My current work in progress:

Sundew,by Martin Storey, knit from Rowan Softyak DK, using 3.25mm and 4mm needles.

More Smooshiness

Here is the new sock in progress, being knit from my beloved Dream in Color Smooshy sock yarn.

Smooshy Sock 080107

Smooshy Sock 080107

The colorway is “Cool Fire.” I really love how this yarn is dyed — look at the subtle play of colors on the sole of the foot.

Smooshy Sock Sole 080107

Smooshy Sock Sole 080107

A gratuitous close-up:

Smooshy Sock Closeup 080107

Smooshy Sock Closeup 080107

Watch out! Gusset shot!

Smooshy Sock Gusset 080107

Smooshy Sock Gusset 080107
And once again I need a name for this sock pattern. Tell me in the comments — what would you name it?

I’ve nothing much to say today (can you tell?). It’s hot and I believe my brain is cooked. Therefore, I shall back away carefully from the blog. Sudden movements may cause my brain to dribble out my ears.

Lucy Sez:

Lucy 080107

Lucy 080107

“Yeah, and don’t mess with me, either. Leave the a/c cranked when you go.”


  1. Dream of Love
    for how much you love the Dream in Color yarn.

    Although I gotta say, Raspberry Ripple is pretty good too.

  2. Since frogwarts was a play on words ala Harry Potter, I give you:
    Nymphadora’s Honky Tonks
    Not that it has an even remote connection to the movie.
    Ima Dork

  3. strawberry darts!

  4. Katherine says:

    I’m a little late in commenting on your beautiful frogwarts socks, but I just keep looking and looking at the picture. Of course the yarn looks scrumptious, but I love what the pattern does with it. I hope you share this pattern with us some day!

  5. 🙂 I fell in love with Smooshy recently too!! It’s great to see you working on it~ I’ve got Beach Fog and Gothic Rose, but havent thought of what to make with them yet. I gotta say though, Raspberry Ripple’s a great name for those socks!

  6. I’d call it Nautilus. The lines remind me of the delicate walls (septa) inside a nautilus shell.

  7. It looks like a lovely serving of fresh salmon. What type of salmon, you ask?

    SOCKeye Salmon, of course. 🙂

  8. The socks look great!

    I am going to go with Raspberry Smoothy.

  9. I suggest Puff the Magic Dragon. The pattern so looks like dragon scales and in that colour, the socks are dreamy! Love your blog, it’s so inspiring!

  10. Oooh, yum!

    Raspberry Cheesecake

  11. Hi Wendy

    Well the first thing that came into my head was “Strawberry ripple” but I see others have beaten me to it.

    Just this thing when it is so hot, strawberries and ice cream.


  12. I have to say it….

    Death to Smooshy 🙂

  13. Berry Smooshy Smooth gets my nomination, Love the colorway. Yummmm!

  14. ooooopppps that was supposed to read “Berry Smooshy Smoothie”

  15. The pattern is great and will not always be done in the pink tones. Others like myself may like greens or browns sock yarn, so with that said a simple name like ….hmmm. How about “trellis”?

    It looks great.

  16. Ferns on Fire. Ferns of Fire

  17. I just hungry just reading the comments. That is absolutely a gorgeous yummy colour and I LOVE that design you are doing!!!
    I do hope you are feeling a little better with your back too!! I am with Lucy these days CRANK UP THE AIR CONDITIONER!!!

  18. Another Canadian says:


  19. I immediately thought Strawberry Ripple – as did others, lol!

  20. I say this pattern should be Fletching, which is what the feathers on the arrows shot from bows are called. I think Fletching partially because this pattern looks like Fletching and partially because Fletching sounds like fetching, which is the word I was trying to think of when fletching came into my head. However, there’s already a pattern called fetching, so, really, Fletching is a better choice.

  21. First thing that popped into my head when I saw those was “Herringbone Twist”.

  22. How about “cool fire and ice”

  23. Karen in Denmark says:

    How about calling them Sweet Tart?

  24. The first thing I thought of when I saw the socks was “Strawberry Smoothie”.

    They are beautiful by the way.

  25. Hi there,

    Love the socks, can’t wait for that pattern! This may sound crazy but I was at Hampton Court Palace yesterday and the Tudor chimneys there reminded me of socks. Google a pic to see what I mean. May help in your name search.

    Love the blog.

    Cindy (UK)

  26. The pattern and that color remind me of a bromeliad flower. There are so many kinds, but I was thinking one like this: (

  27. Hi,

    I thought Strawberry Twist might be nice.


