My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Reading While Knitting

A lot of comments about reading while knitting on yesterday’s post.

I always read while I knit during my lunch break. I have a somewhat inelegant way of doing so.


I prop my book open with a stapler on one side and a tape dispenser on the other.

Some of you commented that you were not accomplished enough knitters to be able to read and knit at the same time. I think this is just something that comes with time and experience. I’ve been knitting for ages, and I will often knit with my eyes closed. Of course, if there’s a tricky knitting maneuver I have to execute, I open my eyes, but I do enjoy knitting without looking. I feel the stitches rather than look at them, and it is a very nice sensation because I think I feel them more “clearly” with my eyes closed.

When I read while knitting, I do have to stop and turn pages, but I’m used to that. But it would be nice to have my own personal page-turner. That’s it — when I win the lottery, I am not only going to have my own personal driver, I’m gonna have my own page-turner. Lucy will have a personal assistant to brush her and fish her paper balls out from under the fridge.

Back to knitting. Notice in the photo above that my sock-in-progress is pretending to read my book to give you the impression that it is all intellectual-like. Do not be fooled. That sock is a party animal! Here’s what it did as soon as I got home tonight:


The other socks were appalled, and staged an intervention:


I thought it was darn nice of them, you know, being there for the new sock and showing that they were sole-mates. (Get it? SOLE-mates? I crack me up.)

But I did think it was going a bit too far when they all joined toes and sang “Kumbaya.” Sheesh.

So far I’ve gotten 751 entries for the drawing for the copies of The Friday Night Knitting Club. Keep ’em coming! (See my previous blog post for instructions on entering the drawing.) One of the things I love about giving stuff away on the blog is that I get to hear from so many of you who are out there reading. I’m sorry I don’t have time to respond to all your contest entry emails, but I do try to read every one. Lucy says thank you as well for the greetings you have sent her.

Some of you mentioned how generous I am to buy and give away four copies of this nice hardcover book. Much as I’d like to take the credit, honesty compels me to tell you that the publisher contacted me and asked me if I’d like a copy of the book, along with some copies to give away to my blog readers. I of course said yes!

Photo and Graphic Hijinks

Our favorite Sheriff of Knittingham asked me if the color in my last photo of Cromarty was true to life. Not exactly — it’s a bit deeper in color than the photos show.

Erika asked:
Could you please tell me how you make charts for fair isle to post online? I want to make an image file for my first modest little fair isle hat pattern, and I looked online (and in your blog!) but to no avail!

I use the Stitch and Motif Maker software for charts, as well as Knit Visualizer. But if you don’t want to buy a charting program, you can use Excel to make charts for knitting. Twisted Spinster has an excellent tutorial on making charts for knitting using Excel. And for the knitting symbols to put in those charts, I like the Knitting Symbol Font by Aire River Design.

Sherry asked:
Do you have any tips for taking pics of the pets with the flash? I was trying to take some pics of Henry the other day and he kept closing his eyes each time the flash went off. He has beautiful amber eyes, so they HAVE to be part of his pics.

Pretty much all the photos I take of Lucy are with the flash. If I turn the flash off, I almost always get a blurry photo because she never stops moving. I will often hold the camera in one hand, focus it on her (I have an SLR camera) and then pet her with the other hand to get her to look up. As soon as she does, I take my hand out of the frame and snap a few shots. I will also chirp at her to get her attention (but she is getting better and better at ignoring that). Dangling a toy above her works — I believe professional animal photographers do that.

Sometimes I can get a good picture of her from a distance using the zoom lens. I like to try to get photos of her from different angles. One of my favorites is to lie on the floor in front of her and take photos at Lucy-eye-level. This doesn’t work very often because as soon as I get down on the floor, she gets up and walks towards me. I think my most successful floor shots are birds-eye views of her when she is lying on her back. Sometimes she will roll over on her back, stick one paw up in the air, and look at me as if to say “Well, take the picture, stupid!”

But all in all, she likes the profile shots best.



  1. Um…I don’t think it’s the sock that needs the intervention. Next stop-Amtrak reservations. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. I’m always looking for more time to read, so I had to learn how to knit and read as soon as possible. I’ve only been knitting for 8 years, but I find it relatively easy to read and knit as long as it’s a simple pattern. My book hug book holder is indispensible, but I have used staplers and tape dispensers, too.

