My current work in progress:

Stornoway, designed by Alice Starmore from her book Fishermen’s Sweaters, knit in Frangipani 5-ply guernsey wool in the Aran colorway, on a 3.0mm needle.

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Today is my mom’s birthday — it’s a special one. I dunno if she’d want me telling her age to the entire blog-o-sphere, so I’ll whisper it. She’s eighty years old today!

Here she is, a couple of years ago.

Mom and Me Then 053007

Mom and Me Then 053007

Yeah, that’s me with her. I’ve changed a little since then.

Remember a couple of weeks ago when it was my dad’s birthday and I told you he was one of very few very brilliant people I know? My mom is one of those few as well. Not only is she incredibly smart, but she’s incredibly talented and artistic, too, as well as having a great sense of humor. She draws, paints, sews, knits, cooks, and bakes, all equally beautifully. Any artistic talent and creativity I have comes from her. Thanks, Mom!

We went out to lunch today to celebrate. Here she is wearing her birthday gift from me — the Alpine Lace I knitted a couple of months back.

Mom 053007

Mom 053007

And the back of the shawl — looks great on her, doesn’t it?

Mom 053007a

Mom 053007a

Here she is with my Dad:

Mom and Dad 053007

Mom and Dad 053007

Please leave a comment, wishing my mom a happy birthday!

The Lucy Colorway

Several of you have asked if the Blue Moon Fiber Arts “Lucy” colorway was named after my Lucy. It was — read this blog entry from last August to learn more about it.

Thanks for all your nice comments on the Kiri shawl. It’s now carefully folded and stored on a shelf. Lucy seemed to think it was for her, a particularly luxurious kitty blanket. We had Words when I took it away from her . . .

Foam Squares for Blocking

I had a couple of questions about the foam blocks I used for blocking the Kiri shawl. They are interlocking fitness mats. You can get something like them at places like hardware stores and possibly Target. I ordered mine from — a set of the 2’x’ squares here and a set of 1’x1′ squares here.

What’s Next?

I started knitting something from the Spring/Summer 2007 Vogue Knitting — design #19, a short-sleeve cardigan. If you go to the preview page at Vogue Knitting, you can see a photo of it. It’s shown under the heading “The Paper Chase” a little more than halfway down the page, and it’s the tan cardi at the far right.

The pattern calls for Lion Brand Yarn Organic Cotton. I am using GGH Big Easy, in a lovely milk chocolate. It’s 100% cotton and is working up at the same gauge as the suggested yarn — 18 sts/4 inches on a US 7 (4.5mm) needle.

I’m making the largest size (which has a bust measurement of 40″) and it calls for 12 skeins of Organic Cotton, which is 80 meters per 50g skein. The GGH Big Easy is 70 meters per 50g skein, and I have 13 of them, so I’ll hopefully be okay. I’ve got a good part of the back done, and I don’t think it’ll take more than 4 skeins, so I think I’m okay, yarn-wise.

Here’s the back so far.

Cardi Back 053007

Cardi Back 053007

The pin in the side is to denote the start of the armhole — makes it easier to measure.

And a close-up of the bottom:

Cardi Back Closeup 053007

Cardi Back Closeup 053007

Lucy Sez:

Lucy 053007

Lucy 053007

“I must think of a way to get that Kiri shawl away from her . . . “


  1. Happy birthday Wendy’s Mom! You look stunning.

    Wendy, love that cardi. Might need to make one myself.

  2. Judith in NYC says:

    Happy birthday, Mrs. Johnson!

  3. Happy birthday Wendy’s mom! The shawl looks beautiful on you and I love your pink shoes!

    The Kiri shawl is stunning and I don’t blame Lucy for wanting it for her very own, especially seeing as how it’s knit in her very own colorway.

  4. Bronwyn says:

    Wendy’s mom, I am so happy you came into the world, 80 years ago today. No doubt you’ll live this year with just as much creativity and spirit as the previous ones, and of course I hope it’s a fantabulous year for you! (How could it not be, with all that creative genius in the family?!)

    P.S. As for being the one to bring Wendy into the world, well, you’ve got our thanks for that one too. ;D

  5. Wendy- A happy birthday to your Mom and many more to her.

    Love the pink shoes!

