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Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Circular Thinking

(Hey, thanks to everyone who weighed in on the comment of different sock heels for different feet!)

Did you notice in the photos of my socks in progress yesterday that both socks were on two circulars?

Do you remember me saying how I don’t like knitting socks on two circulars? Yeah, I sorta changed my mind.

My main objection was having the length of the circular not in use dangling from the work. And the extra time it took to pull a needle up and put it in position to begin using it to knit.

Then I got some Knitpicks 16-inch circular needles and tried those.

Circular Needles 062807

Circular Needles 062807

Those are size 0 needles — Knitpicks classic circulars. The cord is extremely flexible so that you can easily bring the tips together to knit comfortably. This is a problem with some 16-inch circulars I’ve used. The cord was so stiff I couldn’t use them comfortably.

It ocurred to me to try the Knitpicks needles in the 16-inch length because the cords are so nice and flexible. And the needles are cheap — $4.99 each for the smaller sizes.

So I’m happy. ๐Ÿ™‚

How about you guys? Time for a poll!

If You Knit Socks on Two Circulars, What Length Circulars Do You Use?

  • Circulars? Ewwww! DPNs all the way! (37%, 571 Votes)
  • 24-inch (29%, 450 Votes)
  • Magic loop rules! (18%, 281 Votes)
  • 16-inch (13%, 208 Votes)
  • Other length (2%, 28 Votes)
  • 32-inch (2%, 26 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,564

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Wonder of wonder, miracle of miracles, I now have a completed pair of socks.

Pagoda Lace Socks 062807

Pagoda Lace Socks 062807

These are my Pagoda Lace Socks, knitted in merino sock yarn from The Knittery in the Passionfruit colorway on 2mm needles. They seemed to take forever because I knit them at a gauge of 10 stitches to the inch.

Pagoda Lace 062807

Pagoda Lace 062807

L-B will be test-knitting the pattern soon at 8 stitches to the inch, normal fingering weight, and then the pattern will be available for sale.

Book Giveaway!

I’ve got a copy of Take No Farewell by Robert Goddard up for grabs. This was a particularly good read, as I recall.

Want it? Send an email to blogcontestATcomcastDOTnet before noon Eastern time on Sunday July 1, 2007. The random number generator will choose the recipient on Sunday afternoon.

Lucy Sez

Lucy 062807

Lucy 062807

Have a great weekend!


  1. Oh! I can’t vote yet. I’ve only used dpns so far, and I’m hoping that I will like circulars better. I just got a long addi circular so I can try the magic loop. My opinion has not yet been formed.

    I will say that I am firmly in the toe up, short row heel camp. I tried a top down baby sock with worsted yarn recently. Got halfway through the gusset and hated everything about it. So, I ripped it back and did a little short row heel. I’m also not fond of the whole grafting thing. I will of course use kitchener on a sweater when warrented, but not for anything else!

  2. No question. I’m a Magic Loop girl. I can and have used DPNs, which have their uses, but am not a fan of the 2-circ method, because the dangling points always seem to tangle in my yarn. But Magic Loop? Easy to do, easy to stash in my bag at a moment’s notice, I can’t accidentally lose a needle . . . definitely my method of choice. (As a technique, it comes in handy for sleeves, too . . . ) And, oh yes, I love being able to do two at once!

  3. I recently experienced the same thing when I got two 16″ Inox circs to try out. It is so much easier than having looooooong circular tails to deal with. I’ve done the magic loop before, but it seems to take a lot of time to pull the needle around every time. DPNs are still my favorite, though. Probably more out of habit than anything else.

  4. Nice Fiddler on the Roof reference…
    Your Pagodas are BEAUTIFUL! Nicely done!

  5. I’m surprised at the popularity of Magic Loop, maybe I need to give that method another try.

    And I love your Pagoda socks, can’t wait to purchase the pattern. Knit faster, L-B, knit faster! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Patricia says:

    I’m like Peggy- can’t vote yet b/c I’ve only used dpns. I’d like to try the other methods, but at present, the budget keeps me from buying more needles.

    Yes, knit faster L-B!

