My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Pattern Errors

Yeah, they certainly can be annoying. But errors in knitting patterns are a very common occurrence.

I think it is terribly hard to write a pattern that is completely non-ambiguous to at least some people and totally error-free. But I found this pattern (for the short-sleeve cardi) particularly irritating because of the multiple discrepancies in it.

Several of you commented that you had contacted Vogue Knitting in the past with errata and have never heard back from them. I will let them know about the problems I found in the pattern, but I certainly am not expecting any response from them.

Speaking of the cardi . . .


. . . I finished it.

It’s pinned shut. I still need to add buttons. I’ve ordered some deer horn buttons, which should arrive in a couple of days.


When I had the body pieces done, Friday night, I decided to join the shoulders and knit the bands before starting the sleeves. Picking up 223 stitches in aran weight cotton is not my idea of a good time, but I got it done and I’m happy with it. I knitted the sleeves yesterday and assembled it last night. Happily, I found no pattern errors or ambiguities with the sleeves. Once again, seaming aran weight cotton was not a lot of fun, but I’m pleased with how the cardi turned out. I mattress-stitched throughout.

It took exactly 10 skeins of the GGH Big Easy — almost 200 yards less than the pattern called for. I’m betting you could make this cardi with 10 skeins of Rowan All Seasons Cotton. That was my first choice for the pattern, actually, but I only have 10 skeins of any one color of ASC and I didn’t think it would be enough.

I do like the way the cardi looks, but I don’t think I’ll be knitting it again. I don’t particularly enjoy knitting with cotton, and this was really tough on my hands.

Sock Cast-On

Those of you who guessed that the cast-on I used for my sock was the Turkish cast-on were correct. Yes, I still think it is fiddly. Yes, it makes me cranky. But I will admit that it does make a nice toe.

Knitting Mojo

I’m having a tough time with this. When I finished Kiri, I was scrambling around, looking for a another project to knit, because I had nothing in mind. I’m usually thinking about my next project by the time I’m halfway through my current one. I picked up Vogue Knitting, flipped through it, and remembered that I liked the little cardi, so cast on for that. I came very close to abandoning it before I had much more than an inch done, but since I had nothing else in mind, I continued to knit.

I started to panic when the end was in sight for this project. It was a very quick knit. I called L-B on Friday and whined into the phone “L-Beeeeeeeeeeeee! I don’t know what to knit next. What shall I knit neeeeeeeeeeeext?” L-B, Queen of the UFOs, was surprisingly unsympathetic. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Do I want to be knitting a fair isle in wool? You know, because we are about to hit high summer. I’m thinking . . . no.

I did start something new, but I’ll talk about it tomorrow.

Lucy Sez



My Daddy’s lap is my very favorite place to nap!


  1. Wendy in Cambridge says:

    The cardi is beautiful. I can’t believe you can finish things so quickly! It’s really impressive. I’d have been knitting that for days on end.

    Great photo of Lucy her daddy’s lap!

  2. Beautiful cardi! I look forward to seeing the deer horn buttons. How about a small Fair Isle project like mittens for the Dulaan project? Just something to tide you over till your next bigger project. I am stuck on mittens myself these days but they are lots of fun and go quickly.

  3. Wendy, your Cardi is beautiful. I love the design and the colour.. Can’t wait to see what you’re knitting on now.

  4. Lovely cardi. Glad you perserved through the errata.

  5. The cardi is beautiful. It looks like you conquered the pattern mistakes…but that makes for stressful knitting. I don’t think we need more stress in our lives! Love the photo of Lucy and her daddy…his little girl!

  6. OMG, I can’t believe the milk chocolate cardi is finished! What a fabulous job! It is ab-so-lute-ly beautiful! I could never do anything that lovely that fast. I am very impressed!!

    Darling kitty on daddy’s lap! 2 sweet, 2 darling! luv.m.

