My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Happy Birthday, Dad!

Today is my dad’s birthday. Happy birthday, Dad!


You can get some idea of how old that photo is — that’s my brother Dave and me in the picture. We look a little different now. My dad, of course, looks exactly the same today as he did then. πŸ™‚

My dad is one of the most brilliant people I have ever known (this is, of course, a totally unbiased opinion and while I’m at it, I’ll say that it runs in the family) and has more intellectual curiosity about all sorts of stuff than anyone else I know. And I’m pretty sure I inherited my love of electronic “toys” from him.

Most importantly, he is an all-around good dad! So please leave him a Happy Birthday in my comments, okay?

(Yep, my dad reads my blog. Told ya he was a good dad!)

Blog Fodder Photo!

When I came out of the subway this morning on my way to work, I saw this parked on the street.


It’s a Chevrolet, and it had a classic car license plate that said “1950” on it. Isn’t it cool?

Back to Knitting

Jaimie L asked:
When you knit a swatch for socks or round knitting in general do you have to knit the swatch in the round, or can you do it flat? And if your swatch is round how big around should it be?

KarenJoSeattle answered:
I’ll put in my 2 cents on the swatch in the round question. I swatch in the round for larger projects like sweaters but swatch flat for socks. My logic is socks have negative ease and are small enough that the difference isn’t worth the extra yarn.

I agree.

I generally don’t swatch for socks, unless I’m knitting with a yarn that’s quite different than the sock yarns I usually use. Then I’ll just do a small square — 20 stitches or less — just to get an idea of how the yarn is knitting up.

I didn’t bother with a swatch for my Summerfield Socks, for instance. While I’ve never used this particular sock yarn before, it looks like standard fingering weight. And it is — I’m getting 8 stitches to the inch with it.


Speaking of these socks, Mary asked how the yarn feels — if it has “give” to it. It does. While it’s not as elastic as 100% wool sock yarn, it does have enough give to make me happy. It’s a joy to knit, too. It just feels wonderful. I’m betting these are going to be comfy socks.

Warning! Shocking Content!

Just to prove to y’all that I am not totally inflexible, I put my Grasshopper sock back on two circs Saturday night and have been knitting it that way.


I told L-B that over the phone this morning and there was dead silence. Freaking out your friends who thought they knew you? Priceless.

But I still prefer dpns for socks.

Tune in tomorrow for photos of a finished miter sweater!


Lucy and I thank you for all your lovely Lucy-versary wishes. Lucy actually gave me two Mother’s Day cards yesterday.

One of them came in the mail and bore a postmark of Richmond, Virginia, so I think she had some help with that one (cough::L-B::cough) and the other one I found on my computer chair. Her “pawmanship” on that card looks suspiciously like the KOARC‘s handwriting.


But Lucy will not ‘fess up.


  1. Happy Birthday to your Dad!! Don’t those old snapshots (love that word) make you feel nostalgic?

  2. Happy Birthday Wendy’s dad!!! That really is a cool snapshot of the old police car. Can’t wait to see your mitered sweater completed.

  3. Happy Birthday!

  4. Isn’t it wonderful to have amazing parents. I often feel spoiled that I had such amazing parents when so many had so much worse. It’s truly a thing to celebrate when one has it so good. I’m glad you can celebrate an amazing parent as well.

    Love Lucy’s picture today. She looks so modelish.

  5. Shirley, in PA says:

    Happy birthday Wendy’s dad. You did a great job raising her. Love the photo too.

  6. Happy Birthday to Wendy’s Dad!!! I hope you’re having a wonderful day and that Wendy will get you an expensive and amazing gift! Something electronic, possibly?? (notice how extravagant I can be when I’m not actually PAYING for a gift??)

    happy belated Lucy-Versary! So much to celebrate!!!

  7. Happy Birthday, Dad! Wendy kudos on giving circs another try, but I’m sticking w/dpns.

  8. Happy birthday, Wendy’s dad!

    And a belated happy Lucy-versary and Mother’s Day to you both (OK, maybe technically Lucy is not a mother, but she has you to look after).

