My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Toes and Lace and Stash Reduction

I’m still fiddling with different sock toes for my toe-up socks. The one I used for my current sock looks pretty good.


If you can’t see the photo, click here: Sock Toe

What I did was work the “Easy Toe” from this Knitty article using the crochet chain provisional cast-on.

So I think I’m happy. I’m still fiddling with my own version of Judy’s Magic Cast-on, but mine is not yet ready for prime-time.


Kiri Progress

I’ve been busy with all sorts of other stuff this week (mainly tinkering with and trying not to break my new blog), but I’ve made a little Kiri progress.


If you can’t see the photo, click here: Kiri

And obscuring my laptop screen:


If you can’t see the photo, click here: Kiri

Although variegated yarn and lace do not mix as a general rule, I am happy with this. The lace is simple enough to off-set the variegation, so I think the finished item will be quite pretty.

Stash Reduction?

Karen asked:

Have you noticed any significant stash-reduction since you started your stash-knitting-only lifestyle? Or just a decrease in growth?

Well, there’s been a slight reduction.

All the stuff I’ve made so far this year (with the exception, of course, of socks) has been made from yarn that has been marinating in my stash for at least 6 months. The one exception to that is my current project, Kiri, which is being knit from gift yarn.

Book Giveaway!

It’s book giveaway time!

This week it’s a mystery by a different author: The Man With a Load of Mischief by Martha Grimes. Want it? Send an email to blogcontestATcomcastDOTnet before noon Eastern time on Sunday May 27, and I’ll use the random number generator to pick a recipient.

Holiday Weekend

Here in the U.S. it’s a holiday weekend — Monday is Memorial Day. And I’m taking off from work on Tuesday and Wednesday as well, so I’ve got a five-day wekeend coming up. Woo!

I just need to get through Friday . . .

Lucy Sez


If you can’t see the photo, click here: Lucy Tocks!

That Mayhem sure has cute ‘tocks, but so do I!


If you can’t see the photo, click here: Lucy Tocks!


  1. You do, Lucy! And ever-so-much fluffier than Mayhem. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Love your bloomers, Lucy!

  3. I’ll be adding your contest to my site. Hope ya get some entries, I’ll be sending an email in a few. Beautiful cat you’ve got there.

  4. Almost looks like Lucy is doing arobics. Not that any self-respecting cat I know would break a sweat exercising, much less a lady like Lucy.

    Does that work as an excuse for me too??

  5. Wendy- Are those Lucy’s “Hostess Pajamas”?

  6. LOL Lucy!

    I love the Kiri lace. The colorway (Lucy?) is so, so pretty!

  7. I like doing the magic cast on and am now trying to convince myself that occasionally doing cuff down socks shouldn’t be an issue. I’m starting to think this is as big a debate as dpns vs. circular for knitting socks. Lucy as always strikes just the right chord, love her tocks. Chris

  8. Yes, Lucy, your ‘tocks are very fluffy. The rear view really shows off your nearly-white bloomers.

    The new sock toe looks great; I’m off to check it out. PS – thanks for adding the photo of Midnight (in the aqua bed Karen gifted to her) to your Kitty Pi gallery.

  9. clicking the links gets me the same size photo, but clicking the photo gets a larger picture.

  10. Lucy’s hiney is so fluffy and cute! Everyone has posted kitty paw pictures. Is Lucy setting a new trend – kitty hiney pics?

  11. Kiri is something I’ve been wanting to knit for a while, and I’ve only recently found yarn that I think it’d look nice it. That might be my next big lace project, once I finish up the few projects I currently have on the needles.

    It’s good to know your stash is slowly going down. I know that logically, mine is too, but it sure doesn’t look it. And the amount of times I’ve found odd balls of yarn in strange places around the house makes me think that the stash is undergoing some desperate attempt to make sure it doesn’t get reduced at all!

  12. Aaww, Lucy, your ‘tocks are cute! But you are obviously an older, wiser kitty than Mayhem. She has to squish herself under a chair to get pictures taken of her ‘tocks. You only have to wave your tail in the air and your mom photographs yours. (You have her nicely trained, by the way.)

    Love the shot of the Kiri-on-the-‘puter!

  13. Michelle from Arizona says:

    I was never able to see Lucy’s socks before — soooo cute!

  14. The Kiri in Lucy’s colors IS looking amazing!! Can’t wait to see it finished. Oh and a belated welcome to the world that is WordPress. It’s not half-bad.

  15. For some reason, when I see the picture of Lucy’s ‘tocks I hear a bunch of catcalls and whistles. *cough* Well maybe the reason is because they -are- catcalls. *cough*

  16. My Russian Grandma used to call ‘tocks like Lucy’s “sharavary (kozak pants)” on her kitties. Lucy’s are boo-ti-ful!

  17. i like the look of that toe. will have to give it a try my next pair.

  18. I used to call them “dutch boy bloomers” when my late lamented Sassy Frass SharrBoy would show his off. But Sassy’s were coal black to go with the rest of him while Lucy’s are so fashionably striking. She’s quite the girl she is ๐Ÿ™‚

    Have you ever tried Charlene Schurch’s crochet cast on done with a hook around a knitting needle?

  19. Love the new Lucy icon in the web address bar!!

  20. Lucy is so darn pretty! I just got my STR in the Lucy colorway. Yippee!

  21. That Lucy is too precious! I had no idea she sported such fancy bloomers. ;o)

    Re: the toe tinkering, you may yet convince me to try toe-up socks. Yours look quite fine.

  22. your wrote “woo!” i read “wool” I think I might have a wool problem.

