My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Gone Fishin’

No, not really.

But I was trying for a clever title to segue into showing you this:

Tackle Box 071807

Tackle Box 071807

My brand-new Plano 3650 fishing tackle box. Ooooh!

Of course, it is not being used to store fishing tackle. But you already knew that, right?

It’s got several plastic cases that are divided into sections.

Tackle Box Open 071807

Tackle Box Open 071807

Perfect for stitch markers and other knitting paraphernalia.

Tackle Box Tray 071807

Tackle Box Tray 071807

More on Bohus

The Wild Apple kit does indeed include an English translation to the pattern, so if you are “svenska-challenged’ fear not. The translation was done by Susanna Hansson, so I have no doubt that it is as perfect as the rest of her translations. ๐Ÿ™‚

For the past two years I’ve knitted a Bohus sweater in December. But having the Wild Apple in my hot little hands as I do, I don’t think I’ll be waiting until December to start. I’ll wait until summer is over, because wool/angora sweaters and high heat and humidity do not mix. They don’t in my world, anyhow.

For those of you who do not know what the Bohus Wild Apple is (and you are to be pitied), read Susanna’s brief history of Bohus here.

You can also read a post I made in December 2005.

Back to Socks

I’ve turned the heel on my second Lacy Rib sock. Excitement abounds!

Lacy Rib Sock 071807

Lacy Rib Sock 071807

Lucy, on the other hand, is happy to just chill.

Lucy 071807

Lucy 071807


  1. First comment? (Hopefully by the time I post this, it’ll still be that way!)

    I like the idea of using a tackle box to store little knitting odds-and-ends. Handy, and it’d keep stuff from getting lost.

    Bohus sweaters look really nice, but from what I’ve heard, they’d be too complex for me. Shame, because I really do like the look of them.

  2. Love your new knitting tackle box! Great idea and can probably be found cheaper than some other storage boxes.
    Love the latest socks ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Bronwyn says:

    I use tackle boxes to hold my brushes and paints; funny how much less expensive they are than the “real” artboxes, and so much more handy and with cool hidey holes!

    Did you manage to snag some wollmeise this morning? I got up too late, so if you did get some it’d be fun to see what you chose (if any) when it arrives!

    (I got some of the new Fiesta!)

  4. Mary Pat says:

    Oh how I would love to “chill” with Lucy. The temperature is hovering around 100 and just saying the chill sounds good.

  5. Hee hee I love how you say ‘chill’.

    Freezing here in Melbourne (the Aus one)….my kitties are snuggling up together to keep warm!

    The tackle box is great…..

  6. I love the look of the bohus, but I am too totally intimidated by colorwork like that. I use my knitting as a means to relax, chill out, fight depression,and just recenter myself and that looks like it would stress me out beyond belief. I’ll just live vicariously and enjoy your progress on such items. hugs to you and Miss Lucy.

  7. I ran right on over and tackled my own tackle box. Should be here in a few days! Thanks.

  8. Did I miss something–I couldn’t find a picture of your Bohaus anywhere–what’s the Wild Apple?! I found lots of photos of beautiful Bohaus sweaters, but nothing with apple in the name–now I’m even more curious–what will it look like?


  9. When I saw the caption for the sock picture, at first glance I thought it said “Lucy Rib”. Heh.

  10. I love your tool box.
    Does Solveig have colourways that are not on her website – I didn’t see a Wild Apple option.

  11. I have a big tackle box too. I use it to hold all my floss for cross stitch. It works so nice for it.

    I don’t think I would wait to make the Wild Apple Bohus either. One of these days I am going to get one. They are all so pretty.

    My gracious, how many socks do you knit in a month? I have lost the contest for sure. =) I am lucky to finish a pair in a month.

    Lucy you have the right idea. Lounge and let the world go by without a care. Well that is other than the catnip. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. Apples are a fall favorite :).

  13. Love the name of the kit, but seems a little intimidating for me.
    read your book for the first time this week – enjoyed it. A lot of what you said has hit home.
    Thanks for writing the truth!

  14. Hello! I love your idea with the tackle box that is so clever. I recently stumbled onto your site and I love your cat Lucy!

    I have been wanting to knit socks for a while but have been too intimidated with turning the heal– I have tried mittens though—

    So my question is turning the heel as simple as making a thumb gusset for mittens? They both seem simple enough yet complicated at the same time for a beginner.

  15. A tackle box! What a great idea!! And is that a Scrabble piece (‘W’) laying amongst some very pretty stitch markers? Heh. Can’t wait to see the bohus…

  16. A tackle box. Brilliant. That would totally solve my burgeoning stitch marker problem.

  17. Hate to ask this question, but does the acquisition of the Bohus kit mean that you broke the “Knit From Your Stash 2007” resolution?

    Although, Wild Apple is enough to cause anyone to stray. It is one of my favorite of the Bohus designs. I’ve been waiting for the kit to come out. I guess it’s time to break out the checkbook.

  18. My husband suggested I get a soft “tackle box” for my knitting supplies. We were at Tuesday Morning and bought each of us one for $20.00. It is the greatest! I have three plastic compartments like yours and lots of packets and crooks and crannies. He also suggested a fishing thing to hold my circulars. We paid $5.00 for it at Walmart. He is such a clever guy.

  19. I can’t wait to see the bohus!

    Caroline, the SockPixie

  20. Oh boy, another voyeuristic look into Wendy knitting a Bohus – joy! I hope you’ll link to or post a picture of Wild Apple because I’m very curious what it looks like. Of course, I could just wait and watch you knit it….