  3. anne marie in philly says:

    aw, dadgumit, l-b beat me to the first post.

    ***I thought it was darn nice of them, you know, being there for the new sock and showing that they were sole-mates. (Get it? SOLE-mates? I crack me up.)*** – guffaw, snort, snicker, ROFLMAO. yeah, you are too smart for your own good! kumbaya indeed!

    meredith and steven adore the lucy profile pix. they say that no matter how hard they try, lucy will ALWAYS be cuter than they are.

    did the sock leave you any jose cuervo for tonight’s drinky-poo?

  4. I need to learn how to knit and read at the same time. I love to do both but haven’t managed to do them both at the same time. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Angeluna says:

    And a splendid profile Lucy has indeed! One suggestion for pet photographers, put bright lights on in the room for several minutes before trying to snap the photo. Their eyes will adjust to the light and you won’t have so much red-eye.

    And Wendy, when I throw the yarn, I can knit with eyes closed, but I still don’t think I could read.

  6. Can’t beat the stapler and tape for hardbacks, but paperbacks get the *book mate*. They don’t sell in big chain stores but they do have a website *bookmatestore*, and you can read the whole paperback without tormenting it. They last for years, even with heavy usage unless you *ahem* catch them on moving objects when you drop it. *ahem* Looking at sky and whistling innocently. I buy them 10-12 at a time and give them out as Secret Santa/sister/whatever gifts because people have even stopped me and asked…what, where, etc. You can prop the book up and have the desk space for your food too.

  7. Look at ALL those socks!! Wow…they are awesome. As for dangling something to get Lucy’s attention…yep, professional pet photogs do that a lot. To get the attention of Teddy Bear (my youngest Golden) when he was 6 months, we held a live cat above the camera at Petco! Seriously….he loves cats…a little too much but we are overcoming that urge to chase. I have the book you are giving away…it is fabulous. The winners will love it! Kim

  8. I can (and do) multi task while I knit, but I have a hard time with reading/knitting. I think it’s because I get so much into the book that I lose everything else around me. (I really love my reading!)

  9. i, too read and knit at the same time. i usually have my book in a bookstand to hold the pages, but this doesn’t work well for paperbacks, so i just borrow the hardbacks from the library and work with that. if i like the book, i buy it in paperback from my local indy bookstore.

    one other thing that might be helpful is a book weight from levenger (they also sell good bookstands). i’m on a recycling/reuse kick so i used an old dead laptop battery and some duct tape on bottom to devise my own book weight, and it works fine. sometimes i sit with my knees up and prop the book up on them and use the heavy WIP as a “weight” to hold the pages down. (especially if the wip is a big, thick scarf….)

  10. “darn” nice of them, huh??

    I admit that I rarely read and knit at the same time–not because I can’t, because, hey, if I can knit through a movie in a movie theater, I can look at a book in a lit room–but because I can’t stand abusing my books to make them stay open like that. I’m not quite (quite!) obsessive about it, but I work hard at not cracking my books’ spines open any further or any sooner than is absolutely necessary. If they’re relaxed enough to open all the way, that’s great, but I’m not going to push any of them to do anything they’re not ready to do. In other words, if I’m going to read and knit, it’s going to be a magazine . . .

    And, really, if I’m reading as much as I do now WITHOUT knitting at the same time, I can only imagine what my totals would be if I squeezed in that much more reading time each day!

  11. Lee-Fay says:

    I’m glad you do it too… my family think its weird when I read and knit concurrently.

    I have recently learnt to spin and read at the same time (for when there is nothing to watch on tv while spinning). The key to doing this is successfully propping the book open (I use the remote controls) and having it at a good height and angle. Hard cover books are much better because sometimes they will stay open by themselves. If I have a good rhythm going, I can even turn the page with my right hand while still treadling and holding the fibre with my left hand.

  12. Valerie says:

    I didn’t think I could knit and read at the same time but I guess I tried it out of necessity—meaning that when I went back to school I would practically have had to give up knitting (which would just about have been a fate worse than death!) due to time constraints if I couldn’t knit and read simultaneously. I guess I do more stocking stitch projects than I would like, but I compensate by using the most beautiful yarns I can find (of course this may be merely my way to justify buying the most expensive yarns). I also find being able to knit in the dark an asset, like when I’m a passenger in the car on long car rides. I agree–I can feel and see the stitches in my mind’s eye, and can feel if I am about to make a mistake by the pull of the yarn.

