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Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Sawk Tawk

It occurred to me that if I cut a neckhole and legholes in one of my handknit socks, it would fit Bravo, the tiny chihuahua pup from yesterday’s entry just fine.

Not that I would ever do that. But I may threaten my misbehaving socks with it.

So. I did no knitting on poor Cromarty last night — none at all. It was one of those evenings when time got away from me with a bunch of other stuff to do.


But I hereby swear that the next time I blog, I’ll have the body of Cromarty done and will have started the second sleeve.

So. Yeah, I joined the Rockin’ Sock Club this year. I did not do so last year because I figured I always knit my generic toe-up pattern. Why? Because I knit socks as commuter projects almost exclusively, and I like using a pattern in my head, rather than one I need to fish out of my bag from time to time. During rush hour, I’m in very cramped quarters on the train so sometimes it’s not possible to fish a pattern out of my bag.

But I changed my mind for this year. I thought it might be fun to knit some other sock patterns, and possibly knit them as non-commuter projects, like I did with Theresa’s lovely Whiskers and Paw Prints socks last December. (Although this first Sock Club sock is starting out as commuter knitting.)

I have no problem receiving sock yarn that might be in a colorway that I wouldn’t buy for myself. Why? Because more and more I find myself buying sock yarn for myself in colorways I wouldn’t buy for myself. For me, socks are the perfect way to step outside my “comfort palette.” While I do have plenty of green and earth tone sock yarn, I also have yellows, pinks, and shades of blue I’d never consider for a sweater.

But as it happens, I love the skein of yarn that came with the February sock kit from the Rockin’ Socks Club and would have bought it the instant it was available for sale anyway.

**Spoiler Alert**

Okay, I’m gonna talk about my Sock Club sock in progress. In deference to those who have not yet received their kits and wish the contents to remain a surprise, I’m putting the photos in pop-up windows you gotta click on to see. But I’ll be talking about the sock in progress for the next little bit. If you don’t want to know, don’t read, but scroll down to the picture of Lucy.

Still here? Okay.

Last night I wound my skein of Rockin’ Sock Club yarn into a ball and divide it into two equal balls. I did my crochet chain and provisional cast-on and started the toe, as this is indeed a toe-up pattern. But unlike my generic pattern, the toe is a garter stitch toe, and you don’t pick up the wraps — they just melt into the garter stitch. Wicked cool!

View image

After the toes is complete, you increase stitches and work the foot in a ribbed pattern — one rib pattern for the instep:

View image

And one for the sole:

View image


The sock looks a bit odd on the needles because the ribbing pulls it in a bit from the toe.

View image

But on the foot, it looks splendid!

View image

**End Spoiler Alert**

Lucy Sez


I can’t believe she stuck my picture up after the sock spoiler!


  1. Okay. I didn’t join the Socks that Rock club because I thought to myself, “Self, you have a hard enough time figuring out what patterns to knit other than the WGTUS (pronounced Wig-tuss) and you’ll have too many pattern-less skeins at the end of a year because you’ll grow tired of the WGTUS.” How did I miss that they came with a pattern? I’m so bummed.

    I was wearing my Wendy Knit WGTUS socks today. They are the best. Thank you!

  2. Oooooooh! Very cool colorway! And the sock pattern is great! Next year I’ll join. I’m just now learning to knit socks.

    Lucy, you’re the icing on the cake, Sweetie!

  3. Oh, that IS way wicked cool! I love the way the, uh, the “toes” are made… (not to spoil anything).

    Anything to spice up my toe up sockies.

  4. It’s a sweater for your feet!

  5. That pattern looks awesome! I am just finishing up my first pair of socks ever, using your generic pattern. It has given me the courage to be more adventerous next time. I can’t possibly afford to join the sock club now, but do they ever sell the patterns from the kits?

  6. That is one cool sock.

  7. Those socks look great! I must start mine tonight!!

  8. Shirley, in PA says:

    Your sock toe looks great, and so does mine now. I ripped out the first attempt and re-knit using your crib sheet and their instructions. Fun. I just might have to do more toe-up socks, if the fit continues to be so good. And tell Lucy that she’s dessert – always save the best for last.

  9. Castiron says:

    Very nifty!

    While reading about the sock antics, I couldn’t help thinking “oh no! she knit Harry!” And now I wonder if that yarn was spun from Dolores’s wool; that would explain its behavior…. (And now I think I’ve been reading The Panopticon too much!)

  10. I’m casting off my first WGTUS today and hopefully #2 will go just as quickly. They promise to be the first *finished pair* of socks that I’ve made for myself! YAY! Using STR, no less. The STR club colorway is really great this month! I’m not a member but it’s nice to live vicariously through other members blogs. heh Fun looking pattern – I’m looking forward to seeing how it develops!