  6. Happy Birthday, Wendy’s mum!

  7. Birthday Blessings from Canada to Wendy’s mum. You look simply lovely in your shawl … I hope I look half as great as you when I turn eighty.

  8. Happy Birthday to Mrs. Wendy’s Dad!
    (Didn’t want to keep saying Wendy’s Mom).

  9. Happy birthday, Wendy’s mom! Stylin’ in that grogeous shawl, too! Nice, very nice.

    And I love the color of the new cardi – it’s elegant in that pattern.

  10. Eighty??? No way!

    Happy birthday!

  11. Karen K. says:

    Happy Birthday, Wendy’s mom!

  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY — you do know that all the BEST people are born in May — btw my bday was Monday – so I know it is the truth!

  13. Wendy in Cambridge says:

    Happy Birthday, Wendy’s Mom! You and Wendy’s Dad are a very dashing couple. And ooh, I want your shoes–fabulous!

    Don’t fret, Lucy. You’ll figure out a way to get that shawl!

  14. A very happy birthday to Wendy’s lovely Mom!! And dad, too (I must have missed that!)

    Kiri is beautiful! But, Lucy is still more so ;0) !

  15. Happy Birthday Wishes Wendy’s Mom – You look beautiful in your lovely shawl!

  16. Claudia W says:

    Happy Birthday Wendy’s Mom!! … the shawl looks beautiful on you.

    Wendy, what a beautiful gift. A real show of love. It’s great to know that you gave it to you mom. It’s evident that she appreciates your wonderful talent by being able to show off your work. Just amazing.

  17. Have a wonderful 80th Birthday and may your year be filled with lots of laughter.
    Sheri in GA

  18. Happy Birthday, Mom! What a lovely shawl you’re wearing!

    Wendy, your folks — what a great looking couple!

  19. Congratulations to you and your mom on her birthday! I love the way the print of her dress echoes the pattern in the lace — just wonderful!

    And yes, I want pink shoes too!

  20. Happy, happy birthday, Wendy’s Mom! You look lovely :~) The new shawl suits you very well.

  21. Happy Birthday, Wendy’s Mom! I hope I look as lovely as you when I reach your age! Chris

  22. Mary Pat says:

    A very happy birthday to Wendy’s Mom – Lucy’s Grandma.

    How lucky you have been to be able to share your talents with your daughter.

  23. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WENDY’S MOM!!!! You look good for eighty years old.

    Wendy, I had been eyeing that short sleeve cardi for the past few weeks. I have some patuchi organic cotton that I purchased a few years back from Elann and will swatch it. You work fast—the back finished already.

  24. Happy Birthday,Wendy’s Mom! But don’t you think Wendy should honor your 80th by renaming her blog


  25. Happy 80th Birthday, Wendy’s Mom!! You look beautiful in your shawl and I love the colours of your dress and shoes. Way to Go!!

  26. Happy Birthday Wendy’s mum – you look beautiful. Hope you all had the best day.
    ps your daughter must take after you, that knitting is something else!!
    cheers from Australia, Gemma

  27. Happy birthday, Wendy’s mom! You look terrific in that beautiful shawl. I love your shoes! Everyone should look so fantastic at 80 and wear gorgeous pink shoes!!

  28. Happy Birthday, Wendy’s mom!

  29. Patricia says:

    Happy birthday Wendy’s mom!!

  30. Happy birthday (again), Wendy’s mom!

  31. Happy Birthday to a beautiful looking lady! Sexy pink shoes , a new shawl and a handsome man on your arm–what else could a girl ask for! Oh yes–cake!

  32. Happy Birthday, Wendy’s Mom! Best wishes for a wonderful year!

  33. Happy Happy Birthday Wendy’s Mom….may your days be filled with laughter and good company(people don’t understnad laughing by yourself) and your nights with knitting under a good light source. You look wonderful, wear your love filled shawl with pride. Many many more years of health to you.

  34. Happy Birthday Wendy’s Mom. You may be eighty but
    You’ve got it going on!!!

  35. Happy birthday Wendy’s mom!

  36. Raye in NY (mother of the other jan 2nd Wendy) says:

    Hi Mom,

    You must be so proud of your wonderful and talented daughter. I’m sending you great big cyber hugs and kisses, and hope we can celebrate many more wonderful birdays.

