My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


New Blog! New Blog! New Blog!

(Yes, it is the rare lunch-hour blog post.)

It is official. Daisy is a web goddess.

I am so happy I did not attempt to move my blog from Moveable Type to WordPress all by myself. Over 1200 blog entries plus nearly 40,000 comments plus a stupid web host equals all sorts of headaches. Daisy has cheerfully and calmly worked through all of them. Not only that, but she has meticulously set all sorts of great options in WordPress to make my blogging almost effortless. There are still kinks to be worked out, so please bear with us.

For now, I’m posting photos to the blog from Flickr. You can click on ’em to go to the Flickr page to see them in the larger size. My apologies to those of you whose workplace blocks access to Flickr, but I’m dealing with bandwidth issues so needed to make this change.

Why, Yes, There IS Lace in My Future

On my last post, KT commented:
Any lace in your future since it’s such perfect warm-weather knitting?

So happy you asked.

I could resist the siren song no longer. Sunday afternoon I pulled out my skein of Blue Moon Fiber Arts Silkmo in the Lucy colorway and wound it into a ball.


Can’t see my photo? Click the link here: Silkmo

I cast on for Kiri,

The pattern calls for Rowan Kidsilk Haze knitted on a US 7 (4.5mm) needle. The Silko is a bit heavier than Kidsilk Haze.


Can’t see my photo? Click the link here: Silkmo vs KSH

So I am using a US 8 (5mm) needle. And so far am liking the looks of the pattern at this gauge.

Kiri is a triangular shawl in an all-over leaf pattern. The Lucy yarn is variegated, so I wanted a lace pattern that wasn’t too complex, as it would get lost in the variegation of the yarn. This lace is currently in the “bucket of boiled *ss” stage (props to the lovely Rabbitch (who, I believe, first coined that phrase).


Can’t see my photo? Click the link here: Kiri

But I do believe that the yarn and the pattern are working nicely together.


Can’t see my photo? Click the link here: Kiri Close-up

Grasshopper Socks

Angeluna asked
What were your thoughts on the Grasshopper sock? Do they stay up on your ankles? Did you have to adjust the pattern?

I’ve tried the Grasshopper socks on and they seem fine, though I’ve not actually worn them yet, so I don’t know about their stay-up-ability.


Can’t see my photo? Click the link here: Grasshopper Socks

The only modification I made to the pattern was to eliminate the increases on the calf because the lace pattern is stretchy enough to not need extra shaping. I used a US 1 needle for the whole sock.

Lucy Sez


Can’t see my photo? Click the link here: Lucy

“This whole blog move thing is just exhausting!”


  1. Welcome to your new blog, Wendy. It looks terrific!

  2. Anita May says:

    Lovin’ the new look and the lace!

  3. It looks great! The font is much easier to read, and it seems that the photos are clearer and sharper than they were in movable type.

  4. The shawl looks lovely thus far and I quite like the new wordpress-ness.
    Congrats on surviving the move!

  5. Danielle says:

    Looks great! I’m glad things went smoothly for you!

    I love the Lucy colorway. I’ve always been a big fan of blues and browns together, so it’s an instant winner for me.

  6. Much easier on the eyes! And what eye candy you have for us today! I am in love with Kiri, and the varigation looks gorgeous….uh oh…..I feel a buying splurge coming on me…..

  7. Oh, you will love WordPress. And I host all my photos on Flickr for the same bandwidth reason.

  8. Elizabeth says:

    Your new home looks great – I like the cleaner look. (Wish there was a preview button for comments, though; I like to have a look before I commit.)

    Any early thoughts on WordPress vs MoveableType for the blog-considering (I have a domain, and my host has both).

  9. Jill D. says:

    I like it!
    I syndicate your blog through my Live Journal blog……with your old system it would just pop up with the title and the first little snippet of your post and a link to your blog, then I would have to click the link to read the whole post. NOW it brings up your whole post right on my friends page!
    I get to see your knitting and your lovely Lucy by just scrolling down 🙂

  10. I like the new look, mucher cleaner and easier to read. The shawl also looks great, the colorway is a stunning choice.

  11. I like it.

    Also, which I’m sure was unintentional, your feed changed so now I get your whole post instead of just the first couple of lines in Google Reader.

    Whoops, I see that Jill D. noticed that too.

  12. The new blog looks great!

  13. I love the new, crisper look! Congratulations to you and Daisy on a successful switch.

  14. I love the new wordpress blog and love the easier to read font. Nice job and welcome to wordpress. Just want to suggest that you put a link in the top header image to go back to your home page to make it easier to get back to your home page.