  13. Oh my. I can’t get over the tableful of socks! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m in the middle of Sock Doldrums: almost done with a very nice toe-up for my son, but can’t quite stand the thought of those tiny pointy needles right now. I should take a good look at that tableful of lovely socks – surely it will provide inspiration!

    Lucy! No wonder you like the profile shots best. How pretty. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Damn, that’s a lot of socks!!

    Limedragon has a nice little series about bookholders that facilitate the reading and knitting process. My personal favorite, the ReadUpon, is unfortunately no longer made. Anyway, you can read about the bookholders here:

  15. Hi Wendy- That was so exciting to be mentioned in your post! I once spoke to Meg Swansen on the phone, and practically swooned!

    That’s a very impressive sock collection- show us your sock stash!
    And Lucy is a very pretty Kitty!

  16. Heh. I was thinking “darn” nice. Darn… like darn socks… get it? I amuse myself.

  17. yay, I’m up in the top 20 comments this time (at least I was when I wrote this). That sock is taking on a life of its own – and it sure knows how to party, marty!
    Hi Lucy!

  18. Love the sock intervention! That’s just too funny. I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of weeks now and really like it. And I just adore Lucy. Hopefully, my crew of five won’t find out I’ve been looking at pictures of her feline gorgeousness.

    I “read” while knitting by listening to audio books. I do the same when sewing.

  19. Patricia says:

    Lucy’s too cute! nice pic.

    and nice pile of socks. I better get knitting.

    I read and knit with books on tape- no frequent page turning needed!

    One partying sock, eh? Let’s hope its mate has a mellower disposition! Hmmm, there’s a story line- evil sock twin…throw in some amnesia… a regular sock soap opera. Good grief- I need intervention- or a warm sunny clime to defog the brain!

  20. I am glad the socks can band together in the spirit of brotherhood.

    On that subject, I was wondering if you or anyone else out there has used Regia Surf or other wool/cotton blend sock yarns. Overall impressions?

    I wish my dog would stay still when I try to take pictures of her. The flash freaks her out.

  21. If you have a PDA and read e-books, most e-book readers have an auto-scroll function with variable speeds. No page-turning!

    I used to knit and read, but my eyes have gotten bad enough lately ๐Ÿ™ that I either read e-books at night in bed (backlight) or listen to audio books.

  22. That sock intervention is the best thing I’ve seen all day! It’s heartwarming to know that the socks care about each other.

  23. When you are rich enough to hire a page turner you may want to consider an MP3 player and an Audible subscription to listen to books while you knit. I am not quite up to knitting without looking yet and love the audible books for my commute and knitting.

  24. What a lovely collection of socks!! And of course Lucy is beautiful as ever.

  25. I recently got one of these:

    to aid in simultaneous reading+knitting, and it works great! I pretty much have to stick to stockinette or other very simple patterns, but I get a lot more reading (and knitting) done now.

  26. That pose that Lucy is holding reminds me so much of my Maine Coon, Casey, that I lost in September. She was so regal and gentle, a very sweet cat. I have two others, Maia and Figment to keep me company. =) I always love reading about Lucy and seeing pics. Thanks so much for sharing her with us!

  27. Wowee wow wow! That is one impressive pile of socks. That is my dream…to have so many that I only wear handknitted socks.

  28. I wanted to add that Marnie MacLean is currently addressing Excel charting on her blog at

    I am also working toward only handknit socks. So far, so good!

  29. Hey, te gusta ese Jose Cuervo?? My one time that I got rip roarin drunk was with that poison!!

  30. HAHAHAH! “sole-mates”…tears rolling…slapping knee.

    I am also one of the “I can’t just do ONE thing” crowd. My favorite book propping method is the humongous binder clip for most paperback books and two binder clips for books two big for just one.

  31. Reading and knitting — I can’t do either as well as I could if I were doing them singly. But I love to multi-task. I invested in a book weight, which has proven very useful. And on the subject of winning the lottery…While visiting Falling Water the guide pointed out a movable book holder built into one of the beds to facilitate reading whilst lounging. That’s what I want. (Both a built-in book holder and a house designed around my needs.)

