My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane!


It’s Super Ragdoll!

The KOARC took that action shot of Miss Lucy, leaping down from the top of the wall unit in my living room. I praised her for her agility:


So, Roseann and Opal, she may look like a little angel when she sleeps, but she is, in reality, a super-hero! And as you can see, her leg is just fine now.

In addition to remarking on how angelic Lucy looks when she sleeps, Roseann commented:
I wondered how you were going to block your mitered sweater, I thought maybe steaming. Did you use your new foam blocks (that you used for your Alpine Lace) and blocking wires? I’m enjoying your watching your miter progress, it is very entertaining!

I did use the foam blocks, but no blocking wires. I only use blocking wires when I am blocking lace and stretching it out. No stretching here — I just sort of pushed everything into shape.

I thought about steaming the pieces, but was afraid that would distort the garter stitch too much, so I opted for a dunk in cool water with Soak woolwash. I gently squeezed out excess water by rolling the pieces in bath towels and gently squeezing, and then laid them out on the foam blocks, straightened the pieces out, and left them to dry.

Lucy helped.


Serendipity Socks!

I finished the second of my Serendipity socks. Here is the pair:


To recap, this is Chewy Spaghetti sport weight sock yarn in the “Serendipity” colorway, purchased from the Loopy Ewe. I used a 3.0mm needle for the sock and my new pattern that I cobbled together. (I’ll be posting the pattern soon — watch this space.)

Becky commented:
The colorway of your new socks reminds me a lot of the Lucy socks you made out of STR. Are they as similar in person as they seem?

Also, I’m curious how much ribbing you do at the top to keep your socks up? It looks like maybe about an inch on this pair? I’m getting ready to bind off the first of my Longhorn socks and trying to decide how much ribbing I want.

This colorway is much brighter than the Socks That Rock “Lucy” colorway. The Lucy colorway is more muted and resembles my Lucy’s coloring very much.


I only did an inch of ribbing at the top of these socks. I don’t like a deep ribbing on socks.

Swedish Picnic

The Swedish picnic we attended on Saturday was not in celebration of Valborg, but was the “end of the school-year” party for an adult education Swedish school in the Washington DC area. I am the webmaster for the school’s website, so the director kindly invited me and the KOARC to the picnic. (The KOARC has some nice photos of the event on his blog here.)


By the way, several people have asked if I’ll be going to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival this weekend. I’ve decided not to. I don’t always go, and because I’m in the middle of my “Knit From My Stash” effort, there’s really no reason to go this year. This will leave more yarn for the rest of you. ๐Ÿ˜‰

No, no need to thank me. It’s a public service I am pleased to offer.


  1. Wendy- I’m planning on attending SMW this year, so you American’s can show us how to shop. We’re Bush League in Canada when it comes to stash enhancement.
    So kind of you to leave more for us, but I can’t believe yarn shops were worried when you declared knit from your stash.

    Like, as if anyone was going to stop shopping.
    Right Lucy? As if.

  2. Air Lucy! Quite impressive. My Suzy quite admires and looks up to your Lucy, so I think I will have to hide this picture from her. I don’t want her getting any ideas.

  3. This is the first year since I was 12 that I will miss MDS&W. We moved to MS 2 years ago and made the pilgrimage last year, but deceided it would be too much this year. I feel your pain with missing all the great shopping.

  4. Glad to see Lucy is healed and back in action. As far as “Knit from Stash” I didn’t join. But if I keep purchasing at the rate I am, I will have to join albeit late. Lately, I’ve had an attitide that if I like it I’m going to get it. Although I feel a little guilty, I also feel I can justify the purchases because I knit lots of presents. Plus, I really don’t have a huge stash.

  5. Patricia says:

    WOW! What a leap! My old kitty only dreams of doing that anymore.

    I’m informally knitting from my stash, except for what I got at the big LYS sale recently. I’m invoking rule 2a and a modified 2b-2c (it wasn’t a gift, but a (needed)planned project that I didn’t have any yarn for. And some for experimenting.

  6. The KOARC must have been really fast to catch that on camera! Was he waiting for her to jump just to get the shot?

  7. I bought the exact same foam block thingies from when I saw them on your blog. They’re upstairs blocking a Noro sweater, atm. They’re perfect for blocking.

