My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


One Down

Just a quickie post today. But I wanted to report that I’ve got one Southwestern Sock completed.

Southwestern Sock 072607

Southwestern Sock 072607

Sportweight socks knit up really fast!

Southwestern Sock Closeup 072607

Southwestern Sock Closeup 072607

The Fiesta Boomerang is lovely to knit. I’ve made a start on the second sock.

Toe 072607

Toe 072607

Socks on Two Circs

Nope, I have no plans to start knitting two socks on two circs at the same time. As was pointed out in the comments, it is not the best thing to be doing for commuter knitting. But one sock on two circs works just fine for me. I note that some of you feel the 16″ circs are too short, but they work perfectly for me. I tried 24″ and they just seemed a bit long. To each his/her own, eh?

For people who are having problems visualizing how to do a sock on two circs, there is a very helpful video at Check out this page. Under the heading “Small Diameter Circular Knitting” there are three videos — one for dpns, one for two circulars, and one for magic loop.

Speaking of magic loop, I’ve no plans to try that.

But never say never. For all I know, next week I’ll give away my entire stash and start crocheting granny squares in Red Heart acrylic.

(Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

Book Giveaway

Today is Thursday so it must be time for a book giveaway.

Fisherman Sweaters 072607

Fisherman Sweaters 072607

This is a copy of Fisherman Sweaters, by Alice Starmore, and like last week’s giveaway, it was very generously donated by Joanne F.

Want it? Send an email to blogcontestATcomcastDOTnet before noon Eastern time on Sunday July 29, 2007. The random number generator will choose the recipient on Sunday afternoon.

Lucy Sez

Lucy 072607

Lucy 072607

Momma can crochet with Red Heart if she likes, as long as she doesn’t interfere with my nap schedule too much.


  1. What a delicious looking sock! You seem to have a knack for choosing the prettiest sock yarn!

    Hope U R feeling much better. I’m sure Lucy is doing a great job as kitty nurse.

    Have a long restful (hopefully pain free) weekend! Luv.m.

  2. Well done on the socks. I’ve been knitting my last socks using the magic loop on one needle and two socks. More difficult I think than one sock but I like the magic loop. My pussy is napping right here beside me in a nice sunny spot.

  3. I love the upclose picture of your Southwestern Sock, what vivid colors and they work so well with your pattern. I tried 2 socks on one long circular needl and it did not go well. I ended up with severely distorted stitches and now I will only knit one sock at a time.

    I hope you, Lucy, & Ian have a relaxing, restful weekend and that you are feeling much better very soon.

  4. Patricia says:

    Let’s hear it for Red Heart! I still have- and use- the blanket my Mom made for me from Red Heart (stripes, not granny squares) and a scarf. Machine wash/dry- gotta love it.

    She told me recently she never knit with wool, except for a couple projects. I only remember her using Red Heart and Knit CroSheen. Wool was beyond the budget, and with 9 kids, you want machine wash/dry.

    Another beautiful sock. Now I’m inspired to try socks with circulars.

  5. Isabelle says:

    Given enough time, one will almost always eat one’s words. I swore I’d never knit socks, but thanks to your fabulous toe-up sock recipe, I’ve happily added them to my repertoire.

  6. Red Heart granny squares?!? (snort) Yeah, right!!! I think your safe on that one ;~) I’ve seen enough yarn from your stash to feel pretty confident here. Good work on the sock-you are moving right along!

  7. Wendy in Cambridge says:

    I’ve never tried knitting socks on two circs, but I may get some of the Knitpicks 16″ ones. I’d like to try it. Once again, you’ve inspired me!

    I love this photo of your beautiful nurse! Hope you’re feeling much better very soon.

  8. If you do indeed decide to give up the stash, please let me know ๐Ÿ™‚ From what I’ve seen, you have some pretty nice stuff. But I highly doubt you’d give it up for Red Heart.

  9. Not that there is anything wrong with Red Heart crochet granny squares…right?

  10. There is a time and a place for Red Heart, but somehow I doubt that it will take over your substantial stash! (Mine, on the other hand, is more likely to be overthrown, though natural fibers are so soft…)

    The sock is looking good!

  11. Wendy Crochets?

  12. I’ll be happy to take your stash off your hands if you do go acrylic. Heck, I’ll even buy you all the acrylic you want in exchange. (That’s what…about $1 a ball?)

  13. The difference between magic loop and the 2 circ technique is one needle. They are essentially the same technique knitting wise. I only like magic loop better because I use only one needle and there isn’t the jangly noise you get when two needles are hanging next to each other. But then, I am easily annoyed…

    I also volunteer to buy you all the acrylic your heart desires in exchange for your stash. Funny though, I never took you for a hooker…

  14. Say, you’re really churning out those Summer of Socks projects. Re 2×2 sock knitting, I can only get a pair if I knit 2 at a time on circs. One at a time I always get one bigger, smaller, longer, shorter.

  15. I took a class on two socks at once on one needle. The only issue I had was my biggish feet and fitting two gussets on the 40″ needle I had. When I do it again, and I will, I’ll use a 47″ needle. I also want to try two socks at once on two circulars.