  7. I’m a two-circs person all the way now, since learning last November. Although I’ve been a knitter for about 10 years, I never really got into sock knitting (I know, it’s blasphemy) until I learned the two-circs method. I can use dpns just fine, and still will if forced, it’s just not my perferred method. I like knitting my socks 2-at-a-time, as well. No dreaded SSS, that way. I use my beloved 24″ KnitPicks circs.

    After reading miss ewe’s comment, I had to go back a re-read your post to get the Fiddler on the Roof reference. Found it!

  8. Mellanie says:

    Great tip about the 16″ KP needles. Lucy, you have a good weekend too!

  9. Oh, I just wrote a long comment, a masterpiece of prose, and then clicked to see Lucy’s photo op mood of the day, and lost my comment! Dagnab it! Well, this post got even LONGER the second time — sorry in advance!

    Anyhoo, as I was SAYING,
    welcome, Wendy, to the Dark Side — of two circ knitting! I thought that if you tried again with an open mind, it might possibly grow on you! And yes, I did notice the circs, but I was keeping mum!
    My friend, who is one of the OTHER fastest knitters I know, (knits left-handed (mirror-image) semi-continental) didn’t want to try 2 circs because she was happy and fast with DPNs. Who could argue? I didn’t try to talk her into it. But after seeing me time and again with ’em, especially finishing off hats just by adding a second circular needle, she gave it a good try (with the RIGHT needles!) and in half a sock, she was a convert.

    I wanted to comment that I voted for “Other” above because my favorite length is 20 inches. But that only comes in Addi Turbos (they’re not making Addi Laces in it yet, as far as I can tell), and of course the Turbos have a blunter point which make sock or lace knitting slower/more annoying. I only have really liked the cable and join on Addis and KnitPicks classics — both have soft, flexible cables and great joins. (Inox aren’t bad by me either, but the cables are a little stiffer from my perspective, other than the tiny Inox.) But I have found most 16″ needle TIPS, the business ends so to speak, to be shorter than I find comfortable to hold for prolonged knitting. That being said, I have not ordered any KP 16″ circs because of MY prejudice against this length — so may have to overcome that and give it a try!! Each mfr is different, and KP are such a good deal for the money — or for any money, I do really like their circs. But in general, the shorter the length, the faster you can whip the needle around! And the less they dangle and tangle.

    For anyone who might be going to try two circs again or for the first time, the right needle is key (too long is a pain in the patootie); and to avoid tangling, ladders, and knitting incorrectly from one needle to the other (you should always be knitting on only one circ at a time),– here’s what I do when I have finished knitting the stitches from the left tip to the right tip of one circ and am ready to change to the second circ:

    * I let go the LEFT tip of the old circ; pull the RIGHT tip out towards me, so that the stitches I’ve just knit are now on the cable and not the tip; and TUCK the RIGHT tip down, UNDER the second new circ tip which is right there waiting for you. Then I pick up the new circ, first picking up the RIGHT tip which is hanging down on the far side of the work, and pulling it as I do so and then pick up the left tip; one more gentle pull puts the stitches on the new circ’s left tip, ready to knit. (See why smooth joins are so important?) Then the old circ behaves itself and stays out of your way, and since your last stitch is now mounted on the cable and not the tip, it automatically snugs up a little more as you knit the next stitch (the first one on the new circ) and there are no ladders. No need to give an extra tug to tighten, in fact it makes it hard to pull the circ through when it’s time. This speeds things up too.

    Ah, nobody probably cares unless you’re trying this right now and struggling with it! But I thought I’d share this, when I read comments like Deb’s; it’s one of those things that if you see someone actually do it, with the right tools, it makes it much easier to do yourself. (Not that Deb or anyone else needs to change or to try it! Not at all! I am not a fanatic that everyone needs to knit this way! I’ve just tried every way there is, and this is far and away my favorite method for knitting small tubes!)

    OK — from memory (I’m not going to click away again)–
    Lucy Sez “Whuh?”

