My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


So Many Sock Yarns, So Little Time

Alice asked:
Since you mentioned liking the panda, but that it’s not your favorite, what IS your favorite sock yarn to work with? I’m always on the look-out for something better and softer for my toes!

There’s no way I can narrow my favorite down to one sock yarn. Some of the sock yarns I love are Socks That Rock, Claudia Handpainted, Cherry Tree Hill, Fleece Artist Merino, Scarlet Fleece, Apple Laine Apple Pie, Zen String (both Lotus Toes and Serendipity) . . . and . . . and . . .

What are your favorite sock yarns? πŸ™‚

Other than the Panda Cotton socks I just completed, I’ve not used any cotton sock yarns (apart from some Regia wool/cotton blend ages ago, and those socks were given away, so I can’t comment on how they wear) so I don’t have any useful opinions there. Please feel free to weigh in on cotton sock yarns in the comments if you have something to share.

I just got some of the Fleece Artist Sea Wool Bordello Sock Yarn, from Loopy Sheri, of course (Psssst! Didja hear she’s gonna be carrying yarns for lace knitting soon?) — the one with sea cell in it. I think I’ll try that next. It certainly looks alluring!


I’ve turned the heel on my yummy Melon Ball sock.


And I’m knitting on the front of my miter sweater.


A number of you suggested in the comments the possibility of knitting solid color sleeves for this sweater. Yep, that’s a possibility. Nope, I’m not doing it. I have a strong aversion to sweaters with different color sleeves. And I have a strong aversion to “letterman” type jackets too. (I also dislike zip-front sweaters, but that’s another issue.)

I think that having solid color sleeves would make the patchwork effect of the body of the sweater stand out in a bad way, playing up the patchiness of it. I think it will blend together as a whole if the entire sweater is done the same way. I wouldn’t, for example, like a stained glass window that has a solid border around it.

(The reminds me, did any of you see the Louis Comfort Tiffany stained glass windows on the CBS Sunday Morning show yesterday? WOW!)

We’ll just agree to disagree on this part, shall we?

I am planning on knitting the neckband and edging on the bottom of the body and sleeves in one of the dark brown shades that I’m using for the squares. Well, I haven’t decided yet if I’m knitting the edging or crocheting it, but I’m leaning toward knit — in garter stitch, to match the rest of the sweater.

Marjorie commented:
I like the look of your mitered sweater. I have not yet done mitered squares (to be remedied, I hope, later in the year), and I wondered if it would have been possible to leave live stitches at the neck edge for picking up later. One reason I’m curious is that I’m working on an entrelac sweater that has a similar feel (a kind of patchwork appearance), and I have left live stitches at the back neck and shoulders using short rows as described in the current IK. The front is shaped like yours, and I wanted to leave live stitches there also, if I could. I thought I’d figure it out when I got there.

The way I am knitting, it’s not possible to leave live stitches at the neck edge. It’s actually one side of the square that forms the top edge.

Actually, I prefer picking up stitches from a cast-off edge rather than using live stitches for a neckband. So much so that sometimes when a pattern directs you to leave live stitches to be knitted up into a neckband later, I go ahead and cast them off and pick up from the cast-off edge. I think having the cast-off edge adds a little more structure to the neck and will help keep it from sagging or drooping.

Adventures in Packaging

On Friday, I got this box from




Move aside the packaging, and here’s what was in the bottom of the box.


Yup, that’s all.

Adventures in Weather

Dang! We sure had some rain yesterday. And we’ve had very high winds today. Lucy actually woke me up in the wee hours this morning because the wind was howling and she was nervous.

Having Momma pet my tummy makes things so much better!


So does a snack!



  1. Wow. Big box. Teeeeeny little bottle. Just a smidge of overpackaging, huh? Don’tcha love the Sea Wool stuff? I wanna get 2 in 1 colorway to do a shawl or something…yummy stuff…I find it seems to not be as color-saturated as their regular merino, but that’s ok…

  2. Oh how I love the look of that Fleece Artist yarn. Is it as silky feeling as it appears?

    I agree with you on the solid sleeves for your sweater. It would have, I think, a detrimental effect on your beautifully crafted mitres and that would be sad.

    May I ask what requires that much packaging? And does Amazon not have smaller boxes? On the bright side, Lucy probably enjoyed playing in the box and I find it unlikely she’d have been able to do so in a more sensible size.