    I usually knit on two circulars so two socks on one needle wasn’t a big stretch. Also, I’m still early enough in my sock-knitting career to not yet have settled on preferred methods. I, too, had no interest in knitting socks for several years, so now I never say never to anything.

  16. I have tried nearly all methods of making socks (except that Cat Bordhi has apparently invented some new ones), and I just couldn’t make the 2 circular thing work — all those floppy ends bothered me. Maybe if I’d tried shorter circs. I do like Magic Loop, but I just moved a pair that I was working 2 at a time onto separate needles. It seems to take forever to make any progress doing 2 at once.
    Oh, and I got some Fiesta Boomerang from the Loopy Ewe, too — I wasn’t really paying attention to anything but the colors, so was surprised at how thick it is. I haven’t done anything with it yet, but your socks (as always) look mahvelous. And I waaaay underestimated how many socks you would complete during Summer of Socks, unless you slow waaaay down!

  17. Love the new sock!!

    I don’t have any circs sort enough that won’t end up tangled into a mess. I wonder if the 16″ would work best for me. I normally use the magic loop. DPs are dangerous in our house and have a tendancy to get broke. A toddler, 2 cats that like to chew on them and a 112lb white lab that thinks he is a lap dog. Wood doesn’t stand a chance. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  18. I have tried all methods, but really prefer one sock on 2 16″ circs as well. Lovely socks by the way.

    Caroline, the SockPixie

  19. Heather Johnson says:

    That yarn looks so soft ! I can only imagine how great that must feel on the feet.

    Another great resource for sock knitting help is the Sock Knitters Homepage. They have very well detailed instructions and photos.

    Also a warning : Boye Circs, size 1’s, it felt to me like the joins were actually larger in diameter than the needles themselves. After finding this out the hard way, I cried a little. There will be another KnitPicks order coming to my home soon so I can try the 2 circulars thing properly.

  20. Nice sock!! You are making me want to cast mine on next..I need some speed sock knitting. ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. If you ever give away your stash, I’m sure I can help find a good home for all your laceweight yarn. *laughs*

  22. Close your eyes and hear the tempting whisper: Maaaagic looooooop is soooooooooooo smoooooooooth.

  23. I LOVE the colors on these latest socks! I am currently a lover of dpns for sock knitting. Have tried two circs and magic loop. I hate the wiggly ends hanging from two circs, and although I am happy to have learned to do magic loop, I pull so tight at the “joins” to prevent ladders, it was a real pita slipping over the join on the needles! As usual, Lucy is the cutest. I always feel a bit disloyal to my cats when I admire her!!

  24. thanks for posting the video link. I’ve used that site before but missed the circular videos. I’ve been wondering about how to knit with two circs or magic loop. (I learned on dpns). Those made it look so much easier than what I was imagining!

  25. The sock looks great. I like my circular needles to be kind of tight or short cable, too big and I get a party going on with the needles and the yarn.

  26. Theresa in Italy says:

    And here I was feeling so proud of myself for finally getting the hang of DPNs…!

    Sorry to keep repeating myself, but those socks are really nice!

    Have a good restful weekend with your well-rested furry little nurse there.

  27. I haven’t heard the forecast….will hell be freezing over next week? ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. Um. OK.

    Hee hee!

    Long live my scrappy DPN’s!

    (Hope you’re feeling better, btw!)

  29. If you can ever find (very rare!) the small Clover (plastic) 8 inch circs, you should give them a try! They are my favorite! Speedy! Since you just go round and round, you do not have to slow down to pull needles around. Only problem is the smallest that I have found are size 4. But I LOVE mine!

  30. I echo you on the magic loop method. I am doing a sock using the magic loop method right now and am not liking it. But to each his/her own. And I don’t think Lucy will mind you crocheting with Red Heart so long as you keep the good stuff for her to have as a bed.

  31. Love those 16 inch circulars. Tried the two circulars originally with the longer needles and couldn’t stand it, but the 16 inch circulars are wonderful , and GREAT for commuter knitting. Many few dropped stitches, although I have occasionally knitted before being fully oriented to discover that I had knitted the entire sock onto one circular when the other fell to the ground.

  32. The sock is lovely! Thanks for the link to the explanation of 2-circ knitting – I’ve never done it, and wondered how it worked . . .

  33. If I want to do both socks at once, I’ll use 2 sets of circs. I tried with my very first sweater knitting both sleeves at the same time, and lasted maybe an inch. The yarns would twist up every time I turned the work, and I tend to always turn the same direction, so I’d either have to try to remember to turn the opposite direction after the back side, or untangle the yarn every few rows. Drove me batty. So, while I like the idea of doing them at the same time so that gauge matches up and you remember to do the increases/decreases the same way, I will never do two on the same needle(s) again.

  34. What a fun sock – I like how the colors are bold, but not bright.

    The quickness with which you finish your sportweight socks has convinced me to try some – I just cast-on for a pair in Cider Moon Glacier – love the yarn so far! And I tried the magic cast-on you wrote about and I really like it (no need to find my crochet hook and scrap yarn) – thanks for pointing it out!