  9. Happy birthday, Dad Of Wendy (DOW)!!

    Hmm, that Lucy – so secretive! Probably she took over L-B and the KOARC’s brains, so really it was her.

  10. Happy Birthday, Wendy’s Dad!!!!! I love the picture of dad and kiddies! I wish I had more of those of my dad, me, and my brother. Cherish it!

  11. Happy Birthday Wendy’s Dad!
    Congrats on completing the Mighty mitres Wendy.

  12. Happy Birthday, Wendy’s Dad!!!

  13. Happy birthday, Wendy’s dad! πŸ˜€

    Maybe Lucy was secretly taught how to write from the KOARC.

  14. That is an absolutely STUNNING photo of Lucy! She looks every inch the star model that she is.

    And Happy Birthday Wendy’s Dad! Dads who read their daughters’ blogs are indeed wonderful people. (My dad reads mine, too.)

  15. Happy birthday to Wendy’s dad!

    Love the pictures and that old police car is just too cool.

    Belated happy Lucy-versary wishes! That’s a very pretty picture of her today, she’s a such a classic beauty. I read somewhere recently that people who gravitate towards cats as pets do so because they are drawn to their beauty and grace. Lucy is the epitome of that. Not to mention my own crew, of course!

    Looking forward to seeing the finished miter sweater.

  16. Feliz cumpleanos, Dad of Wendy (thanks, Chris)! You prolly already know you’ve got a heck of a girl child here!

  17. Wendy in Cambridge says:

    Happy Birthday, Wendy’s Dad!

    Great photos–the one of you and your dad and brother makes me want to drag out my old photos!
    The car is cool, and, as always, Lucy is gorgeous.

  18. Marie-france says:

    Happy birthday Wendy’s dad!

  19. Happy birthday dad of wendy!

    Happy lucyversary to you, too! Hmph. Matisse and Picasso didn’t get me anything…. does that mean I suck? I suppose it does, given all the attention I’ve given them lately, not, with the being sick and all. Poor mites.

    Which heel do you like best, of the three you’ve done?

  20. Happy Birthday to Wendy’s Dad! 2 circs? Way to walk on the wild side.

  21. Nancy J says:

    Wendy’s Dad: Happy, happy birthday month! Thank you for such a lovely daughter and grandkitty! They have brightened my days and stretched my knitting curiousity! Hugs.

  22. Happy Birthday Wendy’s Dad! I hope you’re getting some Wendy-knit socks on your special day. πŸ™‚

  23. Becky Y says:

    Happy Happy Birthday Wendy’s dad! I am blessed to have a great dad too; dads like this are so much loved and appreciated!

  24. Happy Birthday Wendy’s Dad!

  25. Happy birthday Wendy’s Dad:-)

    Lucy looked cute tody….a little aloof…but cute. By the way. What is a loof? Or a lert for that matter?

    hee hee

  26. Happy Birthday to Dad O’Wendy!

    Thanks for answering my question about the yarn feels. I’m also wondering if the yarn is light enough for a summer-weight sock. Well, maybe not for summer in DC–but, for someplace that gets cooler at night.

  27. Michelle says:

    Just had to drop by to wish Wendy’s Dad a very happy birthday. Many congrats…

  28. Angeluna says:

    Happy Birthday to Wendy’s Dad.

    Now I am fascinated that you are knitting Grasshpper socks on two circs. I am so on the fence with whether to use the included pattern or change, and your sock makes me think perhaps I should just use the pattern.

    Lucy…so much attitude and joy in such a small package.

  29. Happy Birthday, Wendy’s dad! No doubt a LARGE package of handknitted socks is in the mail….

  30. Happy, Happy Birthday Wendy’s Dad!!! : )

  31. Happy Birthday, Dad!

  32. Aw, happy birthday, Wendy’s Dad!

  33. Wendy is very lucky to have a nice dad & Wendy your dad is lucky to have you as a daughter. Happy anniversary to Lucy … she’s a lucky girl too! I created a Mosaic on my Flickr page that shows my kitties pondering Mother’s Day!

