My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Snowy Sunday

Will you look at that — snow!


It’s a good day to stay in and knit. And I’m pleased to report that I finished the sleeve and calculate that I have enough yarn to finish Cromarty.


So I started the front:


Teddy consented to model my sock in progress:


And Lucy felt the need to get up from her nap to wiggle.


That is all.


  1. Sounds like a lovely Sunday! We had about a foot of snow here, too, and it’s still coming down. I think tomorrow will be a good day to work at home…

  2. We got a touch of snow as well. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Congratulations on Cromarty! I was speculating that you would finish it/him and show us an FO at your next post.

  3. I am really glad to hear that it now looks like you have enough yarn to finish your Cromary! It is gorgeous!

    We have been under a Winter Storm Warning for our area, since 4 am this morning, but we have not received near what they predicted so far. They were talking about a possibility of 7 to 13″ of snow. I’m not sure where it went? Maybe it went east to see you, or maybe it is just waiting to dump on us all at once, or something? I know my sons & I were hoping for a snow day here tomorrow.

    Yours looks like a heavy, wet snow. That would not be fun to shovel or to snowblow, or whatever. Maybe you will have a snow day tomorrow, so you can stay home & knit & cuddle Lucy?

    I’m glad you got your teddy bear out. I have always loved teddy bears, & he is a great size to model your socks.

    Have a good afternoon and evening!

  4. The National Guard is on its way to dig you out and the Air National Guard is on its way to airlift more yarn to you! Hang in there just a little while longer!

  5. Looks like a scene from a train set that shops put together at Christmas!

  6. Cromarty is looking treat and teddy is cute. Stay cosy!

  7. What beautiful pics! The Cromarty is divine as is the lovely Lucy. A fabulous day to knit, drink (hot) tea and have a cat in ones lap.

    Here in SoCal we are experiencing a light rain. I’m sure the glamzillas are anxiously watching the skies as I type this. Last night our weather person, Danny Romero, promised NO rain on the Oscars. It is doubtful a downpour will occur. SoCal is in need of some good soaking rainy days, but we none of us are too hopeful.

    Some of my friends were thrilled with the “RapCat” link I sent them courtesy of you!

    Enjoy your day and evening! luv.m.

  8. So, how did Teddy enjoy his vacation? I hope he wasn’t sunburned!

  9. We’re getting snow here, it has just started coming down “seriously.” I am sad to report that people in Philadelphia do not deal with the snow much better than those in the DC area. Weather wimps …

    I cannot wait to see the finished Cromarty. And the sock is lovely. (Does Teddy ever try to keep things you’ve knit? Just wondering.)

  10. It hasn’t started snowing here yet, but it’s supposed to snow pretty seriously tonight . . . which is going to make the whole getting to work thing tomorrow morning extra fun! It does sound like you’re having a great Sunday, though . . .

  11. The snow ended up being pretty, huh? Much better than the ice they had predicted. Now if I could have gotten the 4-year-old to play outside alone so I could knit it would have been perfect!

  12. Cromarty is so beautiful! And Lucy’s wiggle made me laugh out loud.

    Our predicted snowfall hasn’t started yet. I’m actually hoping for some accumulation because my Lucy is jonesing for a few minutes outside (the yard is escape-proof) and I think she’d love playing in the snow.

  13. Nothin’ wrong with a wigglin’ kitty!

    Fresh snow always looks nice. And soon you’ll have Cromarty to wear to keep you warm through the next storm!

  14. Wow, I wish snow would have that effect on my knitting!

    And what a relief to see that you actually have enough yarn for the whole of Cromarty.

  15. Hi, first post to you but have been reading for a year. The Cromarty color is exquisite. I think your snow is on the way to me here in Boston…unfortunaely I am a weekend worker and tonight is extra hours, so in the ER the snow will make me very busy or so slow I can finish a few socks, hoping for the latter.
    Thanks for sharing all your beautiful knitting

  16. Cromarty looks great! We are currently having an ice/snow thing in NJ. I hope DH stays home tomorrow. Does Lucy like her belly rubbed? Even if she doesn’t, I don’t think I could resist.