  7. The cardigan turned out lovely! I’m curious to see what your next project is…

  8. OOOH love the Cardi, please post pics of the buttons when they arrive. They sound perfect!

  9. oh, my…not know what to knit???
    I don’t have my list in written form, but I have so much I WANT to do…and so many UFOs.
    Cardi is great, btw…
    Scratch Lucy’s ears for me, okay?

  10. Well, you’ve already started something anyway, but looking at what you’ve been into lately, how about a modular mitred short-sleeve top? If you have something summery but not 100% cotton in your stash (IF? HA!). “Just One More Row” patterns look so cool: I’ve knit one camisole top and have yarn and the pattern for a short-sleeve top too. I thought you’d knit one, but on a quick breeze through the FOs, none jumped out at me as sounding familiar. Check it out!

  11. Wendy,
    the work you and Lucy do is nothing short of amazing!

    It is a beautiful cardi, I hate that the pattern was…challenging.

    I seem to have a different problem: finding time for all the many things I want to make.

  12. Sigh…you always knit the most lovely things, and so quickly (at least compared to me that is). Everytime I find myself getting discouraged by what I’m knitting, I read your blog and think: OMG! Wendy finished her project already! I better get going on mine. You’re a great motivator!

  13. You persevered! It turned out great. Hmm… maybe a sock?

  14. Very pretty cardi! I like Lucy’s idea better… napping sounds good to me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Of course, I agree with everyone that your cardi is so pretty and you are an amazing inspiration for us all.

    Like you -I have a lot of ideas and patterns/yarn in mind to knit but am having trouble coming up with the one to do next. Nothing is jumping out and begging for my needles. So I am just filling in with the perpetual Log Cabin and some spinning.

  16. I like that cardi! The colour reminds me of rich chocolate milk.

    I was tempted to pick up that issue of Vogue Knitting, since it did have a few nice-looking patterns in it, but as I’ve learned about Vogue, they have nothing that I would actually wear. I figure it was better to save my money than have another magazine full of patterns that wouldn’t look good on me. :p

    And as always, Lucy is the queen of all that is cute in your household. ๐Ÿ˜€

  17. What a beautiful little cardi, the deerhorn buttons will be perfect!

  18. La Harlot asked recently if people preferred written patterns or charts. I was thinking, with the errata in this pattern, the chart probably saved the day!

    I am stunned at how slowly I knit in comparison with you. It seems like you finish something major every day or so!

  19. It looks great Wendy. I am always impressed with how fast you knit. Can’t wait to see what is next.

  20. The cardi is very pretty. When I got into a “what next” stage I decided it was time to knit something really involved. The result was the Wedding Ring Shawl by Sharon Miller. Look into something like that. A shawl like that and lots of socks took me through 10 months of daily kniting.

  21. Hi Wendy! I like the cardigan a lot. I’ve found that the best way to get in contact with VK about errata is to actually contact the designer of the pattern, if you can find contact information for them. There was one issue (Fall 2006 maybe?) where Meg Swansen had some beautiful Norwegian stockings. The ENTIRE pattern was wrong! I was able to contact her, and she got the message to VK and they put up the correct pattern. I also contacted VK, but never heard back from them. I have the feeling their contact form just goes into outer space – maybe it’s supposed to make you feel better?

  22. Marianne Y says:

    Your cardi is gorgeous! I’m with you on not being interested in knitting with cotton–you’re one up on me, though–I would not have knit the first sweater in cotton. Cotton is too heavy & it doesn’t drape the way I would like. (I would not even be interested in knitting cotton washclothes, but I guess that’s me.)

    Wendy, I want to thank you again for your fabulous new sportweight yarn sock pattern!!! I finally finished my first sock in over three decades (I knit a pair of socks when I was in high school), using your pattern & Lorna’s Lace Sport yarn (Devon colorway). I had to rip a couple of rows of the heel at first until I could visualize it, but it was fine from there on. I should have just trusted your pattern in the first place! The toe & the heel, et al, look great! I am really happy with the whole sock. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I seemed to have had a mental block against knitting socks, but now I’ve proven to myself that I can do it again. ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. The cardi is absolutely stunning. Understated, shaped, slightly lacy, lovely! What a success!