    Great cat booty shot :0)

  23. Can’t wait to see what you come up with for toe-up knit tricks.

  24. I enjoy your blog. Lucy’s hiney, legs especially, remind me of the harem pants that Genie wore in I Dream of Genie. I’m about to embark on my first pair of socks. I have three absolutely gorgeous colors of Gems Pearl fingering. Any tips or suggestions on a good pattern would be appreciated.
    Thank you.

  25. Wendy in Cambridge says:

    I just finished my first pair of toe-up socks using the “Easy Toe” from the Knitty article. I had to try a few times, but the toes eventually came out fine–I’m very pleased! So thanks, Wendy.

    Beautiful shawl. I’m anxious to see Lucy helping you with the blocking.

    Enjoy your long weekend!

  26. I’m interested to see how you’re modifying Judy’s Magic Cast-On. The only thing I changed from it was not making the slip knot. I really dislike knots in my knitting, especially near my toes.

  27. Oh Lucy, Mommas are silly, aren’t they?! Posting ‘tock pictures like that! But it does make for a cute picture!

    I need to check out these new cast-on methods…

  28. Variegated yarn works ok for lace if the variegation is subtle. My first lace project was the Flower Basket Shawl, done in a Koigu that had gentle shades of blue/green that sort of faded nicely into each other. I later tried a project in one of KnitPicks’ yarns that had abrubt transitions from blue to white, and yes, that looked pretty dreadful.

  29. Lucy’s tocks look sort of like the cousin It dog from Cute Overload the other day. Only her’s are softer and cat like.

  30. I am completely overwhelmed by the cuteness in the kitty bed gallery. I think my kitty needs one. His current preferred bed is the diaper changing pad which also has that curved shape to it. I only wonder, if I make him one, will he be inspired to switch?

  31. I love the pictures of Ms Lucy this morning! Cat with an attidude most definitely.

    Quick question on your Kira shawl. I would really like to knit a Kira shawl but the link to the pdf file is not working? Is there another place to get a copy of the pattern?


  32. Thanks so much for the toe-up sock pattern you posted a couple of weeks back. I finsihed the first one last night and cast on for the second. It just makes so much sense (which no other toe-up pattern ever did for me.)

    My husband was delighted to try on sock #1 and is watching me work away at the other one with great anticipation.


  33. I *love* Martha Grimes books, but I’ve already read that one, darn it! Don’t know why you are messing with your toe-up toe. I use your easy toe all the time and I love it.

    P.S. If your ears are burning, its Rabbitch grumbling about you.

  34. I find the Easy Toe…well…easy! That’s the toe that I seem to have the best results with when I’m working in stockinette. But, I’m going to give short row toes in stockinette another try now that I’ve learned 2 new methods for short rows: Japanese short rows and yarn over short rows. Both result in beautiful stockinette fabric with no holes! Yippee! I learned how to do them last weekend at a Guild workshop. I can’t wait to give them a try, but I still have one more sock to go on a previously started pair.

  35. Karen M says:

    Hi Wendy,
    Love the blog. Been an avid reader for a while now.
    I wonder if you can help me with the cast on for Kiri. I keep screwing it up despite having read about it and trying it several times. I am so frustrated….

    I’m hoping you can help because somehow you just put things in a way I can understand

  36. Ann in CT says:

    Oh my! Look at that fluffy kitty. Love the swishy second one.

  37. Linda in Chicagoland says:

    I love knitting toe-up but the only method I’ve gotten to work is starting with an I-cord. The end result isn’t as neat as yours. Good work!

  38. Can I make a request? Is there any way to make the writing under the pictures a bit smaller. I can see the pics so when I’m reading the things you wrote, I get sidelined by accidentally reading the caption under the pics. If not, I’ll deal, but I thought I could ask.

  39. Wendy and Daisy –
    I’m so happy to see that your whole blog post plus pictures show up on my Bloglines. Small thing but it bothers me to have to click over to a site to read the new post.

    I’m lovin’ the change!


  40. Maryanne says:

    De-lurking in sheer delight — Lucy is beautiful!
    And you, ma’am, just finished reading “Wendy Knits”
    this morning and got so much out of it. (Not the
    least of which is realizing I hold my yarn and knit
    like you –! )

    Bless you, and Lucy, and the KOARC for all the
    good energy you send our way.

    XOXO – Schuess’

  41. oh Lucy you are so adorable with your fluffy bloomers!
    Wendy, enjoy your extra long weekend!

  42. My sister and I always call that particular view of a cat (those with long fur anyway) “Puffy pants”.
    Lucy has quite the gorgeous puffy pants!!!

  43. LOL!
    Lucy has Fluffy Britches! (So does my Blonde Bombshell…but she’s so arthritic now, we keep them sheared to avoid mats)

    Have a TERRIFIC 5 days off!

  44. New blog is lookin’ goooooooooooood!

  45. Jonelle says:

    Have you ever tried Queen Kahuna’s Aloha Toe cast-on? I got her Crazy Toes and Heels book, and I love it! She has several different toe-up cast on methods, mostly using 2 circulars, which is what I prefer. But her Aloha toe cast-on can be used for all methods. Here’s a link to the .pdf on the website:
    Thought I would share. I’m on my third pair of socks ever, and first I will keep.
    &;-) That Kiri cast on reminded me of the one for the Leaf Lace shawl. Lucy is adorable from any angle, as usual.

  46. Happy Birthday to your mom! I hope she has a wonderful day. And what a perfect birthday gift — an absolute treasure for a treasured person.


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