  11. I’ve not joined the sock club, but am having fun living vicariously through you bloggers. Spoil on!

  12. Whoa, how cool is that? What a nifty idea for the toesies.

  13. Beautiful socks and awesome colours.
    dear Lucy, your photos are like a huggable treat at the end of a great post!

  14. How can I split my STR yarn (or any yarn) in 2 equal parts?? I don’t have anything to weigh it on. Perhaps a postal scale?? I have one of those but it’s not digital.

    You’re socks look great! I also ordered some Lucy STR yarn!!

  15. Do you think that the garter stitch toes will feel weird? Like too thick or bumpy?

  16. I found Bravo quite enchanting and your sock cutting idea interesting, maybe a petit doggie sweater from sock yarn might be fun, too.

    I was on the fence about the Rockin’ Sock Club and was glad to get it for Valentine’s Day. It is a lot of fun so far and knowing that I have yarn coming every other month helps me stick to Knit from Your Stash 2007.

  17. A sock, that in it’s unworn state, is shaped like Marilyn Monroe? I see more crazy sock antics ahead. It might be best to keep these socks separeate from that wild pair!

  18. Those socks are so fun!

    I too am making your WGTUS pattern in the Claudia Purple Earth yarn I got from Sheri…I’m going to try the feather and fan on the leg because I just LOVE the way it looks.

    I’m wondering if the ribbing will be irritating on the bottoms of the feet? You’ll have to let us know ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. I’ve done a couple of socks with short-row garter st heels, and I like them a lot. Just about the easiest heel you can do.

  20. Those socks are just lovely. Thanks for sharing!

  21. Love the socks and adore the kitty!

  22. I did that sock thing with a store bought sock for my granddoggie. Here’s a picture:

  23. That really is a great looking toe. Wonder if I could just get the pattern from BMA. Very nice color too. I am now just a bit jealous that I didn’t take the plunge and join the club.

    Lucy does look a little put out. Perhaps a little catnip to cheer the poor neglected baby?

  24. Angeluna says:

    Definitely wicked socks! The photos don’t quite do those beautiful colors justice. Unless yours is way different from mine. I think anyone could do a garter stitch toe and heel and it is too clever the way the wraps disappear. Do let us know how the ribbing on the sole feels. And how much yarn you have left (I have big feet and inquiring minds want to know).

  25. Lucy,
    Sometime’s Mom’s gotta do what Mom’s gotta do to make her public happy. Don’t take it personally. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  26. I am still waiting for my STR sock club kit, and I have been looking at spoilers in anticipation. Tomorrow, tomorrow…
    In response to those who are wondering about getting the patterns, all of last year’s sock club patterns except the one from the December kit are available on the Blue Moon Fiber arts website.

  27. I’m intrigued by the garter toe. Is there a similar set of instructions anywhere on the web?

  28. Oh! I didn’t sign up for the Rockin’ Socks Club, even though I had a spot on the wait list (and got an invitation to join), because I figured I had enough expensive yarn, and didn’t need any more arbitrary yarn. But I am SO BUMMED – the pattern looks cool, and the yarn is SO PRETTY. I’m so jealous of all those folks out there who are in the club!

  29. Thanks for the preview of coming attractions…..
    I’ve got both toes done and just got them both on a circular and am starting the ribbing. I like your striping!

  30. I am about as far as you in my STR sock. It is my first toe up sock and I loved how the toe magically came together. I am having so much fun with them. I can’t wait for the magic of the heel and of course the cables that run up the leg. =)

    Lucy – she saved the best for last!

  31. THAT SOCK IS COOL. A garter-stitch toe…and I love the yarn. (sigh) I wish I’d joined the STR Sock Club…
    (Lucy, I agree, your photo should have been up front and center…you are such a photogenic kitty!)

  32. Wendy- Lucy look perturbed.

    And rightly so. I would put her picture in first, next time.

  33. Your sock is AWESOME!! Just getting ready to swatch and figure out a needle size for mine, but I couldn’t agree more about socks being a chance for a little outrageous personal expression that not everyone has to know about.

    On getting two same-sized balls, I have a swift, ball winder and a scale, but what is the easiest way to get the weight of a ball in progress? I was taking the unwound hank off the swift to weigh (to see if it was half yet). Made a bit of a mess putting that hank back on the swift, and I kept thinking there must be a better way. Taking the ball off the winder seemed like a scarey plan. What approach do you take?

    Love your blog!! And Lucy!! She has such great things to say…

  34. My STR came today, it’s divided and started but you have made such progress, I have not started. The sock looks great.

