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Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Memorial Day

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I hope you all have been having a good Memorial Day. I started the day my favorite way to start a holiday.


Steel-cut Irish oatmeal with dried cranberries and pecans. Yum!

So, Lucy and I have been having a quiet day. One of us has been napping.



One of us has been tidying up the condo, including the stash room.



And the stash closet.


I’m sorry, but that’s all you get to see of the stash room and the stash closet. πŸ˜‰

Although I’ve not worked on it since Friday, it seems time for a photo of the Camo Sock.



As you can see, I’m knitting it toe-up, and using a gusset and slip-stitch heel.

I’ve put in a lot of time on Kiri, though.



It doesn’t look like much there, does it? But at the point that photo was taken, I had 4.5 rows left to do before the cast-off.

I’m casting off now.



I’m using a 6mm needle to do the cast-off (the shawl is knitted using a 5mm needle). I’m doing a stretchy lace cast-off. You start by knitting 2, then slipping them back on the left needle, and knit those 2 stitches together through the back loops. Then knit 1, and slip the 2 stitches back on the left needle, knit 2 together through the back loops. And so on, until you have worked all the stitches.

So Kiri knitting will be completed shortly. I will be blocking tonight.

It’s a great pattern, and I do recommend it for lace beginners, as it is a fairly simple pattern and easy to memorize. And if you are doubtful about managing the cast-on that I described yesterday, don’t be. Try it first in larger, smooth yarn and yu’ll see that it’s pretty simple to do.

Lucy has nothing to say at the moment. She’s napping. πŸ™‚


  1. What is with your pictures? I like the way you used to do it. This new way is distracting!

  2. Angeluna says:

    Sounds like you and Lucy Girl had a lovely day. You have inpired me to make another stab at the stash. I do try all the time, but it seems to throw nightly parties in the dark of the closets. I’m wondering if I shall have to fess up to all on Ravelry? Or should “what happens in the stash closets stay in the stash closets?”

  3. Ooh, that’s a nice looking stash. Wish we could see the rest. πŸ™‚ The Kiri looks beautiful, you’ve inspired me to try that pattern with some pretty variegated Lorna’s Laces Helen’s Lace I just got. And Lucy is just the cutest thing.

  4. Annette says:

    Looks like you have enough stash to give tours : )

    I notice that you are knitting gussets in many of your latest socks. Do you have a formula, or do you always get the gauge you described in your instructions? My gauge is different, but I got a headache when I thought about converting it to your instructions… which, btw, were very clear and nice to have. Thank you.

  5. Tigger's Mom says:

    That is some stash! I can see why Lucy is not allowed in there. Thanks for sharing.

    Can’t wait to see Kiri all grown up!

    Happy Memorial Day! (And I like the way the pictures are presented now.)

  6. Mmm . . . steel-cut oatmeal. One of my favorites, and something I rarely make because of the time constraints. But, mmmm….. I did start off with Quaker Old-Fashioned this morning, though, and I DID organize my yarn, too, so we were on the same wavelength….

  7. I bow to your unparelleled stash retention talents. That is one beautiful stash! The oatmeal looks pretty good too! I can’t wait to see Kiri blocked. When Lucy curls up on it she will disappear.

  8. It looks like you are using the same yarn and colorway that I am knitting yet another Forest Canopy out of for my mom.

    I got two coordinating colorways of that yarn up at webs last month at knit camp in vermont.

    It’s working up nicely and I am on the last skein of it. How many skeins are you using for the Kiri?

  9. No Lucy??

    Mom gets that Irish oatmeal stuff every time she goes over there to her cottage. She’s even taking a blasted tour group with her this time around.

    Can you tell how ticked I am that never get to go?

    I’ve since denounced my Irish heritage. Well, except for the drinking, cussing, and fighting, of course.

  10. Sounds like a delightful way to spend a holiday.

    I’d not heard of Irish steel cut oats. Did some research and I see they are more nutritious than regular oats and lots more vitamins. I will have to look them up in our grocery store. thanks for this tip.

    Love the camo socks and what I can see of the Kiri shawl and wow!! to the stash you allowed us to view.

    hi Lucy!

  11. Wendy- I love the Irish oatmeal- it’s yummy.

    A peek into the stash room- we need to see a full “flash your

    And please, don’t wake up Lucy.

  12. I really like the Kiri pattern as well. I have some variegated lace weight waiting in the wings that I might just use that with. Or there is the Forest Canopy. Then there’s the handspun I have going. I need a good pattern or that. Decisions, decisions!