  3. A year or so ago I would have said Regia and Opal sock yarns are my favorites. Reading your lovely blog has made me more adventurous and fussy in my sock endeavors and all Al can say is “You bought more sock yarn !?!”. I then have to explain why this particular sock yarn is different from all my others.

    I like Cabin Cove 80% wool/20% nylon sock yarn and A Good Yarn from Rae’s Yarn Boutique, and Socks that Rock. Your mitered sweater is making me think of trying to color coordinate and use my leftovers. I hope you and Lucy stay safe & dry!

  4. Did you just call me Loopy??

  5. goodness! Lucy’s tail is just about as wide as her body – but then she’s a svelte little thing I’m sure, not a bruiser like Perry Penelope. May I ask how much she weighs?

    Actually, I’m in agreement about the solid sleeve. It wouldn’t blend in and would, indeed, lend that “letter man jacket” effect; something to be eschewed at all cost once one reaches maturity πŸ˜‰

  6. Amazon is always doing that.. sometimes I get rather ‘mad’ about it and spend ages ranting about it. I often wonder why it happens that way.. do they have incompetent staff or do they run out of smaller boxes.. or maybe there’s some obscure rule that they have. I know there are stupid rules where I work, so I wonder if some CRAZY person at Amazon came up with some sort of ‘efficiency improving’ rule that you have to use the box that is closest to you no matter what size it is.

    … I’ve certainly gone on a bit, haven’t I?

    Anyway, right now my favorite sock yarns are from KnitPicks. The merino (Memories) and the Silk/Merino ones (Gloss). I also adore Koigu but I am not anywhere that I can buy it locally and I can never seem to gather up enough courage to buy it online without seeing it in person. I’m dying to try some of the fancier stuff you’re so fond of but I never seem to be able to find a place where I can buy it in a color I like before it’s sold out!

  7. My favorite sock yarn right now is definitely Knit Picks, either in merino/silk or superwash/nylon. I’ve been buying it in Bare and dying it myself, which adds some fun to the process. I’m also a fan of the Panda cotton, but it’s a bit splitty (especially if you have to rip back at all). I think if it was plied a bit more tightly, it would be easier to work with.

    Lucy is so cute! My Mr. Darcy woke me up this morning because he thought I’d slept through my alarm, when really it was my day to sleep in. Then, when I’d hauled myself out of bed, he jumped back up and fell sleep. Durn kids!

  8. Wow- I like a lot of things Sophie’s Toes, STR ( just back from camp) and Koigu are my top 3.

  9. Looking forward to seeing your adventures with the Sea Wool. I love Sea Silk.

    What a soft, furry tummy Lucy has! It has to be as great for you to give her a belly rub, as it is for her to receive one.

    I’m sure amazon just wanted to use a box big enough for Lucy to play in! πŸ˜‰

  10. Oh favorite sock yarns….I’m working on stashing a bunch of Cherry Tree Hill and I recently discovered Perchance to Knit. And…Koigu and Lorna’s Laces.

    I’m eagerly awaiting the appearance of the lace yarn section at Loopy Ewe too!

    That is always such an ultimate sign of trust when our kitties let us pet their most vulnerable and soft little tummies, isn’t it?

  11. By no means do I want to minimize your entire post. But, they’ve got to be kidding me? One tiny spray bottle in a humongous box? Amazon has lost its mind. I lost power today because of the Nor’easter and have been contemplating putting up solar panels on my roof, tear down the walls to put up denim insulation, install bamboo flooring, and start composting–and here they go putting tiny products in a huge box. Sorry, I got riled up. Pheww! Lovely sock yarn.

  12. About sock yarns, do you ever use any knitpicks sock yarns? I like their other yarns, but I haven’t tried their sock yarns.

  13. Yes! Socks! I’m new to the sock knitting addiction, and just trying out Cherry Tree Hill’s Supersock for the first time. Yummy! I can’t wait to get my some Socks That Rock on my needles. Hooray for socks!

  14. Patricia says:

    Looks like Amazon ran out of small boxes…on the bright side- new toy for Lucy.

    Sock yarn- most of my sock knitting is for Afghans for Afghans- I use lamb’s pride sport weight and can’t comment on wearabilty, etc.

    I’ve only use Cleckheaton dk and wildfoote for my own socks, and I like them. The Clekheaton is a bit thick for some of my shoes- I have to watch that. But they are warm and great for walking home in the winter.

    I’ve been branching out and have recently bought some Trekking, fixation, regia, and opal and will have to get busy on socks for me (after the AforA deadline in May!) Oh, I have a pair on the needles- Lion Microspun. They’re more for fun- a bright lime green in a lace pattern.

