My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.



Not knitting tips, but blog-searching tips.

I get lots of questions every day about stuff that I’ve previously posted in my blog. For example, whenever I post a photo of a completed pair of socks, like this one:


I get several emails asking me where I bought my sock blockers. You can easily find the blog entries where I talk about sock blockers by using the “Search” function on my blog, which is available in the sidebar.

If you are reading my blog by clicking on the link for the daily archive page in Bloglines, you don’t see the sidebar on my main blog page. Go to the top of the page and click on “Main” to take you to the main blog page.


Then look over to the right — there’s a search box in the side bar:


Enter “sock blockers” in the box and click on the “Search” button. You’ll get a list of results — blog entries where sock blockers were mentioned. If you scroll through the results, you’ll find a couple of entries where I put a link to where I bought my sock blockers.

Another common question I get a lot — how I bind off my toe-up socks so that they are not too tight. Enter “bind off” or “bind off socks” in the search box and you’ll get a list of entries where I talk about that.

Another common question is what yarn, what pattern, or what size needles am I using for a current project. Check the sidebar under “My Current Work in Progress” where I list all this information. If I remember where I got the yarn, that’s listed too.


Anyhow, those completed socks are done in Claudia Handpainted sock yarn in the “Blue Terracotta” colorway, using my generic toe-up pattern with a feather and fan pattern on the leg.

And here is my new mouse cozy sock in progress:


This is Yarn Pirate sock yarn in the “Malamute” colorway. Yarn was acquired from The Loopy Ewe. This is my first time using the Yarn Pirate sock yarn and I like it very much. It’s an ootch finer than the Claudia sock yarn with a very tight twist and it knits up into a lovely soft fabric. Fun colorway too!

And yes, I am still slogging along on Cromarty.


And because I am boring even myself here, I’ll show you something awesome:


Handspun mohair that L-B sent me a couple of weeks ago. Yummers! She spun it from handpainted mohair roving from Holly Spring Homespun. There’s 160 yards, heavy worsted weight.

And a secret about Lucy:


She loves to help change the sheets on the bed!


  1. Now doesn’t that well-used mouse deserve a cosy? It looks so snug there in it’s stripes!

  2. That Malamute colorway is beautiful (and well-named). You are a sock machine!

    Why the tapering interest in Cromarty? Is it that once the repeats are memorized, there’s nothing new to do?

  3. I’m loving the silly fun sock modeling photos.

    And I certainly understand about how kitties love to help spread the bed. I used to have a great big kitty (I think he weighed 15 or 17 pounds – it was a long time ago). Anyway, he would get underneath the sheet I was trying to spread, and as I flung it up in the air, he would dash underneath it to the other side of the bed. He would continue this until my arms (or my patience) wore out!

  4. That’s cute, Lucy. My Kitten-Chow “helps” too!

    24 lbs. of Kitty fun rolled up in the sheets.

  5. L-B is quite the skilled spinner, just looking at the yarn, before I continued reading, I thought it was purchased from a yarn shop. She did a beautiful job. I look forward to seeing what it becomes.

  6. Moxie is a big fan of changing sheets, too;-)
    Nice socks! Good tutorial on searching also!

  7. I love that colorway of hers….is that the merino/tencel or straight up wool?

  8. Malamute. Yum.

    Commute safely in this weather.

  9. I recently made socks out of some Yarn Pirate yarn. Such nice stuff. I used the 100% merino yarn and it striped so nicely (which I am sorely missing now that I am knitting socks out of the ever-pooling-but-lovely-Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock. I also have some of the YP merino/tencel blend and I am so eager to use it, it has such a nice shine.

    And it is hilarious that you posted about your sock blockers today… I saw someone at Stitches West with the blockers in this post and it pushed me over the edge with getting some. So this morning I googled “cat sock blocker” and your site was one that turned up (as was the eBay store for the gal that sells them). ๐Ÿ™‚ Now I just have to decide which cat one I want!

  10. Search question – What type of dog is Lucy?


    Sorry, the goats made me do it.

  11. Getting the same questions over and over again, eh? Bummer. Bet you never had this one: How did you manage to make those lovely socks look so incredibly different when you used the same yarn?

  12. Oh, yes. I have 3 feline-babies and one poodle-baby that LOVE to help with the sheets and general laundry items…. particularly my hand-knit socks.

