My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Just Another Manic Monday

I’ve been keeping a very close watch on the second sock and for the longest time it was behaving the way one would expect a good little sock to behave. Until I turned the heel. and I let my guard down for one moment . . .


It had “Born to Be Wild” cranked on the CD player and took off for a joy ride. I wrestled the steering wheel away from it before any damage was done.

I’ve hidden the car keys.

Rosemary commented:
I love the look of a picot edge at the top of a stockinette sock. The fact that you make them that way from time to time suggests they fit well. Do you never have issues with slouching when there is no ribbing?

I don’t. My socks stay up very obediently. Though I don’t know about this latest pair, considering their behavior while still on the needles . . .

And speaking of picot edge socks, Peggy asked:
Love the picot edge on the yarn pirate sock. Is it a picot bind off or a fold-over variety?

‘Tis a fold-over (not to be confused with a comb-over). I do so love a good fold-over!

Cromarty-ing Along

I’m knitting along! I did take time out yesterday to do my taxes (blech!) but did make some progress on fair Cromarty.


I’ve not really given any thought to what I’ll knit after Cromarty is done. It is entirely possible I’ll work on some small stuff for a bit. But then again, I might immediately jump into something huge.

But then again, I might knit my Rockin’ Sock Club sock. Yup, got my sock club package today.

No photos here — I wouldn’t dare post a spoiler pic!

Lucy Sez


And would you believe I’m actually losing my winter coat right now?


  1. anne marie in philly says:

    wish it were sunday
    cause that’s my fun day
    my I don’t have to run day
    it’s just another manic monday

    that sock and I should party down – “born to be wild” cranked up LOUD is my theme song!

    lucy, don’t lose your coat too early; meredith and steven are listening to the wind roaring outside my windows right now. and they don’t like what they hear. more lousy winter weather. the groundhog got it wrong – stupid putz!

  2. Good to know it’s not just my Matisse who’s been having issues with shedding lately. Seems awfully early for it, if you ask me.

    I, too, love picot hem stockinette socks! How many rows do you do after your yo k2tog row, just out of curiousity? Trying to find that elusive Magic Number for mine…

  3. Lucy fur! That’ll get your spinning mojo back!

  4. I’m soooo jealous!! I didn’t get my Rockin’ Sock Club package today here in Richmond!! It’ll be my first time holding and touching and loving the yarn……….I think I’m hyperventilating!!

    That is one misbehaved sock!! Thank goodness you’ll be able to keep an eye (foot?) on it when it’s finally finished!!

    Enjoy your evening with your new Socks That Rock yarn! (quiet sobbing)

  5. I was quoted! Eeek!

    Just goes to show that you can’t trust those pirates until you whip them into submission by adding a feminine touch.

    Best be careful. Lucy looks like she is about to either put the sock in its place or get it high on catnip.

  6. Stay tuned for more soxcapades at Wendy Knits!

  7. I got my STR package today too!Its soooo pretty!But I too am adhering to the strict no blogging pics of the STR too.It’s just unfair.
    Me and my kids are really enjoying the adventures of the misbehaving socks.You should write a book.I bet it would sell!

  8. Wendy, what have you started?! ๐Ÿ˜‰ My socks are staging a revolt! They all want to joyride in my ’99 Firebird. Yup, I may live in “good old blighty” but I drive a good ol’ 1999 Pontiac Firebird. ๐Ÿ™‚

    And don’t talk to me about shedding *shock* – I’m knee deep in dog hair at the moment. ๐Ÿ™ I’ve got 2 German Shepherds whos mission in life is to block every single hoover I ever buy within 2 weeks of appearing in the house! Sheesh! Perhaps I should start spinning them? ……..

  9. Hey Wendy- Very unlike yourself- I would have throught you were at least 3 projects ahead- in your mind.
    I didn’t join the STR club, because I don’t like surprises. What happens if you don’t like the color for some reason? I’m way too much of a control freak.
    Speaking of control, Lucy looks like she had her coiffure done.