    Belly-rubs- lucky cat!

  15. I just purchased some of the Fleece Artist Sea Wool. I’m using Fleece Artist Merion for the first time & am really enjoying it.

    I don’t get the big box for one small item thing. Why do they do that? In my experience it hasn’t happened very often, but when it does it’s such a waste.

    We had quite the storm here in Boston too. The wind woke my furry family early this AM. The weather was a bummer for the Boston Marathon runners. People train all year & come from all over & they get a yucky day.

    Loving your mitered sweater. I’d like to make a mitered vest. That’s what I’ve been telling myself as I’ve gone on a sock yarn buying binge this past week.

  16. Wendy, I saw the Tiffany glass segment on the CBS Sunday Morning show. I thought the part about the Tiffany “girls” was very interesting.

    The photo of you rubbing Lucy’s tummy is priceless. Our cat, Boots, slept on top of my pillow.

    Jennifer (my daughter) just finished a pair of socks using Knit Picks Essential Tweed in Inca Gold. She worked them using ebony needles and the entire process was a joy for her.

    Your “canteloupe” socks are beautiful. And the mitered sweater is coming along nicely. It will be a nice reminder of your past projects.

  17. Hey, too bad that HUGE box wasn’t crammed full of sock yarn!

    Speaking of which, I love whichever yarn I’m working with at the moment. I use all different kinds, and never can make up my mind. :0)

  18. I bought some Fleece Artist sock yarn forever ago – it’s sitting with one sock knit right now because it drove me INSANE slipping off the pony pearl needles I was using with it. I’m going to eventually knit the second sock on bamboos I think, see if that helps.

    The colors in my hank ended up muddying up when knit plain, so I did that stranded sock pattern from Knitty a few years ago, Crusoe I think it was called – made the colors pop out much more nicely. I hate when a colorway that looks good in the hank goes muddy on me πŸ™ I had an Opal that did that, ended up turning it into the tiny shawlette from Piecework, the garter stitch one with the feather and fan. At least there’s enough stitch patterns in the world, you can usually work around bad pooling!!

  19. I’m knitting your toe-up sock pattern with Sea Wool in the Glacier colorway right now. Very nice yarn but I didn’t care too much for the Bordello pattern. My favorite sock yarns to date are Fleece Artist Merino (love the colors), Lorna’s Laces (great colors and very soft)and Austerman Step (not for the colors, but for how comfortable they are).

  20. my favorite sock yarn is from Ray at

    I just finished a pair from his Dark Fun collection of colorways and they are rocking.

  21. During The Great Christmas Sock Adventure of 2006, I knit with Fleece Artist, Cherry Tree Hill, Just Heather, Claudia Handpainted, and Yarn Pirate (the YP was for me). They were all nice but the Fleece Artist sock yarn was my favorite, with the Yarn Pirate coming a close second. I am working on some Trekking Pro Natura socks right now (superwash, bamboo, nylon) and that is very very nice also. I found Schaefer Anne to make a nice sock but was very fuzzy and splitty (all that mohair I think), and I dislike working with Opal (too stiff). I can hardly wait to try the seacell yarns but am on stash restriction this year. So sad.

  22. that is one FLUFFY TUMKINS!!! so cute.

    drives me crazy when companies waste large boxes on small items. argh!

  23. The melon socks remind me of sherbert push-up pops. Yum!

    I just flew home from Atlanta yesterday. Not too much rain there. I feel very lucky that I was unaffected by the storms.

    Thanks for the sock yarn reviews. I will be looking for more in the future. BTW–I am wearing my Regia cotton socks for the first time today. Seem pretty good so far. Knitting with a cotton/wool blend definitely has a different feel from all wool. I am enjoying some On Line wool/nylon blend right now. I particularly liked the 6-ply (don’t remember the name of the line).

    Anyone tried Austermann Step?

  24. Hi Wendy πŸ™‚ I’m coming out of lurking to tell you that my very fav sock yarns are the ones that our good friend Kathy dyes herself at my LYS Holly Spring Homespun. I’m doing my very first toe ups in some of her yarn this instant. Speaking of which, when are you coming back? I missed you last time πŸ™

  25. I started a piar of socks with the Sea Wool today and am loving it so far. It seems slightly silky which adds a nice sheen. I recently finished an Icarus shawl with the Sea Silk, and I love the Sea Cell in the yarn, makes it feel yummy when knitting.

