My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Slip Sliding Away

The second Solstice Slip sock is done.

Solstice Slip 070307

Solstice Slip 070307

This pair of socks brought to you by insomnia. ๐Ÿ˜‰

To recap, this was the June kit from the Rockin Sock Club. The yarn is Socks That Rock lightweight in the “Firebird” colorway. I made my socks over 60 stitches with a 2.25mm needle. I deviated from the pattern to work a different toe and heel than was called for.

I really love these socks. When I opened my sock club package and saw the yarn, I fell in love with it.

Firebird 070307

Firebird 070307

The colors that make up this colorway are all totally not my colors, but I absolutely love the colorway. So go figure.

Firebird Unbound 070307

Firebird Unbound 070307

There is, of course, a new sock on the needles.

New Sock 070307

New Sock 070307

The yarn is from Lime & Violet — it is their Vampyre sock yarn (which is 100% wool). The colorway is called “Ensign Kim.” Very very yummy yarn. It’s soft and smooshy and lovely to knit.

Vampyre Yarn 070307

Vampyre Yarn 070307

The pattern is my own, in the process of being winkled together. Just obedient little rows of lace “vees.” Nothing alarming.

I don’t have a name for this sock pattern yet — any ideas? Since the colorway is a Star Trekky name, I’m thinking a Star Trekky name for the socks. Like “Voyager socks.” Yeah, I know, that’s kinda lame. What do you think?

On to a question from the comments . . .

Kelli asked:

I knit socks toe up w/ short row heel. My problem is this, I have a high arch and the last two pairs of socks I have knitted both contained cables, and it is really hard to get them on around my heel. So how do I compensate for this? I guess I need a deeper heel? Instead of measuring around the ball of my foot for circumference, should I measure around the instep?

Yep, you need a deeper heel. There are several things you can do.

You can forgo the short row heel and knit a sock with a traditional gusset heel.
You can do a short row heel with a gusset.
You can work your heel over more than half the total stitches to give you a deeper heel.

Anyone else got any ideas?

Lucy Sez

Lucy 070307

Lucy 070307

“I know exactly how cute I am.”


  1. Wendy- I love the color of that yarn, though I usually choose blues and greens.

    You could call them “Vorlon” socks!

  2. Does Lucy allow tummy pets? Because her tummy looks so pet-able in that picture. It’s very cute! I have one kitty who loves having her tummy petted and one who will bite you the minute your hand even approaches that area (we’ve decided she’s very ticklish).

    I love the finished socks! Very cool colors and stitch pattern. Makes me jealous again that I’m not in the STR club.

  3. Lucy, Lucy, you are by FAR the only star!!! The loveliest of kitties!! Sweet beyond belief!!

    I too am in love with the Firebird Colorway.. like a tropical sunset. These are not my colors either, but like the Razzpberrry/Magenta shawl, I just love it!! I normally would not pick a colorway like that, but seeing how it worked out with the Solstice socks I’d buy it in a minute!

    The Lime/Violet wool colorway and pattern are exquisite. Dang, girl, these are mighty purdy socks. Hope U decide to sell the pattern.

    A Trekky name…. how’s about: “SPOCKTACULAR SOCKS” ? Corny (and it ages me with regard to the Star Trekkies), but it was the best I could do. Have a safe 4th of July. luv.m.

  4. Sock name thoughts:
    Since it’s your pattern: “The Next Generation” socks?
    or “To Boldly Go” socks?
    “Live Long and Prosper”? socks (the vees make me think of the Vulcan hand sign)
    “Beam Me Up” socks?

    Better stop, I’m getting silly. Yes, like Mary O, those date me, but I know that you, Wendy and I watched the same episodes!

    I love the Firebird too — and not that long ago, I would have thought it too bright for my taste. But I am finding a love of rich, intense colors, and in fact a broader appreciation for different colorways, in my ‘old’ (middle) age. It’s rather fun. I knit a shawl earlier this year in “Sugar Maple” colorway of Alpine Lace, by Cherry Tree Hill — never would have used that colorway in the past. (I’ll post pictures on my blog tonight, I’ve never documented the shawl yet.)