  17. We’re getting the snow, too, although we may have switched over to freezing rain at this point (ugh).

    I may have to send my sister over here; she saw Elizabeth I when I was checking your blog at Christmas and loved it, but I can’t get a hold of the book. I *do* have “The Celtic Collection”, though, so maybe she’d like Cromarty. And I’m getting a hankering for cables…

  18. No. California had hail…….not the same as that snow……..looks great!……glad your “national guard” is on the alert…… they deliver?

  19. Cromarty looks fantastic – love the color too – glad you have enough yarn. Well I probably have you all beat on the snow. 7.5 inches Friday night, about 10 inches last night and a couple more coming down now! Unfortunately (actually fortunately) WI knows how to deal with this mess….so no playing hookie for me tomorrow, unfortunately…..

  20. We’re getting your snow up here now. Should make the morning commute rather *interesting*. Have fun staying in and knitting. ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Wow that is a lot of snow. Glad that you have enough yarn to finish. I am sure that is a load off your mind.

  22. I think this is the first time I saw Teddy model and entire stocking cap-too cute as is Lucy in wiggle mode. Glad you have enough for Cromarty whew!

  23. kelly in new mexico says:

    I think your sweater is sooo beautiful and I love the colorway of the yarn you used. Good job!!!!! (you already know that but it never hurts to let a person know.)

  24. Aww, NUTS … we didn’t get ANY snow in Richmond. Hope your day inside with knitting and Lucy was a warm one. Send some snow down I-95, would ya?!?

  25. I was trying to figure out what movie to watch tonight. Lucy answered it for me! Thanks.

  26. Teddy picked a crappy day to return from Cancun. Unless he loves the white stuff ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. For the record, on the Knit from your stash front, I made a purchase on Feb 24th and have to start again.

  28. I did, but what if they stopped producing Koigu? ๐Ÿ˜‰ And there was this nylon cording too; all jewel colored and all…

  29. Wow, the feather & fan really looks good in that colorway! My cat must be getting ready for spring, she’s been doing her cat ballet a lot lately. =)

  30. Hey there! I read your blog a lot and I enjoy seeing all the photos you share. Lucy is such a hoot!
    I was wondering, I could not find a way to email you privately, that since you are a published author on knitting patterns that you could inform me on how one gets a new pattern idea copyrighted?


  31. anne marie in philly says:

    “I am sad to report that people in Philadelphia do not deal with the snow much better than those in the DC area. Weather wimps …”

    hey bridget, those of us that were born here know what to do. it’s everyone else that sucks at winter weather driving. and having lived in the dc area 1979-1999, they are even worse (ooooooh, a flake, run around and panic and scream and buy all the toilet paper ever made).

    not that wendy would ever do this, mind you. but enough humor for today.

    no snow day for us – only 1″. no knitting day either, dammit!

    writing this from work…

  32. Whew, always nice when things work out like they are supposed to.

    Snow! Pretty snow picture.

  33. I am in awe of that amazing sweater! I’m knitting up a cable one too, and am having trouble keeping track of two stitch patterns let alone 6 or 8!
    Hat’s off to you!! It’s beautiful.

  34. Oh my!!

    A huge SIP for teddy!! What a lucky guy!!

    I am making a “You’re Putting Me On” toe up sock and was thinking of F&F for the toppish part. Teddy has convinced me that it is the way to go…..

  35. hey, wait–teddy was in cancun? Why did I not know this? I would have given him my address so he could send me a postcard!

  36. Cromarty is looking wonderful. I wonder, have you made any of the stranded knitting from A Celtic Collection, or do you have any plans to?

  37. Wow! you’re really cooking on that sweater!

  38. Ragdoll, indeed! She looks double-jointed in that picture.

    I wish I lived up high like you. It wouldn’t do any good for my secret fear of dying in a building fire, but windows are nice.

    (note to self: win lottery, buy hi-rise condo)

  39. While you got some beautiful snow, I was driving home from OBX in a gully-washer rainstorm. Ugh. I fear Richmond will never seen snow again….

  40. i happened to run across your book while i was at borders on saturday (the boys begged, and it had been a while, so i went upstairs and found a cozy chair that i could use to prop the book while i knit my sock toe, lol), and i thoroughly enjoyed it! i didn’t get to read the whole thing (hubbie called because i forgot to pick up something and drop it off at the house for him (saturday afternoons are his, like thursday evenings are mine, lol)), but it was really cool! i never made the dc connection with knit happens and kristine, until i read the book. too cool!