  32. I have used a book stand to read and knit at the same time, but now I listen to audiobooks. Without having pages to turn or even look at, I can concentrate on my knitting more and even do complicated patterns while “reading”.

    I am floored by all of those socks. One day, I hope to have that many handmade socks!

  33. Oh! I spot another pun. “It was DARN nice of them.” heheheh. I crack me up.

  34. I *love* the sock intervention!

    I’m into audiobooks too while knitting (or quilting). I actually find that I prefer listening to non-fiction in the audio format (I have an audible subscription too) and then I like actual books for my fiction (bedtime reading). That said, I find that all the Potter audiobooks ready by Jim Dale (if you are so inclined) are absolutely FABULOUS to listen to and I think I’ve been through my set several times–at around 90 hours for all 6 books currently out. (ok, so maybe I’m a freak and in need of an intervention myself LOL)

  35. Rachel K. says:

    I have been a silent reader for some time but the sock intervention made me laugh so long and loud that It’s time to properly Comment. Now I realize that I have to be prepared not only for my friends to hold a sock intervention for me, as I become increasingly obsessed with knitting socks, but also for my socks to hold simultaneous interventions for each other. Hopefully, we’ll be able to synch the “Kumbaya” between the two circles….hehehe

  36. Oh God, Lucy is gorgeous! She overwhelms me!
    Good photography, Momma.

  37. Although I can frequently knit without looking, I haven’t tried reading while knitting yet. May have to give it a shot.

    I totally loved The Friday Night Knitting Club. I had a bad case of insomnia last night and had just picked the book up from the library. So I read it … the whole thing … last night.

  38. My grandmother used to read when she knitted… my parents keep teasing me that I’ll be doing that someday… I wish i was able to focus on both! Props to you for that!

  39. Delurking to say it’s partly your fault that I’m currently obsessed with knitting socks. I’ve been seeing so many lovely ones here the last few months.

    That’s a lot of socks in that intervention there. I’m envious. I’m still down at only two pair of handknit ones and one of those pairs was a gift from my best friend. (Thus was the hand knit sock obsession begun.) My problem with reading while knitting is that I get so into the story I stop knitting. Well, that and I’m still trying to train my fingers to feel the stitches properly for non-stockinette patterns. I suppose I could read books I wasn’t that interested in, but that would seem to me to defeat the purpose.

    Lucy is adorable, as no doubt she is totally aware.

  40. Looks like a sock orgy going on in your house! Better lock up the Cuervo!

  41. Awww. The widdle Lucy nosey. I like the profile shots the best too. So sweet. When you win the Lottery you surely wouldn’t hire someone to brush her and miss out on that precious bonding time youself would you??

  42. Oh dear, I’m afraid singing Kumbaya (one of the Spellcheck words Firefox want to replace that with is scumbag) at an intervention might have the opposite effect. That would drive me further into the Cuervo.

    My favourite way to get a decent shot of the pets is to click like mad then delete all the ones I don’t like. I like to lay on the floor while they are sleeping and creep up to them Steve Irwin style until I’m close enough to get a good shot. Of course there is always zoom too.

  43. Oh Wendy, I’m ROTFLMAO !! 2 2 2 FUNNY about your recalcitrant sock! Obviously, this sock is a direct descendent of a Jack Sparrow stocking (beings how it is knit from ‘pirate’ sock yarn). The other socks should beware… he may attempt to charm them away from their respective partners.. then where would you be? Sock Anarchy! Socks behaving outrageously! Stripes and solids co-mingling!! How crass! Yes… it’s best if you isolate your pirate sock until its partner is done… maybe that will have a calming effect on him… but don’t bet on it!

    Wendy is just 2 2 2 2 2 beautiful! What a sweet kitty! luv.m. ๐Ÿ˜‰ A wink w/a smile!

  44. I cackled myself silly at the sock intervention. So I’m sending you a link to another intervention of sorts:

    It’s a demented series of commentary on 70’s era Weight Watchers cards. Enjoy!

  45. what a nice sock haul – i’m so jealous! i am determined to read and knit at the same time – my skill to develop for this year….