    I absolutely love it. AND it matches Lucy!

  24. I love the cardi! I’ve been playing russian roulette with yardage lately myself, isn’t it fun? Hugs to Lucy.

  25. Your cardi is, well, simply stunning. I continue to be in awe of your skill and stick-to-it’ve-ness … when a project annoys me I’ll admit I lack perseverence … thanks for a blog entry that really made me think and encouraged me to improve in that area ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’ve never knit with cotton (embarassing) so I’m curious when you mention “hard on your hands” .. it always feels so soft in the yarn stores?

  26. Boy am I glad I read you! I mean, yikes, the errors! I’m definitely watching this pattern more closely when I knit it… because yours looks AMAZING and that gives me hope for mine.

    And for the commenter above… cotton is soft to touch but not to knit with…. it’s an inelastic fiber. No squoosh or give as you knit. And your fingers know it. But I like having handknit cotton products so I suck it up. Your mileage may vary.

  27. The cardi is gorgeous, I can’t believe how quickly you knit! I used to love cotton yarns, until I was introduced to the wonderfully forgiving nature of wool ๐Ÿ™‚ A good cotton blend is still on my list of favorites, but it’s nice to have options!

  28. So you basically finished this cardigan in less than a week WITH all of the errors?????

    I’m tired just thinking about it. It turned out great though.

  29. OK Wendy, admit it. You are SuperHuman, one of those Super Hero Knitters, an alien, you have two extra hands…or four. Days on your planet are twice as long as ours. You have overcome the need for food, sleep and bodily functions. You’ve mastered Molly Weasleys system of magic wands and invisible knitters. Whatever, how do you make sweaters so quickly. Mitered sweaters, lace sweaters, fair isle and intarsia. All the while knitting a couple of pairs of socks on the train each day.

    The cardigan is lovely, congratulations. I am in awe!

  30. Beautiful! I especially like the back.

  31. I’m still hoping your next project will be something in silk. I have a bunch of silk that I’m dying to get started on, but I have never done silk before, so I’m in need of guidance in the form of Wendy the Wonder Knitter! ๐Ÿ™‚ PattiO

  32. Your cardi looks great. I really liked this pattern and was a bit saddened to see it was error-ridden. i’m glad you pointed them out.

  33. I am knitting that cardi in CottonEase taupe that looks nearly the same as your color. In fact, it was almost spooky to see the pieces of my sweater appear on your website! I was thinking the stretch of the lacy portion may compensate for the absence of the increases after the ribbing?

  34. *grumble* cotton *grumble* But your cardi does look great!!! Despite the errors in the pattern, which would drive me mental.

    Fair Isle in the summer? Why not?!?!

  35. Lovely cardi!

    And – it is never the wrong season to embark on another fair isle knitting adventure ๐Ÿ˜‰

  36. Your cardi looks lovely and worth persevering with

  37. L-Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee says:

    So,I’m thinking that out of the ashes of 2007 Knit From the Stash will rise 2008 Finish My UFOS ๐Ÿ˜‰

  38. Heather in Va says:

    The Cardi is lovely, and hopefully by the time your buttons arrive, your hands won’t hurt anymore. From what I’ve learned, speaking to other knitters about VK, they just don’t do a good job translating to English. Last season, when I was trying to knit that lovely charcoal gray bee stitch jacket, I found the button hole instructions halfway down the paragraph titled Armhole Shaping. That was when I decided to let my subscription run out. I have a Gedifra pattern book and have had similar experiences where the chart openwork didn’t look anything like the openwork on the pictured item. Is it so hard to translate? or was it wrong in the origional language too possibly.

