30 and 9:30 or 11:30 and 1:30 when the cafeteria is open. Otherwise you must bring it yourself – store 10 cups of water in your office (like I do) or purchase from a vending machine. The joys of working for a company in bankruptcy.

    Cromarty looks good. Socks look good too. I never thought I would want to knit a sock (as they will definitely not fit into my heels at work, so I’m not sure I will find them useful). Lately, I keep looking at socks and even bought a sock book. I own no other pattern books. I think I have become officially obsessed with knitting. Perhaps true obsession only happens when I start knitting cozies for all household items (refrigerator, TV, computer).

  22. Has Lucy listened to the talking cats video at ? I have one cat who runs away when she hears it but the other gets right up to the computer and is fascinated by it!

  23. Thank you Mamacat for the link to the lunchboxes. It is making the rounds of my office, where we enjoy 5-star lunch arrangements (ie kitchen, microwave, standard-sized fridge, basic dishes) but no eating area (that’s what a desk is for, right?). Currently I’m on a break from Kashi frozen meals and enjoying Progresso soups in my nifty mug from Target. But the lunchbox site is inspiring, particularly for someone who cooks dinner every night but hates taking leftovers for lunch. THose bento boxes make anything look cool and control portions at the same time, huh? Get back.

    OK – I’m also still totally hooked on sock knitting. Must be contagious.


  24. The socks look great! I had to listen to rap cat myself, and probably looked like Lucy.

    Hey, maybe Lucy could come to work and help with the pest problem!

  25. Have you seen the commercial on tv about the ” baby boomer ” who has arthritis in her thumb from knitting? If I remember correctly it’s a commercial about Aleve – but it is in the context of knitting.
    Love the socks and Cromarty.
    Turned Rapcat on my computer as the girl-pup strolled by ( after having a medium-sized drama concerning an empty food pan ) and she stopped dead in her tracks and looked at the speakers trying to figure out WHAT the heck MOM was listening to now.
    The ” joys ? ” of being owned by four-legged beasts.

  26. Those Laptop Lunches look like great ideas for the children too.

    I must say that there are benefits to living where the mercury drops to wicked cold. I can’t recall ever having seen a real live cockroach in the “wild” or a live non-pet rat either. Our biggest indoor pests are ants, mosquitos and no-see-ums. I don’t think I could handle having any bug near my food, never mind in it. I would be off salads for life unless I could examine every leaf and vegetable first. No kitchen should be that bad.

    Your new sock are very pretty and I hope you have enough yarn for Cromarty. It really sucks having to sweat through the last bit of knitting.

  27. I love that cat!!! Just had to say. The sock is awesome. I did mine from the cuff but I keep hearing about toe up socks and I’ll have to try that too. Might solve my wonky toe issues.

    Very cool blog you have here…glad I stopped by.

  28. I need to get busy and try your toe-up sock pattern. I taught a short-row class last week and the week before, and one of the class members wanted to know the pros and cons of your pattern v. the PG-R one that I teach. All I could say was “Duh” since I have printed out your adorable feather and fan sock but not started it yet.

  29. Am I just living my life in bubble? I really like the laptop lunches – where do you get those containers? I probably don’t know about it because they don’t have yarn stored in them!


  30. OMG, I love Rapcat! Thanks! I have played and played the commercial on YouTube. My half-grown Golden Retreiver mix killed a rat yesterday, speaking of vermin-I don’t think I want any doggie kisses.

  31. Poor teddy must be sick–no SIP pictures…..

    Wish him well for me!

  32. Wendy – – Lucy’s face is priceless. I went over to Rap Cat and had a listen — what a riot!

    Good luck with your lunch dilemma. I’m not much help as I nuke all my lunches – – soup or Smart Ones.

    I love your socks.


  33. Lucy is a Rap Cat groupie!

  34. My nine year old’s idea yesterday was a peanut butter and chopped celery sandwich. She proclaimed it fantastic. It was an interesting permuation of the old sandwich at any rate.

  35. Is you like hummus, you might enjoy babaganoush, which is an eggplant and garlic dip which is a bit milder than most kinds of hummus I’ve tried, and doesn’t have the same aftertaste. I love the stuff!

  36. The sock looks great, and the colorway of the yarn really sets off the F&F pattern. Pretty!

    And an emu egg — is it real? What a fun conversation starter!

  37. I adore that colorway. Now I must have my LYS ownder order that one in. Very pretty. I hope that you have enough yarn to finish Cromarty. Also, if you take something to lunch that should be refrigerated, you could always add an ice pack to your lunch bag.

  38. Beautiful sock! And oh…Rap Cat – where DO you find these things?
    Gotta get the ringtone when it comes out!
    (And thanks for your good wishes on my blog today!)

  39. I am a annon lurker. I just wanted to come forward and thank you for all the wonderful blogging and inspiration that you do. I knitted some in high school home ec, but had no one to teach me further skills. Your blog inspired me to retry and I am loving it.

    I wanted to let you know that I just finished my 2nd pair of socks (the first was a class, cuff down) and Love LOVE LOVE your pattern and all the tips on the internet associated with it. Feel free to visit and see the finished work and the knitting saga of knitting them….

    I am off to knit another pair, toe up of course.

    And thanks more than you could ever know.

  40. Wendy, I’ve finally used your feather and fan sock pattern after months of being seriously dubious about increasing those extra 12 stitches. ๐Ÿ˜‰ But I have to say that the sock fits perfectly and the pattern really suits the yarn I’m using – Fleece Artist Sea Wool. Can’t wait to start the second one. (that’s a first for me ;-))

    As for Rap-cat ….. my two German Shepherd dogs were seriously not impressed ….. ๐Ÿ˜‰