My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.



Here is Kiri in her unblocked state:



Here is a close-up of the bound-off edge:



Here is Kiri being blocked:



Here is Kiri being worn by Gwendolyn:



Kiri is a free pattern from Polly at All Tangled Up. I made my Kiri from Blue Moon Fiber Arts Silkmo in the “Lucy” colorway. I used a US 8 (5mm) needle and approximately 80 grams of yarn.

While pinned out for blocking, my Kiri was about 83″ across the top edge and 42″ down the center back. Once released from its pins, it shrunk a little, but it’s still a nice large shawl.

My skein was 106 grams in weight so I had 26 grams of yarn leftover. (Are you impressed with how skillfully I figured that one out?) I could have probably done 2 more repeats of the leaf pattern, but I’m glad I stoppedwhen I did — I like the finished size very much.

Tales From the Stash

Several of you asked me how I store my stash. As you could see from the stash peek-a-boo photos, most of it is in plastic bags. Some are the bags the yarn came in, some are bags reclaimed from other items, some are ziplock bags. Nothing is really airtight, as I think it’s a good idea to let the yarn breathe. I don’t have any problems with moths (thankfully!).

How did I acquire my stash? Some of it was purchased with particular sweaters or other projects in mind. Some was acquired “just because.” When purchasing, I just kind of try to figure out how much I’ll need for a sweater or a shawl, and buy enough. So far, that’s worked pretty well for me. I don’t have any good method of organization, like a database. I rely on my memory. Scary, huh?

To close:



Lucy colorway on Lucy original!


  1. Love the Lucy colorway. The Lucy Kiri on Lucy is a great picture.

  2. Blue and cream and smoke — gorgeous on both Lucys! I SAID I was going to be excited to see Kiri blocked, and I am — I wasn’t sure about the variegation and the lace, but as you thought it would be, it’s a good fit.

    I hadn’t realized the advantage of the foam blocks being customizable for blocking differently-shaped things — that’s a real advantage! I need a blocking solution, especially as I anticipate making a wedding shawl for a friend — I have no spare beds except if I flatten out the futon couch, and then my family whines that they have no place to sit. . . and we have hardwood floors. So I may have to get on the bandwagon there.

  3. I’ve been fighting the urge to dive back into lace, but your Kiri pictures may have given me the push I need ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Oh my -I just looked at your stash photos. wow- You do have a very nice one with large quanities of each so you can change your mind on how to use it. Love your shawl and thanks for sharing the details.

  5. Your Kiri is just beautiful. I’m adding it to the list of the lace projects I’d like to do one day. I just really started on my very first lace project for the 5 time, so far, so good. A few mistakes here and there, but I’m not upset about them to rip. it’s a scarf and learning project in one.

  6. Marianne Y says:

    I really like the color of your Kiri shawl, and it is really cute on Lucy!

    Thank you for sharing your yarn storage secrets. I guess I need to find some more of those XL Ziploc bags that you can buy now in the boating or sporting goods store, or something, for my larger projects. My sock yarn stash is much easier–quart-size bags may work for them.

    Many thanks for sharing so much info!

  7. Lynne E. says:

    Your Kiri shawl is almost as photgenic as Lucy herself! Also, I applaud your solution to handling the directions for viewing photos on Flickr and the Wendy server.

  8. Beautiful shawl! Thanks for mentioning that it’s a good one for lace beginners. Now Cookie wants one in his colorway — buff ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Wendy in Cambridge says:

    Lucy looks wonderful wearing her shawl!

  10. Kiri is beautiful. You’ve inspired me to pick up my lace again. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Wendy- You are such a Rogue- not keeping track of your stash.

    I find that if I don’t have a pattern in mind, I’ll never use the yarn.
    Off to the Blue Moon site to look at that yarn again.

    Lucy is her usual gorgeous self.

  12. Mmm, luscious — Lucy draped with her Lucy Kiri shawl. And the colors really do match beautifully to her.

    Now I’m tempted – I’ve been looking at the colorway Scottish Highlands and this might be the pattern for it, as I haven’t found a pattern with a thistles and heather theme. Although I’d have to use wool yarn, as the mohair might be a bit much for me.

    And — where are the stash piccies? I can’t find them! Of course, considering the amount of sun I got this weekend, I’m surprised I can find anything . . .

  13. The Lucy colorway Kiri is gorgeous! But, not as beautiful as Lucy herself. As always, your knitting is inspiring to me!

  14. Nope, not scary at all – that’s what stash building is all about – letting the creativity flow. Lovely shawl!

  15. It looks fabulous!! Especially on Lucy. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. That’s lovely! You just had to upstage me by finishing first, didn’t you? (Never mind that mine has been more than a year and a half in the making …)

  17. Awww. Lucy is all bundled up in a Lucy.

    Kiri is beautiful. Thanks for the link to the pattern.
    You are very productive on long weekends!

  18. Mama Cat says:

    This may be a really stupid question, but was the Lucy colorway named after your beautiful Lucy, or was it just a wonderful coincidence? The colors match her perfectly.

    Kiri is beautiful too and she may be my first lace project.

  19. Gorgeous shawl. The colorway is fabulous and look great in that pattern.

  20. The Kiri is stunning!

    Was Lucy willing to give it back, or did she feel that she should be able to keep it?? ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Wow. So lovely.

  22. Kiri is beautiful, and so becoming to the little princess. Your arrangement of the blocking tiles is ingenious; I love their morphability.

