My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Sock Yarn Crushes

Thanks for weighing in with your comments about the Wollmeise sock yarn. Some of you agreed that you found it a little splitty and that it tended to kink up on itself, and some of you didn’t have that experience. I think this might have something to do with how we knit. I tend not to look at the stitches while I knit, so if I’m knitting with a yarn of many plies, it sort of makes sense that there’s a bigger chance of my splitting the yarn. For the Wollmeise, I compensated by looking at my knitting a lot more often, and I was able to correct all the splits that occurred.

And the Frog Warts Socks, they are done.

Frog Warts Socks 073107

Frog Warts Socks 073107

I really love them, and I have no regrets about the yarn — it’s so pretty knitted up, don’t you think? It’s just a little more high maintenance than some sock yarns. But there is room in my life for a high maintenance yarn from time to time if I get end results like this.

Sorta like people — some are high maintenance and some are low maintenance. C’est la vie. πŸ˜‰

Jamie asked in the comments:

I would be interested in what your favorite sock yarns are (say, top five). There are so many special, β€œboutique” yarns out there, I don’t know where to start.

So many sock yarns!

When I first started knitting socks a few years ago I was drawn to the self-striping sock yarns because they seemed so cool. I was a huge fan of Opal self-striping yarn. I still am very fond of Opal — it makes great guy socks, I think, because it wears so well. And I actually just bought a skein of Opal handpainted a week or so ago.

Opal Sock Yarn 073107

Opal Sock Yarn 073107

This is color #21 and was called something like “Chocolate Banana Split.”

Lately I’ve been sampling sock yarns from a whole lot of different dyers. So far in the Summer of Socks I’ve knitted with yarns from The Knittery, All Things Heather, Blue Moon Fiber Arts, Lime & Violet, Sock Pixie, Classic Elite, Dream in Color, and Fiesta. And I’ve loved them all.

But I have to admit, my current sock yarn crush is Dream in Color Smooshy sock yarn. In fact, I started a sock in this:

Smooshy Sock Yarn 073107

Smooshy Sock Yarn 073107

Colorway “Cool Fire.” So yummy . . .

Sock in Progress 073107

Sock in Progress 073107

So . . . what are your current sock yarn crushes?

Lucy has visions of sock yarns dancing in her head!

Lucy 073107

Lucy 073107


  1. One of these days, I’m actually going to get off my butt and learn to properly knit socks, so I can enjoy all these nice-looking yarns you’ve been showing off lately!

  2. I just received my first skein of Smooshy! I love Cherry Tree Hill! And Spunky Eclectic Tough Sock yarn. It is FAB! I love trying as many different Etsy dyers as possible!

  3. I just received my shipment of Smooshy from The Loopy Ewe, and I can’t wait to dive in!

    My favorite indie-dyed sock yarn is Fearless Fibers (available on etsy). It’s true love, and I can’t get enough of it.

  4. The Wollmeise sure knits up purdy…I got lucky and snagged 3 skeins (I’m up in the wee hours LOL) and yea you’re right…it’s odd for 100% wool in terms of look/feel but there’s a nice crispness to it and the colors…oh the colors….

    And yea the Dream In Color Squooshy is totally deeeelish…

  5. I have developed a wee problem with sock yarn this summer; I have to order everything I see! I just got some Dream in Color and can’t wait to try it. Currently, I’m knitting with Zen String, and I recently knit with Sunshine Yarn (etsy and The Sweet Sheep). Sunshine Yarn was wonderful.

  6. I am a big fan of the Cider Moon Glacier. It was heavenly. And the Handmaiden SeaWool. That would have to be my “deserted island” yarn.

  7. Aussie Rosemary says:

    My favourite sock yarns at the moment are Lorna’s Laces, Cashmere Merino from The Knittery, Brown Sheep and Cherry Tree Hill. Unfortunately it appears the latter two are no longer available in Australia.

  8. As a beginning sock knitter with only 3 pairs of socks knit total… I can safely say that I’m in love with Koigu and Cherry Tree Hill but not with Regia and TOFUtsies. Cherry Tree Hill smells like LANOLIN! I love! But I just started knitting with it (made one leg so far). So I can’t really say.

    Because I’m fairly new to knitting [socks] I have already bought a lot of sock yarn to try because I don’t want to get stuck in one yarn so quickly… now though I really do need to get around to knitting it all up! I’m going to need wool socks this winter.

