My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Pattern. Arrrgh.

First of all, thanks for all the wonderful birthday wishes for my mom. I started out trying to email a thank-you to every commenter but got bogged down and I know I missed a few people — my apologies! So a big blanket thank you to everyone! I think my mom feels like a celebrity with all this attention.

The birthday festivities aren’t over yet — there’s a swanky brunch party on Sunday, hosted by my aunt.

Short Sleeve Cardi

I did finish the back of the short-sleeve cardi last night — see?

Cardi Back 053107

Cardi Back 053107

I started on the left side front. Here it is:

Cardi Left Front 053107

Cardi Left Front 053107

In reading ahead in the pattern, I found a couple of anomalies.

First off, on the back, you do a couple of increases on each side in-between the ribbed waist portion and the armhole bind-offs. There is no mention of doing this on the fronts of the cardi. Huh?

I looked at the schematic, and it clearly shows that there is indeed side shaping on the front.

I also noted on the schematic that it shows the slant of the vee-neck decreases starting directly above the ribbed portion. The pattern has you work straight for a few inches before you start the decreases.

I checked the Vogue Knitting website for errata — there are none for this design.

So I decided to do the shaping between waist and armhole to match the schematic and the sweater back (of course). And I’m going to do the vee-neck decreases according to the written directions and not the schematic, because I think the vee would be far too deep otherwise.

I also noted that the pattern has you end up with one more stitch before the shoulder decreases on the front than it does on the back. I will do one extra decrease on the neck shaping to make them come out even.

Actually, I’ll be doing several extra decreases, to compensate for the stitches I increased for the side shaping above the waist.

I’ll also need to adjust the rate of decrease to accomodate these extra stitches.

All of this adds up to some mild annoyance for me. I’m mentioning these issues here for anyone who is thinking about knitting this — keep your eyes peeled for these pattern hiccups.

(I’ll go back to the VK website and look for an email address to use for submitting errata when I’ve finished the sweater. Who knows? There might be issues with the sleeves as well!)

There was a question in the comments asking how easy it would be to size this sweater up. It comes in 4 sizes — 34, 36, 38, and 40 inch finished bust measurement. I think it would be fairly easy to size it up a bit — it’s not a terribly complicated pattern.

Camouflage Sock Number One

I went back to work today after 5 glorious days away. So the Camouflage sock came with me on the train. I did indeed finish the first sock:

Camo Sock 053107

Camo Sock 053107


Here’s the toe of the second sock:

Sock Toe 053107

Sock Toe 053107

Can you guess what cast-on I used for this toe? Hint: I’ve whined about it beingΒ  too fiddly.

Speaking of going back to work, I’m pretty sure I heard Lucy heave a sigh of relief as I left home this morning.

Lucy 053107

Lucy 053107
“It’s about time! She was seriously messing up my nap schedule!”

(No book giveaway this week — tune in next week!)


  1. Ohhhohohoh! Is it that devil toe where you make a rectangle with a provisional cast on and then you pick up stitches on the sides of the rectangle, knit in the round for a single row and then m1f on needles 1 and 3 and m1b on needles 2 and 4 every other round for a total of 12 rounds? I ask because I hate it. With a passion. Talk about fiddly.
    Rant over. Happy Thursday Wendy!

  2. Don’t you just hate it when a pattern starts going south like that? I know you will make it work, but it is annoying. It is a great looking piece. I mostly design my own sweaters, so when I use a pattern, it is because I want to relax and NOT do all those calculations. Sure hope those folks at VK listen to you. They have been most unresponsive to me and friends.

    So glad your mother had such a wonderful birthday. And (shhhhh) I think Lucy is really going to miss you, naps or not.

  3. Wendy in Cambridge says:

    I meant to mention to your Mom in my comment that I heartily approve of the name they gave you! So glad that she had a wonderful birthday, and that the festivities are ongoing. She deserves it!

    Hmmm…Lucy is no doubt dreaming of ways to get that Kiri…

  4. You know, I’ve run across errors like that. Usually I can make it come out right, but sometimes it’s just too much for my finite knitting skills !! Lucy will miss not having “nap time with momma” ! I’m sure the BD brunch for your mom will be spectacular !! luv.m.

  5. Shirley Gallagher says:

    I often find errors in magazine patterns. I’ve discovered it’s better for my hair (no pulling) if I wait to see is someone else will post errors and/or corrections. There is a cardigan in that same magazine I’ve been eyeing, and sure enough, another blogger posted her corrections. Nothing on the web site yet though. Lucy looks especially cute today.