  26. Aussie Rosemary says:

    Has anyone used Colinette Jitterbug or SWTC Tofutsies?

  27. re: favorite sock yarn

    I am currently working on Cookie A’s Twisted Flower pattern with Yarn Pirate Semi-Solid BFL sock yarn.

    I. Love. It. In a way that I’m not sure I’ve ever really loved yarn before (and I love my yarn) It has just the right amount of body, but is still firm enough to show off the testured pattern well, it’s soft, but not so soft that it will wear quickly. I imagine it will wear extremely well, it just has everything going for it and I’m in love.

    I like your sweater alot… I’m not sure I could pull of a mitered square sweater (knitting or wearing)… but it is a lovely thing to look at. Bravo on your progress.

  28. sarah in california says:

    Awwwww at Lucy needing comfort during the gale. Reminds me of my dear departed dog that always needed a cuddle during a thunderstorm.

  29. Isabelle says:

    I’ve tried Brown Sheep Wildfoote, Lana Grossa Meilenweit, Cascade Sassy Stripes, Schoeller & Stahl Fortissima Socka, KnitPicks Essentials – some I’ve liked better than others, but they’re all fine. I’m always happy with Regia – either the 4-ply or the 6-ply (can’t vouch for the Regia Silk yet, though I have some in the stash). But I’d have to say that my favorite sock yarn is Lisa Souza’s Sock! – the yarn itself and the colorways make it a treat at every stage of the knitting process.

  30. I think right now (this can change at any moment!) my favorites are STR and Lisa Souza Sock! Merino and Sundara Yarns. The Sundara has this silky sheen to it, the LS a softness I adore, and the STR is just so darn squishy!

  31. Adrienne says:

    I adore Lorna’s Laces and have used it several times, and have used Trekking more than once as well. But there are so many delicious yarns out there, I want to try them all!

    Aussie Rosemary- I knitted a pair of socks with some Jitterbug a few months ago and *really* liked it- it’s kind of crunchy and sproingy, if that makes any sense. Had never seen it before (it was a gift from my mom) so it was a very pleasant surprise.

  32. The Amazon box cracked me up. Can we say “overkill,” children?

    I scored the FA Sea Wool too, and can NOT put it down. That is some seriously lovely stuff. I may not knit it — just sit and fondle it for a while. It even smells good.

  33. My mom loves her cotton/lycra socks from I don’t yet have a pair for myself. I am working with some similar yarn now from but it is much less elastic.

  34. I have a decent-sized Koigu stash, impressive for the fact that I haven’t ever knit with it at all. And I find that I WANT more of it! I love Lorna’s Laces, especially the Somerset colorway. I ended up with fraternal socks using Fleece Artist, so I’m not sure I’ll use it again anytime soon…

    Have you ever knit slipper socks? They’re also known as tabi socks. You know, the kind where your big toe is separated from your other 4 toes. I’ve had a request for those, but there’s something horrific about combining slippers and socks that I can’t bring myself to do it.

    Your game plan for your sweater sounds good. I’m for allover color, the “letterman” style seems out of place because the eye would focus on those two blocks of color.

  35. Dang, I was sort of hoping you’d get under all the packing material and there’d be… nothing. A mystery.

  36. Fleece Artist is my favorite. I haven’t used the new one,but I love the color and the yarn is so soft.

  37. Amazon drives me crazy when they do that. I have a Prime membership so I order from them on a regular basis, and I want to slap someone sometimes when I get the packages. I’ve had them bend books (knitting books, mind you!) by putting them in too-small boxes too!

    As for sock yarn, I just finished my first pair with STR and can’t imagine ever using anything else again. I love it. Love.

  38. I didn’t read all the comments, so I may be a repeat, but: Hand Jive Knits.

    I can’t decide if it’s No. 1, I have about twelvety favorite sock yarns, but this is definitely something I don’t see being hailed out in blogland.

  39. You guys complaining about Amazon’s wasteful boxes reminds me of the Peanuts strip: Charlie Brown says, “It is better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness.” Lucy looks at him sourly, clenches her little fist, raises it toward the sky, and hollers, “You stupid darkness!!!!” My Puma was also very nervous last night because of the howling wind. What a dreadful night, you stupid darkness!!

  40. Favorite sock yarn: the one I am knitting: Supersocke 100, color: tropic… stuff!…..and whatever you decide re the sweater: it will be a joy to behold and wonderous inspiration!

