My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.



Well, the naughty little sock is done and on a blocker.


Doesn’t it look innocent there? I can only hope that at this point it has calmed down into sedate adulthood. Sort of like me. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here is the second sock of the pair.


So far it has been behaving itself as a good little sock should.

After breaking up the sock intervention on Thursday night, I counted the pairs of completed hand knit socks currently in my possession. I have 29 pairs. This means I must have given away a lot of hand knit socks, because last year alone I knit 29 pairs of socks.

Thanks, y’all, for weighing in on the reading while knitting discussion. I do actually have a couple of devices actually designed to hold a book open. But you know what? I like my stapler and tape dispenser solution better. It works for me.

Some of you mentioned listening to audio books while knitting. I’ve tried listening to audio books, but can’t get into the experience. I like reading much more than listening. I like to pause to reread and savor from time to time, and it’s much easier to do that when you are reading the old-fashioned way!

Speaking of books . . .

There were 1081 entries in the drawing to win a copy of The Friday Night Knitting Club. I used a random number generator to pick four winners. They are Michelle D., Kate L., Janice R., and Lori H. These four ladies have been emailed. Thank you to everyone who sent me an email. Lucy sends purrs and kisses to everyone who sent me greetings. ๐Ÿ™‚

I had a productive weekend and got a lot done on Cromarty — see?


Hopefully I’ll be able to finish the front within the next week. Then it will be on to last sleeve.

Lucy got in some quality sleeping.


And she thought it might be nice to grace you with another profile shot.



  1. Cromarty is coming along nicely!

    Lucy is absolutely beautiful as usual!

  2. Rachel H says:

    She does have a really lovely profile.

  3. beautiful socks, beautiful blog! Keep us informed on the sock’s activities!

  4. Love the sock….can’t wait to see if the second sock causes mischief and parties like the first one did. I’ve got your toe up pattern printed and ready to go so that my next set of socks made will be toe up socks. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I love it when kitty neck fur makes a ruff. Doze on, Lucy!

  6. Lucy looks so snug, curled up in a ball on her warm bed. She’d better be careful or that sock is going to sneak up on her.

  7. Once I tried to balance my impending doom of a 4th year math exam with my extreme desire to finish the socks I was knitting. The notebook did sit nicely open by itself on my lap. Unfortunately the only result the need to rip back an hour’s worth of knitting because a misplaced yo at the beginning and the realization that I absorbed nothing I had read. *sigh* There went that dream.

  8. #1 Sock is beautiful.
    Does Teddy think Sock #2 is behaving itself???
    Cromarty is looking gorgeous but nothing can surpass Lucy’s cuteness.

  9. Lucy has such a pretty profile.

    I always find my atention wandering with audio books. I keep checking my email, and Bloglines, and maybe Livejournal too, and by the time I’m finished I have no idea what’s going on anymore. Sadly, I have very little time to use on actual reading. Being a book h0r, this makes me sad. (And apparently rambly. Sorry.)

  10. What I like best about your book-holding devices is that they are so, well, um, government issue. Like your calendar in the post earlier in the week. (Can you tell I order supplies for my federal government office?) But I swear I’m not an office supply stalker.

  11. Cathy-Cate says:

    As far as Jill’s dilemma from March 1 comments, trying to find elusive Regia yarn, I’d suggest eBay “Want it Now”, where you can post a request for something specific, and sellers will see it. There are sellers who have a lot of Regia, including 6-ply, though I didn’t see ‘hers’. But perhaps these sellers might have access to what Jill needs. Otherwise, one could knit the heels and toes in another color of Regia 6-ply, I suppose!
    Yes, I find staplers useful as book-holding devices also, but will have to check into some of the other options available for paperbacks.
    What a regal profile…

  12. I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading your blog and looking at the wonderful socks, sweaters and everything else that you knit. You do fabulous work.

  13. Interesting dynamics with your socks. Normally it’s the older child who is quiet and sedate and the second child who is testing the limits. If only socks came in threes and fours we could mount a much better study on behavior based on knit order.

  14. The sock looks like he’s learned his lesson! No more drinking around pointy sticks… ๐Ÿ˜€

    I’m loving Cromarty!

  15. Wow! That is a lot of entries for that book! Congratulations to those who won!

  16. That sock came out nice! And boy, I sure get happy every time I see a Cromarty picture, with that luscious yarn you’re using. Yum. ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. I’ve lately found that listening to knitting Podcasts while knitting actually increases my productivity, something for which I’m quite thankful! Alas, I’m not quite accomplished enough to be able to read and knit anything more complex than stockinette stitch at the same time.

  18. Are you sure that second sock isn’t rowdy too? That looks like a George Clinton hat on the bear.

  19. I would just like to say that the winners of the book are very lucky – it is a really wonderful novel that I just couldn’t put down. I didn’t enter because I already have the book but now I want to send greetings to Lucy. Hi Lucy here is a virtual pet on the head.