  10. I accidently said 24″ which i do like btu I actually prefer Magic Loop to that, I love ML!! Less to get tangled!

  11. Another gorgeous pair! I always poke holes in my fingertips with the knitpicks needles, so I’m sticking with my battered ol’ Turbos. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. anne marie in philly says:

    lucy, you are getting prettier by the day!

    steven and meredith thank lucy’s mommy for the lovely picture.

    as for me, I can’t vote – never knit socks, never will, never wear them, just not for me.

  13. And as I was scrolling back to find the “Fiddler” reference (duh! I saw it, sang it in my head as I read it, and promptly forgot it), the first thing I saw above the “Comments” header was yesterday’s title, “Welcome Back, You Sexy Penguins!” Took me aback — I didn’t remember THAT from “Fiddler on the Roof”!

  14. I followed your question: If You Knit Socks on Two Circulars, What Length Circulars Do You Use?

    Therefore I voted on the two circs. And like Cathy-Cate, it is the 20″ (wasn’t a choice) that I prefer, but haven’t tried KP 16″s yet. Will do on your recommendation. I also do magic loop and dpns. Whatever is closest at hand and does the job. Since I usually have so many socks on the needles that full needle choice is seldom at hand.

    And I think I am liking KP better than Addi Lace, but then I’m a firm knitter on socks. In the same size, they give me very different gauges.

  15. I’m with lorraine on this one. DPN’s are my favorite because that’s what I first learned socks on. I can do two circs but I don’t care for them when I get to the gusset and I need to keep track of when i do my decreases, ditto the toe(can you tell I’m doing them cuff down?) I have never tried magic loop. I would probably try it if I had one on one instruction, but probably not if I had to try it on my own from a book. I’m kinda dense that way, I learn best from hands on, not deciphering written instructions with photos.

  16. I like doing two socks at the same time on two circs so I like using the longer lengths. If I do one sock, however, I like the shorter lengths.

  17. Interesting survey. I’ve only knit socks on DPNs, but I would like to try the Magic Loop. If I remember correctly, you’ve written that you don’t care for the Magic Loop method.

    Lucy must be ready for the weekend, she’s had an exceptionally busy modeling week. Some of her best shots ever were this week. IMO, if you do another calender, you must include one of her intense eye shots.

  18. One more thing, I probably didn’t care for the two circs because I got two bamboo circs and they have kind of a rough join and the stitches don’t flow smoothly onto the needle from the cable. just a thought. Anyone else experience this problem? I think I’m going to get some addis from my LYS and try them again.

  19. No surprise Wendy, I just knew that you would get to love the 2 circs method once you gave it a good try! Especially on the commute it will be a lot easier, I know, I knit a lot in the car (but only when I am the passenger). Haven’t yet tried doing both socks at the same time but someday soon I will give it a whirl. Right now I am knitting my first toe up socks with the magic cast on – love that cast on – thanks Wendy for leading me to it!
    Wish I could use the 16″ length but my hands need a longer grip, arrgh.

  20. About the contest to guess how many pairs of socks you will finish — do you think your outcome will be influenced by knowing what sorts of numbers people have guessed? Like (unconsciously) aiming for a goal or feeling ‘competitive,’ albeit only with the final number? I know it would affect me, so I was just wondering.

  21. I’m a magic looper – most of the time. I also use two 16″ Knit Picks needles when the pattern calls for shifting of stitches, like the Pomatomus socks. I like the stitch pattern on the Pagoda socks.

  22. I hate you, Wendy! Ok I don’t, but did you need to give me another reason to make a Knit Picks order? Lol. I too much prefer 16″ circulars for almost anything (I wish I could get the 16″ needle length stapled onto longer cables but that’s another rant.) And those for 2 circulars? Revelation! Because the 24″ and 36″ lengths drive me crazy. And addis are not sharp enough, in my opinon, anyway.

    In general though I love love love my Susan Bates double pointed needles, assuming Picasso hasn’t run off with them. But that’s an whole another problem entirely.

  23. Woohoo! Welcome to the Other Side… I LOVE two circulars after trying DPNS many times, and not liking Magic Loop (I do not like pulling the cable through those teensy stitches, as it usually ends up kinked! in my experience)…

    I prefer 20″ or 24″ as it gives me a very relaxed length to work with. I find 16″ too “cramped”, and I have very small hands!