  41. Deniasha says:


    What are the colorways of Fleece Artist yarn you are using? I want to find them for myself!

    Love Lucy’s fluffly tummy. Mine won’t let me pet their tummies. Give Lucy a good pet for me.

  42. Favorites include Louet Gems, Cider Moon, Fearless Fibers, Lisa Souza’s yarns, Lorna’s Laces, Fleece Artist merino and SeaWool, and Crown Mountain Fibers Sock Hop yarn.

    I’m an equal opportunity yarn enthusiast :o)

  43. i am lovin’ that melon sockβ€”it looks like melon sherbet!

  44. Your Amazon box blows my theory that they are going green. The last one I got had three books rattling around loose inside. No cardboard-bottomed-shrink-wrap at all. And the invoice was printed in tiny type on a small piece of paper. It must all depend on how the packer is feeling, huh?

  45. I love the photo of Lucy with her tail straight out! And my dogs were very nervous from the winds last night.

  46. Your melon socks do look like melons! What gorgeous coloring! The packaging is very interesting, maybe if you order something really large, they’ll cram it in a teeny box πŸ˜‰ {Lucy} is such a fluff muffin…

  47. thanks so much for answering my question! ive got some great ideas for new yarns to try. first up is cherry tree hill i think, i’ve been hearing about them a lot, and in very favorable terms

  48. I knit a Kaffe Fassett sweater last summer (yes, in the summer! LOL), Stone Patch. The sleeves have the same block design as the body. I think it’d look strange with solid sleeves, likewise your miter sweater. You go right ahead with your plan to make the sleeves the same as the body of your sweater. You’ve got at least this knitter’s agreement that it’ll look better that way. πŸ™‚

  49. I’ve used and liked Lorna’s Laces and Trekking. But my all time favorite is Sundara’s sock yarn. I made my mom a pair of socks from it and she didn’t even bother to hint. “You have to make me more by the fall,” I’ve been ordered. Of course, I did just get my package of Zen String Serendipity, and am very anxious to try that.
    As for crazy packaging…we once got a box like that at work (from a different company). Same size, approximately, containing one single glue stick. Craziness.

  50. I would complain about amazon’s huge boxes, but my Sassy enjoy’s them as much as I enjoy what came in them. And frankly, the only good thing about today (I’ve been a Virginia Tech Hokie for over 45 years) was watching her play in the latest one. Give your sweet Lucy a tummy rub from me.

  51. Favorite sock yarns? That’s a tough one. STR would be in there. I’ve got a great pair of handspun socks from All Spun Up that are like donning clouds so I’d have to put that one near the top. Regia, Opal, LL – actually, I haven’t met too many sock yarns that I don’t like.

    I’ll be curious to see what you think of the FA Sea Wool. I’m finishing up my first sock using that yarn and I think I’d like a tighter gauge than the label suggests. I’m using the suggested U.S. size 2 needles and am getting around 7spi. The fabric is nice but maybe a little soft for socks, in my opinion. I think I’ll try the next pair on smaller needles just to see how they look.

  52. Based on how much of it I buy, I might like STR the best; I certainly love Tina’s colorways. I have been buying other sock yarns, and I love the way Fleece Artist yarns look and feel. I just can’t stop knitting with STR long enough to knit the FAs!

  53. I recently had to order some AC filters that are hard to find locally. I ordered 4 filters that are 16 x 20″ from Staples and a single tube of silcone glue. The filters came in FOUR individual boxes three times the size of each filter AND the glue was in the same sized 5th box all by it’s lonesome!! I will NEVER shop at Staples again, that is so wasteful on so many levels! And when I complained I was told “we contract out of packaging so we have no control over how *they* do it” HUH???

    As far as favorite sock yarns since louet pearl, koigu, claudia’s handpaint, cherry tree hill and fleece artist are all from the same base yarn (louet pearl)and all lovely to knit with I guess it’s color that gets me and there I have to go with Claudia’s Handpaint! I adore Regia Silk altho the colors are kinda dull and Mountain Colors Bearfoot is delicious to knit with and look at and Trekking is great, as is Sundara, Sweet Georgia, Soxie Silk….I’m like you Wendy, there are too many I love to list! The only sock yarn I will NEVER use again is Brownsheep Wildfoote — what dreck that stuff is! Splitty and so overspun that you have to dangle your sock ever couple of rows just to release the yarn from twisting up on itself. Life is way too short to knit with icky sock yarn!!