    Reading your blog though, really makes me wish a) I knit socks faster so I could keep up and b) I wasn’t a student with a huge tuition to pay and therefore couldn’t purchase yarn just for the sake of it. I want all those sock yarns you’ve referred to! But I can’t buy anything anymore! Not until most of the ones I’ve already bought are knitted up, then I can because I’ll have use for it…

  9. I just discovered cotton yarn, specifically “Risata” from Knitpicks. So far it’s been great (one sock worth of great. I have a bad case of Second Sock Syndrome right now.) Nice color, nice stitch definition, only a tiny bit splittier than the Regia wool I usually use…

  10. Sherilan says:

    This is off the sock topic, but I just got 3 Bags Full at the library today and love the start. How does L-B find these books anyway?

  11. My current sock yarn crush is Knitpicks Memories. So soft and squishy! Such lovely colors!

  12. My very favorite right now is Fleece Artist 2/6 merino (I think that’s what it’s called). I just love the colors.

  13. And Crystal Palace Panda Cotton. Not as crazy about the colors, but I love the feel of the yarn.

  14. Alice in Richmond says:

    Hi Wendy! Feeling any better?

    My favorite sock yarns are Opal for longevity in wearing and and Scarlet Fleece Tubularx2 for the boingy softness while knitting!


  15. Dream in Color! All the way!

  16. PICAdrienne says:

    Sleeping Dragon and Lorna’s Laces are my favorites right now. I am new to sock knitting (finished my first pair January 2 of this year,) so I have lots of yarns to explore.

  17. The Frog Warts socks look wonderful! I was surprised at the feel of Wollmeise yarn, but I haven’t had a chance to knit with it yet. I’m with you about the Dream in Color smooshy yarn. I love it! I knit a pair of Thelonious socks out of the In Vino Veritas color and it quickly became one of my favorite pairs of socks. It’s too bad that it’s 90+ degrees now.

    Some of my other favorites are Perchance to Knit for bright colors, All Things Heather for subtle colors, Fiesta boomerang for quickness and squishiness, and Vesper for very pretty and mindless stripes.

  18. I’m trying my first skein of Fearless Fibers and it is wonderful! Generous yardage, excellent price, fantastic colors. I have been having trouble with a design issue in the current sock, which has involved a fair bit of tinking and frogging of lace. The yarn seems to be holding up fairly well. I think part of the frustration is coming from the heat zapping my will to knit.

    I found the cotton/wool blends from Plymouth and Regia become very splitty if you have to tink back. That may just be a cotton thing; I’m not sure.

    I’ve used OnLine Sierra for several pairs and I like working with it (good thing too since I bought one of every color). Very good guy colors.

  19. OooO!! I recently knit two pairs of socks with the Dream in Color smooshy sock yarn, and it was fabulous! It really is smooshy. Smoooooooooshy….mmm…

  20. Kathlene in Iowa says:

    Dream in Color Smooshy in lipstick. Ha-cha-cha!

  21. Wendy in Cambridge says:

    All the socks you knit are beautiful, but I think I like the Frog Warts ones the best. Love the colorway, love the pattern and I particularly love the name!

    I’ve got so much sock yarn, it would be really hard to choose favorite. I think my next pair will be with Dream in Color Smooshy Sock yarn–after all the wonderful comments, I’m anxious to try it!

  22. I’m really liking mountain colors bearfoot yarn. I have some Opal rainforest yarn that I haven’t tried yet. Can’t stand plymouth sockotta, too much cotton, very inelastic and tough on my hands in my opinion

  23. I JUST got DIC SMOOSHY in COOL FIRE! I am in LOVE! I haven’t decided what to knit out of it yet, but I saw an amazing pair of Cookie A’s twisted flowers in a blue Dream in Color. It has amazing stitch definition from the looks of it.

    Other than that – Fiesta Boomerang (which I just got), Cherry Tree Hill, Yarn Pirate oh there are so many more. I love hand painted sock yarns, really. I am going through a solids phase, but I have a true love for hand paints.

  24. I have two skeins of Smooshy, one of which is next on the list to be knitted.

    Several have mentioned Fearless FIbers. I joined Deb’s sock club, so I”ll be getting some of that soon. Haven’t tried it so far, though.

    I love STR as most folks do. I also love ShiBui Sock which I’ve used a couple of times. Very soft and wonderful to work with.

