My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Awwwww, You Guys . . .

I mean, seriously!

Thanks so much for all the comment-y and email-y love you’ve sent me over the past few days. Even though I haven’t been able to email you back, please know that I really appreciate it!

I’m trying to be a Brave Little Toaster about all this, as I said that to the KOARC the other day. This started a discussion about who the heck the Brave Little Toaster was. I only had the most nebulous of ideas, so it was googled. Wikipedia to the rescue. After reading the article, I really have no desire to see The Brave Little Toaster, even if it does have Jon Lovitz in it. But seriously, it does make me wonder how these concepts leap into my consciousness.

Speaking of the KOARC (well, we were, sort of), he’s been busily making avatars lately. He made a Southpark avatar for me using the Southpark Character Creator thingie. Here it is:

Southpark Wendy 070807

Southpark Wendy 070807

Considering some of the choices he could have made when creating it, I think this is very complimentary.

But I digress. Due, no doubt, to lack of sleep.

Hey, I finished the S(p)ocks.

Spocks 070807

Spocks 070807

To recap, these are knit from Lime & Violet Vampyre Sock Yarn in the “Ensign Kim” colorway on 2mm needles.

Spocks closeup 070807

Spocks closeup 070807

So I’ve knitted four pairs so far in the Summer of Socks.

Socks 070807

Socks 070807

And of course I started another sock.

Check out this lovely sock yarn:

Sockpixie Yarn 070807

Sockpixie Yarn 070807

This yarn is from Sockpixie and the colorway is Asparagus. This is gorgeous sock yarn! It’s got a nice firm twist and the colorways are wonderful. Here’s the sock I started:

Asparagus Sock 070807

Asparagus Sock 070807

I’m calling these socks “Asparagus Cables” because I think the cables kinda sorta look like asparagus stalks. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

I did buy some more Sockpixie yarn . . .

Nurse Lucy

Lucy has been a good little nurse. Sometimes she acts silly to distract me.



She is very good about keeping track of my heating pad by sleeping on it.

Lucy on Heating Pad 070807

Lucy on Heating Pad 070807

She clearly knows the importance of keeping up her strength with plenty of naps.


  1. Lovely yarn! At first glance, the Sockpixie yarn looked as if there’s silk in it. However, I see there isn’t.

    I noticed that you’re doing the cabling on the foot. I tend to knit a plain stockinette foot because of the bulk factor of some of the stitch patterns. Do you find patterning on the foot to be uncomfortable when worn with shoes?

    Feel better!

  2. Wendy,
    Sorry to hear about your health issues. Back pain is no laughing matter. Hope & Pray the doctors find a cure or at least relief.
    LOVE your socks. You are so creative! I’ve got a silly question (and realize you dont’ have time) but I only know how to knit socks (just started w/sock knitting) from the top down. Is it easy to adapt patterns written from toe up. Any one that can answer my inquiry would be greatly appreciated.
    Knit On!

  3. Mary Pat says:

    Oh Wendy – I can feel your pain. I am not a medical person but just from experience note that if heat doesn’t take away the pain sometimes ice does. Also, have been noted to take some pain relief out of a “brown bottle”.

    The socks are wonderful – even ill you are one inspiring knitter!

  4. Andres P. Nevarez says:

    Love the socks may they live long and Prosper!

  5. Hang in there, Miss Wendy. Pain is a warning that we need to do less and you seem wise enough to have heeded that. DO take your cues from the Nurse Kitty — they are wiser than we about these things.

    I just (finally) bought your book and am looking forward to making my first pair of socks. 42 years of knitting and there’s so much I’ve never tried! Unlike most people, I started with sweaters and stuck with sweaters. I did my FIRST scarf last December! Weird, huh?

    You’re an inspiration.

  6. anne marie in philly says:

    you don’t have to write me back; I won’t feel insulted.

    lerve the KOARC’s southpark avatar of you; appropriate.

    hope he has been dispensing his nursing duties as well as lucy has.

    asparagus cables – pretty but not as stinky as the vegetable (one hopes LOL :D).

    you have a sock rainbow going!

    sending more good karma your way. steven and meredith send their meows and purrs also.

  7. I love it – asparagus socks, LOL LOL
    Nice pile of socks too ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. Gillian says:

    I like the way you find names for your socks. I go blank for things like that, but when you suggest them, I see how they fit. All power to you over your back.

  9. Cute Southpark character!! Love the socks too… ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Love the South Park avatar!