    Enjoy!! Your socks are always so beautiful!

  24. skeetshooter says:

    I started doing magic loop and then forced myself to deal with dpns (great grandmother would approve). Socks are on dpns and mittens on a long circular. But the 16″ sound interesting. I’m more challenged with pattern directions than anything else and have promised myself an attempt at something fancy like those eyelet socks this summer.

  25. I love the pagoda socks! I can’t wait for the pattern to come out — that’s one I’ll have to try. I’m still on four dpns, but considering making the switch for a slipper pattern I have (but it calls for two circular #7, which I’d never use for socks, so I’m having trouble making the investment in a second #7 circ — I’d rather buy yarn ๐Ÿ™‚ ).

  26. I’m a magic looper and a dpn-er – depending on what’s happening. There are times I just opt for tradition or am trying something out and having difficulty – those are when I take out the dpns. Otherwise, it’s two at a time, magic loop. I don’t loose a needle, don’t have anything hanging down, can easily keep track of where I am, etc. I used to get really broiled when I was trying to convert a pattern for 3 dpns (ok – 4 dpns) to magic loop or 2 circs (yes, I’ve tried it, just didn’t like it) but seem to have overcome my aversion to rewriting instructions for pattern stitches and using them in conjunction with regular sock instructions.

    Lucy honey – you have a good weekend too, you hear? You’ve done a lot of great modeling this week and must need a rest.

  27. I like the longer circs because they have a longer metal “tip;” the shorter ones cause my right hand to ache. Apparently, I use my littlest finger, too, as part of the grip on the needle. Short tips don’t work for me – not enough to grip onto. For this, I put up with the longer needles and their dangling ends. Up-side is – I don’t need to have so many rather expensive needles.

  28. My problem with the 2 circular technique is that when starting the new needle, you end up pulling the last stitch on the previous needle tight around the skinny cord (not another needle, as with DPNs). This can make it difficult (sometimes frustratingly so) to slide it onto the needle later, and can be visible in the finished fabric.

    I’ve mentioned this to other people, and have never heard a response on it. Do you not have this problem? I think it’s an awfully clever and convenient technique, except for this one glitch. A glitch which caused me some major tension and blocking headaches when I used the technique for sleeves on a fair isle sweater. I suppose it’s possible to very carefully tension your yarn at those joins, but tensioning the yarn between needles on DPNs is so easy (I just give a few tugs, and never get ladders) that they win out every time. I can’t be the only person who has experience this phenomenon with the technique, but I never see anyone mention it. Maybe I *am* the only one…

  29. I like one sock on 24 inch circs. I tried the shorter length with Hiya Hiya, I think. The needle part is so long the cable wasn’t long enough to knit comfortable. If I remember correctly it was 20 inch length. I never thought I would abandon my beloved INOX 2.25mm, but Knit Picks has lured me over. :-} I feel so trashy flitting from one needle brand to another.
    Hope your back is all better.
    The Pagoda sock pattern is beautiful.

  30. I am currently wrassling with some Tofutsies, and ended up knitting them toe-up on two 16″ KP circs – size 0. Do great minds think alike or what? I downloaded your heel gusset pattern, and will be giving that a whirl as well. Tofutsies is giving me a run for my money, but I think these choices will result in a good sock when all is said and done.

    All that being said, I love knitting socks cuff-down with dpns. Go figure. I’ll never really give it up. But there are times, like now, when I want to use up all the yarn and toe-up can’t be beat for that purpose. I think toe-up are easier for me when knit on two circs, and the KP options are great for this type of knitting.

  31. muahahaha, welcome to the dark side… i mean, congratulations! :o) glad to hear the 2 circulars method worked out for you! and yes, i definitely like the knitpicks 16inch circulars myself too! it’s the perfect length and so flexible! i’m definitely going to give the magic loop a try though. as well as cuff down socks too. :o)

  32. Love the socks. They are very lovely.

    I am a magic loop girl now. I used to be the DP type, but after having my son I decided to try ML, for his safety and the needles. Where I do still use DPs on occasion, I am normally using the ML. I have tried the 2 circs. but I got irritated with them tangling.