    I just tried a sample of Soxx Appeal and am waiting for my LYS to get some. There’s a review of the sample on my blog. I liked what I knit with so far.

    I covet that Wollmeise! Missed the sneak up, but I’ve got my finger on the mouse ready to click when the August shipment comes in at Loopy Ewe!

  25. and, the difference between DIC Smooshy and Colinette Jitterbug is? … discuss and report back to me –

  26. I just purchased some Dream in Color Smooshy sock yarn, too in the same color. It’s heavier in weight than I thought, so I was wondering what size needle I should use. I’ll do it toe-up, so I can try it on as I go. What size needle are you using?

  27. Marianne Y says:

    Your Frog Warts sock are really cool!

    For now, as a novice sock knitter, my favorite is Lorna’s Lace (both Sport & Sock), because the Sock yarn has allowed me to rip it out & start over so many times, while I have been trying to figure out how I want to knit my Toe-Up Monkey Socks, etc. It has been really forgiving in that regards, plus it is easy on my hands. (I have another pair of socks close to being finished in Lorna’s Lace Sport. It is going well, using your Generic Toe-Up Sock pattern; it has not had to survive near the number of rippings that the Toe-Up Monkeys have, but I like the socks.

    I have a number of other yarns in my stash now. I’m looking forward to casting on Dream in Color next.

  28. One of my all time favorites which hasn’t been mentioned yet is Apple Laine Apple Pie. It is yummy and smooshy with a great blend of fibers. Love it!

  29. I am using some dream in color too! (forgot the colorway) I love working with it, except that is turning my hands blue!

  30. Mmmmmmm. Sock yarn.

    OnLine, Lorna’s Laces, Dream in Color, Greater Adirondack (heavenly colors), Brownsheep Wildfoote, and the KnitPicks for everyday stuff.

  31. I have to say my favorite sock yarn lately has to be Apple Pie. I don’t knit nearly as many socks as you do, Wendy, but I have loved the Apple Pie a bunch. I’m knitting with Panda Wool now, which I think is making a beautiful fabric but my two new kittens are chomping through it very easily when they attack it.

  32. Opal, Lorna’s, Koigu, Trekking and STR are some of my favorites. Although I have to admit I rarely find a sock yarn I don’t like. πŸ™‚

    My gosh woman you are a sock knitting machine! If you publisher isn’t watching, I think someone needs to tip them off that you’re going to have enough for a second book, say in a little over a month. (lol) Lots of great patterns.

  33. Michele in maine says:

    Oh, so many favorites! Handmaiden Sea Wool, Dream in Color, Chewy Spaghetti, Zen Strings, Yarntini, Vesper, Blue Moon STR, Sweet Georgia, Apple Pie, Bearfoot, Wollmeise, ShiBui – somebody stop me! And most of these I know about because of you, Wendy!

  34. mwknitter says:

    I agree with Kathy about the Panda Cotton – it is soo soft & the bamboo imparts a slight sheen. It is terribly splitty but the pluses more than make up for it.

  35. Fleece Artist. Dream In Color. Fearless Fibers. Apple Laine. And, oddly enough, Regia. That about does it. (Not.)

  36. My yarn of choice right now is Skinny Duets from A Swell Yarn Shop. There is a lot of sock yarn in my house and this was the newest skein, but there was no resisting it.
    I love the contrast heel and toe she provides.

  37. Sharon G says:

    I got Cider Moon Glacier in the Cayenne colorway from the Knitter’s Mercantile this Saturday. In just a little more time than it took to watch two movies, I had a sock done! (It was my first sportweight sock-I was so happy at how fast it worked up). Glacier is softer and nicer looking than other sportweight I saw–some of the sportweight just looked like messy skeins of ratty acrylic. And I really like the colors. It’s KILLING me to not go back and get the purple and the green.

  38. There are so many out there that I like. Yarn Pirate, Blue Moon, Spunky Eclectic, etc. So hard to choose.

  39. I’ve heard such raves about the Dream in Color Smooshy sock yarn…just the name Smooshy makes me want to feel it…can’t wait to try it!

    I just finished a pair of socks in Regia Silk Color which I loved knitting with – so soft!