    I know you can’t answer as many questions now with your health problem, but if you have time to mention how many stitches you like to cast-on when working socks that aren’t fingering weight (Sport-weight/DK/etc.) I’d love to hear your thoughts as I’ve seen a huge variance across patterns.

    Get well soon!!!!

  35. Seriously….. HOW do you knit them so fast?

    I love this pattern……and chance you will share it?

  36. Beautiful sock yarn! So if you do give away your stash, would the KOARC be calling the X-Files or Men in Black to see if you have been invaded by a body snatcher?

  37. Love the sock! Any chance you might share the pattern? And I also would be willing to swap you Red Heart for your stash. But how do you think the socks would look?

  38. Maryanne says:

    Wendy & Lucy,
    We bought another copy of your book, just because
    1.) it’s a great book and one of us misplaced the original
    (It’s probably in a tote bag under some yarn)
    2.) to send positive energy your way.
    Much love from your fans in SC –
    Maryanne & Bella

  39. Your socks are loverly, as always. I’ve taught classes on knitting socks on 2 circulars & found circular length preference seems to be directly related to hand size. Small/medium hands, no problems with the short pegs on 16″ long circs. Larger hands, the 24″ circs have longer needles & seem more comfortable. I’m a 24″ all-the-way gal myself (women’s extra-large glove wearer). What’s more important is smooth cable-to-needle joins, & a soft, very flexible cord.

    When the socks are finished, no one can tell if you used dpns, 1 circ, 2 circs, or whatever. What really matters is finding the method you like, then enjoy the journey…& the yarn…and the next pair of socks..&next pair….&next pair…

  40. Ann in CT says:

    Hey, now that you’re all about 2 circs…can I have your silver Celtic Swan dpns? ๐Ÿ™‚ Well, it doesn’t hurt to ask, right? ๐Ÿ™‚
    Have a good weekend.

  41. Granny squares in Red Heart. OK. But don’t let us catch you knitting wash clothes in Sugar & Cream.

  42. Judy Murphy says:

    I have just almost completed my first toe up sock using your pattern in “Wendy Knits”. Now, using two circs for one sock! Wow,
    I am definitely going to try that on the next one. You have really got me on the “sock trail”, two unfinished projects are languishing by my “knitting chair” and all I can think about is socks.

    Note, Lucy is definitely a nap champ, maybe second to my Squeaky, a big gray neutered Tom whom I find napping in the strangest places.

  43. i agree with 16″ vs. 24″. i found them too long as well for sock knitting. but i have since been converted to two at once in ML. i have severe startitis, and figured two at once is the only way i will ever get to wear handknit socks!

    off to email you
    (thanks Joanna F. for being so generous!)


  44. forgot to add, that is you need someone to send your stash to, i will happily take it. i’ll even send you all my red heart super saver and caron simply soft! just let me know, and i send you my address ;D

  45. Personally, I like a 16″ for the top of the foot and a 20″ for the heel! Of course ADDIS only for the small gauge. Their joins are amazing. Only one at a time so I can feel like I’m making progress on the sock. ๐Ÿ™‚ Two socks at one time just seems like so SLOW MOVING ! ๐Ÿ™‚

  46. Love your socks! I’ll play for the fisherman knits book (Chris sent me over…).

  47. I swear to god…if I see one skein of RH, a crochet hook, or any book whose title begins with “Afghans I have Know and Loved,….” , the storm warnings are going up and I’m organizing an intervention…

  48. oooh, the colors in that sock are so rich . . . makes me think of radicchio!

  49. Speaking of crochet, I just got a promotional email from Amazon, that people who bought your book (I did, some time ago) might like these crochet books… Well, to be fair, one of them was afghans to knit and crochet. (I hit the delete key.) Then I pop over here and you’re talking about taking up crochet with red heart… I’ll send you my address if there’s some stash-giving-away.

  50. What books have instructions for knitting two socks on two circs? I am interested in learning some new techniques, and two circs has caught my interest as well as knitting two socks at once.
    I have enjoyed seeing the variety of colors and patterns your summer of socks has taken! Small canvas, many options!

  51. Red Heart??? You Must be in a lot of pain and on heavy meds! ๐Ÿ™‚ Love the current socks by the way – hope you’ll be sharing the pattern soon. Hope you are soon feeling better.

  52. If you’re gonna give away your stash, I know where at least some of it could find a home….(hint hint)

  53. Very nice! I’d love to see a shot of the sock drawer after the SOS07 is all done! Lucy cracks me up.

  54. Tammy J. Pell says:

    I’m in awe, at how many pairs of socks you knit every month.
    How do you do it? Is there a magic way you hold your yarn ?
    I’ve been reading and enjoying your blog and its inspiring but sometimes I’m discouraged because I love to knit socks but no way can I pump them out like you. Not that I knit for speed but
    you’re human too right? Maybe I’m reading to much Harry Potter. Please comment on this for me. Sincerely.

  55. Charmaine says:

    Raspberry Twist
    They look like delicious ice cream sherbet! YUMMMIE..I have a peach color
    waiting to knit them up


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