  46. sole mates.. knitting interventions.. you totally crack me up!

  47. Being able to read and knit at the same time is one of my favorite skills; only I don’t find it as relaxing as knitting while listening to an audio book. I think it’s the fact that it requires twice as many brain cells and mine aren’t used to that kind of a workout.

  48. I wondered late at night, or when I am trying to zone out to a particularily fussy customer, HOW MANY SOCKS DOES MY AMERICAN IDOL WENDY OWN??

    And now I know, and can move on to more important thoughts like WILL I EVER MAKE A GOOD SHORT ROW HEEL during those moments.

    As for the sock, I find it amusing, every sock family has a black sheep, and this must be it.

    Pot calling the kettle black, as I am my family’s wild child.

  49. So it was a hangover! Is it going to Malibu for rehab next? ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Thanks SOOO much for the advice on the fair isle charts!!!

  50. ROFL!!

    Now those are some funny photos. Heehee!


  51. Gandalf and Atticus say that they’ll take hubba-hubba pictures of Lucy anyday!

    Nice lot of socks!

  52. One of your funniest posts! Thanks for cheering up my drizzling Friday.

    Do you ever get tired of your sock pattern and want to try ones by say, Cookie A.? I look at Baudelaire, RPMs, Pembrokeshire Pathways, and want to try them.

  53. I’ve been practicing knitting without looking. It’s still kind of scary, but I can always frog if it goes wrong.

    Thanks for all the pictures of Lucy. She, Chaos and Mayhem can really brighten a bad day. ๐Ÿ™‚

  54. Not only “sole” mates, but it was “darn”[ed] nice of them (you wrote).
    You crack-a me up too!

  55. Is that an intervention or a revival meeting?

  56. Wendy, don’t feel bad about the stapler/tape dispenser set-up. I do the exact same thing, except I’m usually lazier and plunk one or the other right in the middle of the book perpendicular to the spine.

    Also, however you get those great pics of Lucy, keep ’em coming!!

  57. I can also knit without looking if I’m doing mindless stockinette and some simple ribs. That’s how I usually watch TV – of course, I used to ( when I was a wee one at home, a bazillion years ago ) read a book, draw/knit/sew, watch tv AND carry on a coherent conversation all at the same time ( it amazed my parents that I could do that and keep everything straight ). Can’t multi-task like that any more – too many brain cells revolt at the mention of that.
    Can’t type long as Chloe ( the princess Girl-pup ) just had the foot of my antique walnut bed jump right out and hit her in the head ( gotta watch out for those wild woods ). Wish I’d had the camera cranked up because the look on her face was just priceless!!!

  58. Sole mates LMAO!!!!

    How freaking funny. Hummm I wonder what the sock is going to be up to next. ๐Ÿ™‚

  59. You “thought it was DARN nice of them”….

    HaHaHa, You crack me up too!!

    (You’re “punnier” than you thought!)

    After all, what is a sock intervention but darning???

    LOVE your blog. Read it every day!

  60. Deborah C. says:

    I read aloud to my daughters while I knit, if it’s something easy like socks or plain stockinette. That way, we can spend fun time together. If I come to something in my knitting that needs my attention, I pause, and the girls know I’ll start reading again as soon as I finish the knitting.

    LOVE the “intervention”! I wish I had so many hand-knit pairs, I’m working on it…

  61. I hate it when my socks start singing Kumbaya! Since most of them (as I am not as skilled as you) are store-bought, they cannot sing their way out of a dresser drawer. And some of them truly lack sole. They’re such heels. But they give each other a good ribbing about it.

    I could go on and on here. Take my wife, please!

  62. Mimi always runs either directly to the camera or away from it. Lately she has shown her opinion of the camera but making sure that all you get is a photo of her butt. My favorite photo of her though is the one that I took when she stuck her face in the lens. It is slightly distorted and out of focus but it shows you the mind of a Siamese.

    And I also read and watch tv while knitting. I also knit in the car if some one else is driving.

    The sock intervention is too funny.

  63. She likes the profiles b/c she’s not looking directly at that blasted flash!
    (I have a Meeze who feels the same way…)
    The sock intervention is a hoot!