  15. Love that yarn, and the blog looks great. My friend moved to wordpress vs. blogger and she loves it. Hope you like it too!

  16. Kudos to Daisy! She made things so seamless and I didn’t even need to make any changes in bloglines. Your shawl in progress is lovely.

  17. Kiri in Lucy is lovely already! And you could wear your Lucy socks with it! It’d be fun to see you walking Lucy on a leash in matching socks and shawl! Now, that’d be a picture!

  18. It’s all lookin’ good–the blog, Kiri, the socks and, of course, Lucy! Will you be having a blog-warming party? I’ll bring the margaritas.

  19. The new place looks great. And Bloglines seems to be picking you up just fine.

  20. Kiri is beautiful in Lucy’s colorway. I look forward to her adorning it as it is blocking, it might be harder to get her off this one, as it is her yarn. My calves are more shapely than yours, but it is good to know in advance that you skipped the increases for your Grasshopper socks. They look very pretty!

  21. Congrats on making the move to WordPress. 🙂 The new blog looks great! Enjoy your Kiri. I just finished one and it is really a fun pattern. I like how the colors in your yarn are working out with it so far.

  22. aaaaaaaaarrrrggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh! can you tell that I am one of those special people whose workplace blocks flickr so I cannot see any of your photos. Is this an issue that can be resolved in the near future so us less fortunate can still appreciate your photos. Just wondering.

  23. Katherine says:

    Congratulations on the new blog! Just because I’m curious, why were you wanting to move from Moveable Type? I don’t actually have a blog, but on the off chance I started one, it would be good to know. Yours looks great!

  24. How funny! I ordered the Silkmo laceweight in Lucy just last week! Trying to figure out what pattern to use. I love the colorway so very much — I had a Siamese cat all of my childhood and Loved Her Desperately. I miss her.

    I did the same thing with my Grasshoppers – size 1s. I did to one increase because I went as high up my calf as I possibly could. I’m using Koigu instead of the STR yarn, though. And even with the thinner yarn, I did a size Medium in the lace pattern and a Large for the foot and heel.
    I also confess – I’ve heard so many sad stories about sock-fall-downage that I went ahead and wove some elastic thread into it as I was knitting – Philosopher’s Wool style.

    LOVE the lace pattern you chose with the Lucy Silkmo — I have some red/black laceweight I love that is bold enough that I’ve had a hard time settling on a simple lace pattern I like. Hmmmm….

  25. Very nice! Welcome to your new home!

  26. The blog looks great! And welcome to wordpress…the water is fine here. 🙂

  27. Love the Lucy Shawl! Bloglines found you just fine… Wondered at first why it said you had 11 new posts for me to read, and then remembered the switcheroo in progress. No problems. Looks great. 🙂

  28. Welcome to WordPress! Now if I only I could get my upgrade to behave…. *sigh*

  29. Congrats on the new blog and on joining Flickr. Also thank you for devoting so much of your time to entertaining us. Although I know you enjoy blogging, being as devoted to blogging as you are is a commitment that takes you away from your knitting, etc.

  30. The blog looks great!

  31. The new blog is awesome! Glad things went well with the move. 🙂

  32. Wendy,
    congratulations on your new blog! I really like this very much. The type is larger and easier to read and all the links on the right are more accessible. Yay!!
    Lucy does look exhausted. I hope she’ll have a nice rest now…

  33. Wow, the Lucy colorway is as gorgeous as its namesake! I love the blog redo, too–so clean!

  34. Your new blog looks great! I didn’t even have to change my Bloglines subscription, it saw the new stuff slick as you please. Congratulations on making the move. BTW, love the new font size. Much easier to read onscreen. 🙂 And your Kiri is looking marvelous so far!

  35. Angeluna says:

    Thanks for your answer on the Grasshoppers. Got it…small needles, forget increases, might work! Yours look quite nice.

    The new blog looks good. I hope it makes your life easier!

  36. Well, the blog looks great, and I’m glad things seem to have gone relatively smoothly 🙂

  37. You are so with the rest of the world now! Glad to hear you had just a good assistant. I am planning on starting my first lace project this weekend when I am recoperating from minor surgery.

  38. Looks great! Nice move. 😉

  39. Beautiful site Wendy; nicely done Daisy.

    I hope this works out very well for you … and I’m sure it will.


  40. yes yes yes! hooray! nice new blog site! :o)
    i agree on all counts with KOARC. this site is much improved and kudos to Daisy on doing such a great job!
    and the pictures do look sharper now and i just think it’s very nice! :o) love how the shawl is turning out. just LOVE that colorway! xoxo to lucy!