  54. Aussie Rosemary says:

    Thanks for your reply,Adrienne. A shocking day for you all – our thoughts are with you. Brenda,what is a ‘Hokie’? Wendy,I strongly agree with you about the sweaters sleeves.Did you consider an attached Icord edging?

  55. Favorite sock yarns, eh? I think I’ll never make up my mind, but at the moment I love “The Yarn Yard” here in the UK. But then my mind wanders and I remember so many other nice choices…
    (And did they not have any bigger boxes for that tiny bottle?)

  56. Angeluna says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more on ALL your phobias, zip fronts and different sleeves, etc. Did you consider doing your garter bands using one row at a time of all the colors you used? Nice effect.

  57. Thanks for answering my question. I’m about up to the front neck edge on my entrelac sweater, and I was contemplating leaving the specified bound-off edge for the same reason you gave–added stability (and it would be a lot easier than figuring out how to leave live stitches!). I do want to finish the shoulders using a 3-needle bind off, though, because that seam seems to be the least bulky of all the shoulder-finishing methods I’ve tried. I like a shoulder seam (rather than a Kitchener shoulder) because of the stability it gives.

    The sock yarn is fabulous. You are almost making me wish I had to commute so I could knit on the train also! (Until now, I thought I was lucky to work out of my home office.)

  58. You’re going to love the FA Sea Wool!

    Not too much waste there, eh Amazon? Drives me *batty* about them…

  59. I can’t believe that Lucy lets you pet her tummy! I had a kitty that looked almost identical to Lucy when I was growing up. You could pet her paws, but the tummy was off limits unless you wanted back claws embedded in your hand.

  60. I’ve been catching up on reading your blog after my holiday and I want to say two things:

    1) Your Alpine Lace is beautiful! When it’s blocked the design just really comes alive and it looks amazing!

    2) I love your mitred squares! So much so that I want to make a long jacket-like thing for myself possibly in reds with small bits of black for the accent. Mmm… It’s not clowny! It’s eccentricool! A bit unusual and very very awesome!

    3) Your lovely lovely sock yarn sends me into covetous murmurs and giggles.

    4) I didn’t like the colours of the bamboo mix sock yarn in the skein but I love it in the socks! I’ve got to try it out. I’m dying to do some bamboo-blend socks and now that I see how beautiful the colours can be when knit I’m going to make a splurge. Only not now. Later. After the money comes in.

    5) Your Lucy’s tail might just rival the tail on my Bella and that’s saying a lot. Lucy’s tail looks magnificent, large, fluffy, and pretty just like Bella’s tail and it’s the first tail I’ve seen that could compete with Bella’s. (Also I hope Lucy’s limp is gone!)

  61. I’ve been watching the mitered sweater grow, and I’d be really interested to hear your opinion on the size of the squares, in relationship to the size of the person who’d be wearing it. I’ve often thought about making something similar – even took a class once wherein it made astonishing sense to design your own garment with the modular knits – but as a much-larger knitter, I have to think about not only the overall size & drape, but how the yarn will look assembled on a “larger canvas”, if you will. So do smaller blocks create a smaller pattern (that in turn flatter the wearer, in a smaller sort of way), or does it really matter? (Well, obviously it matters, because there’s such a thing as going too big and having a gigantic god’s eye greeting the world before you do…) I’d just be interested to know if you had developed some thoughts in the process of knitting this garment, that could help the ample-knitters approach a similar project. (Believe me, I haven’t even thought about pricing out a Koigu sweater for myself. I’m still in the gloriously naive place of concepting!!!!) TIA!

  62. I’ve made socks with STR (just finished!), Trekking, Opal, and Claudia’s. I love them all. I also have more of each in the stash along with Jitterbug, Lorna’s, Koigu, Cherry Tree Hill, Mountain Colors and some others I don’t even remember the name of. The sea wool looks yummy! I haven’t made much progress on Maltese yet but I just finished up my Inside Outs so hopefully that’ll give me more time to work on it at least until the next STR kit arrives!

  63. Packaging. Go figure. I consider myself relatively new to this sock stuff. I did knit a pair of mountain colors socks last year, and loved working with it. I gave them to my MIL, so I don’t know how they are wearing, but she really likes them. I just got my first order from the Loopy Ewe — Fleece Artist & Cider Moon.
    I hope Lucy isn’t too bothered by the weather. The belly rub is usually a good fix.