    How did you put that pole on your blog? I love how it generated the responses right there.

  33. Question about sock heels. Like you I usually knit toe up. But I recently made a cuff down and used the common heel (*Sl1, P1* next row knit across) It was pointed out to me that this makes a double layered heel and reinforcing thread isn’t needed.
    What do you think? The yarn was Claudia’s Handpaints that has no nylon in it and the reinforcement thread certainly made it hard to knit-very stiff.

    BTW, I’ve given up the pony pearl size 0 dpns and switched to magic loop.

  34. I used two 24″ circs when I started knitting socks this time (toe up) due to a very bad experience about 15 years ago when I tried learning to knit socks top down with dpn’s. [What, me knit socks? No Way! Then I discovered the truely revolutionary way of knitting on two circs, and I was reformed! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ]

    I tried dpn’s toe up, too, and like them as well — depends on the yarn. If it’s small sock yarn, like Schaefer Anne, I tend to let my stitches get too loose. Then I’ll use dpn’s. However, since I love Judy’s Magic Cast On, and it’s easier to do on circs, that’s how I usually start and then switch to dpn’s if the gauge looks too loose.

    The needle tip on circs shorter than 24″ are usually too short for comfort in my large hands.

    There you have it.

  35. Wendy, I use a tiny 30cm (12″) circ for my socks – just knit around and around until it comes time for the heel, then transfer back until the toe.

    Have a great weekend sweet little Lucy.

  36. May I also welcome you to the 2circ world? I have fallen in love with top-down socks; I adore the gusset and “turning the heel.” Such a little work of art, right there in my hand. I tried knitting two socks on 2 circs and almost went insane, though. I just never knew where I was. BTW, I agree that Lucy has been just super gorgeous the last few days! What a gorgeous creature!

  37. Sheesh! 16″ circs! Why didn’t I think of that?!?!? I use 24″ circs now (one sock on two 24″ circs, US 1), but have also wondered how much time and effort I could save using another method. DUH! Using 16″ circs would reduce time and effort. I have Swiss cheese for brains sometimes.

    I got caught out in a rainstorm tonight and it was so refreshing and carefree to run through it (between the car and Target)!

  38. Martha Stewart did not write the comment 36 above. My computer stuck it in (from memory or some such). Sorry! Although Martha Stewart SHOULD read Wendy’s blog. She really should.

  39. Penny Berlin says:

    Wendy, Like Kit, I got very frustrated trying to knit socks on two bamboo circular needles. I switched to Inox (the shiny, mirrored effect produced by Knitpicks or Addi Turbos give me migraines) and was really pleased. I use one 16″ and one 24″ set of circulars and never reach for the wrong needle!
    You and Lucy have a good weekend.

  40. I almost commented yesterday about the circulars in your pics. I voted for DPN’s but, I should admit that they’re all I’ve ever used. I’ve thought about trying circs, though, beause I tend to get a little bit of a space (not too noticeable) running up the sock caused by hopping from needle 1 to 2 and from needle 3 to 4. Also, it seems like it wouldn’t be such a tight fit when you have to put all of your heel stitches onto 1 needle like it is w dpns.
    I really like the Pagoda socks, they also make me think of a pine tree pattern.

  41. I use 24″ but that’s because I like to do 2 socks at a time. I tried to do that with 16″ but it was just too tight. I like to use 1 Addi turbo (maybe I’ll try lace….) and one KP because the cables are different colors.

  42. i’m a magic looper but i use a 24″ knitpicks circ. i can do it with addis too but it’s definitely on the stiff side.

  43. I thought I was a DPN-4-Life sock knitter, then I tried two circs. Surprise! I liked it. But I love my Crystal Palace bamboo DPNs, too. What to do? *sigh*

  44. I had much the same experience using two longer circulars. To much cable, the extra points got in my way. Then I tried 16 inch circulars and found them so much easier than 24’s or longer. Now I am a devoted 2 socks/2 circs sock knitter, and I’m still doing those two socks on the same 16 inch circulars. I don’t have space issues, and in fact find the extra stitches help keep the idle circular in line even better.