  41. Oh, fabulous! Kiri was my first lace project ever. I did it last summer as part of the Amazing Lace challenge with Alpaca Cloud from KnitPicks…but I LOVE the way it looks with the Silkmo!

  42. The new blog looks good! So happy to see lace on your needles, nice yarn you picked.

  43. I can’t see the photos either. Actually, I can’t see anything on the right side at all. I guess I will just have to wait until I get home.

  44. Yeah for Daisy and working comments!!

    I wonder, does Lucy appreciate a yarn named for her? Or does she love all of Mom’s yarn equally? Or only if there is catnip involved?

  45. Damn, your blog looks hawt! I agree with KOARC, the pictures are clearer and the font is so much easier to read.

    Your Kiri is equally hawt too. Love that yarn!

    Poor Lucy. All that moving has just worn her out. Give her some chin scritchies from me!

  46. Annette says:

    Nice looking new blog : ) I clicked on Lucy, and OMG, Lucy overload! Would that we could all be so relaxed.

  47. Love the new look. Very clean and easy to read.

    The shawl looks beautiful and just as soft and cozy as Lucy’s fur. Poor thing. She does look exhausted by the move. She may need some catnip and a refreshing cold bowl of kitty milk. Stat!

  48. Lucy just makes an absolutely beautiful shawl!

  49. Everything looks great on the new blog!!!!!

  50. Beautiful work on the blog! It seems more open somehow. Congrats on the move! And Kiri will be very beautiful, I’m looking forward to seeing it once it’s finished and blocked. Then again, you can’t miss with that color. 🙂

  51. The new blog look good.
    Don’t stress too much about the gauge on the Kiri. I have made two. One with laceweight merino and the other with a cotton mix DK. I love them both:-)

  52. the new blog looks great!

  53. I also add my congrats on your new blog: It’s definitely a classy look! (nice job Daisy!)

  54. Congratulations! All hail Daisy!!

    The Silkmo shawl is looking very tasty indeed.

  55. Wow – WordPress has made this new blog is easier to read, brighter, bigger and with neater photos! Congrats to your web goddess Daisy – she did one heck of a goddess-like good job.

    Lucy will look lovely with the shawl – I can’t wait until she helps you block it.

  56. Wendy- Love the new streamlined look.

    The Kiri is gorgeous. Almost as gorgeous as the color inspiration.

    I said “almost”, Lucy.

  57. The new blog looks great! I second the thoughts on the bigger font being easier on the eyes, though it will take a little getting used to.

    And your Kiri looks lovely. Between you and Jessica, I think this is my next lace project.

  58. Juliette says:

    Love the new blog look! You’re right Daisy is a goddess.

    I have one teeny weeny problem with it, tho. I usually read your blog at work (don’t tell anyone) and the Flickr site is blocked here at work. Is there anyway you can show a picture as well as the Flickr link? I know I am probably asking a lot but hey …if you don’t ask….


  59. Lucy looks absolutely wiped out – you shouldn’t be working her so hard!

  60. Much better!!!

  61. Love the new site! And the shawl looks great too! 🙂

  62. Wendy the new look is truly wonderful. And it’s so nice to be able to see your photos in Flickr – it’s nice to see your fine knitting in such detail. Congrats to you and your Daisy for a wonderful job!!

  63. Nice and refreshing to see something new! I hope you’re enjoying using WordPress. I’ve been debating with myself over what the best blogging software for a big blog like yours is… and I have to say, I have no clue. Each has its merits. So I guess now you’ll see how WordPress is.

  64. Nice new place, Wendy! And the lace looks gorgeous (of course).

    Just out of curiosity, why did you switch from MT to WordPress?

  65. Wendy in Cambridge says:

    The new blog is great, and so is that photo of Lucy!

  66. Martha DC says:

    Congratulations. Your new blog looks so clean and sharp/


  67. The new blog is great! Much cleaner looking. And the lace looks like it’s going to be lovely. Congrats on your grasshoppers. I’m still fighting with mine!

  68. Fabulous! The new blog, the new project and, of course, the lovely Lucy! Blog on! luv.m.

  69. I love the NEW BLOG! Happy New BLOG!!!!! : )

    I’ve got a cake for the celebration!!!! ; )

    I think you’re going to love WordPress!

    Kiri is looking great, too…

  70. LOVE the new blog–not least because after months (years?) of having to click over from my blogreader to see the whole post (something I’m loathe to do–it’s a good thing I really like your blog), I can finally read posts without opening a new window!

    Thanks, Daisy!