  64. Holy molely that is a lot of emails for those books! Can you send more than one email I wonder?

    Awesome shot of Lucy today. I love her little head tucked into her chest like that. What a pretty girl indeed.

    I laughed OUT LOUD today with the sock saga. What a great way to show off all your gorgeous socks you have knitted as of late!

    You reading while knitting – – I definately cannot do that. I still need to look. I’m really still a “newbie” – – I’ve been knitting for about 2 years now.

    Have a great weekend Wendy and Lucy! Keep the sock away from the suds!! Well, maybe the sock can have a little – – it is the weekend you know!


  65. Wow!
    I would be in absolute heaven if I had that kind of hand knit sock collection!

    I know you knit alot of socks, but seeing so many all together is really impressive. I have only recently knit 1 complete pair and I gave them to my sister for XMAS. Now I’m knitting a pair for my Mom, who is 82 and German. When she was a child in Germany, all the girls had to learn to knit as a subject in school. Some of her assignments were a sweater (with deer on it), and a pair of socks.

    Until I can I build up a collection of handknit socks, my favorite store bought socks are Smartwools (which cost about the same per pair as a really nice skein of sock yarn).

    I really enjoy your blog and look forward to all Lucy and knitting pics.

  66. I always read while I knit at lunch. I hold the book open at the top with the edge of my lunch tray. Obviously, this works better with hardback books!

    And my schnauzer Morgen says “Hi” (or “Rawrf!”) to Lucy.

  67. Hooooooleeeeeeey. That’s a lot of socks. Not hole-y socks, though. I hope. That would be a lot of darning. And dratting.

    Ooh boy, I’m going to stop right now.

  68. If I won the lottery, I’d hire someone to hold the TiVo remote and FF through commercials. ๐Ÿ™‚

  69. How fun to see your mass accumulation of knitted socks. I’ll bet that’s not all of them, either! And thanks for the link to the font and the chart-making instructions. I always come away learning (or buying – arrgh!) something new when I read you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  70. I haven’t mastered knitting & reading at the same time. I have recently been able to knit with my eyes closed. This Eyes Closed Knitting amazes my son!

  71. DARN nice of them, indeed!

    Couldn’t let that one slide.

    Packet D Kitty learned at an early age that the whir of the digital camera means a flash will be coming soon. Now, whenever she hears that sound, she narrows her eyes or closes them, even though I’ve learned to mostly take pictures near windows (or here in my computer room/dungeon with two fluorescent tube lights) and not use the flash.

    I have a feeling I knit slower than you do, but I knit fast enough that plain stockinette makes me dizzy if I watch it. I do look away and read or close my eyes for that. I can’t purl without watching for the life of me, though.

  72. Steph B. says:

    I just started sock knitting. I understand now I may have to be on the lookout for wild sock orgies in the drawer?!! Oh, my! (Who knew knitting could be so risque?)

  73. I can’t wait to knit without looking!

  74. Now I’ve heard everything – sock intervention – what a hoot! You are my kind of writer. Write on sister!

    A New Fan

  75. Well now I feel dorky. I started to write something in my contest email and say hi to Lucy but then I thought “she’s not going to read these…” so I deleted it all. Now I know for future occasions.

    And that’s my kinda sock! You got any socks that like gin martinis??? ๐Ÿ™‚

  76. I read your blog every day since I first found it months ago. You keep me inspired. You’re partly responsible for my falling in love with knitting socks. They’re fast gratification even for a slow knitter like me.

    I’m nowhere near proficient enough to read while knitting, but I do knit while watching TV. I have to listen to audio books.

    I have a question/request for you and/or your readers. I started a pair of socks using Regia 6 fadig Color (6-strand) in the the color 5171, dye lot 63155. However, I only bought two skeins (50 g each). I have one sock done past the heel and have nowhere near enough yarn to finish it with one skein, so there’s no point starting another one now. Do you or anyone else know where I can find more of this particular yarn. I don’t care, at this point, about the dye lot. I’ve searched the Internet, but can’t find any of that color. Help me, please!!!

  77. That’s how I read too!! Trusty stapler and tape dispenser to the rescue!! I do that when crocheting. I like to feel the stitches too. The intervention must have been amazing! What a lot of socks!! Oh Hecky Yes!! That is one loco new sock..I think you should be very very careful when you wear them the first time. no telling what they’ll make you do!

