My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Random Thursday

I seem to be droning on a lot about non-knitting stuff lately, don’t I? I think this is because I am in the throes of my annual February Funk. I don’t seem able to get too enthusiastic about any of my knitting (or anything at all, really), the weather is dreary, and I seem to have forgotten how to sleep. But I know it will pass, so I slog on with the knitting. And I offer you some random observations and thoughts, you lucky things.

Confession: I love Rap Cat. Lucy may not agree with me, but I find him strangely compelling. I might have to join the Rapcat fan club. But I am publically promising here and now not to buy a little Rapcat outift for Lucy to wear.

Knit-related confession: I am a huge Lime & Violet fangrrl! I almost never listen to podcasts, but on a whim listened to the Lime & Violet podcast for the first time last week and it just cracked me up. Love ya, Miss Lime! Love ya, Miss Violet! If I knew where you were, geographically speaking, I might hafta stalk y’all. (Just kidding about the stalking. Honest.)

Knitting message board confession: On my first attempt to register for the Lime & Violet Message Board of DOOOM I made many, many feeble attempts to correctly type in the confirmation string of letters, and made a mistake every time. The registration process finally kicked me out and told me politely to try again later. Gah, I am lame! But I did successfully register later the same day.

Lunchtime hijinks: A couple of you asked if we had coffee and/or watercooler in our office. To this I respond: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! We should be so lucky. All coffee and water has to be purchased. Well, there are drinking fountains out in the hallways, but you could not pay me enough to drink from one of them.God only knows what is swimming in the pipes here.

Today’s still life with sock-in-progress:


Sock-in-progress as Coke Can Cozy.

(A couple of you were concerned that Teddy has not been modeling my sock-in-progress lately. Fear not, he is not ill, nor has he been made redundant. He’s on vacation. Aruba, I think.)

In answer to a comments question, I find feather and fan to be moderately stretchy in a sock. At least, my feather and fan socks do not fall down. But that could be due to fat legs rather than stretchy socks.

New sock yarn! New sock yarn!


Lorna’s Laces in the new “Envy” colorway — purchased from The Loopy Ewe, of course!

Today’s Cromarty pic:


Today’s Lucy pic:


She is being nonchalant here. Only very rarely does Lucy bother my yarn. And the last time she did, it was to unwind a small ball of cashmere I had left over from knitting a scarf. Girl’s got taste.

My new toy:


My new iPod Shuffle. Swoon! How tiny is it?


And here he is, getting a playlist downloaded to him from my iTunes library. Note the mess around my computer!


And a random fact:

L-B thinks I’m weird because when I was talking to her on the phone a little while ago I stuck my head inside the clothes dryer so my voice would have an echo. Really, I don’t see anything weird about that.


  1. Have you named your ipod yet?

    and… re: the echo-voice-in-the-dryer stunt. Seems reasonable to me. But then, I also think most of the things Lucy and Ethel did were reasonable, too.

  2. Head in dryer — weird? — weeelll, guess it’s part of the frozen february fancies…

  3. Sticking your head in a dryer seems perfectly sane if both mood and occassion call for such behavior.

    That is one itty bitty ipod and one adorable kitty.

    Out of curiosity, how many pairs of socks do you typically knit in a year? Seems you make way more socks than you have feet. Do many end up as gifts?

  4. My daughter bought me a teeny Ipod shuffle for Christmas and I love it! Mine is just white – the green is cool. You’ll love it for commuting. It’s perfectt for a clutz like me because it’s so light that if you accidently drop it, it just dangles from the earphones. Did you load some Rap Cat?

  5. LOVE the new iPod. Mine is PINK (of course) and it was a Valentine’s Day gift from my new sweetie. And Garrison Keillor said this a few y ears ago on A Prairie Home Companion: “It feels like psychosis, but it’s actually just March.” I agree.

  6. How funny that you just got a shuffle…I was just looking at this last night!

    So cute!

