My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Socks and Sock Yarn and Other Stuff

Yes, it might have been a little mean of me to mention the Summer of Socks yesterday, considering that sign-ups to join were closed on May 26. But in my defense, I blogged about it when I first found out about it, on May 2nd. That’ll teach you “skimmers” not to pay attention. πŸ˜‰

New Sock Yarn

I got a bunch of sock yarn in the mail yesterday. It was like Christmas and birthday rolled into one chez WendyKnits. First up:



This is merino wool sock yarn from The Knittery, in the Passionfruit colorway. I won this skein of sock yarn in a contest over at Black Dog Knits. (If you have never visited, go there now — lovely photography!) I got to select any colorway of this yummy yarn from those available at The Knittery and the Passionfruit colorway called out to me.

Next up in the great cavalcade of sock yarns . . .



Zen String Serendipity fingering weight. OMG! OMG! I bought some of the sportweight when it was first offered at The Loopy Ewe and love it. Last week Sheri put up some fingering weight for sale (yeah, it’s sold out now, thanks to people like me). The colorways are “Jamie” and “Ochoco.”

Another from my Loopy order:



A new sock yarn from Cherry Tree Hill — SockItToMe. (If you are old enough to remember Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In, you may commence giggling in a nostalgic manner now.) This colorway is called “Misty Moor.” The yarn is 80% merino wool and 20% nylon. It’s got a lovely squishy feel to it.

More Loopy yarn . . .



Merino/silk blend from the lovely Heather at All Things Heather. The colorway is “Passion.”

Even more Loopy yarn . . .



Claudia Handpainted — one of my very favorite sock yarns, in a glorious colorway called “Teal Party.”

So, I think I’m all set for the Summer of Socks, don’t you?

Speaking of socks, here is the second Cider Moon sock.



I’ll have this finished well before the June 21 start date for the Summer of Socks. But I don’t want to start a new pair until the start date — don’t want to be in the middle of a pair at the start — that would never do, now would it? So I must find something else to occupy my train-knitting time until then.

A Plug for Ravelry

By now y’all have heard about Ravelry — some of you have been beta testers since the get-go, others of you have just received your invitation to join, and others of you are waiting for your invitations. (If you wanna join, you need to go add your name to the list. Click on the link above to go do that.)

Anyhow. If you are Ravelry-ing away and are enjoying it, please consider donating to help defray the costs of running the whole operation. There’s a link from the main page after you log-in to a page where you can donate. (No, I am not affiliated with Ravelry, nor did Casey and Jess ask me to mention this. I discovered the donate link at my last log-in and think it’s a good idea for the community to chip in to help keep things running. Heck, even a dollar or two will help!)

New Photo Coolness Question

About the new plug-in that Knotty Daisy installed to make the Flickr photos display in a pop-up when clicked upon, Cathy-Cate commented:

And I don’t know what magic Daisy wrought, but I can now see photos at work (without clicking) despite Flickr being blocked. . . .they’re smaller but totally fine! Awesome!
Thanks, Daisy!

Interesting! Are any of you others who have Flickr blocked experiencing this same thing now? Or did Cathy-Cate’s Flickr become unblocked at her workplace without her knowing it? πŸ™‚

Q & A

Q: What is Lucy sitting on?



A: That would be the sock I completed yesterday.


  1. That’s some really awsome sock yarn you’ve got there… Makes my fingers want to cast on another pair of socks. Do you usually work on one pair at a time?

  2. hmm your photos don’t open in pop-up windows for me. can you point me to the blog where you first mentioned the flickr pop-up windows?

  3. oh, never mind. my eyes apparently don’t work well. i found it! but the photos still aren’t opening in pop-up windows, FYI

  4. ack! i’m overtaking your comments! okay, so it does work, but only sometimes, and only for certain photos? i can’t seem to figure it out.

  5. You know, my cat is totally uninterested in my knitting. Yours seems completely engrossed!

  6. nichole says:

    Ravelry is my newest love. I donated the few bucks I could spare as soon as that donate button went up. I think Ravelry is going to be very huge very soon, and I looooooooove it.

  7. Wendy- Nice sock yarn- the Passion is great.

    And yes, I used to love Laugh-In. Verrry interesting.
    The success of Ravelry confirms that knitters are a force to be reckoned with.

    Goodnight Dick.

  8. You did it to me again didn’t you? That’s the second time that something I had in my cart disappeared before I could check out and showed up on your blog shortly thereafter. I refer in this instance to the CHP Teal Party yarn. Because I did at least get my ZS Jamie. It’s enough to make a gal a bit paranoid. Oh well, there’ll probably be more. And it’s not like I have a shortage of sock yarn. (I think I have enough to last years actually. I wonder if I should worry about that instead.)