  45. My favorite way to knit socks is using 2 16″ circulars. I also hate the dangling of the longer needles. And I definitely prefer circulars to dpts.

    Caroline, the SockPixie

  46. Theresa in Italy says:

    Question: You say L-B is test-knitting the pagoda socks (which are gorgeous, by the way)—have you got her using 2 circs for this or is she sticking to her DPNs?

  47. WELL, after reading all the comments I feel as if I have knit socks. I wish I could vote, but it wouldn’t be right.

    Lucy, you get more lovely each day. What a wondeful pic. I have copied it and my PC wallpaper at work will be either the “astonished” kitty and the “I AM the most beautiful kitty in the whole world”. Did you notice? Her widdle ears have tufts like her widdle toesies!!

    Does Lucy hide during fireworks? My cats do.

    Can’t wait for the Pagoda sock pattern to go on sale. I just adore that colorway!

    Have a safe restful weekend. Hope your back is much better! luv.m.

  48. Darnit – I clicked 16″ but when I went and measured it turns out the Addi Turbo’s I have are only 12″ – a perfect size for socks.

  49. OK. I’m weird. Not only do I prefer DPN’s, I’m also a weirdo that actually prefers DPN’s when it comes to FI sleeves…

    Besides, having a circ flappin’ in the wind in an open invitation for Gandalf to play catch the flappin’ circular. Which he usually wins at.

  50. Heather in Va says:

    I’ve only tried using 2 circs on the Boye needles, which was not a pleasant experience. However, I have fallen in love with Knitpicks needles recently and have been collecting their 16′ circulars ( ok and got the Options interchangeable set too). Looks like it’s time start to start ordering a few duplicates so I can try it out too. Did you find it to be faster also?

  51. I use 24″ circs, but I do two socks at once and need the extra length. (I may have to try 16″s for one sock at a time, though…)

    I keep trying to switch myself to DPNs because I like the concept (more traditional, yada yada) but I always come back to my 2 circs. Easier to toss into a bag for portable knitting (stitches NEVER slip off the ends of a 24″ circ) and virtually no chance of losing a needle in public.

    I used to be an Addi Turbo girl all the way (and still totally love my Turbos) but I find the softer cables on the new Knitpicks classic circs work better for me in the small sizes I use for socks.

  52. I have started my very first sock thanks to your new toe-up heel flap sock pattern and I can’t envision using anything other than DPN’s. I love knitting with them for everything else and I don’t see why socks would be different. But life could be long and I could change.

  53. Gwen in Bowmanville says:

    Delurking here, up here in Ontario, Canada.

    Thanks, Wendy and commmenters! This is all information that I have been looking for lately. I am a 4-needle DPNer myself, but I’m trying stretch my brain and my ability by learning new methods for everything lately. Way up the list is the two circular method. I have just started a pair of socks on a 14-inch Addi and a 24-inch Knitpicks. Not sure if I like it yet. I find the 14-inch needle tires my hands out. And the shiny nickle on both of them is sometimes hard to look at (although THAT part may be because I’m using navy coloured yarn). I’m also finding that, like someone else up above has said, the Addi tips are really blunt. I’m really happy to see that, with a little perseverance and a bit of tweaking to the tools, I should be able to do this with ease. Yay!

    Thank you, Lucy, I believe that I will have a great weekend. It’s a long weekend up here and the weather is predicted to be just about perfect! Have a great weekend, yourself, pretty girl!

  54. I’m finally working my first sock on two circs and love it! The only thing that’s killing me is imagining that I could be doing two at once! Right now I’m working on one 24″ and one 36″ addi. I’ll probably switch to 2 24″ KP’s in the future. I love my KP circ set!

  55. Your finished socks are quite beautiful! Just curious – why didn’t you do the lace stitch all the way around the cuff? Any particular reason?