    Yes, Lucy, you’re absolutely right. Beyond cute!

  5. Thanks for the link to Lime n Violet! I went, I saw, I went slightly mad with my shopping cart….

  6. I vote for Mary O’s SPOCKTACULAR SOCKS! (It’s much better than the Spock Socks that my own feeble imagination came up with.) Something about those little v’s bring his pointy ears to mind.

    I love the Firebird colorway! Those are exactly the sort of colors I love.

    Yes, Lucy is one cute kitty! But my Bette and Lorelai assure me that they are pretty darn cute, too.

  7. Spock’s socks?

  8. Ok, how about ‘Vulcan Voodoo’?

    Loved Star Trek!

  9. Lee-Fay says:

    Coming to your blog is like getting a sock fix every day… so fun.

    How about delta quadrant, or warp 10?

  10. How about you name your socks the same way Prince named himself with a symbol? I’m thinking of the one Spock did when he held up his hand and parted his fingers in between the middle and ring fingers. So, they could be your (hold up your hand and make Vulcan sign) Socks.

  11. Vulcan Vector Socks?
    I also like Spocktacular Socks too. Lovely socks and most lovely Lucy:~)

  12. Oh, well, with the rows of little V’s, what about the older version of your tentative name: V-ger.

    Trek detail fans will of course recommend the correct configuration of that name – punctuation, space, what have you.

  13. Your Firebirds look great! And the Lime & Violet is very Ensign Kim – understated and calm but desirable.

  14. Oops. I forgot to finish. I was going to close with:

    I am, of course, a fan of the kinda lame.

  15. How ’bout “Vulcan Vee Socks”?

  16. I like V-ger socks, instead of Voyager socks.

    I have the same problem Kelli has, so when I do my short row heels, I go up 2 needle sizes and then switch back when I’m back to knitting in the round.

  17. How about Tribbles – for the smooshy-ness!?

  18. Wow the finished socks look great! I have been admiring your progress and keep hinting to my friends who are in the STR Club how much I like the yarn and the pattern in hopes they will cave in and gift it to me. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I agree, I would see those colors and think eh… but it looks so great knit up! Nice job!

  19. Star Trekky and socks? Hmm…

    How about “Resistance is Futile?”

    Happy Sock Knitting!

  20. Love the Lime and Violet socks and humbly suggest “Tribbles” or “NC-1701” (the Enterprise’s registry number). Isn’t it a wonder what a little insomnia can do for some serious knitting time? Hope you get a good night’s rest tonight!

  21. Those aren’t my colors, either, but there is something strangely appealing about them… Great socks!

    OF COURSE she knows!

  22. squee! I’m so glad you like it. ๐Ÿ™‚ (Of course, it further’s Lucy’s plan to distract you with sock yarn in order to take over the world, but that’s fine. We have an UNDERSTANDING, she and I….) ๐Ÿ™‚

    And y’know — the communicator badges are kind of V shaped. Communicator Socks would be totally awesome. ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. How about this:
    “”V” is for “Live Long and Prosper””?
    It’s hard to know where to put the question mark! LOL The STR color is really great. Maybe they’ll have some at their booth in Canby in September.

    BTW, Lucy always has something cute to say every day. Does she come up with something daily or have brainstorming sessions that produce lists of feline pearls of cuteness? Or would that be telling? LOL

  24. NOW you’re cracking…I have a feeling you might make MY guess on the number of pairs of socks, yet!
    Happy Fourth!

  25. Re Kelli’s problem: my feet go from 9.25/9.5 inches around the ball of the foot, up to 12 inches around the point of the heel. I always use 0.6 to 0.7 times my stitch count to knit the heel on, rather than 0.5 times, to compensate for my heel size.

    But as far as a non-elastic ribbing, like cables — I don’t know any way of compensating for that, except maybe to make narrow cable panels interspersed (sp?) with a really stretchy ribbing. My ribbing has to be able to stretch up to those 12 inches in order to get around my heel. There’s just no getting around that.