    My cats all want me to say that they love the Lucy pictures. I do too, btw.

  8. Glad to see Lucy is back to her Super-Hero antics and all recovered from her injury, that photo of her leaping made my jaw drop.

    I thought, perhaps, you might purchase some fiber at MSWF. I will be thinking of you as I shop!

  9. Auntie L-B says:

    Yikes, Lucy! Be careful! I have enough to worry about on my end!

  10. I admire your courage in not going to MDS$W even though you live so close. I have not done well at knitting from stash. While most of my purchases have been legal since from Loopy Ewe ๐Ÿ™‚ I also bought a sweater project from WEBS because They Had A Sale. Now I’m torn about my trip to San Diego this weekend. Two great yarn stores are a short Coaster ride from our hotel. I would enjoy staying in the hotel and knitting while Paul is in meetings, since we are doing a lot of fun things together while Paul is free. But I ALWAYS go to yarn stores on trips, and sometimes have struggled hard to do so. I’m afraid I will feel guilty if I DON’T go to the yarn stores. Sheesh. I have a stash that fills a whole spare bedroom, and a sock yarn collection taking up a good part of the office closet. Is it OK to sit in the hotel and knit? (I don’t think I want to go to a zoo without a kid in tow.)

  11. Marianne Y says:

    I really like your Chewy Spaghetti socks! The colorway is gorgeous! I surely hope that Sheri at Loopy Ewe gets some more in now. And, I am especially looking forward to being able to get your cool new pattern for sport weight socks! That is a really nice looking pattern!

    Thank you in advance!

  12. Dang, no kidding she’s a super hero! Wow. Mayhem is in awe – she’s afraid to jump onto the counters still…

  13. Those socks are lovely. I really like the colors. It cracks me up that you won’t be going to MDSW, because it’s a public service! How kind of you!!

  14. So kind of you not to go to MDS&W. I’m sure the vendors will miss you though. There must be a crazy lot of sock yarn vendors with pretty sock yarns just perfect for mitred sweaters. You won’t miss them though, will you.

    Lucy innocent cuddler by day, Wonder Cat by night.

  15. Tiffanie says:

    I love Lucy’s action shot today. A cat in motion is such a lovely thing to see. And seeing the STR Lucy socks today prompted me to tell you I’m knitting a pair right now using STR Lucy yarn and your generic toe-up pattern with the cat’s paw lace motif.

    This is a special sock project for me. A few months ago our family lost our feline member. She was 18 years old. She had a good life, we were appropriately over-attached to her, and we miss her. She was a casualty of the pet food “problem” and recall. And of course her age made her health somewhat delicate.

    It has been a challenge for me to not get overwhelmed by negative feelings over that loss and by other tragedies, much larger losses, that are occuring here in our country and in other parts of the world.

    So. Lucy Socks. For a week now they have been my respite and my refuge for a few minutes each day. I did the short-row toe six times before I was happy with it. After a few tries on the toe, I decided to dedicate this project to my recently departed kitty. That made me feel good about doing that toe over and over again until it was right. And when I got to the short-row heel I didn’t miss a beat. Got it right on the first go. Practice makes perfect, I guess.

    And I am enjoying the fact that I’ve not yet decided how high I’ll knit on the leg, how much ribbing there will be, or how I’ll cast off. Time (and my ball of yarn) will give me the answers. Somehow, this uncertainty is comforting. It shows me that I can handle whatever comes next.

    I’m knitting the first sock’s leg and thinking about how much I will enjoy wearing these socks with little paw prints all over them. A fitting tribute, I think, to the little paws that so sweetly walked all over me for the last 18 years.

    Knitting is comfort, therapy, warmth, thought, practice, and joy. It is a gift I give to myself. Thank you for all the delightful gifts you share with your readers.

  16. I love the look on Lucy’s face when you have “her” sock on her. It’s that “What is this? and why is it ON me?”

    looking forward to seeing the finished sweater!

  17. And now, for her next death defying feat, Lucy will amaze us all in blogland ๐Ÿ™‚ What a great shot!
    Can’t wait to see the mitered sweater come to life!