  39. Wendy- The cardi is really cute. Sometimes the hard part is finding the right buttons.

    How do you decide what project to do next? Because Fair Isle is my passion, I’ve always got one on the needles.

    Did you consult Lucy?

  40. The cardigan looks great. I wonder if part of the knitting apathy is related to the frustration you had with this pattern. I find it hard to think ahead when I’m concentrating on fixing the present.

  41. I’m curious – you never seem to loose your knitting mojo. How do you do it? I just get in to moods sometimes where I don’t want to knit (!?).

    And I love the cardigan. But hate cotton. Nice work!

  42. Wendy, the cardi looks great (I’m picturing it with buttons :>). How about doing a summer top in linen and/or hemopathy (Lavold’s). The current Knitters has a nice looking sleelveless top in hemp. Or maybe something like that lacey green summer cardi in the same issue?

    I’m trying to finish a pair if socks in Crystal Palace’s Panda but I keep breaking my sock needles!! I just broke a new ebony needle, along with a least one birch needle. I may have to move to metal needles for sock!

    I’m looking forward to seeing what your new project will be!

  43. ok so i love reading your blog. i even like the new look the problem is i read your blog at work in my free time… like the 3 minutes it takes between phone calls… and since you moved i have not been able to see the pictures. i believe you are using an external site now to host your pictures and all of those sites are blocked at work…
    sigh. oh well i will need to figure out something.

  44. The cardi is very nice, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it this summer. Got a question for you: Have you given up spinning? Haven’t seen or heard anything about your spinning life in quite a while. Just asking as I’m a new spinner, and look for inspiration/guidance everywhere!

  45. I love the cardi! ๐Ÿ™‚

  46. I’m constantly amazed that sweaters I see in magazines which leave me cold look so good when knit up on a blog. I love the cardi!

    Maybe Lucy has some ideas for what to knit next? ๐Ÿ™‚

  47. As a fellow NOVA resident, I am always amazed at how much knitting you are able to get done. I’m so jealous that you get to knit on the Metro. I don’t think “they” would like me knitting while driving up 7 to Tysons every day.

  48. The cardigan is absolutely gorgeous. I am inspired. I love it!

  49. The cardi looks great! I’m sorry that the pattern wasn’t the most pleasant one to knit, but the results are worth it, I think.

    Hope the new knit is more enjoyable!

  50. Momerina says:

    The cardi is beautiful. Thanks for mentioning the cotton being hard on your hands. I thought it was just me. I’ve started my first cotton project (a summer shell) and my hands are killing me but the shell is looking pretty good. Wish I could finish it as fast as you do.

  51. Your cardi looks fantastic. I can’t wait to see you modeling it!

    I *love* the turkish cast on, so it’s so odd to me that you almost hate it. I guess everyone is different!

  52. Wendy, darling, that cardi is gorgeous. I know you had a hard time with it, but from what I can see it looks like it was well worth it.


  53. Dorothy says:

    Your cardi is gorgeous!! I had admired this piece as well but now you mention all the discrepencies I’m not sure. Is there a place to go and find the corrections.

    Lucy is a sweet as always.

  54. The cardi is so lovely. I am sure you will be glad that you didn’t abandon it once you wear it.

    Cut picture of Lucy and her Daddy.

  55. YAY! for the Turkish Cast ON – must be fate, I finally added a link to my TCO tutorial that I’ve been meaning to add for ages so even tho the tute is from 2005 is coming up as new in bloglines — did ya feel the vibe Wendy dear? ๐Ÿ™‚

    I love this cardi, the color and the style are just so cute! Did the cotton hurt your hands because its pure cause I’ve never heard you complain about ASC which is a cotton microfiber blend (as you know)

  56. Wow. This cardi is so interesting looking. If I wore them, I could almost imagine knitting myself one.

  57. Oh my God that is the best cardi IN THE WORLD!!

    As usual, Lucy is cute also.