  13. I’ve lived with cats that like to “help” change the sheets on the bed. My dad once tucked the cat in under the fitted sheet to “teach it not to mess around” when he was changing the sheets (he grew up with dogs). That worked well. Kitty was ticked until she forgot what had happened 20 seconds later.

    Lucy looks lovely against your sheets.

  14. I like the Malamute colorway! Lucy is cute in the sheets. My kitten Fiona loved it when I changed the sheets.

  15. I just noticed that your sock blockers have cats on the tops! Wow, how I pay attention to detail sometimes….

  16. I think all Lucy’s cousins love to play “sheets”. Mine watch me to see if I have linens in hand, then they all run in and jump on the bed before I get there. It’s hilarious.

    Your knitting is anything but boring. Cromarty is quite impressive. Yeah for you that you will have enough yarn. Whew!! I always do search before asking you questions, but sometimes what I’m looking for just doesn’t come up. Good reminder.

  17. Heh, Wendy? Am I the only one that highly doubts that the question askers are liable to see/remember that post? I have possibly been playing with the highly stupid for far too long . . .
    My cats don’t believe in helping with any housework. They tend to run when any of the cleaning related closets are opened. They, like mommy actually, much prefer to play with the yarn winder and swift.

  18. My kitty Puma loves to help make the bed, and she loves being “made into” the bed. She’ll stay in there until I finally go to bed, saying “What? Am I disturbing you? ExCUse me!”

  19. just a question about the socks you just finished.. I noticed the colors striped/pooled differently… does this bother you or does it matter all that much if they’re under your pants and in your shoes?

  20. I was wondering the same thing, RobynR. What about info links with BIG BUTTONS, Wendy? Or a FAQ page? Now, I have no idea how difficult this is, as I can barely manage to comment on a blog, but it might work.

  21. So, where did you get the great sock blockers? What yarn did you use? Where did you get it?

    (sorry, couldn’t help myself)

  22. I’m surprised that Lucy would leave her kitty cushion:) Not surprised at the beautiful knitting.

  23. I’ve admired and used your search engine many times. When I first discovered your blog it was by searching google for some knitting related topic. I remember being so impressed that you have a FAQ area.

    My Henry, got in the midst of the sheet changing Saturday night. Next thing I knew he looked so comfortable I couldn’t bring myself to disturb him. Fast forward 3 hours and he’s in the same spot and I’m ready for bed. Somehow I manage to get into my half made bed with my poodle Sammy and cocker spaniel Mirabel. We were all cozy for about 15 minutes until Henry decided he was no longer comfortable.

  24. Ah – we just changed the sheets last night as well, and Cocoa (our little kitty) enjoyed helping us. We’re going to have twin socks too – assuming you’ll feather and fan these – I have some of that lovely Malamute on the needles right now, in your feather and fan pattern – my first!

  25. Perhaps another question you’ve answered over and over, so forgive me if this is redundant, (but I’m asking it anyway!): do you swatch for socks, or have you knit so many of them that you really don’t need to, anymore? If you do swatch, do you knit your swatch in the round, or do you just knit a flat square?

  26. Your socks are lovely as always. I like the Malamute colourway, it’s so wintery.

    My cats think that changing the sheets doesn’t get done properly unless they are there to chase the wrinkles out. Sometimes there is a moving lump under the blanket and the remaining cat must beat the heck out of it. Of course I giggle like a maniacal schoolgirl throughout the process.

    Oh and thanks again for the video on cabling without a cable needle. My cables are neater and much faster now.

  27. Ok so my mouse is jealous now. I have a skein of the yarn pirate. I haven’t knit it up yet, but boy is it soft to touch.

  28. My own Little Princess is trained to stay on a cushion on the floor when changing sheets, because her helping mainly consists of lying on them so they can’t be removed or “smoothed” out…

  29. miss sandra says:

    Bailey was a sheet changing cat up ’til the day she slashed a top sheet. A bit overzealous she was! I tried to get her to dust with her fluffy tail but she would have nothing to do with it!

  30. I love the picture of Lucy “helping” to change the sheets. Our five rescued kittens really enjoy this activity. It only takes me five times as long as usual, to tidy the bed.