  40. I use fingering weight for lacy shawls, stoles, and scarves, not socks. I like Great Adirondack, Lorna’s Laces, Cherry Tree Hill, Claudia Hand Painted, Chewy Spaghetti, and Kona via various Indie dyers. I’m going to try the DIC Smooshy next, I think. I think it’ll make a nice stole. Or maybe a Faroe shawl.

  41. My favorite sock yarn is Sundara’s sock yarn. It’s smooshy and comfy, doesn’t split. And the colors make me gasp every time I open a new package. Plus, if my feet happen to go into the cold April water off the coast of Vancouver Island during a freak sailboat tip, the wool does its thing and holds the water away from my feet until I can comfortably change my socks.

  42. No love so far in the comments for my girl Anne? I love Schaeffer Anne. Love. I love to look at it and touch it and rub it against my face. I might be just the tiniest bit obsessed.

  43. I just finished one sock with Seacoast Handpainted (wool, bamboo blend) I love the yarn! – and the colors!
    I also like Cherry Tree Hill, Sockotta for summer, Regia, Lornas Laces, Claudias Handpainted, Dream in Color, and the list goes on.

  44. Your Frog Warts socks are so bright and beautiful! They look like they would be fun to wear.

    I am probably the weird one in the bunch, but so far of all the socks I have seen knit up (not being a sock knitter yet) my favourite is Briggs and Little’s Durasport. It doesn’t feel all that good to knit with, but it washes up nice and soft, then wears forever. A friend has a pair that have no holes in and are nearly five years old. She wears them a lot and they are still soft and springy.

  45. I discovered Koigu recently. I mean really discovered Koigu, after buying the book. Also Lorna’s Laces, Claudia Handpainted and Hill Country Yarns.

  46. I love Cider Moon Glacier. I love the Spunky Eclectic Super Nova and Skinny Sock too. And Yarn Love’s Scarlett O’Hara. And Seacoast Handpaint’s Panda. And Lorna’s Laces (sport especially – because I think I might get socks done sooner). Not that I’ve finished a sock with any of them yet… but I love the feel of them as I play with swatching or for the ones I’ve actually started socks in, knitting the sock.

    I guess this makes me a bit promiscuous huh? No wonder I never get anything finished.

  47. I have so little experience in sock knitting, so I can say for sure that I have a whole world of yarns to try out! It must be the summer of socks cause even I actually completed my very first pair! Just don’t have time to post them just yet. Soon I’ll be casting on a pair of Lucy’s!

  48. I am really in love with Yarn Pirate sock yarn,some fingering weight yarn from Laughing Rat Studio (, and Angora Valley fingering weight merino!

  49. Fleece Artist Merino, Smooshy, Liza Souza, Anne, Ball and Skein, Ocean Wind, Mama Blue … and Koigu. Just started on some Tofutsies — jury’s still out on that one. πŸ™‚

  50. right now my crush is on Cheeky Monkey Fibers, from the etsy seller HL Miller. It’s in the Snow Patrol colorway. I cannot stand how stinking soft it is to work with! That’s why they are Jaywalkers..I want all that softness right next to my skin!

  51. Oh yeah, and Claudia’s, Seacoast, Wonka, Apple Pie and Piece of Vermont.

  52. I am lovin’ that Opal!
    Right now I am infatuated with Jitterbug! Just posted the Raspberry colorway! :o) IN LUV!

  53. Wow, you are just blazing thorugh socks like a tour de France winner. How many pairs does this make so far? Could you maybe put them up on your knitting page under a special “Summer of Socks” catagory? That would make them really easy to browse! Thanks!

  54. Dear Wendy, you are going to have to knit faster, otherwise you will never get near the number I’ve submitted for your Summer of Socks. Faster, faster!!!

  55. I have the Opal in that same color too, but my current favorite is the Spunky Eclectic Super Nova sitting on my dresser waiting for its turn to be knit. Its soft and squishy, and nice and thick so it will knit up fast into warm socks. This is good when you are a slow knitter who lives where it gets cold in the winter.

  56. My current socks are Regia Silk knit at 11 spi on US0/2mm. The fabric has a surprising amount of stretch even at that gauge. The yarn has enough give that it feels very comfortable to knit those little stitches even with my history of tendonitis.

    I get a little splitting, but I’m prone to it. The split will unply the yarn a bit but it seems to sort itself out once it’s part of the fabric. Probably just not enough room between the tiny stitches for anyone to be at all out of line.

    So, this is my current favorite. Until I try the next yarn.