  20. I’ve met a number of people who really don’t like the audio book experience, so you’re definitely not alone. I *do* like it. Listening to someone read seems to help build interesting pictures in my mind, in a different way than when I actively READ a book myself.

    It’s a funny old world, and room for all of us. ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. I love a sock who appreciates good tequila! The intervention had me ROTFL. If the socks need to party, send them and and the tequila my way. I had a hellacious week. Seriously. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  22. I love the look of a picot edge at the top of a stockinette sock. The fact that you make them that way from time to time suggests they fit well. Do you never have issues with slouching when there is no ribbing?

  23. Wendy- I don’t know which is more beautiful, Cromarty or Lucy.
    Okay, it’s Lucy, but Cromarty is a close second.

  24. Lovely Lucy with the fluffy puff. What an angel.

  25. I like Lucy’s profile shot. I like the curve of her nose as it swoops down from the top of her head. And the tuft on the tips of her ears is just precious. Give her a kiss between the ears for me.

  26. Dear Lucy does have a smashing profile…

  27. The Cromarty is looking gorgeous! Very pretty indeed. And I agree, I like reading compared to listening to someone else do the reading. It’s nice to curl up in bed and cozy up to a book.

  28. I like listening to audio books, but I don’t really count it as reading….

  29. This sock does seem rather innocent, but who knows? Cromarty is looking wonderful!

  30. The second sock has the aura of a long suffering twin used to covering up and doubling as her twin.

    Lucy looks so fluffy and cuddly.

  31. Is that little square of Valrhona Guanaja a bribe for Teddy, or the sock? ;-}

  32. I am starting on a teal yarn binge based on the lovely color of Cromarty. I am fully off the stash knitting bandwagon. Gah!

    Love the picot edge on the yarn pirate sock. Is it a picot bind off or a fold-over variety?

  33. Hopefully this sock will be a ‘good sock’. One can’t deal with too many errant socks and survive.

  34. Cromarty is looking fantastic. And, I rather liked the naughty sock pictures, something a little savory to look forward too. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  35. Books can be bought, kitty purrs and kisses can’t and I do love kitty purrs and kisses.

  36. I love audiobooks and podcasts while I’m knitting, as long as I don’t have to stop and count. I adore going to and listening to stories read chapter-by-chapter.

    The problem is that every single time I put headphones on, someone pops their head in and starts talking to me. Even though they’re the big clunky headphones that are obviously on my head. Over my ears. Blocking out sound.

    I want to be a hermit.

  37. Sir Loin (the lion) says hi to Teddy. He is sad that he will never model a sock; there is no part of him that is small and sock like. But he has hopes of mama getting a)a camera and b)a blog that she writes to. Then he can model flat pieces…….

    A lion’s gotta have dreams!

    (Is that chocolate teddy’s got? What kind does he like? Does it keep him awake? Does he share? He looks like the kind of guy who shares his chocolate very nicely.)

  38. Patricia says:

    I’m an audio book while knitting fan- but only fiction. I prefer to read non-fiction because I do stop and re-read and ponder sections, etc. I don’t need to do that nearly so much with fiction.

    Enjoying the sock saga. I’m on the west coast and see your latest post at the end of my work day. It’s been a nice way to finish the day.

  39. Wendy, I sincerely hope that the second sock will be a “good twin” and exert a positive influence on its sibling. At least it looks like the first sock got quite straightened out in treatment after the intervention.

    I’m having trouble understanding the stripes on the leg of this sock. They look like they are spiraling up, but that doesn’t seem possible. Can you elaborate on the striping at all or show both sides of the sock for comparison? Thanks! Whatever it is, I think it’s a cool effect.

  40. I love the lucy pic today. Have you ever read any of ‘The Cat Who..” mysteries by Lillian Jackson Braun? They are a great series of stories that involve a couple of cats.

  41. Wendy, your crazy sock shenanigans are cracking me up! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for that!
    I am reading a great book right now called Empire Falls by Richard Russo. Read it?
    And um….”thanks” a lot for the planting of the song Just another manic Monday in my craw!

  42. I am glad to hear that the sock is behaving itself. Here’s hoping that the second sock learned what not to do from the first one. =)

  43. Thank you sooo much for your information re: skein winders, I need one and only saw the usual ones. I like the one that fits on the table top and easy to use. I love your knitted items, I am sock additcted and I love yours. I am also a new spinner so the skein winder will be great! Deborah

  44. I forgot to mention I too have a ragdoll cat, blue mitted and white. Her name is Bella and she loves to help me knit and spin. Your Lucy is beautiful, thanks for the pics. Deborah