    I’m a magic loop girl myself. I just don’t want to deal with anything sticking out or flapping around, especially on a crowded train to NYC! I usually use a 40″ needle for that, but I saw a friend doing socks on a 12″ circ. and I may just have to try that at some point.

    Have a great weekend Wendy! ๐Ÿ™‚

  56. Wendy & Lucy – – I wish you both much fun and relaxation this weekend!

    I prefer using two circs – 24″. I tried the 16″ but my hand kept cramping and I figured out it was because the shaft of the needle on 16″ is shorter so I went back to 24″ and love them. I only tried 16″ with turbos — perhaps KnitPicks have a longer shaft?

    Oh, I bought a pair of Turbo’s lace needles – – LOVE THEM!

  57. Laura from Italy says:

    My comment may appear a little silly. Why use two circulars when you can easily knit socks on a single 12″ circular one? I learnt to knit socks that way and have never tried other methods. I only use two circulars when making fingers in gloves and needing to produce a very small tube.

  58. Nope. Can’t vote. Don’t like 2 circs. (yup, I’ve tried them)
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend – will it be a long one for you?

  59. Now that KnitPicks makes them, I use only 16 inch circulars. Used 24 inchers for a while, but I too didn’t like the distance between needles either. Thanks Knit Picks……….I hate dpns
    Hugs to Luci…….

  60. As to my circular needle preference:
    If you can believe it, I don’t knit socks and yet I follow your blog.

    Liza the blogless

  61. I use two 16″ circulars, and just love that technique. I don’t have ladders, and I don’t have to worry about losing my working needle somewhere in public. I tried magic loop, but thought pushing and pulling the cable around was a pain. I presently have three socks on needles. The most trying pair is on Boye 0’s and the join is larger than the needle . . . I measured it on my needle gauge, and the join is a 2! I’m ordering a couple 16″ Knit Picks 0’s and 1’s today. I have done a couple pairs of generic top down socks simultaneously, and liked that result, too. As to the comment above about the tight first stitch, I haven’t experienced that; perhaps the habit of tightening carried over from DP experience is not applicable in the two circulars technique. I don’t tighten, I just keep going!

  62. The knitpicks 16 inch circulars are now the only way i like to knit socks. It gets addictive.

  63. Valerie says:

    What yarn did you use to get 10 stitches to the inch? I used to knit a lot of socks but stopped because the end product was always too thick to be comfy in shoes. 10 stitches to the inch would be much better than Regia even – I love knitting with LL but they are too thick to wear. Regia is acceptable almost in my shoes but not so much fun to knit.

  64. I have to comment on Lucy. She is such a beautiful cat and she and I have something in common, we both have a slightly crossed, blue eye!

  65. I’ve tried circs for socks & just can’t get the hang of it. Too much hanging, in fact! Nah, dpns for me – the motion’s just more fluid (for me) with dpns than with the other options.

  66. First time commentor, but long time lurking reader –
    I wanted to add a comment to my answer to the poll wrt Knitpicks circulars. I voted for the 24″ because the actual needle length on their 16″ is a little short to knit with comfortably. Also the extra 8″ cord length isn’t so long that it gets annoyingly in the way.

  67. Jeannie says:

    I am usually a 5 dpns cuff to toe girl, but lately have been trying out the 2 circs method to try toe-up socks. I use 2 different lengths, so it is easier to stay on track.

    I thought I would like using one 16″ and one 24″, but the 16″ needle shaft is just too short for my hands. I am now using one 24″ and one 32″ KnitPicks Options circular. This works great.

    I hate Addis. The tips are too blunt, and the cables are too stiff. KnitPicks cords are very flexible, they don’t kink, and they hang out of the way very nicely.

  68. I voted other because I usually use 1 16″ and 1 24″ needle — I figure I’d rather buy two different sizes rather than two of exactly the same needle. But then again, what do I really do with size 0 and 1 needles besides socks?

  69. Usually I use 2-24″, but was recently talked into trying a magic loop with 32″ Addi lace needles. Don’t know how it will work.