    Please reconsider watching The Brave Little Toaster — it was one of my favorite kids’ movies when my boys were little.

  11. Wendy,
    that South Park avatar is perfect for you. The Brave Little Toaster is a great movie for all ages, lots of inspiration there. Lucy is such a good nurse, testing your heating pad before you use it and showing you how important naps are each day. I hope you will feel better soon.

  12. Feel better!

    Your S(p)ocks look great, and I love the new yarn that you are working with! It’s beautiful.

  13. susanbb says:

    Keep up _your_ strength, too! We are sending healing thoughts, like your little angel. And thanks so much for your email about my question about the toe-up instructions (especially thanks given what’s going on). I’m happy today because I “got it” on the wraps, after trial and error suddenly it all falls into place. And I can see why toe-ups are so cool. p.s. you are clever to do cables with white asparagus. Like they’re growing.

  14. Michelle says:

    What is KOARC? I’m new, and can’t figure it out…

  15. Dorothy says:

    I loved the Southpark avatar for you!! Very cute!! That Sockpixie yarn is yummy!! I had to and try some so ordered poppies and cantalope. It was very hard choosing, but my sock yarn stash is becoming alarmingly large….at least to my hubby!! All my barncats and Truffles my Siamese….heaven forbid I call her a barncat……are purring for you to start feeling better!! You have a great start on that, was it? 182 pairs of socks? Lucy is an excellant teacher on resting and napping. Feel better soon. Hugs!!

  16. Lucy is being a good nurse kitty. Both cats and dogs know when someone is sick or hurting and do what they do best, provide comfort. Love all of your socks.

  17. Late to the party as usual, but wishing you tons of good health and no pain! xoxo

  18. KOARC has done an excellent job with that avatar! Now he just has to come up with one for Nurse Lucy. I love the fact she’s testing the heating pad’s temperature before you use it. Follow Nursie’s instructions, and she’ll have you dancing again ๐Ÿ™‚

    Love the S(p)ocks and these new asparagus socks. I’m off to work on my Tofootsie 50’s pink & charcoal.

  19. Love the new socks, is it a pattern you are making up? I hope you feel better soon, back pain is terrible. I’ve dealt with it before and it is draining.

  20. Wendy in Cambridge says:

    I have too much love for your South Park avatar! It’s fabulous.
    Kudos to the KOARC.

    The S(p)ocks are great, as is the Sockpixie yarn. I normally prefer really bright colorways, but the “Asparagus” is just beautiful.

    Lucy is no doubt taking her nursing duties really seriously. She knows she needs plenty of rest to take good care of you. I’m sure that just watching her antics is theraputic!

    You’re in my thoughts; hoping that you feel much better really soon!

  21. Good meds and comforting nurses plus a lot of R&R seem to be helping a bit. Here’s hoping that healing vibes from your world-wide cyber friends will also encourage your pain to go away. Sending some from here . . .

  22. Sorry to hear you need a heating pad. I will cross my fingers for a simple, speedy recovery.

    I love the asparagus socks. Are the cables slowing your sock knitting progress (even though I know you cable without a needle)? I’m thinking some simple, quick socks might be good for the foreseeable future (not that my guess for the contest was irrationally high. Oh, no. Can you knit in your sleep?).

  23. Love the new socks…love all the socks! Sounds like Nurse Lucy is doing her job well….clowning and checking important equipment…one of the other commenters mentioned iceing…excellent idea…I have had to go back and forth between Heat and Ice at times. I did find one trick that really helped at bed time…a sock…not a handknitted one but a cotton tube sock filled with uncooked rice (I add some lavender flowers to help relax me) and it conforms to your body…I more often use it from the freezer as ice packs can be TOO COLD and can damage your skin and surrounding tissue if you have it on too long, but the sock it perfect. If you need heat, you can put it in the microwave for 1 minute and if that is not hot enough do it for 1 more minute. I tend to not do more than 1 minute at a time because the sock I use has some nylon mixed in it and I don’t want anything to burn.

    Keeping prayers and good thoughts heading your way.

  24. Opp..the rice sock…just tie a knot in it when you have enough rice in it that it can moosh aound body parts.

  25. Mellanie says:

    There is a lot to be learned from Lucy. Continue to take care of yourself. Hope you feel better soon.

  26. Aussie Rosemary says:

    Best wishes ,Wendy. Caring thoughts are coming to you from the other side of the world.