  13. Wow, that went fast!! Looking forward to seeing the blocked version.

  14. Now that I have finally learned to knit right handed (after more knitting years than I want to admit)I”m going to give it another try. No more flopping the pattern etc. they have a Beginners Lace Class at Knitters Day Out but it is not until September 14 & 15, and I want to have s lovely shawl before then. thanks for the inspiration, and the pictures of Lucy. Princess and Gimper say”Hi!”

  15. I can only imagine how much a stash that large cost you. Impressive, though! I wish I had easy access to that much yarn!

    It’s good to know that both you and Lucy had a relaxing day. Nothing like celebrating a holiday than spending it being comfy and/or surrounded by fibre-related goodness.

  16. Your Kiri looks magnificent, can’t wait to see the blocked version tomorrow. I luv the new blog style – the picture set up is just fine and very UN-distracting in my opinion πŸ™‚

  17. Oh. My. God. Your stash teasers are killing me. There is some gorgeous stuff there…

  18. Laura S. says:

    Hi Wendy, at some point can you tell us how to add the slip stitch heel to your new Toe up with Gusset pattern? I can’t figure out how/when to start the slip stitch. Thanks! Love the new look! Laura S.

  19. Oooh, a tantalizing glimpse of the stash!

    Can’t wait to see Kiri after the blocking magic — tomorrow?

    Good oatmeal, yum, my favorite breakfast. I don’t usually have time for steel-cut oats, though, just old-fashioned oatmeal a la microwave (with dried fruit). It may be heresy, but maybe I can experiment and see if I can microwave steel-cut oats (without anything erupting).

  20. The Camo socks look quite different from the way I was imagining them – the colors seem vibrant (at least on my monitor), and I was expecting them to be muted.

    I am looking forward to see the blocked Kiri – the colors are really beautiful.

    I’m glad to see that Lucy is getting her beauty sleep …

  21. Your Kiri shawl looks really nice. I attempted to knit it a couple of times and may try again. I just finished the Forest Canopy Shawl today. I will frog the edging because I went up a few needle sizes and it did not block nicely. BTW, saw your impressive stash. What do you use to store your yarn?

  22. Wendy, are you sure you’re not running a yarn shop out of the condo? Even that little bit you flashed us is a lot of stash!

    Do you keep any kind of database? Or do you just dig in and start looking when you think you might have some yarn suitable for a project?

  23. Oh my. I have some serious stash envy. πŸ™‚

  24. Sorry that the first comment said that the pictures are distracting. Thank you for changing the link so that it wasn’t in the same font/ size. I think this way’s much better. What a stash!!!! I am truly impressed.

  25. OMG…I would live in your closet! LOL


  26. Debra in NC says:

    Your stash is fantastic! Do you have a project in mind for all of your stash components, or do you just aquire your stash then wait until inspiration hits you?

    Can’t wait to see Kiri all blocked up, I bet it’s amazing!

    Happy napping, dear Lucy!

  27. Kiri is looking fabulous, and I’m drooling over the stash! Totally impressive πŸ™‚

  28. I like how you buy your stash yarn in large amounts rather than just a skein of two of a particular yarn. I’m sure by buying larger amounts, you’re sure to have enough to do most any project. I need to convert to your method of stashing! ; )

  29. Theresa in Italy says:

    Steel cut Irish oatmeal with cranberries and pecans—a hat trick of foods you can’t find here. Mmmmm. Looks like I’ll have to put all of them on my list for the next visit home.

    Nice stash! I’ve heard some people say yarn should not be stored in plastic bags, but that’s where mine lives, and I see that yours does, too. Hasn’t done it any harm, has it?

    Looking forward to seeing Kiri in all her glory—with Lucy’s assistance, no doubt!

  30. Wow, I can’t tell you how excited I was to get a peek in your stash room! It looks just like a yarn shop with those official looking shelves and the yarn in bags. Mine is all stuffed in bins. So L-B is ahead of me in having seen your WHOLE stash room, and I am ahead of her in having seen Tina’s place.

  31. I bet you have talked about it before but what kind of bags are you storing your yarn in? I can tell that some of the yarn is in its original bag but what about the rest?

  32. Oh, I LOVE steel-cut Irish oats…My favourite breakie.

    Your stash is so organized!

  33. Beth French says:

    Wendy, this must be the first time you have ever finished a post without a picture of Lucy at the end. It just didn’t seem right! Loved seeing a peek at your stash. Thanks for a great blog.

