My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Fun Stuff!

Because the knitting chez WendyKnits is sorta boring right now, I thought I’d show some fun stuff I’ve acquired recently.

First up, a card case for my Moo cards!

Moo Card Case 061907

Moo Card Case 061907

Is that not too cute? I bought it from Splatgirl on etsy. She’s got several different styles of “Moo Pockets” for sale, and you can choose your own fabric from the ones she has available. (Seriously, though, how could I not choose the fabric with “moo” printed on it?) My Moo Pocket has a clip on it so I can hang it on a purse handle, as pictured.

Second, danglefree stitch markers!

Stitchmarkers 061907

Stitchmarkers 061907

I bought all of these from Hide and Sheep (also etsy) on Margaret‘s recommendation. I got several different sizes, and different color beads. Pretty!

Both these sellers gave me extremely prompt service and the items are lovely. I give ’em two thumbs up!

Third . . .

Posy Sock Sack 061907

Posy Sock Sack 061907

A Posy Sock Sack, made by Knitnana! (Although at the moment it is a Posy Scarf Sack.) This is in the “Michelle Meow” fabric, lined in a pretty green. There are pockets inside to hold needles, tape measure, and whatever notions you take along with your sock knitting.

I love it! And I love the button.

Posy Sock Sack Button 061907

Posy Sock Sack Button 061907

The Strange Case of the Stink in the Office

It just keeps getting better and better (said in a sarcastic tone of voice).

It’s a long story, but the short version is that the guys who came on Thursday to service our moldy reeking radiators did a half-*ssed job. (Now why does that not surprise me?) It’s still stink-o-rama in the office and I’ve documented the problem in writing and the timeline of events and sent it up the line of command, as I was advised. I hope they do something sooner rather than later. I left work early today (at my boss’s urging) because the stench got unbearable.

On Friday we lifted the tops off the radiators and saw that the workers had shoved this down inside.

Bad Air Sponge 061907

Bad Air Sponge 061907

Oh yeah. That fixes everything.

I have more photos, but I’ll spare you. They are not for the faint of heart. They are also not for the weak of stomach.

Lucy the Party Girl

Sherry asked:

Iโ€™m curious, does Lucy generally like people who visit?

I think Lucy is like Will Rogers — she’s never met a man (or woman, for that matter) she didn’t like. There are some people she seems to naturally gravitate towards, and be particularly fond of, and Rossana is one of those people.

But I can well imagine that anyone who has ever met Rossana probably feels that way about her. ๐Ÿ™‚ Lucy is simply showing that she has good taste and is an excellent judge of people.

Extreme close-up!

Lucy 061907

Lucy 061907


  1. You mean to say that their way of dealing with the stink was to put 1 lonely “Bad Air Sponge” in?????!!!!!! did they at least pull out the mouldy stuff that was in there? I mean, really, how is 1 stupid sponge thing supposed to do anything?

  2. I just love your knitting tschotches! 2 adorable!

    Doesn’t surprise me the doofus’ trying to “fix” your stinky problem probably didn’t much at all except move some stinky, gunky stuff around. In the hospital I worked in previously there was always ceiling problems, i.e. leaks (I had a ceiling section directly above me give way one day – missed my head by inches) in the ceiling or freezing cold air coming from the vents (along with assorted dirt particles) or blistering hot air coming from the vents (along with assorted dirt particles), so I suppose it’s the same everywhere! Hopefully your time off from work will not count as a paid time off day ! And.. you get to spend more quality time with Lucy. What more could you want?
    Gorgeous pic of Lucy. Luv.m.

  3. What a horrible thing! Can’t anyone do a good job today? I love my Posy Sock Sack! Sallee does such beautiful work!

  4. Miss Lucy’s Extreme Closeup is simply gorgeous!!! Wow!!! I am so embarrassed to be so dense, but . . . . what is a Moo card?

  5. I’ve been looking at splatgirl’s Moo card holders, too, I must confess. I like the one you picked out.

    Oh, for the curious —

  6. umm… what’s a Moo card? We have Steelers cards and Bicycle cards, but I’m pretty darn certain they aren’t the same thing.

  7. I love your new bag! I’m going to have to see if I can find one for myself — you can never have too many sock bags, I say. Meanwhile, I hope your maintenance folks come up with something better than an air sponge. I mean, really.

  8. I saw one of those specially bred cats this past weekend — the ones that cost $1000 and look like leopards?

    Lucy is w-a-a-y cuter.

    Although I have to admit the freak of nature, um, specially bred cat had the plushest fur I’ve ever touched. Because I did manage to touch him before his owner whisked him away. ^_^

  9. Whew! Glad to see I’m not the only one who has never heard of Moo Cards. I followed the link, and I still don’t exactly know.