    I love that picture of Lucy! very louis dahl-wolf like if you ask me.
    enjoy your weekend!

  78. I read too, but I either read on my Palm Zire or my laptop where I can tap a key with a knitting needle to turn the page – though I have been known to prop a “real” book open with a couple of office implements in an emergency.

  79. I too love the sock pile picture!

    And thanx to Elysbeth who commented way up near the top of the list. That bookmate thing looks like just the trick for the paperbacks.

    I think the cat/flash/eyes closing thing is cat dependant. One of my best friend’s cats has the ability to close his eyes every single time I try to use the flash. Her other cat? He keeps his eyes open. It’s very weird and I don’t know how he manages to get them closed EVERY time.

  80. have any of you done something so completely stupid that you just had to share it with the rest of the class? I’m working on a pair of thick boot socks and I have complated one sock and I am three quarters of the way through with the second when I realize that I am working with two size 5 dpns and two size 6 dpns. Grrrr.I am so not ripping out these socks. They are mine and I’m gonna wear them, wonky gauge or not.

  81. Yeah, I try to read while knitting too. It’s hard when you don’t have anything to hold down the pages, but you are right, it’s not hard because it makes it hard to knit! Not at all! I too enjoy knitting with my eyes closed when I am tired!

    About your personal page turner, I’ve seen things that are made to hold open your book while knitting, and I think they turn your page too. If they don’t you should invent it!

  82. I’m so impressed with your reading while knitting. I honestly have only read knitting books since I started knitting. I do believe there are other types out there right????

    Lucy is just so pretty!

  83. Sole.

    Looks like the sock wasn’t the only one hitting the Cuervo!

  84. Debra in SF Bay Area says:

    Question about the recalcitrant most recent sock (a.k.a. Party Animal) — What are you doing for the leg, 1×1 rib?

  85. just wanted to let you know your Capital Animal Care link doesn’t go to a rescue website. Lucy is g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s!

  86. Gads. I wish I had as many handknitted socks. All my efforts go to my husband’s sock drawer, and he’s got maybe half of what you’re showing after some 8 yrs of sock knitting.

    What about training Lucy to turn pages for you? She looks smart enough to learn, for sure, perhaps too smart to do it!

  87. Have you read the V.I. Warshawski Novels by Sara Paretsky? I quite enjoy them. I will check out charles todd.
    love that lucy!! latifa

  88. Hi-
    Love the socks – how long you you generally make the tops? I’m a new sock knitter, and have trouble judging yarn qty – my feet are size 10 1/2, so I always have to leave plenty for the soles!

  89. I love knitting and reading at the same time- that is why I always try to have a mainly stockinette project on the needles at all times!

    I find that clothespins work really well to hold the book open. ๐Ÿ™‚

  90. I’m still trying to find the device that will let me knit, read and bake schnecken all at the same time. I’m assuming that if I find it, I should contact you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  91. Well…I have been on line more than my share this weekend since I was waiting to start a new pair of socks until I got the STR kit. Have you gotten yours….no spoiler please?

    Another question….do you plan on following all the patterns in the kits or are you going to use your toe up pattern which I love so much?

    Lucy is so sweet…..I love how she poses. Motorboat, my bratty kitty, hates to have her picture taken.

  92. Wendy, you are too funny. The sock intervention is hilarious.

    Thank you for highlighting my question on cats and the flash. I agree with “Sunidesus” comment about cat’s and the flash:
    “I think the cat/flash/eyes closing thing is cat dependant.” It’s definitely true that some cats generally seem more sensitive to lights. Lucy is a glam cat who has been used to the bright lights (and maybe the big city:-). What we really need at my place is a webcam. As soon as I turn the lights out at night the cat fiesta begins … their mantra is “We like to party”.

  93. wow, I went the easy route and got an ipod and put stories on my ipod, so I can knit and listen at the same time……..

  94. I loved reading this post! It made my day. ๐Ÿ™‚ I shared it with hubby, who thinks ALL of us sock knitters are nuts…so now he has proof. I just about peed my pants when I saw the sock on the xerox machine (sorry, but it’s true!). Oh, and thanks for the info on reading and knitting…I’ll have to try it. Lucy’s pics are ALWAYS a highlight, too!