  7. Heh. It matches your new sock yarn. Heheheh. I like it.

  8. Re D.C. water fountains, worked at 1710 H St.NW back in the 80’s and we had nematodes in our water. Great way to get a bubbler. ugh.

  9. Hmmm. February Funk leads to sticking your head in the dryer. Well, so long as it’s not the oven, do whatever it takes, girl!

  10. The best way I’ve found to get rid of the February Funk is to walk out back and watch one of my ewes deliver her first babies of the year. She had a boy and a girl and all 3 are doing fine – but why she didn’t have them yesterday when the sun was shining, the temp was 50 is a mistery to me, but NOOOOO she had to wait until it’s in the low 40s and the wind is blowing hard enough to rock the truck. Go figure.

  11. Hey, that echo is an effect – she should be honored that she gets phone calls with special effects!

    Cute shuffle – really beats the heck out of the old design, doesn’t it?!

  12. Head in Dryer Very funny ๐Ÿ™‚ and not weird at all ๐Ÿ™‚ maybe a side effect of the February Funk?

  13. Ooh, love the new sock yarn. Does it knit up in a camo patern?

  14. Hi, Sheldon! Stay out of the washing machine,okay?

  15. Ok, usually I am envious of your divine knitting and/or latest yarn aquisition but today you have pushed me over the edge with your ipod shuffle!! I have the silver version (doesn’t the clip-on styling totally ROCK?!), there is no fabulous metallic green version on offer here in NZ or surely I would have it clipped to my merino/possum poncho right now!! Brings a whole new meaning to ‘green with envy’ *sigh*.

  16. Your new ipod shuffle is most definitely not a he. It might be a she, or maybe even an it, but definitely not a he.

    Weren’t you worried that when you stuck your head in the clothes dryer that it would somehow shut itself (with you smooshed inside) and then turn itself on? I would be! Kind of like sticking my handing down into the garbage disposal to retrieve a slipper spoon…

  17. Holy cats! I thought my iPod Nano was little! And it is. But the Shuffle is so teetiny! (And cute…don’t tell my iPod)

    And it’s nice to know I’m not the only one who forgets how to sleep every February. ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. I’m with you on Lime and Violet, they are just hysterical. My parents gave me one of those baby ipods for christmas, which is when I started listening to them. I didn’t know they came in colors though, very cool!

  19. ๐Ÿ˜€ LimeNViolet RULE! I feel that the more people who listen to LimeNViolet, the more happy people there will be in the world.

  20. Feather & Fan socks: This was the first pair of sock I knit in a fingering weight (2nd sock ever) and mine don’t fall down either and I have narrow ankles compared to my wide feet. Maybe it is that the pattern makes them stiffer so they don’t sag?

  21. Love the green! Both the Ipod and the yarn.

  22. That podlet is so cute, I’d be wanting to pet it.

    (I’m nuts about L&V, too. First, they push indie yarn. Second, they are so “themselves.” Third, they’re funny, naughty, bright-as-penny gals. Glad you have ’em a plug.)

  23. ___desdemona___ says:

    Oh, so February is the reason I can’t sleep… Maybe it’ll pass soon then because it’s driving me nuts. And I thought it was this new body they hand me every time I get pregnant, it looks just the same as my usual one, only it doesn’t work propperly anymore….

    Sorry, but the ipod shuffle’s so not my thing… I don’t know why, probably because it’s got no screen. If they made something the same size with a screen on one side I’d be happy.

  24. The LL Envy stripes beautifully. No weird pooling for me! (8 st/in on 0s, from 72 st to 64. No pooling!)

    And the colorway really reminds me of pickles. I guess Envy is a catcher name than Pickle though.

  25. Dryer… *snort*

    I have Lorna’s Laces envy (no pun intended) and Shuffle envy like you wouldn’t believe!