  64. Theresa in Italy says:

    I feel MJ’s pain. My Fleece Artist socks aren’t even fraternal, they’re more like (distant) cousins. The colors really shifted from one end of the skein to the other. But the yarn is lovely to work with, so I’ll give it another try—in a more monochromatic colorway.

    The melon ball socks are scrumptious.

  65. I really can’t say I have a favourite sock yarn. I think all yarns can become great socks and I love all the socks I’ve made. I do like Jitterbug a lot and STR has fabulous colors.

  66. Sheri’s going to carry lace yarns?! Yay!

    Strangely, the only sock yarns that I’ve made socks for myself out of are Regia and STR. The Regia is quite a workhorse, and the socks have survived numerous trips thru the washer and dryer. I’m making a pair of socks for my husband out of Claudia Handpainted, so we’ll see how those stand up.

    I’ve used CTH and my own handspun, and some other miscellaneous sock yarns that I bought from my LYS that I can’t remember the names of. Since I gave those away, I can’t comment on how hard they wear.

    I just bought some Scarlet Fleece from Sheri and I can’t wait to knit it up…it’s sitting on top of my yarn bin, calling to me πŸ™‚

  67. I love the boxes amazon sends. I ordered those exercise mats from them too for blocking and they came in a huge box that was cushioned with a billion of those blow up bags. Like the rubber mats would get damaged. Ugh. Like a fleece someone sent that came bubble-wrapped.

    Favorite sock yarns: you hit on most of mine, but I do need to add the Lornas Laces Shepherd Sock. It is a lot like the Claudia with some lovely colors.

  68. I’m only on my second pair of socks right now, so I don’t yet have a “favorite” sock yarn. Though I am looking forward to knitting the Socks that Rock “Fire on the Mountain” that I got for my birthday.

    Sock yarn with SeaCell? Oh My. I’ll have to look into that. I’ve got a treasured two skeins of Sea Silk waiting for just the perfect pattern.

  69. Michele in Maine says:

    I have some sea wool in pale pink and have been knitting away on the Bordello socks – it’s an easy knit, similar to the Jaywalkers but easier somehow. The yarn is so soft and silky! It’s hard not to order tons more – but I must resist!!

  70. Would you mind posting (or directing me to) some closeups of both sides of your short row toes? I’ve been diligently working on my toe ups (using your tutorial), & although the wraps picked up on the purl side look lovely, the wraps picked up on the knit side look just crappy. I’m trying to figure out what I’m doing wrong. Thanks.

  71. My hands down favorite sock yarn is Fleece Artist Merino, soft, sproingy, knits like a dream and the colors just glow from within. Recently got some Sea Wool and plan to start some sock with it in a couple days. I’ve got some STR Sock Candy (96% cotton 4% something else) which I have never used before. In fact, I’ve never made cotton socks.

  72. A little over done on the packaging huh? What a waste.

    Lucy’s belly is AWESOME! She looks soooo soft. I love fluffy kitties!


  73. Have you seen the mitered jacket pattern at I feel that the colors shown push this garment toward the clown side. I like your colors much better for mitered-knitwear!

  74. I haven’t met a sock yarn I didn’t like. Currently, I’m completely in love with Seacoast even though I haven’t used it yet. It’s just so soft and pretty sitting in the skeins! I also love Trekking, CTH and Apple Laine.

    I’m glad the wind is better today. My poor Shih-tzu was literally blown about a foot yesterday by a gust when I took her out. Luckily, she can’t really hear the wind anymore so it doesn’t freak her out.

  75. I did a search on your blog about reinforcing heels/toes and see that you don’t and haven’t had problems with them wearing out. So far, I’ve only knit socks (all 1 completed pair and the 3″ on a new pair I’ve started) with Mountain Colors Bearfoot – which already has nylon in it. I have recently purchased ArtYarns Ultramerino4 and Rowan Soft 4-ply that are both 100% merino wool. I usually knit socks on size 1 needles (though I have size 0 if they don’t look tight enough on 1s) The Claudia handpaints are 100% merino also, correct? So I’m thinking that if you haven’t had problems that I should be okay with these yarns without reinforcement. Does that make sense to you?

  76. Ack, sorry for the double post of the same exact thing). My mouse button got away from me.

  77. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh that was so cruel. To receive a big ole box with nothing inside. I’m hurting for you. You are so going to love the Sea Wool sock yarn. I recently lost my virginity to STR and I could totally see the hype, if not for the dye job but for the actual yarn base. I immediatley went on the hunt for other yarns similar to it, imagine my joy when I ran into the Sea Wool. Yup you gonna like it, ALOT!!!!!!!!!!!