    Love and big hugs,

    Raye in New York

  37. Happy birthday, Wendy’s mom, and many more! You look lovely in that beautiful shawl, and you have the same sweet smile as in the photo with your baby daughter.

  38. Lynne E. says:

    Happy Birthday, Wendy’s Mom. You look wonderful in Wendy’s shawl, which really suits you!

    Thanks Wendy, for the beautiful photos of both your parents.

  39. Melissa says:

    Happy Birthday, Wendy’s mom! Many happy returns on the day…

  40. B. Salley says:

    Hey, Wendy, I’ve never commented before, but I’d like to wish both your mom and dad many more happy birthdays! Happy Birthday!

  41. Alice in Richmond says:

    Happy Birthday Wendy’s Mom! Hello Wendy’s dad! I hope at least one of my daughters knits as well as Wendy when I am 80, and says I am someone that she admires!


  42. Barbara McCall says:

    Age is a matter of the mind. Your pink shoes tell me you are engaged in life and truly ageless! Carry on and Happy Birthday!

  43. Sending big happy birthday wishes to your Mom!!! She and your Dad are just too cute! I love the pink shoes!! I hope you all had a wonderful day !

  44. Happy Birthday to Mom! That’s a beautiful shawl and it suits her to a T.

  45. Lisa in Georgia says:

    Happy Birthday Wendy’s Mom! You look lovely in that gorgous shawl!

    May you have a beautiful year!

  46. Wendy obviously knows parents are treasures.
    Happy birthday to both Mom and Dad!

  47. A very happy birthday to Wendy’s Mom. I hope you had a wonderful day, and a wonderful year!
    You look lovely.

  48. Happy Birthday Wendy’s Mom! Hope your day is very special. You look wonderful in your shawl. I look forward to seeing you model your birthday gift from Wendy next year.

  49. Happy birthday, Wendy’s Mom! I love your shoes!

  50. Happy Birthday Wendy’s mom.

  51. Happy Birthday Wendy’s Mom.The shoes, the shawl…What a wonderful inspiration you are for all of us.

    Caroline, the Sockpixie

  52. Happy birthday Wendy’s mom!

  53. Ruth Anne says:

    Happy birthday Wendy’s mom! I love the pink shoes – I hope I’m still wearing my pink pumps in 40 years! And my lime green ones, and my purple ones, and my yellow ones, and my red ones . . .

  54. Happy birthday to Wendy’s mom! The Alpine Lace looks great on her, it’s so gorgeous.

    I like the new project you picked from Vogue, nice!

  55. No need to ask! I wish your mom a very happy birthday and many more to come! She’s a really good looking (80 year old) Lady! She’s wearing the shawl to its best advantage. And – what a nice couple!

  56. Happy Birthday, Wendy’s Mom! You look wonderful, and your hubby is pretty fine looking too. Enjoy your day.

  57. Happy birthday to a lovely lady! You and your husband are a handsome couple, and Wendy’s gift shawl is beautiful on you. Many happy returns! Pssst Lucy, Kiri is yours! I’m putting my money on you.

  58. Happy Birthday Wendy’s mom! You look wonderful in that shawl! ๐Ÿ™‚

  59. PICAdrienne says:

    Happy Birthday Wendy’s Mama! Thank you for teaching Wendy to knit. I have learned much from reading her blog and her book, and I owe that to you starting it all. The shawl is very, very lovely, and looks wonderful on you.


  60. Happy Birthday Wendy’s Mom!

  61. Happy Birthday Wendy’s Mum & you look gorgeous in your new shawl!

  62. Happy Birthday to you, Wendy’s Mom! You look beautiful in that gorgeous shawl, and I absolutely love your pink shoes!

  63. Happy Birthday Wendy’s mom I wish you many more. Chris

  64. Happy Birthday Wendy’s Mom!

  65. A very, very happy, happy 80th birthday to Wendy’s Mom! Love the shoes!

  66. happy birthday wendy’s mom!

  67. hello Wendy’s mum, and very happy birthday to you! It’s a lovely time of year to have a birthday….my 60th is tomorrow!
    Your daughter is a gem; my cats love the many lovely Kitty Pi beds I have made for them from her design. Thanks for giving us Wendy!