  71. Lovely new blog! The silkmo yarn looks heavenly!!

  72. New blog looks great Wendy and so does the new shawl … simply bee-ooooootiful! I made a Kiri last summer (used Sea Silk) I’m curious about this new to me Kidmo from BMFA. Seems like it might be a little easier to knit up than the crack-silk haze. Do you like it? Does it have a similar ‘halo’ as the kid silk?

  73. New blog is lovely, as in the Kiri shawl. -pattiO

  74. nice digs!

  75. Love the look!
    I second the plaintive plea for a workaround — even thumbnails — for pics. I usually browse blogs over lunch at work and it’s just not the same without photos. I know you know and I know you’ll try.

    Now — what was I going to say yesterday when I couldn’t comment?

    Ah, yes — to my admittedly biased eye (I’m an OB/GYN) Teddy looks to be returning to the womb in his one photo op. Doncha think?

    And those blues inyour handspun — awesomely beautiful knitted up! Wow! That’s a gorgeous one-of-a-kind!

  76. LOVE the new digs!! This is a much better neighborhood than the old one 🙂

    Now that you’re settled, the PMan says to tell Lucy he said “Let’s Dance!!!”

  77. The new blog looks great, so much easier to read for those of us who just refuse to admit that we’re getting old and need to put our glasses on!

  78. Theresa in Italy says:

    I agree with all the others who are enjoying the clean, sharp look of the new blog—it’s so much easier to read. I almost don’t need my glasses! (Almost.) Kiri looks lovely, and I’m sure Lucy will enjoy helping you block it, once she’s rested up a bit.

  79. I have been reading your blog for many years and just wanted you to know the new facelift looks wonderful!

  80. Meribeth says:

    Love the new look! And congrats to you and Daisy for making an easy shift and super looking blog! Fantastic.

  81. Great new look Wendy!

    Hee hee…I’m laughing because you’ve accomplished more on Kiri in a few days than I have in, oh, 3 months.

    I am such a spaz when it comes to lace!

  82. Love the new blog layout! And it has larger font–this is good for us old folk!
    Kiri is a wonderful shawl to knit . I love the Lucy Kiri! Or is that Liri or Kucy?

  83. Love the new look! I especially love the blue and grey yarn…very pretty! Lucy looks adorable as always! Enjoy the weather it is gorgeous out!

  84. The new site looks great! And so does the Kiri–I have one of those in progress somewhere….maybe I should dig it out and finish it!

  85. Jessica says:

    I have to say it, the Silkmo Lucy is absolutly beautifull. Thanks to the wonder of tabbed browsing I have had your blog up with your fledgling kiri for nearly a day, just so I could pause in my surfing and admire it every few minutes.

    The problem? my darling spoiled baby has green gold eyes and peach/tan highlighted grey fur. To knit something in Lucy colors would be blasphamy!

  86. Love the new blog! The size of the type is much easier to read than on the old blog. Will you be adding your sidebars back? And your pictures are much clearer. Is that the new server, or something new with the camera?

  87. Deb Kuron says:

    Really love how the site looks and I’m really excited to see how your new lace project grows. Being blogless, any suggestions for where to begin for a newbie?

  88. love the new blog! and the lucy kiri is gorgeous…love that new silkmo yarn…gotta get some of that! =)

  89. You may have already answered this question. If so, I missed it so I have to ask again. Did the Blue Moon people name the yarn for your Lucy? The colors are very close to her colors. It’s going to be a beautiful shawl!

  90. libraryliz in CT says:

    The new blog is great and I think that’s the best picture of Lucy yet(and there are tons to choose from).
    My favorites have been napping Lucy and interpretive dancing Lucy.

  91. Ann in CT says:

    Wow! Cool new site. It is the same great blog, but some how different and better. Great picture of Lucy today.

  92. Congratulations on the WordPress port. I do love these plugins/widgets for wordpress, makes some things much easier/effortless. Enjoy! And Lucy’s picture is fab!

  93. the new place is so nice! I also wanted to thank you for going bravely into the world of Kiri in variegated. I have some variegated yarn that I thought I would knit into a shawl, but wasn’t sure what pattern would work – I think you’ve found it!

  94. How funny! You’re Blue Moon link links to a Laurell K. Hamilton book in the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series on Amazon!!

  95. I’m waaaaaaaay behind on reading your blog, like, at least a month, possibly longer, so this comment may also seem a bit out of date, but I’m just loving how that Lucy-colored Silkmo is knitting up. It just makes me think I’m looking right at her! And the beauty of it is, if she lays (and sheds) on the shawl – who’ll know? 🙂