  28. I also think the sock looks like raspberry sherbet, but that’s due to the sock yarn, not the pattern. I’m suggesting “Diagonal Swirl Stripe” socks, as it does all 3!

  29. I see Fern Fronds in the pattern. So maybe they could be the Fronds socks. Or the Fern socks. I dunno. That’s just what I see. Very pretty, though.

  30. How about Chevron Ripple? Works for any color.

    LOVE the sock and can’t wait for the pattern. I’ve already started the Southwestern Sock … bedrest (for pregnancy in my case or back issue in yours) makes for great socking progress.

    We need to start a bedrest knitting webinar program… hope you are feeling better.

  31. I’ll suggest peppermint twist-the combination of color and pattern reminds me of those peppermint salt water taffy things we used to eat as kids…you’ve brought me memories of long afternoon walks to my uncle’s store with a quarter earned weeding the garden that morning…quarters held tightly in little fists as my sisters and I struggled to make the perfect choice…and for me, always a couple of the pink and red twist peppermint flavored salt water taffys for the end. I was always a “best for last” kind of girl!

  32. Meribeth says:

    They look refreshing and cool with a touch of elegance. Strawberry Margarita! I like the Ripple suggestions too.

    I ahve enough sock yarn…I will not go shopping….the heck with it, Yes I Will!

  33. I didn’t read the comments so as not to be confused.

    Multi Ripple Dream

  34. Hee hee, I like the sockeye salmon suggestion!

  35. Raspberry Beret

  36. Those socks remind me of a strawberry smoothie. The pattern and the yarn are a nice combination.

  37. I’m definitely not clever enough to come up with a sock name (plus there are already some fabulous suggestions), but Imusthavethosesocks ! ! ! Beyond perfection is the only way I can describe them. Truly scrumptious and gorgeous. Do you ever sell your socks? Oh please name a price – I really, really want them.

    Okay, going back to my little corner in lurkdom . . . .

  38. I thought the same as Kathleen~~~ROSE TRELLIS
    They are lovel, Wendy.

  39. I already left a comment on the color when it dawned on
    me that you wanted a name for the pattern. Climbing to
    the top, or I like Linda’s Trellis, or Climbing Trellis’s.

  40. My first thought was “Strawberry Fields” – ok I’m showing my age… but I like it!

  41. I like a number of the color-specific suggestions (especially raspberry ripples), but how about a “generic” name like Lace Ladders or Lacey Ladders?

  42. Hi! I’ve been “lurking” for a few months since I bought your book but this is my first time posting. I love your blog and hope to try your toe-up socks as my next project (I think I’ll LOVE the toe-up much more than top-down!)

    Anyway . . ..

    The pattern seems “diagonal” to me and the yarn is “Dream in Color” so my choice to call these is. . . .

    “Diagonal Dreams”

    Also – a big thank you for the patterns you’ve made available through The Loopy Ewe – I can’t wait to try them!

    I hope you and Lucy keep cool!

  43. looking at it, it looks to me like all those sections are being sucked into the center of the “v”, and i’m feeling quite “sucked in” to sock knitting lately, so i think it should be called “sucked in”. hehehe 🙂 it’s gorgeous.

  44. peppermint twist

  45. Michele in Maine says:

    How about raspberry rickey (as in lime rickey), or strawberry rhubarb? Or rhubarb rickey?

    I have some DIC in two other colorways and can’t wait to have some free sock needles to cast on.

    keep cool!

  46. I like Strawberry Fluff in honor of that luscious topping from Fluff.

  47. Oh, I second “Ribcage”!!

  48. All those little Vs stand for Victory, so Victory Socks!

  49. Red Herring…Bone!

  50. I would name them Cool Runnings….

    I have that same yarn and am loving it!

    Blogless Diane

  51. Trista R. says:

    Lovely socks… I’d call them Twin Pines, or Twin Mimosas as another commenter suggested. Or ‘Duck Walkers’ if you like skiing. 🙂

  52. To fit with the colorway of the yarn, how about Pepper Ice Cream socks? Here is a link to a news article about some hot pepper ice cream

  53. Peppermint or Candy Cane?

  54. Well, since most of the entries have something to do with berries or food in general, I thought that “Fire Ladder” would be good. That’s my entry. My brain is fried, too – not from the heat, but from going to a Rush concert with DH last night. I need to get some sleep.

  55. I think it looks like a waffle cone. So how about Strawberry Wafflecone.

  56. Raspberry Sherbet Dream?

  57. I’m a little late here but — both the color and the pattern remind me of the garden path at a friend’s old home — the bricks are laid out just like the v or herringbone design in your sock, and they’ve faded over the last 60 years to this lovely pinky-red color.

