My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


A Miter By Any Other Name . . .

. . . Would look just as square.

Yesterday I mentioned that by knitting the sleeves from the bottom up and sewing them onto the body of the sweater, rather than picking up stitches and knitting them down, I’d have all my squares facing in the same direction. Commenter Josie said:

Wendy, actually, the miters would be going in the same direction (e.g, lower right to upper left) no matter if you knitted the sleeves from cuff to shoulder or from shoulder to cuff.

Well, yeah, that’s true, but that’s not exactly what I meant. Look at this photo:


That’s the bottom of the back of the sweater, where I said that early on I accidentally picked it up up-side down and knit a row of squares in the opposite direction from the bottom edge. You can see that there is a difference in the orientation of the squares on the bottom row and the row on top of it.

I don’t think that the one strip of squares across the bottom of the back matters too much. But I don’t want the sleeves going in the opposite direction.

auntiemichal asked:
How much sock yarn is going to be left over from your miter sweater? Do you have any plans for it? How about “stashbuster spiral” socks?

I’m betting I’ll have at least half a skein of each of the colors (except for the one used for the edging) left over. I haven’t weighed the skeins, but I will do so after I finish so I can see how much is indeed left over.

I googled “stashbuster spiral socks” and found this. Yep, you could definitely use up the leftovers that way. But I’ve been thinking about mitered square socks. (So yes, Carol, there may be mitered socks in my future.) In The Natural Knitter, there is a pattern for mitered square socks that looks interesting. I know Heartland Knits has a couple of mitered sock patterns. Or I might figure out something on my own.

Just not right now.

So. Anyhow. I’ve got nothing terribly exciting to show you today. I’m still working on the second sleeve of the Miter Sweater.


I’m almost done with my second Sea Wool sock.


And last night, just for grins, I just barely started my first sock for the second installment of the Rockin’ Sock Club. I can post openly about this without any spoiler angst because I think everyone else in the club has not only gotten their packages but have started, and some have finished, their socks.

The yarn is a new Blue Moon sock yarn called Silkie — and they’ve got it available for sale on their website in several colorways. I might have ordered a couple skeins of it in other colors.


The pattern is called “Knee-High to a Grasshopper” — you can knit it as knee-highs if you purchase a second skein of the yarn — and it’s done toe-up. On two circular needles.

L-B and I both decided we’d give knitting on two circulars a try. I had tried it a whle back and did not like it, but thought I ought to give the technique a second chance. L-B started her socks a while back and it did not take her long to switch to dpns, declaring herself “L-B DPN-Hands.” (Like Edward Scissorhands — get it?)

I sat down with my 2 circulars last night and started a toe. And, um, it is not for me. I spent far more time moving the stitches along the circulars to get them in knitting position then actually knitting. Yeah, I switched back to dpns in record time.


As you can see from the photo, I did not really give 2 circulars much of a chance, did I? But the way I figure it, I am perfectly happy knitting socks on dpns. Your mileage may vary — if 2 circs works for you, great. But for me, no 2 circs, no magic loop. If it ain’t broke, why fix it?

A Plea for Help!

From my buddy Tamara, who is on the hunt for a skein (even a partial would work) of Knit Picks Gloss in the colorway Dusk, Lot # 4547. She has a skein in a different dyelot (#16040), which she would be willing to trade for a skein in dyelot #4547. Or she’d be happy to pay for the skein, or send chocolate, etc.

Anyone have a skein in this elusive dyelot? Leave a comment and please make sure you have a valid email address attached to your comment in the “email address” field — it won’t display on the blog, but I’ll be able to see it and I’ll pass it on to Tamara. Thanks ever so!

And Now for Something Completely Different

A card I got from L-B.


For some reason it made her think of me. Hmmmm, I wonder why? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Lucy Sez


“I don’t get it, Momma. But I don’t get socks, either.”


  1. constant reader says:

    I might have a partial skein of the Gloss in the proper dyelot–will have to go home and check. I just finished a pair of socks in that color (toe-up, of course).
    Last night I tried using the 2-circ sock-knitting method for the first time–I lasted two frustrating rounds (stitches would NOT slide easily over the join) before going back to the DPNs. Won’t be doing that again.

  2. My very first pair of socks were on 2 circulars. Every other pair has been on double pointed needles. Yes, you may draw a specific conclusion from that….

    Speaking of Knit Picks, I’m currently knitting the ugliest sock I ever knitted with a Knit Picks yarn, as it happens. I’ll be blogging that soon.

  3. Shelda says:

    Wow, I love L-B’s “L-B DPN-Hands” moniker! Cute. And oh so true for at least some of us. Just give me a handful of prickly sticks, umhmm.