    You do so have an organizing principle for your stash. It’s a spatial data management system!

    Congratulations on the new site design. Very nicely done.

  23. Oh wow, you got that all out of one hank of Silkmo?! That’s impressive! And leads me to ponder getting myself a hank for a nice shawl, if I can get that much out of one wad….

  24. Kiri is simply fabulous!! All the better in the Lucy colorway!!

    A question — when you are buying yarn, what is your yardage rule-of-thumb for an average sweater or shawl? I sometimes wonder that when I see a yarn I’d love to knit a sweater from, and don’t have a specific pattern in mind. I usually fumble around in hopes of getting it not-too-wrong, but wondered if there is a generality that applies.

  25. Thanks for asking your silly question, Mama Cat! I had been wondering, but too chickensh$% to ask. ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. Beautiful, beautiful! Your talent never fails to amaze! And Lucy is the purrrfect compliment to your Kiri! Luv.m.

  27. How did you keep your bind-off so nice and loose on Kiri? I just bound off a shawl with a similar edge and even though I went up 3 needle sizes, the bindoff was still too tight for my shawl’s edge points to look the way I wanted. I was thinking maybe I should have slip-stitch-crocheted it, but I’m such a bad crocheter it might have been even worse. However, I am not picking it out. It is blocked and in the closet and on the blog, and I am moving on with my life.

  28. Just Beautiful!!

  29. Lucy and Kiri are beautiful together! I think that’s my most favorite photo of Lucy to date.

  30. How beautiful!!

  31. Love the Kiri shawl and the Lucy colourway! what is your next project?

  32. Kiri is so lovely! It looks so good on Lucy. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  33. Oh, it’s beautiful…..and the colorway is perfect!

  34. Hello, Kiri is so pretty… Congratulations! How did you finish it so quickly?! I am always jealous at your speed…

    Just as a suggestion for storage, I use sweater zipper bags that I buy at the 99 cents store. Each package has 2 sweater bags. The bags are the perfect size to store 10 to 15 skeins of yarn depending on the size of the skeins.

    It is a cheap solution, it works great, and the bags are reusable so it has been a perfect storage solution for me.

  35. Wow! Now I know what to do with my Kidmo from BMFA in the Lucy colorway. I love the idea of “cat shawls” and Lucy wears hers well. To answer MamaCat, the yarn is indeed created for Wendy to honor Lucy (my interpretation of the story). I hope Wendy can link the post of the original and Lucy Goes Trick or Treating colorway too. That post started a chain reaction at BMFA. I was the 49th caller the next day to order the sock yarn and I requested the colorway in Kidmo. When speaking with them at Stitches West in February, they thought it would be questionable (they were being polite..they thought I was probably a little loony) in mohair, but were very pleased with the results. Can’t wait to drape my shawl over Pudgie Mocha, Mama Mia, Angel Baby or Miss Pretty Kitty; my cats in the Lucy “colorway”.

  36. Lovely, lovely, lovely. Lucy looks positively angelic wearing it. My lace jag was six months ago, have recently been on a sock jag. You are tempting me back to lace!!! We shall see.

  37. Aww, Lucy you look so sweet modeling your Momma’s lovely shawl! You are such a lucky girl.


  38. Lucy and Kiri–both beautiful! I think this is my favorite of all the shawls you have shown.

  39. Kiri looks lovely on Lucy! One gets to see how nicely done the colorway is! Was Lucy sneaking out to Blue Moon?

  40. Wow, Kiri is beautiful. Thanks so much for the step by step photos, it really brings the process to life!

  41. Kiri is gorgeous, especially when worn by Lucy

  42. Hi Wendy – – per usual your pix of Lucy are fab. What a beautiful shawl!


  43. Absolutely stunning! LOVE the Lucy colorway, always! She is a beautiful girl and the shawl looks quite fetching on her. Does she ever “claim” any of your knits? Like, curl up on a completed project and next thing you know, she is looking so peaceful on it that you don’t have the heart to take it away from her? So now it is an adhoc bed?

  44. The kiri is beautiful! I can’t believe how well that yarn actually matches Lucy.

  45. any hints on how to knit without knitting cat hair into my project? I’ve just finished picking white hairs out of a black/dark green cardigan… which took almost as long as knitting it did!

  46. Kiri is absolutely stunning.

    May I ask where you got the interlocking blocks? I’m thinking it’s a wonderful solution for when I go to block my knitted items.

  47. I’m so impressed. I thought the Lucy yarn was beautiful when you received it, but I never imagined how stunning it would look as a FO.

  48. I want to know all about the foamblocks!

  49. beautiful shawl worn by a beautiful cat…if my cosi sees this she’ll want one! (she could be lucy’s twin sister!)

  50. Kiri is gorgeous! The colours are perfect for Lucy too.

  51. Pretty, pretty colorway on a lovey Kiri, and an even more scrumptious kitty!
    Oh, I’m with ya on relying on my own memory as being a very scary thing!

  52. I loved your Kiri! The yarn color looks to be very versatile as well – it goes with a lot! I made the Kiri last winter for the Knitting Olympics (only I used Rowen Felted Tweed yarn in “Herb” – the color, not the smokables. I use that shawl almost every day – love it! And very easy to block, too!

  53. CraftyRN says:

    The Kiri Shawls are beautiful. I finished mine which was knitted in gray Frog Tree Alpaca. It still needs to be blocked which will happen in the near future.
    Great knittng to everyoneon the Kiri Shawls!