  6. B. Salley says:

    Great work on the cardigan! I bet that cast on is the Turkish/Figure 8 cast on. is it?

  7. Patricia says:

    Hi, thanks for the news on the pattern corrections. It’s a good reminder for me to read ahead and look for things that don’t make sense. Now if I would actually do it.

    My cat has the same attitude about Lucy re: my taking days off- I think she likes the company and the full-time servant, but it messes up her routine, esp. the naps! “theres’ too much noise mom” and “do you have to keep petting me while I”m napping?!’

  8. Go ahead and submit your corrections to VK but don’t hold your breath. I knit a cardigan from the Vogue Winter 04/05 issue, there was an error in the left front instructions, and I emailed them. The correction still isn’t listed.

  9. Oh, that annoys me. As if I didn’t come up with enough problems all by myself, they have to print patterns with errors. I did a cardigan with traveling cables from last winter’s VK, and it had numerous errors, particularly in the cabling parts. I wrote them all down, along with my corrections, and emailed them in, but as far as I know, VK never posted the corrections.

  10. I immediately thought of the Turkish cast on, which I see B. Salley guessed as well.

    I also looked at the number of comments from yesterday — 275! No wonder you were overwhelmed, Wendy! Anyone would be.

  11. LOL – I’m pretty sure my cats thought the same thing when I went back to work on Tuesday!

  12. My guess is that it’s the Magic Cast-on from Knitty…as you’ve mentioned previously that you’ve found it too fiddly when I suggested it πŸ™‚

  13. Ooooh! I really like the Cardi – the front panel pattern is so lovely. Also, I have a question. How do you work up the courage to start your first shawl? I’m contemplating it and am looking for some words of wisdom.

  14. GEEEZZZ it is simply beyond my coprehension… the speed in which you knit… don’t you ever get cramped up or achey?

  15. Is it the magic cast-on toe from Knitty? I thought it was fiddley the first time but after doing it several times, I don’t find it fiddley at all?

    Let us know if you get a response from vogue. I generally find several patterns-in-need-of-errata in vogue, if I take the time to read the patterns. I email them and it goes into some black hole. No response. No acknowledgement. Nothing.

  16. Really, what’s the point of having a knitting magazine with patterns if they’re incorrect? Not being the most intuitive knitter, I rely on the accuracy of the pattern to get me through details I haven’t tackled before, and if the pattern is incorrect, it just becomes frustrating and a huge eater of my time. It’s enough to make me want to pull my subscription.

  17. It’s stuff like Vogue Knitting mistakes that make me so very leery of trying anything other than generic patterns – unless they’ve been around a very long time or I find errata easily or know it’s been written by a knitter who knows exactly what she’s doing. It’s hard enough being a badass knitter and winging a few things but when you have to correct someone else’s mistakes – jeeeeperrrzzzz!!! How rude!

  18. note to readers: two different Leslie’s – two mothers giving good names – πŸ™‚ Not Wendy but still a good name.

  19. Debra in SF Bay Area says:

    That looks like Judy’s Magic Cast On from Knitty. I tried figuring it out and ended up with something similar, which is what I’ve been using. Haven’t quite figured out how I do it yet, other than when it works, it works. I can even do it without a starting knot — just twist the first loop. πŸ˜‰

  20. I agree with Debra. It is a fiddly cast on, but if you don’t do a slip knot and yes twist the first loop – no problem.
    Looks gorgeous.

  21. Barb in Texas says:

    Honey baby, don’t worry about emailing each and everyone! (Although the impulse to do so proves beyond doubt that Your Mama Raised You Right.)

    Enjoy the continued festivities!

  22. I think that would be Judy’s Magic Cast-On. A friend and I spent the better part of the day on Tuesday trying out different cast-on techniques for toe-up socks. We tried the Turkish, Judy’s Magic and the Sherman heel (also toe) along with the german twisted cast-on for top down socks. We weren’ t very productive in the long run but learned an awful lot. I am just finishing my Walkin’ on the Wild Tide socks which I made using your short row toe and the new gusset heel pattern. Loved it and will definitely knit some more socks using your pattern. The colors of the yarn showed up so well using this stockinette pattern. I also just got done blocking my lace shawl that I knitted with your Fir Cone pattern and using Fiddlesticks 50/50 wool silk yarn in the colorway “Marine”. It turned out just gorgeous. Thanks for such a great pattern for a new lace knitter!

  23. Wendy- Have a great brunch with the clan!

    Is it that Eastern Cast-on on two needles? Maybe you have to do it a couple of times before it becomes easier.
    That’s the theory anyway.