  57. Colinette Jitterbug for me! Or STR mediumweight – but I’m knitting the current sock for the 4th time because I really can’t get my gauge straight with it!

  58. Hope you’re feeling more cheerful now Wendy. That Wollmeise is beautiful but I really like Collinette Jitterbug – knits up quite quickly and makes really comfy socks which I have been wearing lots lately as it is winter here.

  59. Well, I haven’t really knit a pair of proper socks yet but all of a sudden I have cravings (maybe I’ve been reading your blog too much) and I’ve been lusting after this yarn here:

    However I want to make some jaywalkers and I that yarn’s not the right gauge, there’s a shop here in London that sells Lorna’s Laces though, I’ll have to check it out! I just moved to London from NZ and we couldn’t get aaaany of that stuff back home (there’s some Opal self-patterning, and St Ives available I think and that’s it) so it’s like a whole new world of yarn now…

  60. STR Lightweight remains my all-time favorite, but two of my current sock projects are in Wollmeise and only one in STR.

  61. For the squishy factor I’d have to agree with the Smooshy – I love it! And I love that it’s a bit beefier as sock yarns go and the yardage is amazing. Plus it’s more versatile because the colorway doesn’t fight with the pattern.

    I love Cider Moon Blizzard for the colors and since Cherry Tree Hill, Fleece Artist, Koigu, Claudia’s Handpaint, Cider Moon Blizzard and many of the Indie dyers use louet as their base yarn, it’s all about the color.

    A yarn that is new to me but WONDERFUL is Wooly Boully. This is hands down the softest yarn I’ve ever touched! She has two lines, softie and meanie. The meanie is what I have and it even has nylon in it and still it is soft soft soft …beautiful color too!

    I REALLY don’t like striping yarn. Once in a while it’s ok especially in a chevron or wavy stitch but I prefer a more variegated look. Having said that I think my next sock may be a toe up Marigold with opal petticoat. So much for no stripes πŸ™‚

    How are you feeling, Wendy? any improvement?

  62. Sock yarn crushes – good question. Right now I’m loving the Louet Gems I’m working with. I love the feel and how it knits. I used some Bearfoot Mountain colors last year that was fun. I liked the Panda Wool I just finished with, but I don’t think I’ll run out and get more right away. I love seeing what other people like!

  63. I just ordered some new things from Loopy Ewe yesterday – I am trying some superwash bluefaced leicester from Gypsy Knits and something from Apple Laine that sounds like Bearfoot with some silk thrown in. I can’t wait to get hold of these. I have a crush on them before they even arrive.

  64. I love your socks! I have a hank of Wollmeise that I haven’t knit up yet – seeing your socks has inspired me! I too like the Panda Cotton, especially for my kids socks. And I really want to learn how to make toe up socks – the instructions just don’t seem to make sense to me.

  65. Well I guess I need to try Smooshy….but I am in total love with Colinette Jitter Bug right now! I end up smiling a Mona Lisa smile when I work on it…It feels so wonderful and the colors are smashing! (working on Sahara right now…yummmy colors)

  66. My current love affair is with Interlacements Tiny Toes–so squishy and soft and knits up like a dream (my current socks on the needle are in the Submarine colorway). But I have to say, I do love Lorna’s Laces, Koigu, Claudia handpainted and Cherry Tree Hill. Oh, and Mountain Colors, too!

  67. I hope you are feeling better, Wendy! I love your newest socks-and all these great comments/yarn reviews, too!

  68. I love the frogwarts socks. They are really pretty. I agree with many people. I like Dream in Color the best, then Cider Moon.

  69. My yarn crushes…I have two right now:

    Sunshine yarns (on etsy) in Tree Frog (I’m kinda just in love with her yarn in general) and Cider Moon Flurries in Pandora Rose. These yarns have been sitting at the foot of the bed so that I can easily pet them on a regular basis.

  70. Opal will always be my favorite, I think, because it wears so well. But my special crush is Socks that Rock. I know these socks won’t last like my Opal ones do… but they’re so soft, and the colors are SO lovely. πŸ™‚

    Hope you’re feeling better!

  71. Love your Frog Warts Socks (great name … kudos to KORC).

    Because I have a bit of sock fetish (had it before I started knitting socks), I like almost every sock yarn I try. My Opals I love because they’re very comfy & have worn well. IMO, you can’t beat the feel of Koigu socks. Regia wears well & is great for days when it’s too warm for all wool socks. STR make nice socks too.