    What’s worrying me most is that because I got sick between when I first heard about Ravelry and a couple of weeks ago when I was reminded about it, I can’t remember if I’ve already signed up to be notified when they have room or not. Be embarrassing to try to do it twice. Oh well, I can go donate either way I expect.

  9. I think the correct response is: “Lucy is sitting on whatever she wants (being a cat and mistress of the house and all that)” πŸ™‚

    I love the colors in that Cider Moon yarn!

  10. Giggling away at Sock It To Me.

    Do you think Lucy likes to “camp out” on your knitting projects because they have acquired your scent?

    Summer of Socks will be a lot of fun – I’ve met Jessica and we had a great time. Wonderful yarns you have there, but I think you’ll knit your way through these in a month and SOS runs longer than that. It’s not like I’m suggesting you need more yarn or anything like that – because I know you have noooo stash whatsoever – I’m just thinking out loud is all. (wanders away whistling innocently)

  11. Oh, I am quite jealous of all your pretty sock yarn. That is going to be a lot of nice socks!

  12. Huh. I HAD signed up for the Summer of Socks but had more or less forgotten it. Sheesh. Where is my head?? Must have been all the wool fumes from all that gorgeous yarn . . .

  13. I’m on a yarn diet (and for me, sock yarn *does* count) and I’m just woozy looking at all that gorgeous sock yarn! Must resist, must resist. . .

  14. Whadda ya mean that you’re all set for socks? Are you serious? You’ve barely scratched the surfact of serious yarn pron!
    This is a disease. I think I need to join Yarnstashers Anonymous.
    Resistance is futile…..

    Lucy has the right idea: sit on that sock, baby.

  15. that colorway from the knittery is beautiful!!!

  16. I’m glad you like it and I hope it becomes your new favourite sock yarn. Thanks for playing.

  17. Tigger's Mom says:

    It is the Fickle Finger of Fate that makes the flickr pics appear or not!

    I have 15 hanks of Cider Moon Glacier and it IS divine. I bought all of mine from The Loopy Ewe – bwah ha ha ha ha!

    I also love the Zen String Serendipity. I just got the Ochoco too, as well as Maypole and Living Light (from The Loopy Ewe, natch). All so lovely. I am making socks in the Aloha colorway of that yarn right now. Fabulous! (And there is some left at The Loopy Ewe!)

    Lucy knows when something feels cushy on her tushy!

  18. have you tried the new silkie from STR? I’m not a huge STR person but OMG its amazing to knit with, pretty and SOFT!

  19. And Lucy looks like “Oh, Am I sitting on your sock? So sorry! I didn’t even notice it!”

    I’m lovin’ Ravelry…

  20. I’m drooling (literally) – yarnlicious. Thanks for the heads up on the Ravelry donation. I just received my invitation a couple of days ago…

  21. Thank you so much, Wendy! Casey and I really appreciate your support- seriously. πŸ™‚

    mwah mwah!

    (jess- ravelry and frecklegirl)

  22. I know a lot of people think that fingering weight yarn is sock yarn, but it isn’t. It’s lacy shawl and stole and scarf yarn. There’s something vaguely distasteful about all of you walking around on it when you could be draping it on your shoulders. πŸ™‚

  23. WOW! great stash enhancement! I’m so jelous!

  24. That is one of the cutest photos of Lucy. Love the yarn, too!

  25. Lucy looks like she just hatched that sock and isn’t quite sure what species it is.
    “How did that get there?”

    And I am sorry to report that today at work (shhh! don’t tell anyone that I look at blogs over lunch!) I once again was Flickrless. It was working for a whole week! You know, there were server problems happening at work, and I was switched over to an alternate server, now am back to the usual server; maybe they forgot to block “Personal Storage Sites” on the substitute server!

    Oh well, thanks anyway, wonderful Daisy! At home, it looks great, and at work, at least the work-around works! (or who knows, maybe the Flickr fairy will visit me again at work!)

  26. Such pretty yarn! I must get more yarn!!

    Lucy just has great taste in socks!!

  27. Lucy is adorable, as usual, sitting on the sock.

  28. It never ceases to amaze me how cats will squish themselves into all kinds of positions in order to fully fall within the parameters of a piece of knitting. Congrats to Lucy. Fitting a Ragdoll onto a single sock is quite an impressive feet, er, feat.

    My cat now has something to aspire to.

  29. I’m very silly tonight. 1st Crackup at Rowan and Martin. 1 Ringy Dingy…And Goldie Hawn was younger than her daughter is now~snort~It does look like Christmas without the decorations at your house, what a great score! I saw you win at BDK’s and was so thrilled for you! Nora’s such a doll πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the heads-up on the Ravelry donation thing too. I’m sure I didn’t see that last time, that’s a whole other area to cover. Will be great for me for when I’m laid off.