  34. Happy Birthday Wendy’s Dad! Best wishes for a most happy and healthy year. Great picture!!

  35. Yay for socks on 2 circs! I love the close-up of the Summerfield Socks. Yummy.

    Happy Birthday to Wendy’s Dad!

  36. I love your picture of you, your brother & your father. I hope he has a great birthday. Looks like you and Lucy had a Happy “Mother’s” Day together. I tend to get randomly wished “Happy Mother’s Day” and often respond, “I don’t have kids, but do dogs count?” and I usually receive a bewildered look in return. Maybe there should be a national pet owner day.

  37. Hey, Wendy’s Dad!

    They say it’s your birthday!
    (Bass riff)
    It’s my birthday, too, yeah! (well, not really)
    (Bass riff)
    Wendy says it’s your birthday!
    (bass riff)
    You’re gonna have a good time!
    I’m glad it’s your birthday!
    Happy birthday to you!

    (My virtual bass-playing is even better than my virtual singing!)

    And, Wendy, remember all those comments about 50 being freeing? Look at you go! New heels sprouting like weeds, stash-busting galore, and even giving two circs the college try! Woo-hoo! Who woulda thunk it! Now go have some more fun!

  38. Happy Birthday, Wendy’s Dad!

    Does being Wendy’s Dad make you Lucy’s Grandpa? (I’m thinking of my dad, who would be shuddering at the very idea!)

  39. Circulars??!! My God, that was part of my doomsday prediction!!

    *hides behind couch, waits for the locusts*

    (“Happy birthday, Dad-o’-Wendy!”)

  40. Happy Birthday Mr. WendyKnits Dad. You have an amazing daughter! Hope you have many, many more happy birthdays.
    Sheri in GA

  41. Happy Birthday to Wendy’s dad!

    I can’t wait to see the miter sweater. Are you sure you have to go to work tomorrow? (Wendy’s dad, don’t read that part! Your daughter has good blog friends that would NEVER encourage her to shirk her duties! πŸ˜‰ )

    Lucy must not be a needle chewer! My cat will nosh on any knitting needle but he actively seeks those purple Knitpicks cords for his gnawing pleasure–it only took me two size 1’s to figure that out. It made me nervous just to look at the picture of the dear one hovering over your socks on circs…

  42. Hey, today is my Dad’s birthday, too!

  43. Happy Birthday – and many more – Wendy’s dad! Hope it is a good one.

    (Wendy, I envy you, still having your dad around. Give him an extra hug when you see him.)

    Clearly you don’t understand Lucy’s cards. She obviously got L-B and the KOARC to get involved, so you would wonder how it all came about – it keeps her necessary air of mystery intact.

  44. Long time reader…first time commenter.

    Happy birthday to your Dad. May is a great month to have a birthday (mine was last week).

    Thanks for posting the question about swatching for socks. I’m a new sock knitter. I swatched flat for the pair I hope to start tonight but wasn’t sure that was right.

  45. Happy Birthday Wendy’s Dad!! Hope it is a great one!!

  46. Happy Birthday Mr. Dad of Wendy!

  47. Happy Birthday, Dad! That photo looks so much like some of my own childhood. There’s definitely a family nose there.

    The Chevy reminds me of the 1954 red GMC panel truck that was our family car when I was young — that and a ’46 black Mercury sedan. My Dad was a car nut. Owned the only service station in Sedona in the late 50s. I still love fossils, rocks, hikes, birds, and deserts because of him — and cars to look at, but not to drive or repair.

    Thanks for the quote and link, Wendy. It did good things for the page count on my fledgling blog. And for my ego.

