My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Tofutsie or Not Tofutsie?

That is the question.

If you read the comments to yesterday’s blog post, you’ll find a lot of pros and cons associated with the Tofutsies yarn. So it seems as though it’s pretty much a subjective thing as to whether you’ll like it or not.

About the Colinette Jitterbug — it is low yardage — approximately 297 yards per skein, but commenters say it’s heavier than, say, Koigu, and you can get a decent-sized pair from one skein. Still, I’ll be dividing my skein into two balls when I get around to knitting it. And of course knitting it toe up. But then I almost always knit my socks toe up.

Diamond Miters!

Commenter Leisel pointed me towards the Ample Knitters project for the Diamond Patch design from Jill Vosburg of Just One More Row. Wow! There’s a lot of inspiration there including a number of fabulous photos — thanks for pointing it out, Leisel.

My miters are coming along. Here is the progress photo of the front.


And I finished one Melon Ball sock.


Because I don’t have much to say, I’ll show you photos of all the crap on my fridge.


Scary, huh?

Lucy is mortified.



  1. I plan on using your Toe-Up Sock pattern for my Jitterbug sock yarn as I was startled at the low yardage. Because it is thicker than Koigu, will you still use size 0 needles? I’m thinking size 0 for the toes and heels and size 1 for the sock and I will give the 60 sts a try instead of my usual 64 sts. Miters are getting prettier everyday, very inspiring!

  2. stephanie says:

    You will love the vibrancy of Jitterbug. The only thing that I didn’t say last night was that the yarn made me feel good just looking at it – and I do divide up front.

  3. Shirley, in PA says:

    How can you say crap on your fridge, when a photo of Lucy is in the middle of it? I hope she didn’t hear you.:-) I love the way your sweater is shaping up – it almost looks like a mosaic.

  4. At least your refrig looks organized. Mine is in a total state of chaos, beyond embarassment.
    But I think I’m doing the world a favor with my mess: those folk who are neat as a pin get to look down on people like moi; those who are really, really slobs, get to look up at me with admiration and awe.

  5. That Melon Ball yarn is aptly named! I’m going to have to check out that yarn for other tasty colorways.

  6. Well Wendy, you got me hooked on the Loopy Ewe! What fantabulous service! and wonderful selection. Sheri just replied to an email I sent and shared that she knits her socks with your toe up sock pattern too. I am jumpin’ on the bandwagon. Next pair I cast on will be toe up, hope there not a screw up! ๐Ÿ™‚ I can be a slow learner at times… thanks for the continual inspiration! and sharing “real life” like the rest of us.

  7. I’m on my second pair of socks with Jitterbug (I <3 Jitterbug!). My only little grumble about the yarn is the “copperbeech” colorway isn’t as impressive as the others Ive seen knit up…

  8. Since I got my lovely new stainless steel fridge I’ve been diligent about not cluttering it up too much. Nothing on the front and limited “necessities” on the sides.

  9. I think your fridge photo should be the start of tagging across blogdom. “Show us your fridge!” Might be almost as interesting as the weird things meme. Or at least some would be. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I want to come play with all the word magnets. There’s never time to do that in a hotel room. Sigh.

  11. Just what do all those words on your fridge say? Are you a poet?

    I’m glad to see someone’s fridge looks like my own!


  12. This makes the third or fourth fridge that I’ve seen posted among knitbloggers recently. Is it a trend? I feel left out. I don’t get to decide what goes on the fridge where I’m living, so I can’t show mine off.

  13. Penguins? Do tell!

  14. With all of the cat memorabilia, it looks like my Mom’s fridge. My mother is owned by a cat, too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Which Word Poetry set do you have? Those are a crack-up. We had a couple sets on the frig at work which proved to be quite insightful as to folks’ state of mind. And resulted in some stodge in management making them all disappear one night.

    I love the melon ball yarn!

    I owe you thanks too for turning me in the direction of Sheri and The Loopy Ewe. I got my Loopy Groupie status rather quickly (hmmm…frighteningly fast I should think). I’m looking forward to recognizing your gentle advice in helping Sheri make some of the decisions about lace yarn (what is it now? one week to go??)

  16. Ah hah! That’s why my jitterbug sox failed me (see blog). The only pair that didn’t work out. Now I’ll have to wind ahead of time, and I don’t have a scale. Any tips on how to even them out without a scale?

    I have poetry magnets, too, but with two teenagers, you don’t want to know the “poetry” that ends up on my fridge!

    And penguins have always been the love of my life.

  17. At least she’s not miter-fied! har har har

    (really enjoy your blog)

  18. Your fridge makes me feel right at home!

  19. I’ve only used Jitterbug once and I absoluted adored every single thing about the yarn…except…Just over half way through the hank there was a knot (one of two or three) and after the knot the yarn is a completely different dye lot. This is definitely not the joy and mystery of handpainted yarns, it is a completely different yarn and immediately noticeable to people who know nothing about yarn. This was after I had finished my first sock completely so I didn’t try and send it back or anything but something to potentially be aware of.

