My current work in progress:

Sundew,byย Martin Storey, knit from Rowan Softyak DK,ย using 3.25mm and 4mm needles.

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Today is my mom’s birthday — it’s a special one. I dunno if she’d want me telling her age to the entire blog-o-sphere, so I’ll whisper it. She’s eighty years old today!

Here she is, a couple of years ago.

Mom and Me Then 053007

Mom and Me Then 053007

Yeah, that’s me with her. I’ve changed a little since then.

Remember a couple of weeks ago when it was my dad’s birthday and I told you he was one of very few very brilliant people I know? My mom is one of those few as well. Not only is she incredibly smart, but she’s incredibly talented and artistic, too, as well as having a great sense of humor. She draws, paints, sews, knits, cooks, and bakes, all equally beautifully. Any artistic talent and creativity I have comes from her. Thanks, Mom!

We went out to lunch today to celebrate. Here she is wearing her birthday gift from me — the Alpine Lace I knitted a couple of months back.

Mom 053007

Mom 053007

And the back of the shawl — looks great on her, doesn’t it?

Mom 053007a

Mom 053007a

Here she is with my Dad:

Mom and Dad 053007

Mom and Dad 053007

Please leave a comment, wishing my mom a happy birthday!

The Lucy Colorway

Several of you have asked if the Blue Moon Fiber Arts “Lucy” colorway was named after my Lucy. It was — read this blog entry from last August to learn more about it.

Thanks for all your nice comments on the Kiri shawl. It’s now carefully folded and stored on a shelf. Lucy seemed to think it was for her, a particularly luxurious kitty blanket. We had Words when I took it away from her . . .

Foam Squares for Blocking

I had a couple of questions about the foam blocks I used for blocking the Kiri shawl. They are interlocking fitness mats. You can get something like them at places like hardware stores and possibly Target. I ordered mine from — a set of the 2’x’ squares here and a set of 1’x1′ squares here.

What’s Next?

I started knitting something from the Spring/Summer 2007 Vogue Knitting — design #19, a short-sleeve cardigan. If you go to the preview page at Vogue Knitting, you can see a photo of it. It’s shown under the heading “The Paper Chase” a little more than halfway down the page, and it’s the tan cardi at the far right.

The pattern calls for Lion Brand Yarn Organic Cotton. I am using GGH Big Easy, in a lovely milk chocolate. It’s 100% cotton and is working up at the same gauge as the suggested yarn — 18 sts/4 inches on a US 7 (4.5mm) needle.

I’m making the largest size (which has a bust measurement of 40″) and it calls for 12 skeins of Organic Cotton, which is 80 meters per 50g skein. The GGH Big Easy is 70 meters per 50g skein, and I have 13 of them, so I’ll hopefully be okay. I’ve got a good part of the back done, and I don’t think it’ll take more than 4 skeins, so I think I’m okay, yarn-wise.

Here’s the back so far.

Cardi Back 053007

Cardi Back 053007

The pin in the side is to denote the start of the armhole — makes it easier to measure.

And a close-up of the bottom:

Cardi Back Closeup 053007

Cardi Back Closeup 053007

Lucy Sez:

Lucy 053007

Lucy 053007

“I must think of a way to get that Kiri shawl away from her . . . “


  1. Here’s hoping you had a the happiest of birthdays – beautiful woman, gorgeous shawl, handsome husband and wickedly talented and precious daughter – what a great combination! You’ve done a great job raising this delightful daughter who we appreciate so much for all of her gifts and willingness to share them with us. Lovely Lucy is also one of our favorites entertainers…and she looks great with the Kiri also!

  2. Happy Birthday, Wendy’s Mom!

  3. Michelle from Arizona says:

    Happy 80th special day Wendy’s Mom! You look so fine dressed up. The shawl is gorgeous on you too.

  4. Holy cow, that’s a lot of comments! And yes, a very happy birthday to Wendy’s mom! (She looks so tiny next to your dad!)

  5. Theresa in Italy says:

    Hope it’s not too late to wish you a very Happy Birthday from over here, Wendy’s Mom! May you have many, many more!

  6. Hi Wendy,
    Wishing your mom a very happy birthday, 80 and in great health, what more could you wish for!!! You are very fortunate to have both of your parents with you and in good health. I know you are very greatful for such a blessing, do not ever take it for granted. Wishing you and your family all the best. Keep up the great blog you are truely appreciated by all your readers. Thanks Wendy!!