  48. A very happy birthday sir!

  49. Happy Birthday, Wendy’s dad!

  50. happy birthday wendy’s dad!

    i wanted to comment about the 2 circs. i noticed you’re using knitpicks circs. their cable is flexible enough that i magic loop with the 24″ without any problem. the shorter length means less cable to thread through for each half row. i’ve gotten a lot of crazy looks for doing it but it really works!

  51. Mary Pat says:

    Happy Birthday to Lucy’s Granddad!!

  52. Marianne Y says:

    Happy Birthday, Wendy’s Dad! Wendy, I am so glad you have such an awesome Dad! Enjoy him while you can! (My Dad was awesome, too. Unfortunately, my Dad got an aggressive form of cancer and passed away when the oldest of my three sons was just five months old.) You never know what the future holds, so treasure every day you have together!

    And, to Wendy’s Dad: sir, you have an awesome daughter! We thank her for all that she does so show and encourage us!

  53. “A very merry unbirthday–!”

    *ahem* Oops, wrong song. I meant,

    “Happy birthday, Wendy’s Dad!”

  54. Happy Birthday Wendy’s Dad!

  55. Elizabeth says:

    Har den Γ€ran, Wendy’s fader.

    (I tried. If that wasn’t so good, blame

    Also, happy belated Lucy-arrival anniversary to you, Wendy. (We’ll stick to English for that one.)

  56. Hapy Birthday, Wendy’s Dad!

  57. Happy Birthday dear Wendy’s Dad. Hope you have a great day. Lucy looks as cute as can be in that last photo, looking over her shoulder!

  58. Wendy is lucky to have such a good Dad, Happy Birthday Wendy’s Dad!

  59. Mellanie says:

    Happy birthday, Wendy’s dad. Hope it’s a great one!

  60. Hi Wendy!

    i just finished my first gusset heels. I LOVE them!! So clean and neat – no picking up, no wrap – just a wonderfully fitting heel. I may never knit another type of heel… Thanks for sharing your creations with us. Donna

  61. anne marie in philly says:

    happy birthday, wendy’s dad!

    and wendy doesn’t look that much different. she’s still a cutie!

    steven and meredith say that they tell daddy what to write on mommy’s cards. it’s the next best thing to doing it yourself – having your human servants do it for you!


    Have a wonderful day.

  63. A Very Happy Birthday To You Wendy’s Handsome DAD!! May you live forever and spoil your grandchildren rotten! πŸ™‚

  64. Happy Birthaday Wendy’s Dad!

  65. Happy Birthday, Wendy’s dad! Hey, it’s my birthday today too! πŸ™‚

  66. Lisa in Georgia says:

    Happy Birthday to Wendy’s Dad!! She’s the best!

    Lisa in Georgia

  67. Happy Birthday Wendy’s Day!

    I’m looking forward to seeing the miter sweater. :~)

  68. Happy Birthday Wendy’s Dad………and thanks for giving us Wendy, her brother & Lucy!!

  69. Happy Birthday, Wendy’s Dad!! I hope it was a super day for you. Nothing like having your photo out on the internet for your birthday, huh?

    And Wendy, Lucy surely knows what a lucky girl she is to have you for a mom. That’s why she conned TWO people into sending you cards – she just wants you to know she’s so very glad about her Lucy-versary.

  70. None of you (your dad, your brother, or you) has changed one bit since that photo was taken back in 247 BC!

  71. Happy Birthday Wendy’s Dad!!! Hope you have a wonderful day!!

  72. A very Happy Birthday to you Wendy’s Dad!

  73. Happy Birthday, Wendy’s Dad!
    And Wendy, welcome, however briefly, to the 2-circs world! Glad to have ya!

  74. Happy birthday Wendy’s Dad!

    I know you are wonderful because you raised such a wonderful daughter!

    Many, many more happy birthdays.

    …in New York, mother of the other Capricorn born on Jan. 2nd Wendy!

