My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.



Got a lot of little things to mention today . . .

Red Scarf Project 2008

As y’all probably already know, Norma has already set up a blog for the Red Scarf Project 2008. Click on the link to read about the Red Scarf Project. In addition to knitting red scarves, you can donate money to the project. There’s a Paypal link on the Red Scarf blog, and also one on Norma’s blog. If you donate, email Norma (there’s an email link on her blog) and let her know, and she’ll enter you in a drawing for a number of really nice prizes. The Red Scarf Project is a wonderful thing and it was a huge success last year. I hope this year is even better!

(Psssst! While you are at Norma’s blog, scroll down to her August 7 post and follow the link to vote for Ryan to win a television contract. You can vote through Saturday.)

Lightening the Load

In my never-ending quest to make things easier for myself, I have reluctantly and sadly abandoned my beloved leather handbags for the present time and switched to an all-fabric bag. Much lighter weight to carry, and since I’ve been doing a grand imitation of a decrepit old geezer for the past couple of months, this is important. I bought this bag:

Ain’t it purty? It’s a Maruca Design bag — the “Worker Bee ’07” in the “Fern Cool” fabric.

Maruca Bag 080807

Maruca Bag 080807

(I bought it at I had a 20% off coupon from them which made it quite nicely affordable.)

I am extraordinarily picky about handbags, and so far, this one has pleased me very much. I really love the outside pocket — it has a deep pocket which is good for stashing ones car keys, and a little open pocket stitched on to that — the perfect size for my subway pass. And also a zippered pocket for things you want quick access to — like cell phone and iPod.

The strap is extremely adjustable, so you can pretty much carry the purse any way you like. I sling it on one shoulder and have my sock-in-progress in the main compartment on my commute so its very easy to knit from the bag.

Another problem was downsizing all the crap valuable and useful items I carry with me every day. I downsized from my beloved heavy, large Coach wallet to a mini wallet and card case. But I still had a couple of accessory bags filled with other doodads I can’t live without — earpiece and extra battery for my phone, extra battery and extra media for my in-purse digi-cam, a couple of flash drives, and a portable card reader. You know, stuff that every girl carries around. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I looked around on Etsy for little fabric zippered bags, and found this seller, Florspace. I bought two of her mini zippered bags. Shortly after purchase, I got a nice email from the seller letting me know they had been shipped. She’s located in Singapore, so the items were sent registered airmail, and she mentioned that I’d likely get a notice to pick them up at the post office, as I had to sign for them. I ordered on July 25 and got the notice last Friday, August 3. Here’s what I slipped out of the package:

Etsy 080807

Etsy 080807

Isn’t the packing wonderful? I love sellers who go to such pains to make their items pretty and fun!

Here are my two little bags:

Zippered Bags 080807

Zippered Bags 080807

They are perfect for their intended use and I just love the fabrics.

Back to Knitting

Thanks for all the comments on the DKNY sweater — how fun that so many of you remember it and that some of you made it too.

As for my current knitting, I finished the first Cabletini sock.

Cabletini Sock 080807

Cabletini Sock 080807

Peggy asked in the comments if I incorporated extra stitches in this design to account for the cables pulling it in. I didn’t. The cable I’m using doesn’t really pull in very much at all. With the fabric very slightly stretch, the gauge is still 8 stitches to the inch. And I can easily put this sock on my wide foot over my fat ankle.

Here’s the second sock in progress.

Sock in Progress 080807

Sock in Progress 080807


Today’s weather:




Lucy 080807

Lucy 080807

Lucy thanks you for all the lovely comments on her very elegant photo yesterday. Seeing a photo of her looking so regal and aloof always makes me smile, because in reality, she is a goofy little nut-job. She loves her humans and is soooo happy when we come home — she will meet you at the door, meowing excitedly, then run into the living room, throw herself down on her back and wriggle around in ecstasy. She’d make a great poster child for depicting the joy that a pet can bring into your life.


  1. Love the purse and the small zippered pouches. The packing is superb.

    The cabletini sock looks like it has a lot of stretch, maybe because of the stitch definition? I like it but that color makes me look as tho I have a terminal liver problem.

    My cat was like Lucy too – she’d always run to meet us – we lost her when she was almost 17 and I just haven’t brought myself to get another. I do look at the adopt-a-cat sites regularly. No one has called my name yet.

  2. I read somewhere that the Red Scarf Project got too many scarves last year and may not want so many next year — I wonder if that’s really true?

    All those bags are lovely – I especially love the handbag! I’ve gotten away from using fabric and try to use leather whenever possible — cat hair doesn’t stick to it, ya know.

    I love your cabletini sock — a feast for my eyes.

    At one point my WeatherBug said it was 107ยฐF here in Richmond. Ugh. Holed up indoors here, for sure.

  3. Patricia says:

    Ooooh- love the purse and little bags. They’re so cute! I’m jealous!

    LIke the socks- are they as blue as they look in the first photo, or paler, as in the second? Quite a contrast.

    IN her younger days, my cat used to greet me like Lucy does. She’s usually sleeping when I come home, but still happy to see me.

