My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Socks and Silk

Yeah, like I said yesterday, this pair of socks is going to be completed well before the start of the Summer of Socks on June 21.



To recap, these socks were knitted in my Sportweight Toe-up Gusset Heel Sock pattern (pdf) in Cider Moon Glacier sportweight merino wool, in the Wildwood colorway, on 2.75mm needles.

Do I have time to get another quick pair of socks in before June 21. Well, yeah, probably. Am I gonna? Well, no. Why? don’t wanna.

I think I’m going to work on something using this:



This is 350 meters of lovely, lovely hand-dyed silk from Solveig at Solsilke — where I got my Bohus kits. I’ve had this skein since December 2005, so this is truly stash yarn. It never made it into the stash room, though. It has been living in a bowl in my living room where I can see it every day and take it out and fondle it from time to time. I think it is high time that it fulfill its destiny, don’t you?



So what’s it going to be? Wanna hazard a guess? I’ll give you a hint . . . think lace!

I’m still working on the Handsome Triangle, speaking of lace. Fifty more rows . . .



Sock Questions

Jenneke asked, about socks:

Do you usually work on one pair at a time?

I usually do, but perhaps for the Summer of Socks I’ll work on two pair at a time — a complicated pattern for “at home” and an easier one for the road.

I’m thinking that I’ll use the Summer of Socks as an excuse to expand my horizons — make some socks and employ some techniques that I usually don’t consider because socks are always my easy commuter knitting. Then again, I may wimp out and knit a bunch of plain toe-up socks. You just never know . . .

Carol asked:

Does the season/weather influence what colorway you want to work with? Or does it just sometimes rain yarns and fibers?

I am all over the map when it comes to colorways in sock yarn. As far as I’m concerned, anything goes! Some of my socks are knit for other people so they don’t need to be in colors I “like.” While I do stick to certain color palettes for clothes for myself (for example, when I wear grey I look dead so I almost never wear grey — unless I want to look dead, of course), but I will break all the rules for socks.

A couple of you were concerned that the sock yarn I posted about yesterday would not be enough to keep me in sock knitting for the entirety of the Summer of Socks. Now, you didn’t really think that’s the only sock yarn I have did you?

Lucy sez



“I know how much sock yarn Momma has! But she doesn’t like for me to play with any of it. What’s wrong with her?”


  1. Okay Lucy, spill the beans- how much sock yarn does she have?

  2. That silk yarn is so gorgeous I can hardly stand it. If it’s that beautiful on my monitor, I can’t imagine what it’s like up close & personal! I can surely understand why it didn’t go in the stash room. I would think Lucy would get jealous what with you petting that silk & all. Can’t wait to see what it becomes.

  3. Of course you have more sock yarn! What can a person expect when Sheri at The Loopy Ewe keeps updating with the most beautiful yarns! I missed it last night, so I missed more Yarn Pirate! You do have some Yarn Pirate in that stash, right?

  4. Wendy, have you ever done the Mystery Stole Along over at Pink Lemon Twist? I’m doing it for the first time this year and haven’t ever knit any *really* complex lace. Any chance you’ll be doing it with us?

    P.S. I didn’t get anything at the last LE update, but I did snap up the PTK Neon Rainbow from today’s! Woohoo for Sheri!

  5. Shirley, in PA says:

    Wendy, that photo of Lucy is amazing! I hope you don’t mind but I grabbed it and it’s now wallpaper on my iMac computer. It’s truly art – beautiful kitty and beautiful photograph. I like your silk yarn too – my colors.

    Something from Heirloom Knitting? Oh. I should go look at your “queue” on Ravelry…well, rather than do that, how about…
    A Knitted Veil from Victorian Lace Today?
    Lucy, dear, Mom doesn’t want you to get in the sock yarn. Period. That ought to be reason enough…
    (What, Meeze? The Meezer says “that’s a stupid thing to say, Mommie…cats get in yarn, PERIOD.”)

  7. Bwahahahahahahahaha people thinking that it was the only yarn you had, yesterday’s passel! If only you were that deprived, eh?

    27 pairs in stash ought to be barely enough for summer of socks, right? Right. Just barely.

    Can’t wait to see what that amazing silk is growing up to be….

  8. *drool*

  9. That is a freaky picture of Lucy! She looks like she’s trying to exert some serious mind control.

    My guess is a scarf from VLT–so something really fast like maybe the Victorian Ruby scarf? I think the yardage is about right. There are a couple of others in there I can see you doing with that yarn too ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I’ve been doing the two pairs of socks thing (one for complicated, one for meetings). I unfortunately (?) don’t have a commute where I’m not driving myself, and that doesn’t lend itself to socking along! I have a “routine 14” sock pattern that I do over and over again, and while it’s nice soothing knitting and results in fine socks, I’ve been challenging myself to do more complicated socks. I’m currently doing Nancy Bush’s “Birch Leaf Socks” from A Gathering of Lace. They’ve turned into meeting knitting now that I’ve only got the feet left and I long since memorized the lace pattern (such as it is).

    What will the next pair of complicated socks be? Oh dear, the decisions!

  11. That silk is just beautiful. I don’t know if I could bring myself to knit with it! I’m guessing something smallish, a forest canopy or similarl-sized lace scarf. Whatever it is, it’ll be lovely!

  12. could it finally be the spring things shawl? i’m going to keep guessing that until i get it right. i mean it has to happen eventually right? ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. I’m so jealous of all your beautiful socks. I can’t seem to get mine done because I have 12 other yummy projects going!

  14. Didn’t you just start those “Wildwood” socks yesterday? Rabbitch’s right, you’re the fastest knitter on the planet.

    That silk is beyond gorgeous.