  31. LOL – how much extra time does Lucy’s “help” add? I estimate that feline help octuples the amount of time at my place…

  32. There is a question I have been wanting to ask you, and after today’s post, I have dutifully used your search engine, but I didn’t find exactly what I was looking for. I am a beginner/advacned beginner, and was wondering what books you would suggest as “must haves” for the beginner, both as reference, and as patterns beyond scarves and basic wraps. Is there a remedial lace book? Intarsia? General sweaters? I know that once we get to intermediate and advanced, knitters will differ as to what is essential in their libraries, but could you help out a beginner?

  33. Yummy looking handspun! My cat loves to change the sheets too. He’s very helpful, he thinks.

  34. Major loves to help change the sheets too! And once the bed is made, he loves to sleep on the sheets or bedspread when they are pulled up tight. Sometimes we have to shut the door to the bedroom just to change the sheets and make the bed!

  35. Malamute! I have that same colorway all wound up and ready to be a pair of socks too. I just love finding the exact same sockyarn that I am about to knit up on someone elses blog. Thanks for the preview. I bet it will be amazing once you are done!

  36. I’m also a spinner, and I routinely end up with 170 yards (give or take) of yarn. What do you do with that amount of yarn? It doesn’t seem like enough to much of anything to me. ๐Ÿ™ My handspun stash is currently languishing in its basket!

  37. Mister likes when I change sheets, too, but he thinks that being under the sheet provides an excuse to change into an alter ego monster. He loves to wait until the sheet JUST touches his head, then lunge at me like a rabid laundry pile. He gets so excited that he snorts and growls the way a wild boar might. The first time he did this, I thought I’d caught him by surprise and he didn’t LIKE being under the sheet, but if I stop, he’ll meow in his most innocent “keep playing” voice.

  38. what is it about cats and sheets, my cats love “helping” me make the bed, going under the covers and now we have a top sheet in the living room which is their favorite toy…

  39. Ginny Thomas says:

    I used your search engine to find listings for your yarn scale. But you don’t include a brand name or number. I really need something like it because I have joined your Knit From Your Stash program and have not purchased yarn since Dec.31 (except for the yarn that was ordered in Dec. but took over a month to arrive, but I don’t count that!) I have lots of bits and bobs and need to know how much I have to be able to use it up. I love your Alice Starmore sweater but I don’t have yarn in hand to make it. I guess I’ll just have to work on my Bohus kits instead!

  40. Oh that Malamute looks de-lish! I love the Loopy Ewe and thanks for turning me on to Sherri. I’ve already made my first “frequent buyer bonus.” ๐Ÿ™‚

  41. Wendy – – you are just too cute I swear. I love how you write! I gobbled up your book – – did I already tell you that? Sorry if that is a repeat.

    My two youngest kitties love to help make the bed! Takes me forever! They are sure cute how they pounce on the sheets/blankets.

    I started my first project with my Options – – LOVE THEM! The points are great and the join is seamless – – no problems with them coming a part either.

    I finally bought the Cozy Cushion for my oldest cat (18 years old). I bring it home all proud to give it to her – – and what does she do? She moves away from it and won’t even give it a try! She even changed her sleeping spot to avoid being near it. Too funny huh? So, after giving her a few days to “warm” up to the Cozy Cushion, I offered it to my second eldest cat (15 years old) and she loves it!!! So a happy ending after all.


  42. I am also wondering why the socks look totally different. The one on the right is much more orange.
    I think I liked the mushroom cozy from a few months back better than the mouse cozy.

  43. hmmm I don’t seem to see the “main” thingy or the search box. Hopefully I haven’t bugged you with too many annoying questions! ๐Ÿ™‚ Love all your work, Lucy is lovely as always.

  44. My cat Mack changes the sheets too. He gets under the bottom sheet to make sure the corners are secured, and then he gets under the top sheet and runs across the bottom sheet to remove any wrinkles. Quite the helper, he is!

  45. Love the mouse cozy! (nice colourway for socks).
    I’m sure Lucy does a great job of supervising the changing of the sheets ๐Ÿ™‚

  46. Love the malamute socks! What a cool colorway…
    (The Meezer loves to help make up the bed, too, but mainly she just wants to lie UNDER the sheets!)

  47. Thank you Wendy I found that very informative.
    On a slighlty cheeky note….( to be taken in humour ).what exactly do you do with all the pairs of finished socks? I guess you give some away but still the amount you knit is fantastic. If you have a sock fetish no need to explain further but I just wondered?

  48. Lucy is adorable! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve made my bed with the cat still in it hiding under the sheets and blankets ๐Ÿ™‚ And that malamute colorway is fabulous!