  34. Thanks for the glimpse of your stash. It is very impressive.

    Do you do anything specific for mothproofing?

  35. I think you could open a yarn store with that kind of stash πŸ˜‰
    By the way, what kind of bind-off do you use for toe-up socks? I just finished my first toe-up sock and used the sewn bind-off, but I’m afraid it might be too elastic and wear out too easily. Is there any kind of trick I could do?

  36. Ooooo-a peek into the stash-how exciting! And I have steel cut oats on the menu for tomorrow-I have the dried berries all ready to go, but now I have to pillage the cabinets for pecans.

  37. anne marie in philly says:

    THAT is some stash room, girlfriend!

    lucky you that you even HAVE a stash room. not me. just 3 tote bags. that’s all the room I have.

    sleep well and pleasant dreams, sweet lucy.

  38. It doesn’t surprise me how much stash you have and thanks for showing a glimse. My stash clocks in at 180 balls, small compared to alot of people. I’m anal, I keep my inventory recorded in an excel spreadsheet.

    BTW – I would love to see it all, but I highly doubt you will give us full disclosure!

  39. Marianne Y says:

    I love your stash! I like the fact that you buy enough yarn, so that you can make something like a sweater with it when you get to it, too!

    I second the questions of some others, in wondering what kind of plastic bags you are using to store your stash, for the yarn that is not in the original manufacturer’s bag? I have yarn for two sweaters that I would like to find a good way to store. πŸ™‚

  40. Barbara-Kay says:

    Ah, a napping cat is an opportunity to apply Advantage, or Revolution, or whatever flea prevention treatment you use. I’ve found that if I warm it (in my bra, usually) a few minutes before application it’s not such a shock to the Meezer sensibility.

    Happy blocking! Isn’t it like opening a Christmas present to see the lace come to its full potential?

  41. That’s not a stash. That is an Auxiliary Yarn Reserve Storage system. it seems to be sorted into actual potential projects. And it’s in tidy ziploc bags.

    A stash is the random, forgotten, why-did-I-buy-this, there’s-not-enough-of-this-to-make-anything, haphazardness of my assorted closets, drawers, bags and bins. At least I don’t have yarn under the bed.

    Our bed is directly on the floor.


  42. I love your Kiri shawl, it’s beautiful. I just love it when you knit lace. Thanks for the pictures of your stash room and closet.

  43. I agree. That is quite a stash! How many balls do you buy at once? I only buy one of something I want to play with, and of course, can make nothing out of it. Though, recently, I noticed that I have a lot of brighter greens and purples that I could make into a striped, multi-textured, multi-fibered jacket. It appears I have been gravitating towards the same colors as of late. But, how many balls of something should I buy if I do not have a particular project in mind? 5? 10? 20? Is that overkill? Thanks!

  44. Hey – whoa – what a beautifully organized stash! Instead of all those nice, neat, see-through bags, I just stuff mine into one beautiful armoire. Let’s not talk about what it looks like inside the beautiful armoire, except to say my DH did a Master Craftsman job on the wood finishing.

    Nice to see Kiri looking so gorgeous!

  45. I think I’m one of the rare knitters who does not like having a very big stash. I would feel under constant pressure with all that yarn!

  46. WOW! your ‘stash’ is much better than most of the yarn shops in southern California!
    picture us all with ‘yarn envy’….

  47. How exciting that Kiri is almost finished. I can’t wait to see it blocked.

  48. Well now I know who’s buying all of the yarn from The Loopy Ewe before I get there! ; ) Actually I’m on a yarn-buying break til I get Uncle Sam paid off. *sigh* Hardest thing I’ve had to do in quite some time!

  49. Ah-hah! I found the stash photos. Cool. I gather there’s more, but you don’t want us to think you are a yarn-hog, getting all the good stuff before we do! And steel-cut oatmeal — mine’s McCain’s from Whole Foods, with fresh blueberries . . .

    Lucy looks adorable as always. *sighs* Mirrah went to the little girl’s home, but they did send me a pic, and she looks happy there, so, I can’t be sad. Better a big house than a small apartment for her.

  50. I also have to vote for seeing more of your stash. Since we’re moving, my husband gets to see all of my stash. It’s for the good of my marriage that I want other fiber people to flash their stash. I don’t look insane then. This is a good thing.

    Thanks for the notes on the house. I’m keeping my fingers crossed too!


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