    Lucy looks to be contemplating the new sock. Will it fit her tail or should she ask for a fall colorway tail sock? Does the season/weather influence what colorway you want to work with? Or does it just sometimes rain yarns and fibers?

  30. Sometimes I still can’t get over what a beautiful cat Lucy is! Especially when I see pictures of all of her like this, and not just her face (which is no less beautiful, though).

    I signed up for a Ravelry invite a week or so ago, and am still waiting for one. I hope to get one soon, since I hear so many people singing the praises of that site. I want to join in the fun!

  31. i actually donated a couple of days ago. i think ravelry rocks!

  32. We must be traveling in the same yarn circles because I also received Zen String, All Things Heather, Sock It To Me and the same yarn (Passionfruit) from The Knittery.

    Not to be an enabler or anything, but have you explored The Woolen Rabbit ( Gorgeous stuff!

  33. Theresa in Italy says:

    Isn’t it fun when a whole bunch of sock yarn shows up at once? Is the SockItToMe yarn liable to get splashed with a bucket of water when least expected?

    At least Lucy is only sitting on the sock, not drooling on it like my domestic beast would do!

  34. You bet your sweet bippy!!!

  35. I’m with Cathy-Cate- Flickr is blocked at my office, but I’d been able to see the photos without clicking on the popup last week, too, and today it seems to be out of order again. But that’s ok, because the popups still work. Thanks to you and Daisy for letting us see your fabulous sock stash enhancements! (Which is totally excluded from regular stash, thanks to the knit from your stash sock yarn exclusion.) Ok, just letting Cathy-Cate know she’s not alone on this!

  36. Brittany says:

    Still can’t get to flickr (or your photos) out here in China. It was working for a while, but it’s been blocked the last few weeks. πŸ™

  37. How cool is it that when I click on a photo, I can then slide show my way through the rest of your photos? Very cool!

    Thanks for the Ravelry donation heads up. I will get on that (and I hope many others do, too).

  38. I’m totally coveting all of your sock yarn – esp. that Teal Party. LOVE it! That Claudia has a way with color, doesn’t she?

  39. eastofeden says:

    When you first moved to Flicker I could not see your photos However, last week, I could view the photos from your webpage. This week I have to click on the link to open the popup to see them.

  40. all that sock yarn makes my fingers just want to dance!
    must knit faster. must get me some of that yarn!

  41. Ravelry is great. I just signed up yesterday. I spent much of my evening taking pictures of my stash to organize it on the site. My next goal is to enter more projects that I have finished and pictures of all my WIPs… Then I would like to continue adding more stash…

  42. Scrumptious yarn! I have sock envy!

  43. Lucy seems to be wondering what she’s sitting on, too!

  44. Wow. That’s some lovely yarn. I love the photo of Lucy best though!

  45. Hello!

    I love your knitted socks. I am very jellous, as I am finding it very hard for me to use 3 needles. I goof! I tried a round washcloth, you may have seen it , it was a flower..I did find til I had to go to three needles and work the stiches from there.

    Your yarn also is to die for, I love the colors and the colors of your presentations.

    Heres to many good socks and no dropped stitches.


  46. What sock Momma, I don’t see no sock, no way no how. What move?? Oh I’m quite comfy thanks, what now? Oh my, how did that get there, It wasn’t there when I sat down, I swear. MEow **eye bat**

    This is what I saw when I saw miss Lucy sitting there πŸ˜€

  47. Wow, I’m jealous of all your sock yarn goodness. Even though sock yarn doesn’t count as stash for me, I’m still reluctant to buy it because I have literally TONS. Though I’m sure not as much as you πŸ˜‰

    Also I would totally donate to ravelry.. if I was in yet! Oh well, I’m waiting!

  48. Flickr is still blocked where I work but I want to let you know how much I appreciate the link below the “pictures”. It is nice to be able to see what you are talking about.

  49. Isn’t Sock it to Me the house brand of sock yarn? Seems like there may be a trademark issue there. Of course, Elann is Canadian and Cherry Tree Hill is American (I think), so it may not be a problem. At any rate, it’s all pretty. It makes me want to knit socks (which I don’t especially like).

  50. Wendy you have to try Knittery’s merino cashmere nylon blend. It is like heaven. A bit thicker then fingering weight. I have Orange Blossom color. Most of the colors have sold out, but there is supposed to be a resupply in late June.
    I love this yarn so much, it may end up as a scarf or something more visible. It seems a shame to hide it away inside shoes. The other new and beautiful yarn I have found is Zen Garden at Etsy. Merino and tencel. Soft with that bit of sheen from the tencel.
    There are pictures of the yarns at my blog. You should have some of the Merino Cashmere blend for Summer of socks. Not that I am enabling or anything πŸ™‚