  7. Happy Birthday, Wendy’s Mom. You did an awesome job raising your girl, we all love her to bits! And by the way, you look mahhvelous in your smashing dress, shawl and PINK shoes – love it! Isn’t it nice to have such a talented daughter??
    You sure did it up right as a Mom – congrats, and may your birthday be splendid!

  8. Birthday wishes to your Mum Wendy, she looks fabulous, I love her outfit.
    I like the new cardi you are knitting too can’t wait to see it finished.

  9. Jacinta says:

    Happy Birthday Wendy’s Mom, you are looking very youthful!

  10. Happy birthday, Wendy’s mom! You look lovely in the shawl, and those shoes are lovely too!

  11. Happy Birthday wishes to your gorgeous Mom, all the way from Oz!

    She’s looking beautiful in the Alpine Lace shawl you knitted. What a lucky Mom!

    The photo of you and your Mom is just lovely Wendy.

  12. Happy Birthday, Wendy’s Mum, from London, UK. You and your beau look fantastic and I love your pink shoes. Plus, what a gorgeous shawl.

  13. Annalies says:

    Happy Birthday from the Netherlands, your mom and dad look very happy.

  14. Victoria says:

    Happy Birthday! Many happy returns x

  15. Happy Birthday Wendy’s Mum – from another Wendy. Love the site – got drawn here because of the name (of course) and the fact I got mistaken online a couple of times for you (no, I’m not THAT Wendy who knits!!!)

  16. Arianne says:

    Happy Birthday, Wendy’s mom! ๐Ÿ™‚ Many happy happy returns!

  17. Anne Leedham says:

    A great big Happy Birthday to your Mom. I think birthdays are great and should be celebrated often.

    I’m looking for help/suggestions. I long time guild member is leaving us for the wilds of Virginia – Woodbridge to be exact. I want something knitty to put on her cake to wish her well. Something like “Happy Gauge to You = Until We Knit Again”.
    Any and all suggestions welcome.

    Thank you for keeping your blog. I save reading as a treat during the work day.

  18. Carlotta says:

    Happy Happy Birthday Wendy’s mom!!! With many happy returns!!! Your parents are a beautiful couple Wendy.

  19. Could your parents be any cuter!? The shawl is beautiful on her, and I LOVE the pink shoes! Happy birthday Wendy’s mom!

  20. MOE MOE says:

    Happy Birthday MOM

    I love that pattern i will be buying this issue of vogue so i can do that also

    thank Wendy for posting the preview


  21. Meribeth says:

    Happy, Happy Birthday! And many more! And I must say, you look lovely…I love the pink shoes!

    I am not one for summer sweaters, but that I do like!!

  22. Happy birthday Wendy’s Mum! I hope you had a lovely day ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Happy Belated Birthday Wendy’s Mom…..You share your birthday with my father:-) He turned 79 today:-) Hope your day was wonderful.

    Big hugs.

  24. Happy Birthday, Wendy’s mom! The shawl looks great on you.

    I got similar foam blocks at BJ’s Wholesale Club, which I think is just an East Coast US chain. But it is possible that Costco or Sam’s Club have them too.

  25. I missed your birthday due to seeing the Yarn Harlot last night, but want to wish you a Happy Birthday anyway, Wendy’s mom! May this year be filled with nothing but health and happiness for you and those you love. By the way – that’s a gorgeous shawl!

    How did I know Lucy was not going to be happy when you put HER shawl away? LOL

  26. Happy Birthday Wendy’s mom.

  27. Happy Birthday Wendy’s Mom! Wow, your husband’s tall! And you get great birthday gifts too!

    Good choice from the VK, Wendy! I really like that one as well.

  28. Happy belated birthday, Wendy’s Mom. I hope when I turn 80 I’ll still be coordinating my bag and shoes. You look marvelous. Love that shawl!

  29. Wow! Wendy’s Mom! Love those colors on you! Happy Birthday!!! And that shawl looks wonderful on you! I hope your day is filled with joy and happiness.

  30. Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to You
    Happy Birthday
    Dear Wendy’s MOM
    and many more!

    And- love to Lucy!

    your shawl looks lovely on your Mother. Truly lovely.
    All the Best!

  31. Sonja Poor says:

    Happy Birthday Wendy’s Mom – and many happy returns of the day. You look terrific. Shawl looks lovely on you!

  32. Happy Birthday to your mom! I had the pleasure of meeting her at your Martha Washington book signing. She is so proud of you and I enjoyed talking with her. Alpine Lace looks gorgeous on her!