    (Then my ankle drops down to an inch smaller around than my foot, so I need ribbing that’s really stretchy and bounces back, and also clings so it doesn’t look sloppy-loose.)

  26. Gorgeous STR club socks! I love both the yarn and pattern!

    Sorry about the insomnia, I’ve had a bit of that myself lately and it’s no fun.

    Great job on all the sock designing. Fun stuff!

  27. I’m having the exact same problem with my short row heels. For a while I thought it was my bind off. I was thinking that I could maybe fix it by adding more stitches right after the heel when I started to do the pattern in the round. But it sounds like I need to go back and fix the heel. So, I guess I better get to frogging! Thanks for the info!

  28. I can’t believe that you are finished with them already. Mine is still in it’s original skein. ๐Ÿ™

    You could call the socks Live Long and Prosper ๐Ÿ™‚ At least I hope that my hand knit socks will live long.

    Of course you know how cute you are Lucy. How couldn’t you?. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  29. Beth P. in Maryland says:

    I’m with the sock name ideas that harken back to the original!! Tribble Socks is sure cute, my favorite episode!
    I also have a high arch and have decided never to anything but a gusset sock.

    Happy Independence Day to all!!!!!

  30. How about “Spocks”

    Couldn’t resist.

    In her book cool Socks Warm Feet, Lucy Neatby recommends doing short row heels over about 60% of stitches for a better fit. I tried it, it works.

  31. Ann Carpenter says:

    Lucytum is adorable. I love long haired kitty tummies to tickle and smooth. As for the socks, I too fell in love with the new STR the instant I opened the package and it IS my colors so I immediately started knitting. I’m having fits with the pattern though so have slowed down. I also love the Lime and Violet you are using and my idea for a Trekkie name is “For the Earth is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky”. It is the title of one of my favorite episodes. Give that pretty girl a kiss from my furry creatures and tell her she is an angel.
    Ann in Dallas

  32. Denny Crane.

  33. Christine says:

    My comment about Voyager and Ensign Kim was that he NEVER got promoted. They went through heck, they were on their own, they rose above and beyond the call of duty and no one ever thought of promoting him. Tom Paris at least got demoted.

    So, “Ensign Forever” is the only thing I can come up with this bleary eyed.

  34. Spocks.

  35. Doh! I should have read everything first! Great minds think alike, Laura!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. Ooooh, pretty! What about “Enterprise”? Although the suggestion of Spocks is very clever! ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. Ginny Z. says:

    Ensign Kim socks? How fun is that? I say stick to the original name! Maybe “Harry Socks” for short. BTW – you must knit at about warp six. I’m jealous! I used to “bus it” to work and had great knitting production. New job means I have to drive! Cuts deeply into knitting time. Might have to give up laundry……..

  38. Your firebird socks are amazing! I can’t wait to get started on mine.. but I have some UFO’s to finish first.

    As for your new pattern… since the two V’s make me think of the Vulcan hand greeting (the V between the thumb and first finger, and the V between the middle and ring finger) I immediately thought of “Prosper socks” like “live long and prosper”.

  39. Tribble Toes. So you can swoosh swoosh around the apartment.

  40. Okay, having just watched the entire series of Star Trek Voyager for the first time over the last few months (TiVo’d off of the Spike channel), I am loving the name of that colorway. So I have to throw out some pattern name suggestions. How about “Ensign Kim played the Soxophone” (lame, I know, especially as he really played clarinet). Or, “Chakotay’s tatoo”, for the little “V” pattern (again, lame, since his tattoo was more complex than just a V). Or, “Seven of Nine stitch repeat” (even lamer, especially as I have no idea what the stitch pattern is). Or, what about “The Delta Quadrant”?

    I could go on and on, but the suggestions would only get geekier. (“Borg, cubed”) (“Multi-phasic shielding”) (“Videan Phage”) See what I mean? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Perhaps you best stick with “Voyager”. “Spocks” is cute, but come on — different series!

  41. I think that’s my favourite photo of Lucy – to date!

    (I come here for the knitting – truly!)