    I do think I may need to get one of those sock sacks, though. I know EXACTLY what that is!

  10. I logged on to Hide and Sheep, but I didn’t buy any stitch markers. I did, however, fall in serious love with the beaded row counter, and ordered it. Thanks for the great link!

    Can you work from home and get away from the stinky office until the problem is fixed? I’m sure you know that mold is not good for you to breathe. Stay well!

  11. Michele in Maine says:

    Wendy, you are a serious enabler! First, making me completely addicted to the Loopy Ewe and her wonderful yarns, now, making me totally crazy about getting a Posy Sock Sack!!

    Thanks for the great tips!


  12. You are an enabler. I really don’t need but I really want so will dip into the yarn budget. These things are all small. I can have them sent to work and if they come home from work in my knitting bag then they obviously are not new, right??

  13. Maybe they make a Lazy *ss Repairman Remover too?

  14. I love Hide and Sheep! They have the cutest dangley sheep stitch markers. I’m thinking about having those made into earrings and/or a necklace. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. I’d like to state that I know Knitnana! Personally. In fact, we’re going to be knitting together tonight. For those interested you can find her wonderful bags at I’m sure she’d be thrilled you came by!

    and even though I’m not sure I totally get the moo cards, I love that case!!!

  16. Sounds like typical government contractors. I hope it works out soon. Were they supposed to get the sponge wet and scrub everything? Seems like it would work better.

    A sock question–How do you determine how long to make the leg of a sock? I haven’t figured out a fool-proof method for gifted socks. They always seem to be either 2 inches too long or too short.

  17. Your AC problem is gross, but it is not only stinky, it is potentially dangerous. Did you bring up something like…”Legionnaire’s Disease”? Considering the liability they would have if someone got sick, I would think they would do a bang-up job of A. cleaning it up or B. replacing it. Was it the old AC? Or did they change it when they renovated your offices? And then, the real question is…why is it so moldy, stinky in the first place? Did they fix the source or the symptom? Sounds to me as if “neither” is the answer.

    Their solution makes for one hilarious photo, but it doesn’t say much for their maintenance skills. Some Clorox is in order, a thorough scrubbing, drying, filter changes, at the very least.

    If you go back in there, take a spray can of Lysol or something to disinfect until they do something better.

    OK, off soapbox! Good luck!

  18. Ugh. Great. Try to cover up the smell instead of taking care of the mold. Brilliant. They really should let you work from home until it’s taken care of… Mold can be nasty stuff.

  19. The moo card case? How cute is that??

    (And, I’m still choking, coughing, and wheezing on your behalf . . . it makes Rose’s asthma-attack-inducing perfume at work seem, well, like roses!

  20. Wow, I do love the sock bag. I recently purchased a couple of yards of a wonderful cat print fabric and the bag gives me an idea of what to do with it. Some days it’s a tug-of-war between my sewing and my knitting! I love both but can only do one or the other at a time.

    Lucy just looks like a very friendly cat. My tabby who passed four and a half years ago was like that, too. Bless his heart, I never heard Skeety hiss at anyone including other kitties during his lifetime.

    As for the stink problem, eww. I can’t believe that guy thought that would solve the problem.

  21. boy – when you buy something you buy something … I’ve just been buying a set at a time (of course if I thought more clearly I could have saved a ton on shipping – but yes, Hide and Sheep gives phenomenal service- and one should definitely check there quite often, because their stuff GOES like crazy!

  22. I think we all gravitate towards Rossana. I have never met a kinder and more beautiful soul! My cowboy just adores her!

  23. Kate/Massachusetts says:

    Okay, I give…what’s a moo card? and why would one need a moo pocket?

  24. Oh…that’ll teach me to leave work early for an eye appointment! My mailbox is loaded – Nikki had to tell me at our knitting group that you’d posted a photo of your Posy Sock Sack!
    I’m so pleased you like it (I especially liked that button, too!)

    For anyone interested, Posy isn’t on my website yet, but just shoot me an email and we’ll work everything out…
    siameezercat AT gmail DOT com

    Enjoy it Wendy – and I hope you get that stink problem solved…there is NOTHING worse…(I don’t think anyway!)

  25. DOUBLE EEEEEEWWWWWW! And I appreciate you not posting the pics of the stinky mold, especially since we’re about to have dinner here chez knittish. BLECK!

    And, aw shucks…>>blush

  26. What!? That’s so cheeky – ewww. Great etsy buys.

  27. Yuck! (about the office odor issue that is) I really get torqued when people don’t do their job properly. Good job you’re documenting everything. Other commenters are right – there’s a good chance there’s a health issue associated with breathing in whatever it is. I’d ask about alternatives myself.

    Other commenters are also right about you being a dreadful enabler. I think at this point I better let the rush die down before I go check anything out though. Thanks for finding so many cool things.