    Currently I’m working w/Colinette Jitterbug & really like it. The knitted fabric feels wonderful & the yarn does not split while working with it. Thanks to you, my next socks will be from Fiesta Boomerang. I love the feel of that yarn … I can tell they will be a favorite pair to put on when it’s very cold. Soon, Dream in Color will be joining my stash … can’t wait to meet & feel it. OK, how weird does that sound?

  72. Colinette Jitterbug is a current favorite but I’ve wanted to try Blue Moon’s Foo Foo, and 24 Karat. I’m really excited about trying new sock yarns.

  73. Boingy, Smooshy, crispy, Squooshy, squishy, smooshy, splitty, Smoooooooooshy, yummy, soft, soft and springy, soft and squishy: a great bunch of adjectives! I love Frog Warts!

  74. Yep, I love the Smooshy too. I am also lovin’ Fleece Artist Sea Wool. Great colors, great fell, a bit of sheen, yum.

  75. My current sock yarn crush has to be the fingering weight yarn dyed by — I have slowed down on my sock yarn buying immeasurably (being actually pretty much satisfied w/ my sock yarn stash as it is), but Krista’s colors and dye sense is just… enough to drop me off the wagon πŸ™‚

  76. My favorite sock yarns at the moment? Blue Moon, Dream in Color, and these lovely hand-painteds that I’ve gotten from a vendor on ebay (sorry dear, the name escapes me at the moment!). Of course, I don’t knit socks, I use them for hats and for scarves and they make such wonderfully uniquely-colored gifts!

  77. i love DiC! making a 2×2 ribbed sock toe up in the cool fire colorway, but in the classy weight (worsted) It’s soooooo sooooft

  78. Sock yarn crush? Usually what you’re knitting! Well, okay, I’m in love with CTH & Koigu. I like STR. Am thoroughly enjoying Fleece Artist Sea Wool…But…I also adore Zen Yarn Garden.
    Which is good, as I’m in her Art Walk Sock Club and the first month’s yarn just mailed!
    (can’t wait to see it)

  79. Lucy is only dreaming of yarn if it smells like tuna fish or catnip.

  80. Michele in Maine says:

    How could I forget Posh Yarn’s “Lucia” or “Emily”? They are wonderful yarns. The cashmere/merino mix is heavenly on your feet.

    Also Claudia Handpainted and Shaeffer Anne, as others have mentioned.

    The list goes on and on!

  81. So many sock yarns – so little time! They’re all just so PURTY! I’m on my second pair of socks from Pand cotton and it just feels so good to knit with. I agree the colors aren’t great but for single colored socks it is just a pleasure to work with. I also just finished that cute little Breeze anklet over on Knitty with the Knitpicks Risatta yarn and it was wonderful! Again, solid colors but sooo soft. And I’m always a sucker for Claudia’s Handpainted. I buy the skeins just to look at them!

  82. Beth in Seattle says:

    Wendy, you must be feeling better, you are starting to crank out the socks. My current favorite sock yarn is the Collinette Jitterbug (questionable spelling). Knit on.

  83. I must confess that my current sock yarn crush is my own handspun. I’m lovin’ it!

  84. Love the dream in color! I haven’t knit with it yet, but it looks exactly how I like my variegation.

    My current favorite sock yarns are CTH and J. Knits, although I’m really excited to try out Fleece Artist Sea Wool and JuJu Knits, too. They both feel great in the hank. I’m really loving your summer of socks! It’s giving me so many great ideas.

  85. I just started my first pair of socks using the Wollmeise. I haven’t found it to be really splitty, although it does like to get kinked up quite a bit (although that may be how I wound it). I am using size 0 bamboo DPNs but am going to switch to alum b/c the bamboo ones simply have too much give.

    I love your socks, and can’t wait to finish mine.

  86. I’ve joined the Smooshy craze. I had added a couple skeins of Smooshy to my sock stash (which is separate from my “anything but sock” stash), and after reading so many positive comments about the yarn, I pulled out the Visual Purple and spent the weekend on a sock. I used Addi Turbo 2.5mm needles and a variation on the Waving Lace socks in IK’s Favorite Socks book.

    Yummm. I really like STR and Schafer Anne, but I think Smooshy is definitely scrumptious to work with.