My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Sunday Slowdown

We had a wild and crazy Saturday, see?


Lucy and I are now having a quiet Sunday. We’ve done the wash:


That’s the back of my miter sweater. (I’ve washed the front as well.)

I decided to wet-block it and have carefully laid it out to dry.

I’ve been mulling over how to block it for a while. Because the whole thing is made of little squares separately knitted, the resulting fabric was somewhat bumpy. A good wet-block has smoothed it out very nicely. I laid the front and the back out and have carefully pushed them into shape, and measured each piece so that they match in dimensions.

Now it’s on to the sleeves.

I did finish the first sock of the current pair.


And I’m working on the second one.

In the book drawing, Karen B. was chosen by the random number generator to receive my copy of Blood at the Root. Karen, I’ve emailed you.

And Lucy has decided to take a nap.


That is all.


  1. Lucy looks just like an angel as she sleeps, very sweet. I wondered how you were going to block your mitered sweater, I thought maybe steaming. Did you use your new foam blocks (that you used for your Alpine Lace) and blocking wires? I’m enjoying your watching your miter progress, it is very entertaining!

  2. The sock is very pretty…I like the pooling that you got at the heel. I wish I could churn out socks that quickly as I have oodles of handpainted yarn just waiting to be made into socks! I’ve enjoyed watching your mitre progress though it certainly isn’t a project I would enjoy doing myself (I don’t think). I’m having a hard time lately getting motivated to knit…I mostly just want to look at my yarn and patterns. Do you have periods of time like that?

  3. I would be so tempted to turn the mitered sweater into a pillow so I could see it every day (you could leave the sweater out every day too I guess).

  4. I still keep thinking I can almost see an image in those colourblocks. Now it’s sort of looking like one of those puzzles with the sliding tiles where you have to put them all in order to get the complete image.

  5. And that is good!

    You know, I saw a few knitted examples of mitered sweaters at the Knitter’s Frolic here in Toronto yesterday. When I see it up close, I really like the effect!

    And if I keep up this sock yarn shopping, I may need to start mulling my own little project…

  6. Your Biggest Fan says:

    My goodness! Who is that studly, manly, hunky piece of manmeat holding your kitty in that first picture? Is he a friend of yours? Meeeowrrr!!!

  7. The yarn in the latest sock reminds me of Lucy’s coloration, but with a heavy emphasis on her blue eyes. Very pretty!

  8. Congrats on being at the sewing up stage (as soon as it dries). THat was a lot of work.

  9. Aussie Rosemary says:

    Help needed please! Has anyone made the Dragon Hat from Little Badger?I obtained the errata in the book [and there are lots] from the publisher but I can’t work out how to finish off the nostrils – the photo isn’t much use. Sweet dreams Lucy

  10. I love the yarn for your current socks. It really does remind me of Lucy colouring. And doesn’t she look the angel while she sleeps!

  11. The colorway of your new socks reminds me a lot of the Lucy socks you made out of STR. Are they as similar in person as they seem?

    Also, I’m curious how much ribbing you do at the top to keep your socks up? It looks like maybe about an inch on this pair? I’m getting ready to bind off the first of my Longhorn socks and trying to decide how much ribbing I want.

  12. A lovely Sunday indeed!

  13. anne marie in philly says:

    hmmmm, what type of drinks do they serve at a swedish festival? the KOARC looks VERY happy indeed.

    a good time was had by all.

  14. How was the Swedish Picnic? Was it in honor of Walpurgis Night/Day?

  15. Hi Wendy, I’m very intrigued by your miter sweater, and I was wondering if you know of, or can think of any way to do mitered hexagonal fabric. I’m kitting stuffed turtles for expectant co-workers, and I don’t like how the shell has come out as per the instructions. Any ideas would be great.

  16. Wendy- I had noticed some mitered sweaters at a Knitter’s Fair, they probably read your blog.
    It must be exhausting being the leader of knitting trends- so exhausting.

    Lucy knows all about it.

    P.S. Manmeat?

  17. I’m also curious as to how the Serendipity colorway compares to Blue Moon’s Lucy colorway. On the Blue Moon site, the colorway looks fairly soft, with more soft brown than blue. However, on your knitting page, the finished Lucy socks look as though the brown is pretty dark and ashy. The blue looks electric but not saturated. The Serendipity socks show very strong blues and browns, with a lot of blue. Are the colorways as different as the finished socks would make them seem?

  18. All that blocking wore poor Lucy out. So much work for one little cat.

  19. Okay, so you don’t pin stuff out when wet blocking? What do you typically do with lace?

  20. Is it wrong of me to read your blog just to see the cat photo at the end? Somehow I feel cheap!!??

  21. Ann in CT says:

    The mitered sweater looks like green mother of pearl or those flaky rocks you find on the beach or something familiar of that sort.
    I was digging the socks, but I don’t think I like pooling at the ankle/heel. It’s just weird.

  22. Wow, that is a wild and crazy weekend. No wonder Lucy is so darn worn out.

  23. Miss a couple of days of blogs and look. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I must not let another minute go by before I comment on K-ROCK (that is how I refer to him in my mind. Not that I refer to him often, but I must admit that the picture may change that!! ahaha) wearing the silly, erm..wonderful party hat. I can tell that there was partying and general merriment. Just look at the hatwear.
    K-ROCK is a good sport!

  24. I have recently returned to knitting after a very long absence (my grandmother taught me 30 years ago) and am just amazed at how things have changed. I visit your site every day if I can because I am so amazed at your skill and especially your ability to get so much accomplished in no time at all.

    I am now also sending all my discretionary income directly to Loopy Sheri….

    I will definitely use your new sock pattern, and here is the real reason for writing you:
    What “make 1” method did you use for your gusset, because I don’t see any holes like you get with a make one left/right.

    Thanks. I love watching Lucy and hope you are 100% fit soon!