  58. They remind me of tire treads. The ones that promise perfect traction even in the rain. maybe you could call these socks Tread Lightly.

  59. I’m delurking to say that I LOVE this pattern! It’s the first sock pattern I’ve ever seen that absolutely jumped out at me. Please make this available, even if it’s for purchase!

    This may sound really harsh, but the rippling reminds me of one of our little Texas scorpions. I know they’re scary looking, but they have beautiful exoskeletons. I’d call them Scorpion Socks.

  60. Perhaps Strawberry Fields? I really like to Twinings. What about Monet? Looks a bit like his paintings.

  61. Beautiful! I like “Pink Mimosa.”

  62. Strawberry Shortcake!! They resemble the colours at the end of the meal when you are almost licking the plate of the whipping cream mixed with the strawberries and cake…yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuumy!!!
    Rockin’ socks…

  63. oh yeah, and L.O.V.E. that pattern…what is it???

  64. I don’t know what to name it, but I definitely think you should keep the word Smooshy in the title, because I just love that word!

  65. Rose Flames…or Rosey Flames… beautiful yarn and pattern!

  66. To me it looks like a fish fillet. That’s how the flesh is arranged. Call it Fish Fillet or Fish Flesh. Who said “yuck”? I heard that!

  67. I agree – “Raspberry Ripple”. I realize I’m late with this, but I think the Southwest socks oughta be called “Sedona” – for the red rocks in Sedona, AZ.

    Hope you are feeling better!

  68. Lucy’s Smooshies socks!
    I’d buy a book for this pattern.

  69. This is a bit cheesy, but the pink and the direction of the stitched reminded me of Cupid–so, how ’bout Cupid’s Arrow?

  70. I think a good name for the pattern is Twisted Taffy.

  71. Raspberry ripple.

  72. Another great sock pattern — thanks for the inspiration.

    As an earlier poster noted, the close up looks like a tongue… how about French Kiss Socks?

    BTW, how about combining all your special instructions for toes/heels, techniques for good fit and these great newly minted patterns in a Summer of Socks book?

  73. Gentle mountains.

  74. Peptoe Sockwave

  75. I am also in love with Smooshy — I have a skein of Wisterious waiting for me, though I am concerned about the lack of nylon (I am hard on socks). Most of the names offered are a bit too sweet for my taste, but then again so is cotton candy. I like the tread-like names. I am halfway through a sock with some Opal Handpaint and I don’t love the way the colors flash, so I am eager to see how yours knits up.

  76. Pink Ladies… lovely flowers that blossom here in CA late summer. That is my vote, and I love the pattern. Are you going to share that lovely pattern with us? Stay Cool.

  77. Pardalis (for the Pardalis chameleon lizard).

  78. Orghlaith made me think again… the chevrons also remind me of the SF MOMA. Could you call socks Moma socks without them seeming like Momma socks?

  79. I would name them Spine Socks

  80. Being entirely un-creative on my own, I’ll just second either “Raspberry Ripple” or “Red Herring”. Maybe “Pink Herring”?

  81. Beautiful sock! What pattern are you using? I would call the sock

    Rasberry Sherbet Ripple

  82. My first thought was Red Vines, like the candy and Mellisa’s suggestion.
    Also Strawberry Frosty, like the icecream cones.
    Painted Fern is good. That fern frond has burgundy and silver overtones on it, but it’s not so specific to this color sock.
    Sockeye is good. Again, suits this sock but doesn’t seem quite so pink specific.

  83. Strawberry Daquiri–with a swizzle!

  84. I like Raspberry Ripple, too!

  85. The pattern reminded me of pipi longstockings braids… Love the colour too!

  86. Gorgeous sock and yarn. I’d call it Gecko. (The geckos in TX have that crazy, translucent pink color and a similar texture.)

  87. Beautiful! Candy Sprinkles

  88. constant reader says:


  89. Chevron Ribs — actually reminds me of Tractor Tracks, but that didn’t sound as pretty as the sock is!

  90. i am with berni… i see feathers, and since the color is cool fire, i’d call them Pheonix Socks

  91. i was wondering, cause i cant find mine. how you cast on your toe. I know this sounds vague, but i need to co 12 twisted stitches, and have nooo idea how to do it. help me 🙁 ??

  92. I need some photo tips! How’d you take that great close up of the sock gusset? What kind of settings do you use to get such great stitch definition?

  93. Tresse Française, because it reminds me of a french braid. 🙂