  26. Awww – the little Shuffle is cute! I have a regular ipod but it’s 3 years old or so. Is that enough justification to buy a cute little Shuffle? I would get the green, too.

    What I want to know is, did L-B put her head in her dryer to answer you?

  27. *drool drool drool* I LOVE that sock yarn!!! Must…resist…

  28. Keep listening and you’ll soon know where Lime and Violet are. Let the stalking begin! I have a feeling that they’d be ok having a stalker though. =)

  29. Question about the lorna – what sock yarn pattern(s) work to avoid the whole pooling thing?

  30. I always have that problem with those security letter things. I’m glad I’m in good company!

  31. I am jealous of your new sock yarn…and the iPod (it’s so tiny!).

    Also, head in dryer is not weird. Head in oven while the oven is on, now that might be a little weird.

  32. I LOVE the iPod Shuffle (I don’t have an iPod, but now I’ll have to consider this, ’cause it’s adorable! There must be a really good reason to have one, right?)
    I’ll let you know if my F&F socks slip down – I’m finishing up my second sock of my first pair by your pattern!
    And, no, I don’t think your head in the dryer is any more weird than spending an evening with my head in the freezer compartment trying to decide what’s still edible in there.
    Lucy is so cute…

  33. Hey! Stalk away, knitterwomanofdooooom!

    Just let us know when the stalking will begin, and I’ll make muffins. And maybe stock up on some extra sock yarn. (Because, you know, I sooo need more sock yarn. Ahem.)

    Lime & Violet loves ya right back, Miz Wendy!

  34. I think that you know how to make your own sound effects(head in dryer)what’s wrong with that! I have a scandisk tune thing with lots of room on it! I’m going to have to check out Lime & Violet!
    I am enjoying your sock still life too! And Lucy is just too cute.

  35. The fact that you would put your head in the dryer while on the phone just for the echo makes me love you more. I am getting up now to call my sister in law from the same place. Thanks for the great idea!!

  36. Your head in a dryer to get an echo?

    1) I hope it was not a gas dryer

    2) I hope Lucy wasn’t watching

    3) Maybe you are a frustrated podcaster. Wouldn’t that sound great in a dryer?

  37. I don’t think the sticking your head in the dryer to make your voice echo is odd. I have a friend who will call every once in a while and when I answer the phone, she flushes the toilet and hangs up.

  38. I am planning to write a book one day called “February Is The Longest Month.”

  39. I saw this link — on another blog and thought it might give you some lunch ideas. Good Luck!

  40. Putting your head in the dryer would only be weird if you weren’t trying to make your voice echo.

  41. great post, Wendy! I like to know you do ‘normal’ things like stick your head in the dryer to get an echo on the phone :). and yes, February feels like the longest month and it’s hard to be motivated. 6 more days until March…
    and I love the yummy new sock yarn colour.
    hi Lucy!

  42. If your bathroom is as small as mine is and all tile, then you achieve the same echo effect.

    And no, you may not ask why I know that.

    not admitting to every sticking my head in the dryer/oven

    not ever

  43. I love that colorway. I might have to get some!

  44. Nothing wrong with sticking your head in the dryer as long as it is off. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Where have I been? I have yet to see Rap Cat. I thought that I have seen all of their comertials. I guess that is what you get when you have to watch children’s programming until 8:30 in the evening. LOL

  45. Oh…my. I may actually have found a colorway of Lorna’s that I *love* instead of just liking intensely…oh, this is not good.

  46. The voice in dryer episode made me laugh out loud. Fortunately, the office is like the Marie Celeste today. Totally deserted.

  47. anne marie in philly says:

    as long as you do not stick your head in the oven a la sylvia plath…heh heh heh

    but to do that, one must have a gas oven, oui?

    february sucks overall…I think it should be lopped off the calendar. let’s go from january right into march…one cold wintry month followed by a warm spring month…flowers blooming, baseball games, lots of sunshine, sneezing (for those of us with allergies), and knitting on the sunporch with sleeping cats.

    meredith and steven made me add that last phrase.