  27. You are such a wonderfully wicked influence on my feeble (and futile!) attempt at Stash Reduction this summer…the yarn is so lovely!! How ever do you find these gems? Hmmm… 4 pair in already, even though you may not be in your best knitting form? I have a feeling my guess at the total number is going to be eclipsed sooner than later!

  28. Glad Lucy is being such a good helper. My 2 kitties are good helpers too. I have the lupus – so you are welcome to tell me about your woes and pains and I will totally get it. sometimes you feel burdonsome when you tell healthy people (at least I do) because they don’t quite get it. But we in the health issues category – well – you can always tell us cause we get it. And we listen and don’t try to fix it for you. That is what the docs with the good drugs are for. *hugs*

  29. I burned the heck out of myself with my heating pad until I discovered that a cover made of Polar Fleece keeps the burns at bay. Princess Puma always sleeps on my fleece-covered heating pad to test it for me. Get well, Wendy dear. And thanks for blogging even while you’re feeling awful. We appreciate it!!!!!

  30. I’m so proud of Lucy! The first rule of care-taking is to take care of the caretaker.

  31. The Spocks look awesome. And I love that you’re calling them Asparagus socks. Too cute!

  32. So sorry that you are in pain. I really hope that you get well soon. I am new here. But I can tell just by reading your blog that you are a very caring and giving person. I love all of your socks they are beautiful. You are really talented. I do not have your book but I will by tomorrow. Lucy is a really lucky cat. I have five they are wonderful and four came from the humane society . Again wishing you the very best.

  33. Lucy must be cold-blooded! Isn’t it brutally hot in DC? I figure that if it is over 100 degrees in Montana, it must be worse everywhere else.

    I see that you could not depart from lace completely–looks like the Summer of Lace Socks! Lets see…8 socks in 17 days means just over one sock in two days. Yes, yes. My guess on the number of socks you will complete is right on track.

    Cute avatar!

  34. I have to knit this pattern! Let me know if and when you sell the design! Gorgeous! Get feeling better.

  35. The socks are great! You’re my main source of inspiration as I work my first pair ๐Ÿ™‚ They’re no “Wendy’s”, but I think Lucy may even approve. I love the Avatar!

  36. Dear Wendy,

    The S(p)ocks look fabulous. It is so nice to see my little Asparagus grow into beautiful Asparagus Socks. Thanks for giving it life!

    Caroline, the SockPixie

  37. Love the socks, love the socks! I especially love the new sock, but I say that with every new sock you begin!

    KOARC did good with the avatar, ain’t he sweet? And the lovely Lucy being a good nurse. Animals “get it”. Years ago I had a cat named Angel who, if you were ill, felt it was her duty to sit beside you. I don’t know HOW she knew you were ill, but believe it, she was there for you. Amazing.

    Here’s hoping you’re are on the road to pain recovery! Take it easy and rest! Your fans are sending pain-free thoughts to you daily! luv. m.

  38. The S(p)ocks are lovely! I hope you are paying attention to the good patient behavior that Lucy is modeling for you…

  39. hope you get to the bottom of it Wendy – and I for one, completely embrace the sporadic blogging approach!

  40. OMG! The Brave Little Toaster. Sheesh. That was Dear Son’s favorite for awhile… it is excruciating. While I get the idea that appliances come alive and help out a family, I like my cartoon characters to have to at least minimally obey the laws of physics… I mean I don’t care if something with out lungs can talk and sing or if it’s usually rigid metal case allows it to kind of waddle along but the lightning quick space travel and the unending space inside the freezer on the far away planet just got on my nerves. And the songs in it? They totally get in your head. And then you sing them in the grocery store when you’re not thinking about it, but you hear yourself singing and you cringe. So. Nice socks… ; )

  41. Michele in maine says:

    Whenever you’re questioning if you’re up to doing something or not, just ask “what would Lucy do?” That will give you all the guidance you need!

    I just discovered SockPixie too – from Claudia’s blog. I succumbed to some “canteloupe” and am knitting it in the suggested “Celebrations Socks” pattern on her website. It’s really nice!

    Feel better.

  42. Hoping that you feel better quickly – pain in the back is also a pain in the b**t! At least, with the exception of gravitational pull, knitting can be done upright or flat (downright?) ๐Ÿ™‚ Glad to hear that the KOARC and Nurse Lucy are taking good care of you – thank you for sharing these beautiful socks. I’m getting inspired to do a pattern on socks; so far I’ve just done plain vanilla!

  43. The spocks look great. I can’t believe how fast you can knit. I just can’t seem to get much knitting done chasing a 2 year old around the house. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Lucy is making sure that the heating pad doesn’t get too cool for you. What a great nurse she is.