  68. Happy Birthday, Wendy’s Mom!

  69. Happy Birthday to you, Wendy’s mom!……..quite a handsome fella you married and a wonderful daughter too!

  70. Happy Birthday, Wendy’s Mom!!!!! Remember, 80 is the new 60!

  71. Happy birthday, Wendy’s mom!

    We share a birthday, which clearly is a good sign for me. I’m 50 years behind, and hope very much to spend my 80th with my daughter, too. And if she decides to knit me a gorgeous wrap, I’ll do my best to model it with equal grace.

  72. Happy Birthday, Wendy’s Mom! Hope you had a great day – and your shawl looks lovely on you!

  73. Happy birthday, Wendy’s mom! Many happy returns of the day!

  74. Happy Birthday Mom of Wendy!! You are even more beautiful now than you were holding Wendy as a wee one! That gorgeous Alpine Shawl is so befitting!!
    I hope you had a marvelous day…

  75. oh your mom is every bit as adorable now as “then” and those are some ROCKIN’ shoes she’s got on! happy birthday to your mom!

  76. Happy Birthday to Mom. She is so stylish. The shawl looks great on her.

  77. Happy Birthday Wendy’s mom!!! You have a beautiful family! oxoxo

  78. Happy Birthday, Wendy’s Mom!!!!!

  79. anne marie in philly says:

    happy birthday, wendy’s mom!

    you haven’t changed a bit either.

    wendy has 2 terrific parents!

    and yes, lucy, one very special kitty too!

  80. Happy Birthday, Wendys Mom!!

  81. Birthday wishes to Mom, and much thanks for raising such talent!

  82. Happy Birthday to Mother of Wendy! You look as great and wonderful now as you did when Wendy was just a wee-bit.

  83. Happy Birthday Wendy’s Mom. You and your Beau make a terrific couple and BTW, you sure know how to dress up a beautiful shawl.

  84. Wow – Happy Birthday to a lovely lady, and I hope I can wear heels when I have a special birthday! (I don’t think my feet bend that way anymore.)

  85. Happy Birthday! I LOVE the dress and shoes, you are one snappy dresser and that lovely shawl is perfect with it!

  86. Happy Birthday Wendy’s mom! You look great!

  87. Happy Birthday, Wendy’s Mom.

  88. A most joyous birthday to Wendy’s lovely mom! You look absolutely beautiful in the shawl your very talented daughter made for you! Wishing you many, many more happy BDs!

    I love the new project. What yummy yarn! Like chocolate milk!!

    A a scratch behind the ears for Lucy, a darling, darling kitty!

  89. Happy Birthday, Wendy’s Mom! I love your pink shoes! (Happy belated to Wendy’s Dad.)

  90. Kathy in NoVA says:

    Happiest Birthday to Wendy’s lovely Mom — I love your color sense!!!! Two of us faithful blog readers have a mom turning (ssshhh) 80 as well. You moms make us what we are, and there are a lot of knitters out here in the blog-o-sphere who thank you for your daughter. Warm birthday hugs, Kathy in Northern VA

  91. Happy Birthday Wendy’s Mom! I hope your day was as lovely as you are.

  92. Happy Birthday, Wendy’s lovely Mom! May you have many more. :o)

  93. Barbara-Kay says:

    Happy Birthday to Wendy’s Mom (and Lucy’s GrandMeowmy)! I have truely enjoyed getting to know “your girls”, and am so pleased that the beautiful shawl turned out to be your birthday surprise.

  94. Happy Birthday, Wendy’s mom! The shawl is so beautiful on you, and what a lovely couple you and your husband are. Hope you had a wonderful day.

  95. monkeytoe says:

    Happy Birthday Mater Wendy! You look fabulous!

  96. Collette says:

    Happy Birthday Wendy’s Mom! You look lovely in the shawl–it’s like it was made for that dress. Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

  97. Happy Birthday to your Mother. She sounds like an amazing young lady and that shawl looks perfect with her dress. She has excellent taste in both men and daughters.

    Poor Lucy. It sounds like she needs a Lucy sized cat’s paw lace blankie from the leftover Kiri yarn.

  98. Best wishes to you on your birthday. You look absolutely lovely in your new shawl. Kudos to you!

  99. Happy Birthday, Wendy’s Mom!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Your shawl is beautiful. You were smart to raise a Knitting Daughter. That means wonderful gifts forever, doesn’t it? I hope you had a very special day.

  100. Yay! Happy birthday Wendy’s Mom!!!!!