  15. So glad you might be pushing the sock threshold on different patterns. Anxiously awaiting results, and your comments. At the speed you knit, it won’t be long. That silk is luscious.

  16. Wendy in Cambridge says:

    One of the things I love most about sock knitting is that anything goes in terms of color. Olive green or bright orange are fine on my feet–definitely not so next to my face!

    Wendy, I’m constantly impressed, not only by the speed at which you knit, but how disciplined you are about finishing things! Ummm–I can’t say the same for myself…I’ve been pretty good about completing both socks, though, lately, before starting a new one.

    The silk is lovely. Can’t wait to see what you’re doing with it.

    Lucy is lovelier.

  17. Socks are gorgeous. Bet the silk is going to be a lace scarf…perhaps?? And, I need to know what kind of DPNs you use…because as fast as you knit socks they must have a motor on them!! LOL

  18. Too bad my monitor doesn’t have ‘feel-o-vision’. I’d love to get my hands on that silk. And pet Lucy, of course.
    I’m still going to have a summer of socks. I’ve got two pairs under my belt and received my first order from the Loopy Ewe. And I have two sock projects already planned. I think I’m hooked.

  19. I second the motion for ‘feel-o-vision.’ That skein is lovely. Reminds me of the Fiesta “La Luz” skein in my stash that I was just fondling last night. Aaaah.

  20. Alice in Richmond says:

    I’m not guessing. But I like it whatever it will be.

  21. Poor Lucy. No sock yarn for the kitties.

    I love the color of the new project! And I can completely understand why the yarn’s been living in a bowl for easy fondling for a while!

  22. Man, that was fast!!!! The yarn for the new project looks like fun. I can’t wait to see what it is going to be. At this rate you may have a finished project tomorrow.

  23. Beth P. in Maryland says:

    I would like to see that silk knit up into a lacy shell or tank top.
    But, I’m sure whatever you have in mind for it will be fabulous!!

    Have you ever knit socks (catnip filled, of course) for Lucy? I have checked out you mouse pattern, but wouldn’t socks be adorable?


  24. PICAdrienne says:

    The yarn is almost as pretty as Lucy.

    I am thinking it is going to become a rectangular lace shawl/scarf, in a pattern NOT from Victorian Lace Today. Other than that, I don’t have a guess. I do know it will be beautiful.

  25. OK, I will hazard a guess that the gorgeous silk yarn will become a Sivia Harding Diamond Fantasy Shawl. Is that considered lace? Whatever it becomes, I’m sure it will be GORGEOUS!

  26. Color, yarn and all over the map go well together. Wildwood socks’ color mix is really summery and cool! My kind of colors. The silk is just plain drool inducing. I can see how silky it is:) I have a fave hank of Brooks Farm Primero that has been my pet for months. If I knit my UFOs, I get to make something new.
    Stunning photo of Lucy~Meeowww! That would look nice; framed on momma’s desk ๐Ÿ˜‰

  27. I have recently been struck by the blog bug. I started a wordpress blog but for the life of me I cannot figure out how to link to my photos on flicker. Well, I take that back, I sort of figured it out but the photo was HUGE! How do you get the small photos to show up on your blog? Is that based on the size in which they are uploaded? How do you get more then one photo? I figured out how to set up my blog on flicker but it seems that there is only an option to add on picture per post and you have to blog from flicker (I think!).
    You are by far more blog/flicker savvy then I and I thought maybe you could help. If not, that’s OK.

    Thanks in advance!

  28. Christina says:

    The hand-dyed silk looks exquisite! And your shawl from VLT will be beautiful. I saw the shawls from VLT at Stitches West and can’t wait to cast on for one in silk as well. Do you have a fool-proof method for joining balls? I’ve knit with an alpaca/silk blend that I was able to splice but I’ve yet to knit with 100% silk.

  29. The socks are lovely.

    Ooooo look at that silk. I am excited to see what you have planned for it.

    So Lucy, How much sock yard does your Momma have?

  30. What a super gorgeous palette of yarn! Magenta, teal, cobalt blue… fantabulous! I can’t wait to see what the new lace creation will be; something spectacular I bet!!

    Ohhhhh Luuuucccyyyyyyyyyy I have a can of TUNA open and waiting for you if you cough up the info on Momma’s yarn stash!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ A wink w/a smile! luv.m.

  31. Well I might have a little bit of an idea of how much sock yarn you have. But I’ll never tell. ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. Theresa in Italy says:

    No matter what you make with that silk, it’s bound to be gorgeous. Drooool…

  33. the silk colors are to dye for ๐Ÿ˜‰

  34. Laura D says:

    Can’t wait to see what you make with that gorgeous silk.

  35. After all this time, and my extended yarn diet, it’s happened!! You’ve finally done it and I’m totally caving…..ordering these exquisite yarns from these little niche dealers over the ‘Net. And the sock addiction has returned full blast.

    I can’t stop myself. It’s all your fault and I’m so delighted!!!!

    Now who should I buy yarn from today????

  36. OH JOY!! More Silk, MORE lace! I need to step away from my wheel, and join you in some silk/lace knitting. the yarn is lovely, I can’t wait to see what you make from it. ๐Ÿ™‚ PattiO

  37. Very pretty socks!

    Want to finish the ones I have on the needles so I can start fresh for SOS too? lol!

  38. Hahahaha….those of us that have been hanging around these parts awhile know you have enough sock yarn for the SOS 2050 ๐Ÿ™‚

    I love the new silk!!

    How about trying some of Cookie A.’s new patterns – I see a Twisted Flower in your future!

  39. Something more challenging… have you seen Poseidon? It has lace dolphins and tiny waves.

  40. Wendy, I love this heel! Thank you, thank you, thank you.


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