  44. OMG, Sockpixie has stolen my heart!

  45. Wendy- I hope you don’t pee funny colors while knitting those asparagus socks.

  46. The Spocks look great, and I already know that I’ll love the Asparagus socks when they’re done. I see you’re going with two circular needles again. *sigh* You made me order 16″ Knit Picks circulars; I guess I’m going to have to try out this method. (Yes, you did make me do it. You should be on some sort of commission)

    The avatar is definitely a keeper!!

    Feel better Wendy. I hope the MRI shows some definitive course of treatment. I know what it’s like to feel you’re alone in an idiotic health care system. My only advice is to speak up and keep on it! Here is one blog reader who wouldn’t mind hearing about how it’s going every now and then. Be well.

  47. Theresa in Italy says:

    Add me to the list of people drooling over the Asparagus Socks pattern! But don’t worry about writing it up just yet—first you need to feel better.

  48. Meribeth says:

    Those socks are lovely! Such a delicate color and the cables are perfect for it.
    Seems that the Avatar is working. Bravo KOARC! I am glad you feel well enough to start another pair of sock and blog. More healing vibes and the boys are sending headbutts too. And Oscar sends a special one to Nurse Lucy. (his hope Springs Eternal)

  49. Hope you’re on the mend? If you’re not – dammit! (Said in Cartman voice.) Hmmm, I suppose if you’re still knitting…hopefully you’re feeling better.

    Another pair! Woo! Well on your way to (maybe) hitting my guess!

  50. Hope you are feeling better!!! What a lovely color of yarn on the asparagus socks! Lovely pattern, too, of course. I just finished a sock using your latest pattern with the slip-stitch heel. I was a little leary after the heel turn, but the sock turned out perfect and fits very, very well. I can’t wait to get started on the second one. Thanks for all the great patterns! Make sure you listen to “Nurse Lucy”!

  51. Sweeeeeet…

    Nothing like keeping your heating pad in sight (under paw?) when you’re feeling under the weather.

  52. Wendy, I am so sorry to hear that your health is at issue. Good luck with the testing (and the bureaucracy). I hope that the cause is determined soon, and a nice gentle treatment of some sort will take care of it. Feel better.


  53. Lucy is such a dedicated nurse! Surely with such care you will be better soon! Oh yeah, and the KOARC can help too…..

  54. So glad to see that Lucy is such an excellent nurse. And always remember if Lucy and a heating pad and some ice aren’t quite enough, there’s always better living through pharmaceuticals. Feel better soon.

  55. Mold in your office. Lots of mold in your office. Lots of exposure to mold. Has anyone raised the possibility that the mold has made you ill?

    I had that experience, and was quite ill for too long. In any case, good thoughts coming from this quarter.


  56. Sick from mold? Since you mentioned an MRI, it sounds more like your back? I had a herniated disc and had surgery for it. If you want to hear about it, let me know.

  57. The Brave Little Toaster was actually a cute movie. Kitschy, but cute.

    Love the socks and the new sock yarn. White and green asparagus in one beautiful yarn. Yummy!

  58. (not gonna spend a lot of time on the socks – great! – or the Lucy pics – always lovely! – or how cool KOARC seems to be – you lucky gal…)

    But listen, I am sooo sorry about the wait on the MRI and especially about you feeling so punk.

    I’m sending (very gentle)
    (The Meezer says “Carry on, Nurse Lucy!”)

  59. Oh dear. I do hope you feel better, and they can fix the problem or at least make it less painful. It’s your back? Ouch!

    And – Vampyre sock yarn. The Angel/Buffy fanatic must have some. . .

  60. Ann Rose says:

    Sorry to hear about the ongoing pain issues. On a happier note, my husband calls our calico his “brave little toaster.” So, Hawthorne says “Well, hello fellow discerning soul” from one brave little toaster to another.

  61. So nice of Lucy to keep track of your heating pad for you!


    Beautiful socks as always ๐Ÿ™‚

  62. I love all of the socks, I love cable, so I think I am favoring your current sock in progress. My question to you is do you think you are going to keep all those socks you knit or do you have plans to give them away to family and friends. At the rate you are going you will certainly have a lot. Just curoius I would want to wear all the socks all the time. I love the few I have knit so I can imagine what it must be for you with so many.

    Hope you feel bettter soon and that the MRI shows nothing too serious.

  63. Love the spocks! Perfect addition to the pile ๐Ÿ™‚