  4. I love knitting socks with magic loop. Using that method, I’ve never “lost” needles in my knitting bag. But knitting speed is SO dependent on the needle’s join. Unfortunately, my preferred needle size for socks (for gauge reasons) is 2.25mm and Addi’s don’t come in that size (just 2mm and 2.5mm). My Inox 2.25mms have an awful, frustrating join. Last week, I bought two new 2.25mm needles (and added about $30 of yarn to each order, to get free shipping!), in hopes that their joins would be less frustrating.

  5. Sea Wool socks, Silkie STR – your feet are in for some serious spoiling! I like knitting socks on 2 circs, but knitting 2 socks at the same time on 2 circs (or magic loop) is just NOT for me.

  6. I’m a confirmed dpn user too. I have tried magic loop and my friend Ada extols the advantages of 2 socks on 2 circs, but I have no desire to switch.
    To each his/her own.

  7. This is a selfish question, designed only to make me feel better: do you order from the Loopy Ewe pretty much every time she does a huge update (so, basically, weekly)? ‘Cuz, um, I do….and I figured I’d be less guilty about it if I could say “Well, Wendy does it too!”

  8. Glad you posted about switching to the needle types you prefer with the STR kit. I see so many folks freak out if a pattern is written for a specific type of needles. I wish folks would realize that nothing in knitting is written in stone…for folks who like 2 circs, like myself, great…for folks who prefer DPNs or Magic Loop, just use them…no muss, no fuss. I’ve seen folks complain that this pattern is toe-up but seems to me the lace pattern used would work just fine top-down. Isn’t the Silkie scrumptuous?? And gorgeous color. I may have to order more in other colors too…ack LOL

  9. Yep, I’m a DPN user, too. Tried the 2 circs, got in a tangle, kept picking up the wrong needle, or the wrong sock. Back to DPNS, thankyouverymuch.

  10. Sally A says:

    I think that book called “Socks, Socks, Socks” has mitered square socks in it if I remember correctly (which would be a rare and wonderful thing these days!). If you have that book, check there. If you don’t I could see if I still have it — but I think I got rid of it in our downsize move a couple of years ago (only the important and strong survived).

  11. I think about trying the other methods, but I think I’ll always be a DPN sock knitter. Kind of like I always knit my socks from the top down. But, I do plan to try the pattern that you recently wrote for toe ups with the heel gusset. Who knows, maybe you’ll convert me.

    Lucy looks like she’s looking at you with admiration today.

  12. Dear Lucy, you don’t need to get socks. You have your very own four lovely socks as a part of your fur.

    Wendy, if you do decide to do the mitered socks, I’d love to see them… but I don’t think I’ll be joining you on them. I can’t help but think that the fabric mitering makes wouldn’t feel nice as socks.

  13. I find I’m far more comfortable with dpns generally, though with the current sock I’m knitting with 2 dpns and a circular. The stitches for the top of the foot are on the circular, and the back is split between the two dpns. Except for the join on this particular set of circulars, this seems to be working pretty well. Why did I decide to do it that way? I’m not certain.

  14. Tee hee, funny card.

  15. Um, Alyson…you are not alone. I placed a significant order this morning, still bleary-eyed, pre-coffee. I got to have my Loopy fix once a week.

  16. I think I’ll always be a dpn knitter, too. Even though it’s fiddly at the beginning, once I get started, dpns are no big deal for me.

    The card made me laugh! (And I needed a laugh, thanks.)

    At least Lucy has a reason not to “get” socks, she’s a kitty! I’m always intrigued when people say to me, “Well, after you have spent all that time knitting socks, you’re not going to WEAR them, are you??”

  17. I feel the same about the the 2 circs. I gave it the ol’ college try. I really did but i could have knit 2x as much on my dpns.

  18. Oh, that card has me cracking up!

  19. siouxz says:

    totally off the subject… there is an article on spinning and spinning wheels in the national museum in ‘history SCOTLAND’ mar/apr ’07 an archaeology mag. such beautiful works of art they remind me of ship’s wheels. hopefully one day i will be able to afford one. and a harp thats what put aside about 2 thousand dollars. ok onto a question… i bought some of the sea wool in the parrot colorway did not see the blurb that one was enough for a pair — so what to do with the second skein or what can be done with the 2 as socks are not something i have really tried before. and i agree about dpn’s i love them and start many projects with them until they get to big and have to go to the circs

  20. checked my dusk Gloss and it’s the 16040. Sorry Tamara.

  21. I’m with you there. I LOVE knitting with DP, all 5 of them. Wouldn’t dream about changing it. ;o)

  22. I like DPN’s for everything if I can get away with it. Although I use my circs for knitting flat.

  23. HA to L-B’s card! (What – she didn’t like that gorgeous purse you bought awhile back??)

  24. Monika’s Smoking Hot Socks have miters. You can see some pictures here:
    The link to her free pattern is on the left side.
    I’ve tried socks on 2 circs but I am a dpn gal.