  75. Happy B-day to Wendy’s Dad from Eau Claire, WI

  76. I got a card “from” my cats, too. πŸ™‚ And thanks for the answer to the question in your last post.

  77. I have a special soft spot for great dad’s and wish yours the most heart felt happy birthday!! Great dad’s certainly can never have enough daughters wishing them well. I hope your (his) day is a wonderful one!

  78. First up, happy birthday Wendy’s dad!!!!

    Second, I wonder if the DC police are going back to the old style cars? Would be different…

    And it looks like Lucy is puzzled by you using 2 circulars for your grasshoppers.

  79. Happy Birthday to Wendy’s dad (Lucy’s grand-dad!) Thanks for raising such a great daughter!

  80. Happy birthday to your dad! My dad’s is later this month, but he only goes to my blog when I specifically tell him to (and then spell out the url). Still, comes in handy when I want to surprise him with something.

    Very cute picture of the three of you!

  81. Happy Birthday Mr. Wendy’s dad sir! You have one helluva daughter!

  82. Corinne says:

    Happy Wonderful Birthday Wendy’s Dad!!

  83. Happy birthday Wendy’s Dad! Hope it’s a great one!

    Love that picture of Lucy’s butt. She looks very shexy. I kind of can’t stand the grasshopper pattern (all of those p2tog!) and I’m not doing the increases to avoid the slouching people are having. But the yarn it certainly nice, no?

  84. Leslie too says:

    Happy Birthday, Wendy’s Dad!

  85. A very happy birthday to you, Wendy’s Dad!

  86. Happy Birthday & many more, Wendy’s Dad! There are few things cooler than a classic car. The RCMP have their headquarters here & have a couple classic cars they bring out for community events.

  87. happy birthday, dad!

  88. Happy Birthday to you, Wendy’s dad. Hope you have a wonderful day. You have a very talented daughter!

  89. Happy, happy BD to Wendy’s “POP” & happy Lucy-versary (a bit late, but still sincere, nevertheless!) I just love the socks! Great color schemes! And the miter sweater.. too lovely! luv.m.

  90. Happy Birthday Wendy’s Dad!

  91. Happy Birthday Wendy’s Dad!

  92. Happy Birthday Wendy’s Dad!

  93. Happy Birthday Wendy’s Dad!

  94. Very Happy Birthday to Wendy’s Dad! Your daughter and grandcat are certainly very special.

    I received two Mother’s Day cards as well. One from ten of my kitties and one card in Spanish from the new kit Bandido(he was adopted from Cancun last year). Their “Dad” had to go to the store and get the cards and Bandido thought he did a good job with the Spanish one as his Daddy is not very good with the language.

    Lucy looks particularly fetching in her over the shoulder pose today. My Scampurr thinks she is a hottie (like his girlfriend, Pudgie Mocha).

    All of the socks are looking great. And can’t wait to see the miter sweater.

  95. Happy Birthday, WendyDad!

    Lucy is BEAUTIFUL.

  96. Happy birthday Wendy’s Dad! πŸ™‚

  97. Happy Birthday to Wendy’s father! I think you must be named “Odin”. You are the father of that great Norse knitting goddess, “Wendy” and she says you are full of wisdom and inspiration. Sounds like Odin to me. Warn everyone to speak kindly to you and give you lots of cake or else you’ll ZAP them! haha

  98. Happy Birthday Wendy’s Dad. Wendy, I had a great Daddy, too. Kitties never tell their secrets.

  99. Theresa in Italy says:

    Happy (belated) Birthday, Wendy’s Dad! Hope it was wonderful!

    (My dad is also one of the greatest guys on the planet; we’re so lucky!)

    I am shocked, shocked at the two circulars…I’m just going to lie down for a while and wait for the mitered sweater pics to revive me….

  100. happy birthday wendy’s dad. it’s also my husband’s birthday! one more reason to celebrate.

    on another note, I searched the blog but can’t seem to find a lisa souza sock! sock. have you used lisa souza sock! for socks yet? if so, do you use a 0 or a 1? historically I’ve found, my sock gauge seems to mirror yours.