  33. Happy Birthday, Wendy’s Mom! She looks absolutely beautiful with that lovely shawl!

  34. Happy birthday, Wendy’s Mom! That dress is gorgeous!

  35. Happy Birthday Wendy’s Mom!!

    Your folks are a handsome couple, nice to see such wonderful pictures of them. The shawl is gorgeous on your mom.

    Lucy is right you know, she deserves to have her own amazing shawl handknit by mommy ๐Ÿ™‚ Cats always get the best.

  36. Happy Birthday, Wendy’s Mom! May the next year be even better than the last!

  37. Happy Birthday! 80 sure looks beautiful on you.

  38. Happy 80th to Wendy’s Mom!!! You look AMAZING! Keep up the good work. How was J. Gilberts? One of my favorite restaurants!


  39. A Happy Birthday to Wendy’s Mum!
    And a word (or more) on Lucy’s behalf, she has a good case for possession of the shawl. Her name is on it, in a sense, the yarn being inspired by the divine Lucy.
    Maybe she could “borrow it for special events.

  40. Happy Birthday, Wendy’s mom! I agree, the pink shoes are outstanding. I hope I still have the wherewithal to wear such grand shoes if I’m ever 80! And the shawl is fabulous, a’ course. What a great gift.

  41. Happy Birthday, Wendy’s mom. You are just adorable. Wendy, you have the cutest little mother!

  42. Happy Birthday to both your mom and dad!! Us May babies have to stick together!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a great one.

  43. happy birthday wendy’s mom! i hear that 80 is the new 60, so live it up!! =) (that’s why my grandmother says at least…..)
    beautiful shawl too…looks like a lovely birthday celebration!

  44. Happy Birthday Wendy’s Mom!! That shawl makes you lokk 25 years younger! Have a wonderful day!

    I think Lucy needs a shawl of her own to match her eyes!

  45. Carol Lee says:

    Happy Birthday Wendy’s mom! Hope you had a beautiful day so start another blessed year!.

    Wendy, the Kiri is beautiful and I can understand why Lucy was resentful when you too it away – it was a great match.

    I love the Vogue cardi – lace summer sweaters are everwhere – the latest Knitters has several enticing items!

  46. Happy birthday, Wendy’s mom!

  47. Happy Birthday! Your shawl is lovely!

  48. Happy birthday Wendy’s Mom!

  49. Happy Birthday Wendy’s mom! It was my little sister’s birthday too, she’s eleven!

  50. Happy Happy Birthday. And many many more.
    I must say, your gift shawl is the most beautiful shawl I have ever seen. And it looks lovely on you. I am in awe of your daughter’s knitting prowess

  51. Happy Birthday, Wendy’s Mom! You look so lovely; the shawl complements you nicely.
    And thank you for giving us Wendy (and Lucy.)

  52. To Lucy’s Grammy: Many Happy Returns from East Tennessee! Your daughter & grand-cat are so very special – Thanks for sharing them with us!

  53. Happy birthday to Wendy’s mom! Hope you had a great day! You share a birthday with the Yarn Harlot’s daughter!

    I purchased a set of interlocking foam floor mat in bright primary colors at Sam’s Club last week for $12 – it will cover a large space and should have lots of room for blocking. Best of all they break down to about 2 ft square by about 8 inches high for storage.

    Happy knitting to all!

  54. Belated happy birthday, Wendy’s Mom! I hope you are spending today inside a cool place so you can enjoy the beautiful shawl!

  55. Angelika says:

    Happy Birthday to your mom and a belated Birthday Wish for your Dad!
    Looking at their pictures left me teary-eyed…
    My mom died when I was 12 and my dad when I was 15 and I have a speacial place in my heart for couples who have had the blessing of being together through love, struggles, losses, victories, happinesss and joy and of course more love for such a long time……
    Your parents are blessed , as are you……
    I love your mother’s shoes and purse…….I am exactly 20 years younger……and even though I know that shoes and purse no longer need to match, I am strangely reassured when they do.
    And ” Guau ” ( Spanish for ” wow ” ) is your dad tall…….

    Wishing much Health and Happiness to you and all your family….

    Mexico City

  56. Happy Birthday Mom! Beautiful shawl, beautiful lady!

  57. Beth P. in Maryland says:

    Happy Birthday Mom!!!