  21. I quiver in the shadow of the Bohus. Must practice some simpler color work first! They ARE beautiful. (It might also be a good thing to wait until we move away from Texas, because I think it would only be cold enough to wear a sweater like that about once every other year.
    On the other hand, the city I live in is named Plano, so perhaps I “need” one of those Tackle Boxes!

  22. Theresa in Italy says:

    Great idea, tackle box. Would help me tackle my overflowing pile of knitting accesssories, hee hee.

    The last Bohus you knit was beautiful beyond words and I will love watching when you knit up this one, but not now. It’s around 100 degrees here, humidity to match, and no air conditioning. Sign me up for the “Chill with Lucy” team.

  23. The Wild Apple Bohus is gorgeous. Fortunately for my pocketbook I am: 1.) in Texas where it doesn’t get cold enough for most wools, and 2.) allergic to angora.

    I look forward to living vicariously through you!

  24. I searched the Web and their are some pictures of the Wild Apple Bohus out there. It’s gorgeous. I have only done the most simple colorwork so far. This looks like an incredible challenge. Usually the challenging-looking things end up being the most fun to knit, though (lace, socks, etc.) For myself, I wonder whether I’d actually wear a sweater like that. I live in a cold clime, but I’ve always thought that circular yokes made my shoulders look bigger. I’ll have to go try one on somewhere to see if I’m right. I can’t wait to see yours unfold, though!

  25. I’ve ussed tackle boxes for storing embroidery and sewing supplies, electronics components, screws and hardware for around the house… they’re fantastic things, and so much more affordable than most specialty organisation items you can get from crafts stores!

  26. skeetshooter says:

    Oh yes — I have a Plano too. Mine holds sets of needles. Pairs banded together and dpns in toothbrush travel holders.

  27. Michele with 1 "L" says:

    You did it to me again. I tend to try to knit everything I see other people knitting in the blogs so when you said you were going to knit the “Wild Apple Bohus” I decided to knit another bohus myself. I ordered the “Forest Darkness”. I made the “Large Lace Collar last winter and it was so much fun that I decided to just jump in with you and have more fun.
    Those that are intimidated by the whole Bohus process should just remember that you work it one row at a time and it is the same as big knitting only smaller. My hands seem to like the smaller needles too.

  28. Alice in Richmond says:

    Gotta get me a Plano, maybe not that large though. But I’d have to hide it from Fisherman Mike who got “permission” to go to Canada!

    And that idea for dpns in toothbrush travel holders! I like that idea by skeetshooter in #26 above.

  29. Love the tackle box.

    Also love that yarn! Just went to their web site (thanks for the link!) and the solid colors really show the softness and halo of the yarn. This would make a really nice shawl, too. Hmmmm……(mental note to self: knit faster).

  30. Ahhhh, Sighhhhhh….. I just read that you have 5 prs of socks completed. I belong to the BMF sock club & have finished maybe 2 pair since January. Mine are for the holidays as presents but the 2 pair I previously knit were for me. I feel like I’m just beginning. You amaze me. I can’t even get my housework completed, my animals taken care of and my knitting completed and yet you are truly a wonder woman! I’m just on the lazy side I guess. Either that or you have a little help in the form of Java or some sort of natural energy! Keep it up. I live, vicariously through your knitting!

  31. Oh lord, now you’ve done it. Must get me a Bohus sweater! And yes to tackle boxes – I store everything in them – art supplies, buttons, even jewelry! They’re just so much better designed and manufactured than other kits!

  32. How much yarn does the top of the tackle box fit, that would be great for traveling?

  33. I love the tackle box idea! I’ve used various things to hold knitting (including both craft totes and non-craft totes) but that looks like one of the best options out there.

    The sock looks great, as always!

  34. Ahh yes, the ever popular good ole tackle box. I have several, but they mostly contain reed making supplies (bassoonist and all). Never thought to try them for knitting stuff though!

    And congrats on becoming a marrow donor. That’s really awesome of you to do.

  35. Its a bit like Alton Brown always says, a multi-task item is so much more useful and cost effective then a tool that was made specifically for the actual task. For instance they make this stainless tool (I believe called an atomizer) that you rub on your hands after peeling garlic to remove the smell. But any stainless tool will do such as a ladel and then you have the use of the laddel as a laddel as well as an atomizer.

    Not that you’ll stick fishing lures in with your stitch markers, but you could. Although I wouldn’t advise it.

  36. The Tackle Box is the perfect accesory for any crafter. It keeps you organized and tidy. I have seen it done by many crafty people. I love the compartentalization and itis like going to a toy store when you open it up. lol!

    Great Socks!

  37. I’m itching to make a Bohus! Don’t laugh, I do realize where I live, but don’t care much ๐Ÿ˜‰ Great idea with the tackle box! I’ve been searching for just the right travel pillbox contraption for a mobile supply case. I’m chillin’ with Lucy!

  38. Knitting and fishing… I used to own a yarn store, and one day this lady came to the store. She chose yarn for various projects, and as she was contemplating the yarns spread on the table, she said”What am I going to tell my husband?” I answered with a question. “Does your husband fish?” She said yes. So I said, if he says you have too much yarn, just open the door of the closet where he stores all his fishing equipment!” She smiled, and said, “You’re right fishing is like knitting.”

    Caroline, the SockPixie

  39. I love my tackle box. It works really great.

    Thanks for the info on the Bohus Looks like something I want to explore.

    Miss Purl