  25. I have two skeins of the elusive 4547. They were going to grow up to be a pair of socks but they haven’t achieved their goal yet. I’d be happy to share.

  26. I haven’t started the new Rockin’ Sock Club socks yet, but I’m curious about what size needle you’re using to get the 32 sts over 4″ gauge. It calls for US 2, but I usually use that size for STR medium weight and this new Silkies yarn seems a bit lighter weight. I won’t be starting my gauge swatch anytime soon since I still have another pair of socks on the needles that were started before I got my latest Sock Club shipment. Like you, I try to stick with a project and finish it up before starting a new one!

  27. 2 circs? Feh!! I can tolerate magic loop in a pinch but no 2 circs for me!

    There are some very cute mitered socks here on Monika’s blog:

    Check her sidebar, I didn’t want to link to a pdf ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. Oh hey, I like that new BMFA yarn! Neato!

    The card from L-B. hehe Too funny. And so perfect for so many people. ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. Ooh! Mitered socks would be great! But if you’re going to have 16 half skeins, that’s 4 pair of socks. Let’s see…. Miter socks, spiral socks, entrelac socks, fair isle (got any half skeins of a solid color?) socks… Oh wait… KNEE or THIGH HIGHS! LOL BTW, there are a bunch more pictures of the spiral socks at the Six Sox group’s site and some on Flickr. The ones made with striping and painted yarns are pretty wild.

  30. Um, shoes, purses? Never too much…

    I can’t do the 2 circs thing either, it’s DPN’s for me all the way.

    I wouldn’t have noticed the different miter had you not pointed it out.

  31. Theresa in Italy says:

    Love L-B’s card. The women in my family would totally get it. (It would be equally valid for shoes. If not more so.)

    DPNs used to scare me but now I love them. They mystify the menfolk, among other virtues.

  32. If mitred socks are on your agenda then do check out the modular socks at Look in patterns then socks then modular Mexican Dance is ingenious and parquet was a delight to knit. Ginger Luters has had a design maybe two show up in Knitters and Blackberry Ridge has a mitred sock. The summer issue of Knitters 2006 has a rectangular variation on a mitred sock which is fun too. Can you tell I like mitres?!!

  33. When you pick up the stitches at the edges of your mitered sweater, what sort of bind off do you plan? I’m working on a sweater with a similar feel (entrelac rather than miters), and I’m wondering whether I should use a “regular bindoff” on seed-stitch borders and collar or something with a little more stretch. I was going to swatch both, but if you’d had experience with this, I’d love to know what you did. I think the sweater is turning out beautifully.

  34. LOVE that card. It’s perfect.

    I join you and LB in the DPN club. I am so much slower and don’t enjoy the 2 circ method. It’s just not for me. I’ve tried it and tried it again. Nope neither time did it feel right.

  35. But, but, we are still friends,right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  36. The Sea Wool sock is so pretty. I love the blues. I am currently using 2 circs. for my STR club sock. The only reason is that I am using a smaller size needle for the lace than for the sole. It still seems to be big and I have even went down a needle size from the one I actually got gauge on. I am guessing that it is the lace that is making it feel so loose. Good luck with yours. I have seen so many people that have finished theirs and I am still struggling on my first one. *Sigh*

  37. Very pretty yarn (Silkie).

    I love that card … and Lucy.


  38. Hee-hee, that card is way cute. The funny part is that I totally understand it, b/c I saw it a store and almost got it for a friend. Too cute.

  39. Thank you Wendy for the sweet hookups, and thank you everyone who is checking your stash for me. I’m following a hot lead!

    Also, DPNs rule!

  40. ME, too! I do not get 2 circs. I LOVE my dpns. Do you think, it has something to do with the person I learned to knit toe-up socks from? Yah-huh – that would be – YOU! Ms. Wendy Knits! I
    It’s okay Lucy…Meezer doesn’t “get” socks either…or my addiction to the sewing machine!

  41. I love that colorway in the new socks you are doing! The purples and blues and greens – yummm! As for how to do socks – I am such a traditionalist. DPN’s are the way to go for me, too! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  42. I feel the same way about DPNs as you do 2 circs. Although that didn’t stop me from buying some ebony sox sticks at MDSW this weekend. Those, I’ll give a shot to.

  43. Danielle says:

    I like the “DPN-hands” reference. I’m a DPN girl too. My boyfriend calls it “Hellraiser Knitting” because he thinks all thise needles sticking out look like something out of the horror movie!

  44. I don’t have the right lot #, but I have knitpicks gloss dusk in lot 9991. Good luck Tamara!

    I usually steer clear of yarn that has that barberpole effect, because I don’t like that effect; however, from the teeny weeny bit of 2-circ progress in your photo, it doesn’t seem that the barberpoling really shows when it’s knit up. Hm. Be sure to post more pictures (like you’d forget).