  18. You know, I found those foam blocks at a hardware store (specifically, OSH) for way less than they were on Amazon. Just in case random people see this and haven’t bought them yet.

  19. Phew! More yarn for the likes of me — hooray! Seriously, though — you’ll be missed. I got such a kick out of meeting you at MS&W last year, and then again at SoXperience. ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Thanks for answering my questions Wendy! It’s really interesting to see the two socks next to each other. On the one hand, there is clearly more blue and it is clearly much brighter in the new pair. On the other hard, the grays stil seem to resemble each other. It is amazing to see your Lucy socks next to Lucy, they did a great job selecting the colorway!

  21. What score did the Russian judge give her? 10’s across the board! ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Theresa in Italy says:

    I missed my chance to gush over the mitered sweater in Sunday’s post, so today I get to gush over the finished Chewy Spaghetti socks as well. As for Lucy the Superhero—Spiderman, move over!

  23. Must be a girlie cat thing. Mae is quite the jumper too, leaping off the fridge in a single bound! (First time I saw it? Heart. Failure.)

    Hey! I have that Lucy colourway!

  24. Lucy’s limp is gone, but I can certainly tell where it might have come from!

    I must have missed it when you knit up the Lucy socks. I remember when you got the yarn, but I didn’t realize how pastel-chalk-drawing beautiful they looked when turned into socks. Both colorways in that picture are very appealing in their own ways, though.

  25. Your Lucy and my Lucy have a lot in common. Five minutes of action followed by at least one hour of lounging (and a definite love for rolling on a blocking item). I can never figure out how my Lucy gets on top of the refrigerator or onto the entertainment center shelves. I never see her get there, only leaping off.

  26. Judith says:

    Last Saturday, I “rescued” – for $20.00 – about $500.00 of persian wool at a charity sale. I was told that because it was cut into 1yd lengths, there had been no interest, and was headed for landfill. I fell of my Knit From Your Stash.
    Using your mitred sweater for inspiration, I will be starting my own version. I only hope that the donor of this gorgeous wool never hears how little it was sold for.

  27. I’m glad I’m reading this at work, or my cats would get even more ideas of fun things to do, if they saw the action shot of Lucy!

    Interesting contrast between the Spaghetti socks and the Lucy socks. I have some of the Lucy yarn, but haven’t gotten around to actually using it yet (nothing personal Lucy, I’m just a slow knitter!).

    That mitered sweater just keeps getting more interesting …

  28. I gasp when the picture of Lucy in flight came up. She really is a super hero, super star! The Serendipity socks are beautiful!

  29. Lucy, you rock! That’s a great jump, gf. Very glad to see that your leg is feeling better. It was also quite nice of you to take the time out of your busy super-hero schedule to pose for the comparison sock picture.

  30. Awww Wendy. I was hoping that you’d be at MDS&W. I’ll just have to buy a little more to make up for your absence. In all honesty I’ve beenknitting from my stash too and I designated this as my one day to “fall off the wagon” but… I just got a new wheel and I’m in love so I suspect that most of wwhat follows me home will be wheel-related. Yay!

  31. Lucy is a ragdoll? I thought she was Himalayan. (I knew she was gorgeous.)

  32. What a great action shot of Lucy! She’s one amazing kitty ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. Lucy CLIMBS UP THERE? Wow…There’s gotta be a ton of Siamese in those genes. I’m glad she’s feeling better!

    I REALLY like the Chewy Spaghetti socks! They’re gorgeous!

  34. Hi Wendy: I just started reading blogs a week or so ago and yours is one I really enjoy. I love that you show the sock knitting process from skein to sock. I just started knitting socks, 1 & 1/2 pair so far. Your pictures are great and really help.

  35. Super Ragdoll! I love it! Maybe Quincy can be her loyal sidekick. Heehee!

    I just adore your Serendipity socks. Those colours are just to die for.

    So how much more of the sweater do you have to do before you can get to things like lace in sea silk?

  36. Lucy, Superhero! She is a daring young kitty – and so cute. The Serendipity socks are pretty and it’s interesting how they both pooled in the same area.