  48. Yes, but has Lucy popped herself in the dryer?! Gandalf has, in 2 seconds as I turned my back… ๐Ÿ˜€

    Hey, is that sock yarn Hand Maiden? Looks familiar!?

  49. Violet and I have actually stalked each other in a yarn store. It was tremendous fun, and well worth the trip.

  50. Head in the dryer for an echo that is so funny!

  51. Many years ago, when I lived south of Houston, TX, I used to hate their winters, which were over for the most part in late February. My husband found a cartoon that expressed my sentiments exactly: January & February are the longest half of the year!

    Then we moved to Michigan, where the trees lose their leaves in October, and don’t come back until early May, at the earliest. That coupled with sometimes frigid temps, snow, & ice, well–you get the picture.

    But also, February is a tough month for me because both of my parents (my dad on Valentine’s Day, 1985) & a couple of my grandparents, at least one aunt, my favorite uncle, and my godmother all passed away in the month of February. Once I get to George Washington’s birthday (Feb 22), though, things start to look up!

    So, Wendy, February is not a good month for me, either. Oh, and it now looks like we are possibly in for a major winter storm on Sunday.

  52. Beth P. in Maryland says:

    I have the perfect cure for that February/March funk…….

    Get together with a bunch of like-minded friends for a spinning/knitting retreat!!! Ahhhh, fabulous!


  53. OOOOOh, I’m very envious of your new yarn!

  54. As with the others, I am impressed both with the iPod and the sock yarn but even more so with the can cozy (Yeah, I know it’s supposed to be a sock.) The possibilities are endless, Intarsia logos, sayings, especially monograms so no one else will take your beer (I know it was Coke; beer is better.) My mind is reeling!

  55. The new ipod shuffle looks like someone sliced an inch off the end of an old ipod mini. Heh.

  56. You might be interested in the yarn colorway that Lisa Souza designed to raise money for Miss Violet’s medical fund to cover the 1K deductible for her breast cancer treatment. I think she’s already met the deductible, but there may be additional expenses, or it may go to another charity. Lisa Souza’s website is:, and the Lime & Violet colorway is the one pictured under the Sock Yarns link on the home page. Lisa is at Stitches West at the moment, but when she comes back, she could give you the current scoop on the project. By the way, I adore her colorways. I knit a pair of socks in her BigTop (shades of blue stripes and red stripes, with little yellow dsahes mixed in the red), and I was hooked.

  57. Oops! I must correct myself.
    1) Those are *dashes* of yellow mixed in the red
    2) More importantly, it is the LimeNViolet colorway displayed on Lisa’s homepage, but the one for the medical expenses is “Violet’s Pink Ribbon.” (More appopriate, yes?) You can see all of the colorways here:

  58. I was so irritated with the apparently unhealthy working conditions you have to put up with that I deleted my post before posting, insteading of sounding obsessive & irrational. I guess employers are not responsible for giving you safe/healthy working conditions.
    Good luck for better in the future.

  59. You don’t mind if I picture you on the phone with your head in the dryer and giggle do you?

    I love the yarn for your sock, it’s lovely.

  60. I have the same kitty coasters as you!!! Oh my, I’m just a little too excited abou that huh?


  61. You crack me up with the head in the dryer thing. My 2 youngest kids love to crawl into the dryer when playing hide and seek. So no, you are not weird or crazy but simply a big kid at heart. That LL is beautiful! Green is my fav color! So it could go without saying I’m digging your shuffle. Cheer up though girl on the funk cause there’s only 5 more days in February!!

  62. I’d bought my neon green shuffle by 7:15 am the first day of their release and it’s lost in the house already!!! I think in one of my knitting project bags. Hopefully it wasn’t used as a cat toy. My little dears have a hunger for small Apple products.