  28. Holly Abery-Wetstone says:

    Forgive me for my ignorence but what is a Moo card?

  29. Lee Cockrum says:

    I wish I could meet Lucy and kiss that lovely face!

  30. Love the sock sack. And since you are solely The Knitter responsible for turning me on to sock knitting (oh, the joys of going almost everywhere and being able to knit something that stowes away easily) I must follow your lead and get a sack. Thanks for this knitting accessory hint as well as all of the others you have provided to us blog readers AND thanks for the great patterns, hints and tips, and the gorgeous pictures which really help someone like me, who is still a relatively new knitter. THANK YOU

    Now: What is, as the others have asked, a Moo card AND Does it make you feel comfortable that OSHA encompasses a whole lot of real estate in the building you work in and you are not being protected (especially since I think I once read you once worked for them)?

  31. polarbears says:

    Our tax dollars at work. sigh.

  32. Wendy – How fustrating!! Someone on my van works in an office in which about 2 months ago they had a similar problem with the ventilation system on her floor. Several of the people at the front desk in her area including her got sick and had to go to the ER. Turns out it was a ‘gas leak’. I’m glad to hear that you are documenting everything. Your health is too important to just let this go unanswered. Best of luck, I really hope that they fix the problem ASAP!!

    On a different note … great sock bag.

    Lucy is such a cutie.

  33. It gets worse! Wait til their bill comes in! My mom had this problem with her car; took a year, but they finally had to give her a new one. Cool toys! Love the Cafe Kitty:) That is a gorgeous photo of Lucy—Meoowww!

  34. Bad, Wendy! Bad enabler! *grin* That is one seriously gorgeous photo of Lucy. I thought for a moment that you had a painting done of her. That’s the kind of picture I would enlarge and frame and call artwork.

    Off to try to keep within my budget while scanning the new websites you linked.

  35. I love the knitnana bag I bought a few years ago!

    Lucy must be a very patient cat to allow such close ups!

  36. Theresa in Italy says:

    “Bad Air Sponge”? Is this a joke?

    I agree with the others who are concerned about you (and your co-workers) breathing in that stuff, it’s not good for you. Good thing you are documenting all this, and I hope you get a serious response soon. Chlorine bleach would be a good start.

    As always, I admire your taste in sock bags, stitch markers, and all the other goodies you spot and share with us (enough enabling for this week, please! I’m already in trouble!).

    Ooooh, that’s a nice Lucy pic.

  37. I love the moo card case, but above all I adore the sock sack. Once a SockPixie, always a SockPixie!

    Caroline, the SockPixie

  38. Um, all your swag is awesome! But, can I tell you?

    I LOVE your purse.

    (oh, and ew! ew! ew! on the radiator smells! ew!)

  39. Your bag is so cute! And thanks for posting it, since it boosted Sallee into posting more pictures on her own blog. I ordered a bag from her last week, but one of the new ones is to die for, so I ordered it, too. It’s nice someone is catering to us cat lovers.

  40. Love all of your new acquisitions. I think your choice of fabric for your Moo cards is perfect and I would more than likely have chosen the same one. I am still lusting after your purse. It really is fabulous.

    Too bad you can’t take the radiators off the wall and send them to the repair guy’s office. Bet they would do a proper job of it if it was their lunchroom that reeked to high heaven.

  41. The moo case is really cute, but I am also drooling over the hangbag. It is beau-ti-ful. Where did you find it?

    And ewwww, I hope the bad air gets fixed soon. It’s not right to have people working around that stuff.

  42. You always have the CUTEST knitting paraphenalia, LOVE the posy bags. thanks as always for sharing! hope things at work clear up soon… “bad air sponge” I had never even heard of such a thing!

  43. Love the moo card holder that is just too cute.

    Sorry that work still stinks.

  44. bad air sponge, hehe. I like all your fun stuff, esp. the moo-cards case. and that photo of miss Lucy – only she could look so good close-up.

  45. I have to thank you for the enabling first because right after I read your post I e-mailed the Posy lady and am ordering a few sock bags. I even asked if she can make bigger ones for bigger projects! Like I dont have enough “knitting” bags! Not only do knitters become addicted to yarn and the fumes it produces but we also must have as many things as humanly possible available to carry this yarn. Thanks for a great post and I love those pics of Lucy, shes so adorable. Yes, another thing us knitters get addicted to is cats. (I have 2).

  46. Hey, thanks so much for the MOOPocket linkie! I’m so glad you love it! I think you were the first person to request that moo fabric. Consider yourself patient zero, since I’ve sold two more like it since ๐Ÿ™‚

  47. I love my posy sock bag, too! Thanks for the stitchmarker link – I’ve already ordered some.

    UGH about the stench at the office. Just thinking about it is making me queasy…