  10. I hate to be out of the loop, so to speak, but I am fairly new to Wendyknits….what are/is Socks That ROck…I love to knit socks…

  11. I got my STR kit this morning too. Love love love it!

  12. After seeing that one person received her STR on Friday, I’ve been totally FREAKING OUT that mine hasn’t come yet. Bouncing off the walls, I am.

    Oh, poor Lucy… or should I say poor Mama with all the shedding. Halley matted up at some point over the weekend and I’m afraid she’ll have to get shaven again this year. Poor baby.

  13. Well – after reading your comments….it looks like I’m not the only one who hasn’t received my STR kit…..I’m trying not to get worried that they forgot me!
    I’m loving watching Cromarty grow!

  14. Sounds like you have the Thelma and Louise of socks there!

  15. Your socks remind me of my 16-year-old brother. Hopefully they’ll grow out of it. I’m sure you’re doing the best you can. =P ๐Ÿ˜‰

  16. I love my STR too!! I haven’t started yet… I’m waiting to finish two other pairs of socks first! I also ordered some Lucy yarn (Hi, Lucy!) from Blue Moon so I’m set for fabulous socks!!

  17. Oh, Lucy is the most beautiful girl kitty!

  18. I put instructions for picot hems in the knitting wiki just the other day:

  19. mary anne says:

    Is there any knitting software that you can use to change the sizes of a purchased pattern? Some patterns that I love are too small and I have a problem figuring out how to make the sweater bigger. I really have a problem if it is a complicated pattern with lace etc.
    Mary Anne

  20. Someone said The Groundhog lied! LOL Too twoo. Lucy is gorgeous, no matter which coat she’s wearing. Smooch, beautiful girl.

  21. Saw some spoiler pics of the sock club yarn on a few other blogs — it’s a pretty, muted colorway, I think. But I went the other direction and bought some of their electric-colored “Fire on the Mountain” — that’s a happy colorway. And feasting my eyes on Cromarty still makes me happy.

  22. Lucy is just GORGEOUS!!

  23. Sure, Lucy… I believe it. Chianna (my Shiba Inu) started losing her winter coat 6 weeks ago… after 4 weeks of blizzard-every-weekend conditions. Makes no sense, but I believe it.

  24. just snipped a HUGE HONKIN’ mat out of Ms Kiki – she has been combed and brushed until I’m blue in the face – it’s moulting season, dontcha know??
    luckily, cocokitten ain’t there yet – Siberians don’t reach their full coat until at least 3 yrs old – since they don’t totally mature until they’re 5 … guess I’m lucky? one at a time, dearest, one at a time –


  25. Thankfully the P-Man doesn’t seem to have started his spring molt yet…yikes, last year I could have run the Dyson 24/7 and still not picked all the cat hair tumbleweeds! That was his first spring as an adult cat so maybe it was the *worst* one. Actually he wont be fully mature for another 2 years either (when he hits 4) here’s hoping the shed-fest decreases each year!

    I just love Lucy’s nose leather – it just makes me want to scratch her on that “patent leather” nosie!

  26. Sorry to hear that the sock was taking notes from it’s sibling. Hopefully it will behave once finished.

    Got my STR package today too. Wonderful colors isn’t it?!

    Where did you get your picot edge pattern from? I would love to try it on a sock and see how it works.

  27. My package still hasn’t arrive. But maybe tomorrow. And Mimi is tarting to lighten up. Lucy keep your fur for now. Winter is still not done.

  28. I got my STR package tonight when I got home (at 10pm)–LOVE IT! This is my first year in STR and I LOVE surprises!! =)

    I also had ordered some “Lucy” sock yarn from BM because my cat, Cosi, is exactly the same colors as Lucy– she is long haired & very pedigree looking, but just a barn cat with lucky genes!

    So, I have to get one pair of socks off the needles, knit the Lucy/Cosi socks, then onto the new STR yarn. Are there enough hours in the day??? Definitely NOT.