  78. How is it that the very pretty melon ball socks, with wide bands of color in the foot, has those teeny bands in the heel?

    What am I missing?

  79. Isn’t there some hidden irony in the AMAZON shipment which wasted cardboard-that-used-to-be-trees to send you a tiny bottle?

    Aww, Lucy’s a fuzzy widdle barometer!
    Packet doesn’t mind weather so much–she doesn’t run and hide when the wind howls or when there’s lightning and thunder–but she would prefer not to deal with these things alone, if at all possible.

  80. That storm seems to have made it’s way here (RI) but just as rain. It’s just crummy enough that I can’t go geocaching! Very annoying!

    Favorite sock yarns… someone else mentioned the KP Bare, I love it too (superwash/nylon is what I’ve used so far) it’s very soft and squishy. Lorna’s of course is lovely. I own some Trekking and Jitterburg and Opal… and a number of others, but I haven’t knit them up yet! My mom loves her Mountain Colors socks. So many sock yarns, so little time!

  81. Have you seen Cat Bordhi’s new sock method (or “sockitecture” as she calls it)? It’s mind-boggling to me. No gusset! I can’t wait to give it a try. She showed it on Knitty Gritty recently and I absent-mindedly erased it from TiVo so I guess I need to buy the book. But it looks easy and fabulous!

  82. ** I tried to post this on the Luxomburg entry ….

    it’s not enough for you is it??

    it’s not enough that I am jealous of your knitting ….. now this outrage?!!

  83. OK, I’m guessing the OTHER items that were in that great big ol’ box were eaten by the plastic packing bubble monster as it made its long journey to your door step. Yeah, that’s it, that’s what happened. I bet you were all excited about getting a big box of goodies too, panting and foaming at the mouth. Oh wait, no that’s what I do when I see a big ol’ box sitting on the door step. Never mind. LOL

    P.S. I love the mellon ball sock yarn.

  84. Hi Wendy – I think this might be my first comment here. I really like the Panda cotton. I’ve not completed my socks with it as yet (I ran short and need to get another ball) so I don’t know how it wears. I have a question for you though, about your socks. With all the brilliant knitting that you do, why do you not put any patterning in your socks? I teach sock knitting at my LYS and I’m always bored with having to do a plain sock for class. Just curious.


  85. Oh that box had me rolling! Overkill indeed! Thanks for sharing that bit of humor. πŸ™‚

  86. I’d have to categorize my favorite sock yarns in two piles: Pricey and not so pricey:
    Pricey: Fleece Artist Merino, (the sea cell feels great but I haven’t used it yet) Cherry Tree Hill Super Sock, Lisa Souza Sock!, Shelridge Farms Soft Touch Ultra and Heathers, Lorna’s Laces fingering & sport weight, SOCKS THAT ROCK (all three sock weights), and Hand Jive Nature’s Palette (like FA & CTH, only naturally dyed).

    I have some Koigu, J Knits, Anne & Bearfoot but I’ve not yet knit socks (or anything) with them. Louet Gems Pearl is basically undyed Koigu, and feels great, but I don’t own any yet.

    Not so Pricey: MY Favorite: all of the Regia wool/cotton blends, also Jawoll, Opal and Meilenweit. I have some Tofutsies but haven’t knit with it yet. For the wool/nylon blends: Opal, Regia, Socka, KP Essentials, Special Blauband, Meilenweit. I also have some Regia Bamboo, Opal Silk, Trekking and Wildfoote but I’ve never knit them up. The Bamboo looks & feels like I’d like it.

    My goal this year is to knit 52 pairs of socks with all of the different yarns in my stash. Sock yarn does count as stash in my house. I counted 180 pair sized skeins in January, and then I went to Stitches West.

  87. Marianne Y says:

    On your Amazon packaging, thank you for a great laugh! When I read it (on Monday), I was taking a break from being swamped, working on taxes, so I needed a good laugh! What a waste! Clearly, they must not be paying for shipping by the cubic foot or something!

    I love your new Fleece Artist yarn! I’ll be interested to hear how you like the one with the sea cell in it.

  88. Tonight before bed, I was curious to see if anyone has created any yarns for Hokie Hope day. I G**gled the words “Hokie Hope yarn” and viola… This post appeared in the top 10. This week has been horrible for my VA Tech family and those affected. Thanks for thinking of us.
    Bunny hugs,