  70. I am typically a 4 DPNer, occasionally five, if I’m doing lace that splits better over 4 needles. I am curious about the 2 circs method, but haven’t gotten up the gumption to try it yet. And now I have to go find my Fiddler cd and have a listen. “Tradition!” *grin*

  71. Beautiful socks! And Lucy’s blue is really showing in her darker fur! Man she’s gorgeous! I didn’t take the poll tonight cause I don’t know what my preference is yet. I’m on my 1st pair as we speak, and they’re on dpns *blush*

  72. Love reading and seeing your socks, you make it seem so easy and fun.
    I’ve been making Christmas stockings and want to try my hand at a pair of socks.
    What sock pattern would you recommend for a beginner who wants to use the toe up method?
    I have some Regia Bamboo & Sockotta yarn, but having tried a recent pattern in Interweave Knits, I wasn’t very pleased with the attempt. I ripped it out and have been practising with larger needles and a cotton yarn to “see” what I’m doing before trying with the Regia Bamboo again.
    Thanks for your suggestion. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    ps. I have 2 Snowshoe girls & 1 Tonkinese boy who like to supervise my knitting ๐Ÿ˜‰

  73. My favorite are two 20″ Addi Turbos. The metal needle lengths are the same as the 16″ and not as long as the 24″ which I find more comfortable to handle. The resting circular needle hangs out of the way better than the 16″ or 24″. I now knit both socks at the same time on the two circular needles except for picking up stitches for the gusset. I don’t suffer from Second Sock Syndrome anymore.

  74. Hey, I couldn’t vote in the poll. It said I voted already. What’s up with that?. I prefer the Knit Picks 24″ for socks. Add my vote to the tally.

  75. Unfortunately, I have had the same experience as Rebekkah when it comes to using two circulars for my sock knitting. The transition between the two needles looks horrible! I jumped over to her website and was happy to find a solution posted by cathy-cate! I’m going to try this in the hopes that I will fall in love with this technique as well. I really, really want to because right now I HAVE to use DPNs or my sock looks terrible (haven’t tried the Magic Loop yet).

    If the following question has already been asked, forgive me. I will go search the archives after I finish this post.

    I’m knitting the toe-up slip-stitch gusset pattern of your’s, Wendy, and at the point where you are finished with the heel and are ready to knit the leg of the sock I have an awful hole between the instep and heel stitches. In the pattern you finish your last purl row for the heel, turn and then knit across all of the heel stitches and then the instep stitches. Both of the joins between the heel and instep stitches leave huge gaps. Am I missing a technique here? Or is it just my poor tension causing this mess?

    If any of you were to watch me knit (or type), you would see why I call myself a “spastic” knitter. It makes keeping tension a challenge, but I love to knit so much I’ve always managed to turn out what I think is an acceptable finished product. It does make knitting socks with fingering weight yarn quite a challenge, though!

    Sorry for the incredibly long post!!!


  76. wonder of wonders. Now I’m gonna have Fiddler on the Roof stuck in my head all day…

  77. 12″ circular all the way for me – so simple – apart from the toe and heel you just keep on knitting!

  78. I’m infamous, I believe, for my needle dance when it comes to socks. Even though I learned on 2 circs, I’m always trying something new, trying to find the most comfy for me. In the last few months, I’ve been jumping from 2 circs, to dpns, to 12″ circs, to magic loop, and now finally back to 2 circs. Ah, I love 2 circs again. However, I’m heartened to hear you like doing them on knitpicks 16″ circs, meaning less fiddliness. That’s my one big complaint, and now again I have a new set of needles I need to acquire and to dance with. As soon as I’m done with my Mini Monkeys for my sock pal, I’m gonna try some famous Wendy toe up heel flaps! Oh wait, as soon as i finish my Wendy feather and fan socks.

  79. I actually have my FIRST pair of socks on the needles!! Magic Loop method. Very simple. I just LOVE it!!!

    Now I’m hunting down Magic Loop, Toe Up, Slip Stitch patterns. I’m hooked!!! I did take a dbl pt needle class last year but it was just to much of a pain in the *ss for me. Magic Loop is easy and I’m down to my ‘toes’ right now.

    Hug Lucy!!


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