    Check with Lucy, she’s seen it all!

  24. Hope you all have a good time at the brunch party. πŸ™‚ I hated going back to work after a nice long weekend. Pattern errors annoy me to no end but unfortunately people aren’t perfect there for you’d figure patterns aren’t going to be perfect, well at least when they first come out. I’ve been told writing out the pattern is the tough part. πŸ™‚

  25. Maureen says:

    I just had to thank you for the heads-up on the errata. I’m still learning and doubt I’d know how to correct, or worse, I wouldn’t realize there was an error(s) until I was knee-deep in it. I’ve learned so much from your blog (although Lucy was the one who lured me here originally – some day I’ll adopt another furry one).

  26. I thought of the Turkish / Eastern Cast-on right away too.

  27. Good luck with Vogue. My experience is that they reply to emails about 2 months later if they do. I submitted corrections for one of the Greys Anatomy series they had last Summer (I think it was) the neck decreases were off and messed up the cable. To this date they have not posted the corrections and have not replied to my email. Glad you pointed it out. I tend to not follow the pattern just the general idea but there are lots of people that stick to the pattern. That is what they are supposed to be for right?

  28. Sorry to hear about all the pattern problems. It looks lovely. Hopefully there won’t be any issues with the sleeves.

    The camo sock looks great.

    Looks like Lucy is having a nice nap in your absence. πŸ™‚

  29. Kristin says:

    Just recently started reading your blog (BTW – like it a lot). I’m constantly amazed at the amount of knitting/FO’s you produce on a regular basis! Splendid! I just bought the Lucy colorway from STR in the medium weight – so neat to know it’s named after your sweet cat. I just wanted to say I’m in awe… much time do you spend knitting per day?

  30. While I agree that it’s not necessary to email everyone, I’m still tickled that I got one! Wendy, you might be slightly biased, but it’s obvious that your Mom is wonderful. Also, hello to the other two Leslies! I rarely run across anyone with my name, so it’s fun to find you both.

  31. I immediately thought of the figure 8 toe, which you describe in your knitty article as “tricky” (I’m not a stalker, I just forgot the name of the cast on and googled it, actually I googled magic 8 cast on before I figured out which word I was forgetting). I hope it’s the magic cast on though, because I like that one better (and thus it should be done so in the Erin-centric universe).
    Also, Happy Belated Birthday to your Mom (no need to email)!!!

  32. With all the comments you got yesterday, I’m amazed you managed to e-mail any of us. Your Mom should feel like a superstar. She raised you up pretty well and managed to look great at the same time.

    I love the striping on the Camo sock.

    Finding so many obvious errors in a pattern would really tick me off too. Their editors must be in a hurry to get things done and not taking the time to do them right. Don’t they have test knitters to make sure the patterns are right? At $7.00 ($8.50CAD) a magazine plus substantial amounts of advertising, you would think they could afford to donate yarn and a small fee for someone to knit up a pattern and make sure it’s accurate.

  33. moe moe says:

    after hearing all those issue im kinda thinking about doing something else.

  34. Thanks for pointing out the errors, I have that cardi on my want to knit list.

  35. Theresa in Italy says:

    I’m voting that it’s Judy’s Magic Cast On, only because I seem to remember you mentioning in a previous blog entry that it was “fiddly.”

    Thanks for the heads up on the Vogue pattern errata, especially since (judging from all the other comments) it’s highly unlikely that Vogue will ‘fess up to any mistakes.

    And hope everyone has a wonderful time at the birthday brunch!

  36. The figure-8 one? That is the only toe that’s worked for me (on the only toe-up sock I’ve knit so far). Provisional one worked for me for these slippers knit on size 6 needles, but since my provisional cast on isn’t really correct, and I have huge feet, doing that for 70-some stitches is not so fun.

  37. Wha’?? Errata in a VK pattern!!? *winking* πŸ˜‰

    Hee hee, but it looks great!

    I’m thinking it’s the Eastern/Turkish/figure 8 cast on as well… But what do I know, I’m stuck on short-rows!

  38. Meribeth says:

    I gotta hand it to you and others who can “correct” a error prone pattern, and only get annoyed. I have NO patience for that, expecially from a big publisher. Personal designs, no problem! But VK? Shouldn’t happen like that.

    Funny about cats. I am at home all the time, but when dh is taking some time off, the feline boys are happy at first…but then they really want their routine back!! They want order in their lives, and they make sure that we keep to our schedule, don’t they?

  39. The cardi is gorgeous but there is no way on Earth I would be able to figure out that pattern. I would be laying on the floor with drool coming out of my mouth, yarn piled around me, pattern askew, wondering where I went wrong…

    LOVE the camo socks!