  20. Wow, my fridge looks very clean compared to yours. I love those words magnets. Oh the possiblities…
    My SIL would love the bumpersticker!

  21. hehehe None of that would last very long on my fridge. The kid is always stealing my magnets. Plus, my butt has some sort of attraction to smacking into anything on the lower half of the fridge. Stuff goes flying all the time. hehehe

  22. You know, I like all the crap on your fridge. Especially the I Heart Penguins sign!!

  23. Do I see magnetic poetry on your fridge? I’ve wanted a set of those for years. I’d be leaving funny messages for my roommate every day. ๐Ÿ˜€

  24. Wow! The more it grows, the prettier it looks! You Melon Ball socks is scrumptious looking! Your fridgie is surprisingly filled ๐Ÿ™‚ Mine doesn’t hold anything as it’s stainless steel, but the sides are magnetic!

  25. Hey, that looks just like my fridge…the front & the side plastered with ‘crap’. My teenage daughter would freak over that “I <3 Penguins” bumper sticker!!

  26. I have seen some Tofutsies knitted up and it looked kind of cool. I have one skein of it in my stash but I have yet to use it yet. I know that it will need to be knitted on 0’s probably.
    Now that we have seen the outside do we get to see what is inside?????

  27. anne marie in philly says:

    I would rather see what’s ON TOP of the fridge (heh heh heh).

    your fridge looks better than mine; it’s organized. can’t find anything on mine…

  28. I only began one sock with the tofutsie, and I was underwhelmed by it. Sorry to have missed the comments from yesterday, but suffice it to say that I ripped it out. The lack of elasticity was my dilemma – the colors were pretty enough once knit, but arrgh, no “give” – while it might make a lovely summer top, I like some ease in my socks.
    And your frig?? looks lovely and “home” like to me!

  29. hey, that looks almost like my fridge.
    I love Lucy’s expression.

  30. Ohhh look at the colors of the melon ball sock!! They look so creamy. That is a wonderful spring/summer color.

  31. My fridge is covered too. Emergency numbers and notes on the top and alphabet (two different kinds) and animal magnets on the bottom. Then there is the grocery list on one side and the recycling/garbage pickup/drop off info on the other.

    Lucy looks as though she is about to jump out of her skin she’s so hopped up about the mitering, sock knitting and fridge covering.

  32. What a face! If looks could wither!

  33. Hee hee – of course, you know I love seeing fridge decor. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for sharing! The penguin bumpersticker is particularly intriguing…

  34. Oh, I have way more crap on my refrigerator than yours. I like to get a magnet from every place I travel to.

  35. Oh, I have way more crap on my refrigerator than yours. I like to get a magnet from every place I travel to.

  36. Have you ever knit with Sockotta? I’m using it for the first time and it is no fun to knit with. I like the colors (and I’m knitting the socks as a gift) otherwise I’d just toss the whole thing. Hard on the hands and the yarn just doesn’t want to cooperate.

  37. I love your melon ball sock!

  38. My DD is a penguinaholic. Where did you get that bumper sticker. She NEEDS one (even though our refrigerator won’t be sporting it and she’s too young to drive! P.S. I HATED Tofutsies. Sooo splitty.

  39. go on, post the poem on the fridge
    I can’t quite see it clearly

  40. Theresa in Italy says:

    The outside of your fridge looks a lot like mine, magnetic words and all. But I bet the inside isn’t as full of “biology experiments” as mine is!

    The sock colors remind me of something you’d buy from the ice cream truck on a very hot summer day, and those miters just look better and better.

  41. Okay, now I’m going to take pics of my fridge and post them on my blog. And I’ll say you made me do it! No pictures of the inside, though…

  42. I knitted 2 pairs of socks with one skien of the tofutsie yarn. Probably because I used size 3.00 dpn’s instead of the 1 or 2’s, and have another skien of it. I don’t really like it as much as I thought I would. I think it stretches out really bad so it don’t keep tight enough to stay up real good. I am not looking forward to knitting the other one much. But seeing that it cost $16.00 I guess I will.
    Man, I thought I had a lot of stuff on my fridge door but it is only on the top half and not as much either. You have me beat.
    Lucy looks bored to me.

  43. Hee hee, at least Lucy doesn’t whack the magnets off the fridge like my little Gandalf does!

  44. There, there, Lucy … she is just a tad weird and that is why we love her so very much. The fridge madness is never a reflection on the cat of the house, afterall.


  45. well, now I KNOW I’m not going to send you the cat butt magnets… you’re covered on that score!
    but it has given me the incentive to slap a picture of my fridge on my blog – let me just have some coffee –

  46. Thanks so much Wendy! Life would be much “less” is the only word I can think of. Good luck!

  47. Yup, looks about like my fridge, only a tad neater.

  48. Over on Mason-Dixon, Ann is talking about hard patterns and mentions “that Jade Starmore pattern called Katherine Howard, from the Starmores’ Tudor Roses.” I know you’ve mentioned in the past, the Wedding Ring Shawl from Heirloom Knitting. Which do you consider harder-insane color or insane lace? I personally lean towards the lace- more obvious mistakes and harder to correct.