  29. Beautiful, beautiful kitty! Lucy is soooooo adorable!

    Someday I’m going to knit socks! I envy those who have! I love seeing the socks knitted by us who follow Wendy and her (naughty) socks. Sheesh…. these pirate socks are turning into true “bounders” !! No couth! Maybe once they’re “partners” they’ll settle down! luv.m.

  30. Lucy looks like she was caught mid-meow. Cute! ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. That is one wild pair of socks you got there! Maybe Lucy needs to keep an eye on them while you’re gone;-)

  32. I do enjoy seeing your picot-topped socks. I may have to try that treatment one day. If Lucy is shedding her winter coat, it must be time to shed mine. I guess I had better go exercise.

  33. For those who are scared of the slouchy picot… could you not rib the inside of the fold-over to give it a little grip? Just a theory – I’ve never tried it ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. Shirley Gallagher says:

    Hi Wendy, Lucy looks gorgeous all puffed up like that. Maybe she could lay on your bad boy socks and wip them into shape? I also got my STR package. This will be my first time knitting toe up. Ten years sock knitting and always the same way so it’s time to learn something new.

  35. Beth P. in Maryland says:

    I am not letting those socks anywhere near my Harley!!


  36. Ack! I’m so jealous. I wasn’t able to join the STR Club this year (lack of justifiable funds). Hopefully next year… I can’t wait to see pics of the yarn once it’s spoiler safe.

    I like the sock’s taste in music. You know what they say… Rock Out with your SOCK OUT!!!

  37. Not having grown up with cats indoors I didn’t know that they shed in the spring. I know they lose hair all the time (the main reason we didn’t have them indoors — Dad is allergic), but not seasonally. Huh. Now I have learned something.

    Congrats on the Cromarty progress!

  38. Those socks need a good disciplinarian! Give ’em a spanking; that’ll sort them out once and for all!

    You should auction off Lucy’s shed fur to the highest bidder. *grins*

  39. Monique in TX says:

    Love the naughty sock tales!

  40. What progress you’ve made! Is it time already for the kitty’s to shed?? NO!!! I just got new carpet. LOL! JK!

  41. When you are designing a sock how do you figure out how many stitches to go down to on the heel?

    BTW- Lucy is looking so cute! I don’t usually like cats but it’s hard not to love Lucy.

  42. Naughty sock deserves a spanking!

  43. Regarding your previous post about knitting and reading, I can just about read magazine/newspaper articles when I knit, but not books. Though having been instructed that it looks ‘unprofessional’ to sit at my desk and knit in my lunchbreak, that may be more difficult as I now have to go and sit in the park if I want to knit in my breaks!

    Work really does get in the way of life sometimes…

  44. Your rebel socks crack me up!

  45. Yippee I got my STR kit yesterday and OMG!!! I love it. I’m not a fast knitter but I can’t wait to get my needles into this yarn. Did you guys get the cuff pattern or am I just so spaced from the luscious colorway that I can’t focus on the specs in the pattern.

    Wendy I’m loving the adventure and yes you should chronical the socks adventures in a book how fun.

  46. I’ll bet the next song on the CD player would have been ‘Sock It To Me, Baby’….you’ll have to watch that pair when they are finished and resting in the sock drawer. Who knows what they’ll get up to while you are at work.

    hi Lucy!

  47. My 15 year old cat Cole says hi Lucy! He just started shedding too-ugh. I know I’ll be using the vacuum cleaner almost every other day-black fur in beige carpet-yuk. luv your site. great inspiration.

  48. cecilia says:

    I do not want to cast any blame but if Lucy is like my furry friend, I would be wondering if she had something to do with that joy ride. She could have made a bet that any adult sock would take the bet and go.

  49. it figures. you run a contest w hile i’m hopelessly behind on my blog reading, and i miss out completely! oh well.

  50. Wendy you knit so wonderfully! I knit left handed also and was wondering if you hold your yearn in your right hand or your left? When I started out I used my right but switched over and cant seem to get back to using my right hand?