  42. Kelli Page says:

    Thank you for all of your suggestions. I will increase heel to 60% of the stitches. I am also going to try the gusset heel pattern that you prepared.

    Enjoy your 4th of July,

  43. The nerd in me seconds “multi-phasic”. The humourist in me seconds “Spocks”. But the somewhat regular (and I use the term loosely) part of my brain likes “Alpha Quadrant.” Maybe you could do a series of Trek-related sock patterns, one for each of the quadrants, to please the geeks like me who read your blog. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Now I’m just picturing red patterned socks called, “Ensign Expendible.” ’cause the red shirts were always the first to die! (Until they changed the uniform colours for ranks, anyway.)

  44. Theresa in Italy says:

    Who knew your nice knitting blog would evolve into a forum for unreconstructed old Trekkies?

    Just keep writing the patterns down for the rest of us…

  45. Dear Wendy,

    The STR socks absolutely rock! And I love the Lime & Violet socks. As for their name, I thought Vulcan Socks might be nice.

    Happy 4th,

    Caroline, the SockPixie

  46. Yes! 100% wool! Now tell me, will you be reinforcing this around the toes and heels? And if so, how?

    I am a new sock knitter, I have lots of 100% wool sock yarn, I don’t want my hard knitting work to wear out in five minutes flat but I have no idea what to do about it!

    Please, help me! Thanks!

  47. HI Wendy,

    I thought of Harry socks and also quite like Voyager, but dont be mixing up the series, please ๐Ÿ˜‰ The idea of using Star Trek as inspiration for a range of socks is also very appealing.

    I recently made more room in the heel area by increasing before starting the short row heel, so that more rows were knitted than were done at the toe. It worked, but i am a sock beginner – 3 pairs since January.

  48. oops, meant to say I have been using your toe up pattern, Wendy. Thanks very much for putting it up for beginners like me. It works so well, I am finding it difficult to try anything different ๐Ÿ˜‰

  49. You could call them “Jeffries Tube” socks… except they aren’t tube socks. But I think it sounds good.
    Or maybe, “Delta Quadrant” socks.

  50. “Spock’s Ears” perhaps? (They ARE rather v-shaped, after all.)

  51. Which bind-off are you using for your toe-up socks?

  52. In answer to the comment about having a high instep a deep heel, as well as a larger than average ankle. which is why for a very long time I would not do socks for myself. I ran into someone who referred me to the Crazy heel and toes method of making socks. This allowed me to create my toe up socks and make the instep and heel fit me. It is sort of a reverse gusset because the gusset is on the bottom of the foot. Well, it works for me, and I can add it to whatever sock pattern I am doing, but I usually only do plaint stockenette socks but I gives me options.

    Love the socks!


  53. Michelle says:

    Deep Space Lime?
    I have 2 colorways of Lime & Violet yarns – I love them, but haven’t found the right pattern for them yet!

  54. Wendy in Cambridge says:

    I love the Soltice Slip socks, and I love that colorway. Those are definitely my colors.

    Lovely photo of lovely Lucy.

  55. About the high instep…..I keep the shortrowing over 1/2 the stitches, just to be sane, especially if I’m actually using someone else’s pattern. But, once I’m done the heel, I add more shortrows to the top of it (if I’m working toe-up). I start at the side I finished the heel on (obviously), work one row all the way across the heel sts, wrap and turn, and knit back to just past the middle (if I had worked down to 14 sts, that would be 7 sts past the middle). W&T, knit the center number of sts (say, 14), W&T, work to the other edge of the heel, and carry on. If I wrote this right, I end up with I think 3 extra rows in the center of the heel. Might be enough for some, or you might need to spread the center portion out more and do a few more short rows. Keeping the shortrows at the top of the toe up heel means I don’t have to adjust the foot length before starting the heel.
    And what is up with the curser? It does NOT line up with where you type. Freaky.

  56. oh now so sad I was having nomadic and knitting hiatus issues when it was time to join the STR club. Cause that firebird yarn, I covet it!