  63. I am so with you on the winter blahs. That’s why I started my “happy along”. Gotta do something to combat this yuckiness.
    Cromarty is really coming along nicely. Love the color.

    And just when I thought I’d finally decided not to get a shuffle you go and tell me how wonderful it is! It’s tough being a pisces and unable to make up my mind. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  64. What could possibly be weird about sticking your head in a dryer? It would be weird if you bought one of those voice altering things to talk on the phone with. Also, fun.

    How many Lime and Violet podcasts can you fit on the Shuffle?

  65. Lorna’s Laces Envy! I love that colorway. Isn’t Loopy Ewe the best? She is my favorite on-line sock yarn enabler. I am going to try the head in the dryer echo effect next time I’m on the phone. That’s cool.

  66. I’ll be curious to see how the LL knits up for a couple of reasons. First, I’ve always shied away from LL since I wasn’t sure if it pooled or not. Secondly, the colorway sort of reminds me the socks I’m making out of Spirit Trail Fiberworks semi-solid yarn. My socks are beginning to look like camoflage and I’m wondering if yours will also have a camo look to them.

  67. Geez, how else would you get your voice to echo?

  68. After a particularly stressful day (which happen to me more often in Febraury/March when I too stop sleeping more than 3-5 hours a night), I come home – dance and spin around my kitchen with the dogs and randomly scream. If you do it loud enough, it also echos (even without the dryer). That and being able to vaccuum at midnight if I want to are my favorite things about owning my own house.

    Love the sock yarn. Love Lucy. I have a Lucy too and she has a brother Linus. Cats are the best. Such simple wants. My Lucy and Linus run around meowing a lot (quietly, thank God) and if I say something to one of them – they meow right back at me.

  69. Oh, I am SO envious! Over the LL sock yarn and the iPod! I’ve been drooling over both of those since I first saw them. My favorite colors are greens and blues, so they really caught my eye!

  70. Very cool iPod. I love mine for so many reasons. Lucy is looking particularly lovely today.

  71. Wendy…
    I love your blog! I syndicate it so I don’t miss anything.
    I have a question. Since you do all your socks toe up, how do you bind off? I looked at your pattern and it doesn’t specify. Unless you put it in the new version which I don’t have printed out yet!
    On a different note…I think I’ll get my kitties cushions for next winter. Why should Lucy have all the fun? ๐Ÿ™‚

  72. i TOTALLY hear you about the February funk thing! ugh. can Spring just get here already??? it is no good when one even gets funked out of knitting-i even DID NOT knit yesterday and read a magazine during my regular “knitting time”. it’s bad….

  73. I was quickly drinking a Pepsi, and then reached into the bottom of my washing machine to retrieve a sock. I belched, one that could rival any large, male beer drinker. And, it echoed. I was so proud. So, no, I don’t see anything wrong with sticking your head in the dryer to hear an echo. It’s so much fun to amuse oneself! *L*

  74. i know miss lime & miss violet in person. we go to the same S&B. and they are like that in person, too. all the time. (jealous yet, lol?) and i’ll help make muffins for any stalkerdom, too, lol.

    i wish i had a shuffle. but then i’d be dl’ing all the time. oy.

    and envy really makes me envious!

    is there anything stuffed in the sock on the can of coke? it looks like it (or i could just be delusional like that)

  75. Let’s all take a virtual holiday. I like Benita’s blog. It would refresh us to help with lambing.
    I’ll listen to Lime and Violet and maybe the blah’s will be gone by March.

  76. Wendy,
    I’m a faithful reader of your blog and book and was wondering if you would let me use your comments to raise a little money for a good cause. I’m doing the St. Baldrick’s bit and shaving my head to raise money for Kid’s cancer research. If I’m going bald I want to raise as much money as possible so I would like to post how to donate in you comments since I don’t have a blog or website. I can post an after picture at st. Baldrick’s so people can see it geniune. If you understandably don’t want me to do this please delete my comment and theank you for your patience.