  40. Meredith says:

    Late happy bd to your beautiful mom! Wendy, I just for the first time got my hands on your book and am loving every page of it. I especially appreciated a certain page (you’ll know which one it was) because an acquaintance (not even a friend!) asked me yesterday “Will you make me a sweater?”. I gave my stock answer, which is “I will teach you to knit, but I won’t knit for you; you can’t afford me.” Sigh. Thank you for your blog, your book, your cat, and all. You are much appreciated!

    Hope the first day back at work wasn’t too strenuous.

  41. I was surprised as all get out to get a thank you e-mail! Not expecting that at all since there were so many commenters.

    A number of people already guessed it, but my first thought was the Magic Cast-On as well. I personally don’t find it fiddly, but that’s why there’s lots of different ways to knit things! So we all have a way we like!

  42. Wendy’s Mom, you are a celebrity πŸ™‚

    I may be the only one in the world, but I prefer top down, just because… well, I like Kitchener. Does that make me a bad person in some way? Every time I mention it, people back away rather quickly from me.

  43. Dagny, I also prefer top down and Kirchener! And I even knit my socks on two circs! Accck. I hope we are still welcome here! LOL Wendy, thank you for your thank you! Smooches to Lucy.

  44. I’m just a beginner, so I will guess the toe cast on is the provisional cast on with the crocheted waste yarn…I tried that and Hid it away for awhile…and the Vogue pattern fiasco is so unfair…cute pattern. I was tempted to try it “someday” maybe when and if they post erratas.
    HELP Please…A question: I am having problems doing “yo” yarn over. I have looked in all my books, on internet…I give up! I can do the yo , but the next row coming back…do you knit that new stitch or let it drop? All info is just doing the stitch itself and not the next row.
    I should take a class, but I live kinda far out and the closest shop is snooty.
    I love your newest sock…I have that yarn also!

  45. I just wanted to thank you for responding to my comment on your mom and her birthday. It was shocking to hear from you as I knew you had a ton of comments listed. So, anyway, thanks for that. Have a great weekend:)

  46. I’m at work, and it being 0330 and all, decided to check on a couple of blogs. I love the cami sock, and tried to click to get an enlargement. I thought you’d get a kick out of this:

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    IP: (removed by NurseLaura so I don’t get in trouble)
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    8e6 R3000 Internet filtering provided by 8e6 Technologies. Copyright 2006. All rights reserved.

  47. I’m at work, and it being 0330 and all, decided to check on a couple of blogs. I love the cami sock, and tried to click to get an enlargement. I thought you’d get a kick out of this:

    Internet access to the requested website has been denied based on your user profile and organization’s Internet Usage Policy.
    IP: (removed by NurseLaura so I don’t get in trouble)
    Category: Pornography/Adult Content
    Blocked URL:
    To submit this blocked site for review, click here. For assistance, contact your Administrator.
    8e6 R3000 Internet filtering provided by 8e6 Technologies. Copyright 2006. All rights reserved.

  48. Wendy,
    As the owner of a ragdoll I’ve developed an interest in finding yarns that match her coat partly because she likes to go camo and partly because I enjoy it. Rowan makes a Tapestry yarn that is remarkably similiar in color to a sealpoint. I don’t have the colorway with me right now, but if your interested I can find it for you later. Just figured I’d mention it.

  49. Gorgeous new sweater. I really like the various textures. I guess I need to check out the pattern.

  50. Hi, Wendy. I’m loving the new blog. I’m a bit behind in reading blogs so I’m all late. πŸ˜€ When you add a picture in WordPress you should be able to add a link and alternate text to the picture in the box that pops up for you to add the image. I can walk you thru it via email if you’d like. This way whoever cannot see your picture will see the alternate text you type in as a link. Make sense?

    Email me if you want and I’ll try to explain it better. πŸ˜€

  51. Your Cardi is looking very nice. It’s good of you to share the anomolies you found in the pattern.

    Was it hard to go back to work after 5 glorious days at home?

    hi Lucy!

  52. Whatever the cast-on is, it sure looks neat and tidy! (I am a master of the fiddly, as I have lately been using Cat Bordhi’s moebius cast-on for any provisional edges!)

    Lucy is beautiful and I’ve been meaning to post forever that my knitting companion is also a seal point Ragdoll kitty. Polly joined out family over 8 years ago, and is the only common thread in a life that has included 2 moves, several job changes and the addition of 2 kids.

  53. Happy belated birthday to your mom!