    LOVE those shoes!!!!! You’ve got great taste in attire! I’m still a big fan of the classic pump, and my favorite colors are any shade of pink.

    Oh yeah, lest I forget, the shawl is fabulous and you wear it well!


  58. Happy Birthday, Wendy’s Mom! You look mahvelous, darling!

    Wendy, your mom and dad are so cute!

  59. Happy Birthday Wendy’s Mom!

    Lucy clearly has very good taste in shawls ๐Ÿ™‚

  60. Best wishes and Happy Birthday!

    I love the photo your parents together.

    And Mom looks lovely in the shawl.

  61. Allyson says:

    Happy Birthday Mom o’ Wendy!

  62. Happy Birthday, Wendy’s Mom!
    I hope your talented daughter realizes how fortunate she is to have two original living parents!
    Looks like she treats you well – the shawl is lovely.

  63. Happy Birthday to your Mom!!!!

  64. Milissa says:

    Happy Birthday to Wendy’s Mom!!! Thanks for helping to produce such a wonderful, talented knitter and spinner!

  65. Deborah C. says:

    Happy Birthday, Wendy’s Mom, and many more! The Alpine Lace shawl looks gorgeous!

  66. Happy birthday, Wendy’s mom! Happy cardi, Wendy! Happy scheming, Lucy!

  67. Happy Birthday Wendy’s Mum, and Many Happy Returns.

  68. Lise in NJ says:

    Wendy’s Mom, you are an adorable lady — can’t say enough even about the little pink shoes. I hope the coming decade is the best so far!

  69. Happy Birthday, Wendy’s Mom! I love your outfit. Very cheery. The picture of you and your husband is also wonderful. You two look great together. Many more happy birthdays to come for you and yours!


  70. Happy Birthday, Wendy’s Mom! Wishing you a wonderful day!

  71. Wow, what a fashionable hot mama you are! I hope I look that great when I’m you’re age. Happy Birthday!!!!

  72. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, WENDY’S MOM!!! She looks *so* beautiful in Alpine Lace.

    Speaking of which, that and Kiri have totally got my shawl-sense tingling! Must cast on soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

  73. Happy 80th B-day, dear Wendy’s mom. It’s great to see you with Wendy’s Dad too. Hope you had a great day.

  74. Happy birthday mom!!!!

  75. Happy Birthday, Wendy’s mom! You’re rocking those hot pink shoes like a woman half your age – party on!

  76. A Very Happy Birthday to your Mom, Wendy!

  77. Happy Birthday Wendy’s Mom!

    I’m glad you’re making that sweater, I want to see what it looks like in a more real life situation before I commit to making it which I am thinking about doing. So far the back of yours looks pretty interesting.

  78. Happy Birthday Wendy’s Mom!

  79. Juliette says:

    Pink Pumps! I may swoon.

  80. Whoops! New to postings – your mom’s birthday greeting had been inadvertently added to another topic. Anyway, here it is — belated!

    Happy Birthday to your mom! I hope she has a wonderful day. And what a perfect birthday gift โ€” an absolute treasure for a treasured person.

    May 31, 2007 @ 7:56 am

  81. Happy slightly belated birthday, Wendy’s mom!

  82. I know this comment will probably get lost in the sea of blogland but I wanted to leave it anyways just in case everyone elses mysteriously disappeared and mine was still there:)
    Your mom looks STUNNING and so does you dad:) They look beautiful together. Happy Birthday Wendy’s Mom, you look FABULOUS dahlink~!

  83. I wish you a very happy Birthday Wendy’s MoM from Switzerland! Many healthy years more and allways a nice wrap on your schoulders!
    Greetings Hexli Ellen

  84. happy happy belated birthday to your mom!!!
    i love the way the lines on the alpine lace mimic the lines on your mom’s dress ๐Ÿ™‚

  85. Happy happy to mom! You were in my neck of the metro area for the lunch, hope you enjoyed it!

  86. Happy Birthday to your Mom! She looks great in her shawl. And I love her pink shoes!

  87. Happy Belated Birthday Wendy’s Mom! I hope your day was extra special! You look quite dishy in that lovely shawl amd may I say you are the youngest looking 80 year old I have ever seen! The pink shoes help ๐Ÿ™‚
    Happy Happy!!! xxx

  88. Happy Belated Birthday to your Mom! She is just a doll, as is your dad. And I just really covet those hot pink shoes.

  89. happy birthday, wendy’s mom! i hope i look as good as you when i’m 80!