  45. Wendy, Sock-Guru, can you please help a novice sock knitter? Oh, I’ve done sweaters and hats and scarves and, well, you get it, but socks not so much. The first pair I knitted, on dpns, were pretty good, but now all I get are ladders, ladders everywhere! May I ask how you manage to avoid them? BTW, I started my first toe-up based on your Knitty article and really love the technique. Thanks!

  46. *Gasps* That new STR is gorgeous! Can’t wait to see the finished socks.

  47. I like dpns for lots of things (I often use them on sleeves). However, I tend to push the points of needles with my fingers (often creating holes in my hands along my fingerprint lines), so I tend to prefer dull needles to really pointy ones. I fund the dull metal dpns (addi turbos) too slippery for socks and the bamboos too sticky and the Lantern Moon needles just right – but I haven’t invested a bunch of money into more than one set of those. I also tend to warp the finer wood needles (well even size 10.5 bamboos get warped and I don’t think I hold onto them especially tightly).

    I have knit all my socks so far on 2 Addi Turbo 20″ circs and haven’t experienced any of the issues others are talking about (no problems with joins or much time spent sliding stitches around) and I find them pointy enough and not too pointy, slippery enough and not too slippery, and I am MUCH faster with these than with the dpns. I always get my hands in the way with the dpns. Perhaps my fingers are too thick and stubby. Who knows…

  48. I love that spiral stashbuster sock! Very cool!

    The Blue Moon sock yarn is gowajus. I do loves me some sheen.

    Sign me a two-at-once-on-two-circs because I have a serious Second Sock Syndrome. And also a propensity for losing dpns.

  49. Wendy — thanks for your newest sock pattern. I’m about to take it for a test drive.

    I’m wondering whether the alternative heel on this one is suited to a wearer with high instep / chucky ankles. I usually love a short row heel, but often find they are too shallow, even when adjusted for width.

    Any thoughts on fit? Or how I can make a more comfortable short row heel, for that matter?


  50. DPN’S FOREVER!!!! I am a die-hard DPN’er, nothing is faster or better.

    And you know… this reminds me that I think you replied to my previous comment about the grooves on your dpn’s and it was in my spam. My eye saw it just as my hand was deleting it. Then my work-fevered mind quickly forgot to ask again, until I see more grooves!

    So yep, still dying of curiosity. This time I will check my spam like a good girl though, just in case you are gracious enough to reply twice ๐Ÿ™‚

  51. I second Nicole in lauding Lucy’s sock from nature! Such a pretty soft brown in natural fibers!

    And I’m obviously in the minority here, but I second Jennifer of TemptingYarns above — I’m a 2 circular woman! I can knit on DPs — and I can do Magic Loop — but with the right needles (Addi Turbo circs, 20″, also being my preferred needle of choice), I can fly; I don’t lose my stitches off the needle (I knit loosely, and carry my knitting everywhere, and find DPs frustrating when the stitches come off); it’s very easy if you’re knitting a hat or sleeve on a circular needle to add in the second needle when the circumference gets too small. Now I can keep the needles straight virtually always even if they’re identical, but when I was learning, I used two different brands. (I have a story about how I started using 2 circs; maybe I’ll post it on my blog tomorrow.) The KnitPicks circs are about as good as the Addi Turbos, IMHO, so could be used also, though no 20″ length; for me, the KnitPicks Options are a little too pointy for how I seem to transfer stitches (with an assist from my fingertip).
    So, each to his or her own, and I don’t expect or want to convert those who are comfortable & good with DPNs, but — Wendy — if you ever gave it a little more of a try — try it on the body of the sock first rather than the two, and use only the best needles if you have them! (IF? HAH!) Or try it with a hat first.

  52. Oops, “rather than the two” should be “rather than the toe” above — my fingers were ahead of my brain!

  53. Could you please tell me who makes that card? I have a girlfriend I MUST send it to.


  54. I just adore that card. It’s too funny!

  55. I’m a little late in catching up with blogs – I see that someone else has already said they have the Knitpicks Gloss in Dusk #4547. If that doesn’t work out for some reason or if Tamara needs more, can you please let her know that I have 2 skeins in that dyelot, as well?

    Also, great card! And DPNs do, in fact, rule.

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  57. I love the stashbuster spiral sock pattern. Here’s a pair i made using Koigu and KnitPicks Gloss. I got a whole pair from my skein of Koigu by making it stretch like that, and they are now my “super saver” socks because I can use 1 skein of yummy yarn that would normally be used for just one sock to make a whole pair.

    Also, the bright colorway was definitely helped by the effect of the striping with black. Turned out SO well.