    BTW that’s not an embarrassing fridge- you should see mine!

  49. Wendy, you mentioned that you mostly knit toe-up socks. I prefer toe-up too. How do you go about converting top-down patterns to toe-up ones?

  50. Ha! I have that same Shaun the Sheep fridge magnet!
    I’m late to the cotton sock yarn thread, but I’ve knit with Sockotta and while I loathed knitting with it (splitty, no give), I adore the resulting socks and they wear like iron. Part of that may be the fact that they’re knit at about 9 to 10 spi.

  51. Buying a stainless steel fridge was the best thing I ever did. Magnets don’t stick to it.

  52. You ed me up with “Lucy is mortified.” and then posting that pic! That’s about as close to a kitty eye roll as I’ve seen.
    Weird, I’ve never noticed Sockotta tendency to split(yeah, I read all the comments, too) So much cotton content does make it more difficult to knit-true. But I live in SC-what can I do? Grin and bear it, I suppose.

  53. And I actually thought my fridge would be clear someday after the kids left the house! I guess not. Then again, Lucy is your wonderful child. ๐Ÿ™‚

  54. Kathlene in Iowa says:

    My kitty, Lucy, would knock everything off the refrigerator door, if mine looked like yours. She loves to jump up and knock things off, especially if it looks like it would be fun to play with.

    Love the melon ball socks!

  55. You know, the sheep on your fridge looks kind of like Lucy…the same markings, I mean. Of course Lucy’s a lot cuter though.

  56. Oooh, the melonball sock looks, well, delicious!

  57. I missed this whole Tofutsies discussion…I really love how it knits up. Drapey, stretchy, but holds its shape. I think I’d do another one with these.

    Oh, and they have a slight smell. I think it’ll go away once washed, but I’ve yet to see. Most folks won’t notice it, though, because I have a rather sensitive nose.

    In the end, I would use this yarn again, but it’d depend on the project. ๐Ÿ™‚

  58. Oh, I forgot to say: they do split a bit–due to undertwisting–but I think if I used metal dpns it’d be fine. Once I got the hang of how the yarn feels it stopped splitting on me, but the first few rounds were annoying.

  59. I have been assured by several people that Jitterbug may leave me short. I have also been assured of the exact opposite. So I just buy something else.

    And I’ve given up all hope of an organized fridge. Why should it be any different than the rest of my house?

  60. With all due respect, Wendy, your fridge is not even in the running for a messy award. I don’t think I have removed all the crap from the front of mine and given it a good cleaning in years (I do regularly clean the inside, though). As an example, there’s a picture posted there of a baby (my niece) on Santa’s lap who is about to turn 8. Now THAT’s scary.

  61. Wendy,

    I am a HUGE fan of your toe up socks complete with provisional cast on. I love this technique especially the short row toes. My question is: How does one do short rows when you are knitting in the round on a project (like a summer tank) and they tell you to do short rows to shape the bust? I see the advantage in fit for doing this I just can’t wrap my head around how I would do it in the round.

    If you have the time to answer I would be very appreciative!!!!

    Thank you!


  62. Michelle says:

    I love your fridge magnets. I love magnets too. I have word ones from Curves. My husband & daughters are very creative with them. I find it very interesting to read new statements every now & then.

  63. Is she mortified because as far as I can see there is only one picture of her on the fridge? The sweater is looking great!

  64. Mary K. in Rockport says:

    My fridge is worse – much worse. It’s just so hard to throw out those cute things the kids made, oh, fifteen years ago….

  65. I recently knit with Jitterbug and my love for this sock yarn has definitely cooled. It was a joy to knit, but I ran out of yarn. Yes, that’s a risk of knitting top down, but I was doing my regular sock pattern and ran out well before the toes were complete. If you have large feet (mine are size 9), make sure you knit short cuffs (if you knit cuff down).

    I didn’t have pooling in my skein of Jitterbug, but a friend of mine experienced horrific pooling. Between the pooling and the short yardage, I won’t be buying Jitterbug again.

  66. I see Shaun and Wendolyn… but not my favorite W&G magnet… the one I have of Gromit knitting ๐Ÿ™‚

  67. Patricia says:

    The fridge isn’t that scary. Yes, there’s a lot of stuff, but it is neatly arranged. That drops it down a notch.

  68. The miters are SO AWESOME!!!! I think I’m inspired!!

  69. My son says it is cool looking!

  70. I’d hazard a guess that Jitterbug is the same base yarn as STR mediumweight…looks the same, feels the same, knits the same…I made a pair of Kew socks (knitty pattern) for my size 11 boats with 5″ legs with no problem…went up a needle size (same as what I do with the STR med).

  71. Yea! I’m glad I’m not the only one with crap on my fridge. I thought I could be one of those people with a pristine, uncluttered fridge, but alas, that is just not me. I like displaying things that bring me joy as I see you have.