  35. Bravo T. Chihuahua says:




  36. Very cool looking socks! No wraps = short row even I could do.

  37. Madeline says:

    Like you, uncharacteristically I didn’t knit last night either. And like you, my knitting mojo is taking a break. But I must say that after taking a night off, I enjoyed it more so tonight. Maybe I need to slow it down a bit, at least for a short while. Harder for you to do, blog and all.

  38. Beth P. in Maryland says:

    Hi Wendy,

    This may be a stupid question, but I’m going to take a chance and ask anyway.

    If you don’t pick up the wraps, will there be holes?

    My first attempt with your toe-up pattern (experimenting with left-over yarn) I neglected to pick up the wraps and holes happened. These seem undesirable to me.

    Beth P.

  39. Very nice!

  40. chihuahua sock sweater
    cut off toe of sock, this leaves opening for hind legs of the little chi. make little holes at heel of sock and bind them so they become arm holes for chi. fold ankle of sock down to form cowl/turtle neck for chi.

  41. I just finished my toe from this pattern and I’m loving it so far as well. I was doubting the ‘leave the wraps, bit it looks fine.

  42. I just finished my toe from this pattern and I’m loving it so far as well. I was doubting the ‘leave the wraps’, but it look fine.

  43. Those are some beautiful Rockin Socks. I had seen the yarn on some other blogs but had not seen it knit up. I didn’t join the Sock Club but I love that pattern. Are you going to show pictures of your sock yarn from the Loopy Ewe???? I so love that store.

  44. The February kit is my first toe-up sock… I am so excited that mine looks similar to yours – it means I’m on the right track! Tomorrow I’m going to be carrying it around saying, “My sock looks like Wendy’s!”

    Knit on!

  45. I’ve been reading your blog for about a month. Several months ago, I decided to knit fingerless mitts, and I wandered the net looking to see what others had done. I printed up YOUR pattern (but ended up not using it and just making them like my previous pair of gloves, minus the fingers).

    I had no idea that you, Wendy, were the woman whose printed up photo and pattern graces the top of one of my yarn piles! Wow ๐Ÿ™‚

  46. Theresa in Italy says:

    Knitopia, I don’t know about instructions for garter stitch toes on the Web, but you can find them (2 different types) as well as instructions for a garter stitch heel in Lucy Neatby’s book, “Cool Socks, Warm Feet.” Haven’t tried them myself yet, though.

    The feline Lucy does look a bit put out—first being upstaged by a Chihuahua, now by a sock….

  47. What fun!

  48. That is one cool looking sock! I really hope that next year, I’ll have my act ($$) together to be able to sign up …

    Tell Lucy, that I look forward to her picture at the end, because it *always* gives me something to look forward to, and makes me smile.

  49. Does that garter stitch feel okay on your toes? Seems like it might be bumpy (but then, I’ve knit 1.75 pairs of socks IN MY LIFE, so I wouldn’t necessarily know).

  50. New Jersey Laura says:

    Wicked cool socks & pop-up pics. Are you using your usual superpowered silver sock needles in zero for the entire sock?

  51. Ruth Martin says:

    If you get tired of knitting Cromarty, I think it would make a dynamite cushion cover! It looks lovely posed on your sofa…

  52. Don’t worry Lucy you are still Mommy’s special little kitty – – no matter if she is smooching the next door pooch or putting your pix after a sock spoiler.

    That sock pattern seems veeeerrrry interesting. Bet you can’t share it, huh?

    Thanks for sharing the experience and showing the pixs!


  53. Wendy do you ever wrap your socks in a “sleeve” type thing that says ‘Hand knit by Wendy’ or something like that? A couple years ago I saw something somewhere that was a link to print out something like that. I am getting inspired to knit some of my own socks. I haven’t knit a pair in a long time.

  54. Your socks look great! This is my first STR pattern and I’m very happy that it’s toe up because that’s my favorite. I’m making all kinds of WGTUSs. What size needles did you use for this yarn?
    For yarn dividers – 2 ways. 1 – wind the yarn into a centerpull ball. Knit one sock from the center pull yarn and one from the end on the outside of the ball (I knit one toe and then the other, then one foot, then the other, etc.) Now I have a ball winder, I do take the winder off and weigh it and the yarn (I wrote down how much the winder weighed without yarn.)

  55. Lucy does indeed look a bit peeved.
    Your sock is rockin. Love it!

  56. How come your toe looks so neat and tidy on the side and mine looks odd?? What is the secret?

  57. Thank you so much for your progress pictures! Excellent!

  58. BE – AU – TI – FUL !!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Is that sock pattern available for purchase or only if you’re in the club? It does look “wicked cool” *grin*