  4. Wendy, I just had the crazy idea of you writting a sock book… Or what about a booklet called “Summer of Socks” that includes all the patterns for the socks you made this summer?

    I know I would love to have it and I will be the first one to buy it.



  5. PICAdrienne says:

    So, just a guess, Lucy is not as tied to her cozy pads right now, as she was during the cold snap last winter?

    The color of the sock seems to vary between the shot on the laptop and the shot on the floor. Which color do you think is more accurate? It is a very lovely sock.

    As to the comment above regarding the Red Scarf Project, according to Norma’s blog, quite awhile back, they are requesting no one send more than 5 scarves this year.

  6. I don’t know how you can stand the heat. Hot weather, especially when it’s muggy, just makes me want to curl up and die. I’ve never been very good at handling extreme temperatures.

    Thanks too for the link about the Red Scarf Project. I wanted to do it last year, but found out about it too late. This year, though, I have plenty of time to cook up some nice scarves. I love to knit scarves!

  7. Lucy’s such a sweetie! I can’t imagine how people survive without cats.

    The socks look great, as do the little mini pouches. Now I must resist the temptation to go buy some, as I have plenty of serviceable pouches in my closet, unused. (Must. Resist. But these are so cute!) Hah, thanks for the links!

  8. Isn’t it SHAPELY ankles? Those bags and pouches are adorable. I guess I am not bag-immune after all.

  9. Ok, I’m a bit of a bag freak in my own boring-guy-kind-of-way, but I’d LOVE to see your knitting bags all spread out sometime. You do it with yarn, but I CHALLENGE you to show your bag collection(s). Knitting only because I KNOW you must have tons of other types, and the internet is only so big. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. My condolences on your horribly hot weather. I think I’ll sit out in the nice, balmy, 82F California weather for a bit… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. I’m looking for the DKNY pattern from the olden days, it’s here somewhere. Mine was in ATROCIOUS Orange by Knit Cro-Sheen (name should explain). The sweater is long dead, yarn leftover lives (might just be enough for sock lace). I meant to put this on last night but got way too busy getting dusty looking for the old book. Lucy would never like it here, too much activity. My cats put themselves right in the middle. But….they are usually the cause of the activity.

    Enjoy the AC Lucy!

  12. I got a sock bag from Nana Knits and was severly chastised by my husband (! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??) for having too many tote bags – like 12 or or is too many… So I will refrain from looking at any of these bags. I’m jealous ๐Ÿ™

    Lucy is a cute little muffin no matter what she does – she knows you two are lucky to have each other.

  13. Another e-bags aficianado! I’m quite the bag snob (I always admire yours!), but recently wanted to pick up an inexpensive non-leather bag. You might also check out the bags by Levi’s. Great design, decently made, and unbelievable prices.

  14. Thinking of your weather: yikes!…….and with humidity!!…..nasty…….if you love cloth bags check out……….in the interest of full disclosure…’s my daughter’s, Kate, site……….am going to check out red scarves……….love red scarves: they make you feel so great…………

  15. Love the new purse! I’m also very fussy about those outer and inner pockets.

    I’ve been visiting Washington for the past few days and can’t wait to get back to nice, cool NYC! Geez, it’s really a swamp here.

  16. I like Lucy even more knowing that she’s actually a goofy nut-job!
    I really really admire your Cabletini socks. While I, too, would love to see you do a book on socks, the main thing you are inspiring me to do is start designing!

  17. And here I thought eBags was my little secret all these years. I just bought a perfectly sized tote that I’d been stalking for a year with my $25 coupon and email discount. Good deal on lightening the load!

    I’ve liked the socks you’ve done so far, but the Cabletini pattern really moves me to comment. So very lovely with their classic symmetrical columns. This is a pattern I would most def. purchase!

    And Lucy? She has her regal public face, but her sweet, wriggly heart belongs to Mom!

  18. Wendy, you’ll have to switch to an even smaller purse. I hate to break it to you, but . . . . voice of experience! I can’t believe it myself, but I now carry around one of those ‘little girl” purses that hold only my keys, one lipstick, one credit card, and one debit card. When you have to, you can learn to leave all that other stuff at home. Of course, your new purchases are adorable. It’s a good beginning. My kitty Puma also greets me by stretching herself across my path so I can’t possibly avoid her. Love those feline tricks!

  19. Thanks for the plugs for my two favorite (at the moment, anyway) projects. !!

    I have to agree about the smaller purse, although I should be reminding myself of that right about now….I had gone to a small “little girl” purse as MamaLana said, and now it’s grown out of control again. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  20. Another red scarf! Awesome. I’m on my way to see what I can do.

  21. Wendy in Cambridge says:

    I bought a Maruca bag from The Loopy Ewe, and I just love it. The fabric is beautiful, and it’s the perfect size for a sock-in-progress. Seeing yours, I think I need to check out the larger ones as well.

    You have my sympathies on your weather, Wendy. Yuck, I just hate the heat and humidity!

    Love that Lucy is gorgeous AND goofy!

  22. I discovered FlorSpace last year. Great mini zippies! Just last week I received my order of two – one of mine is the sheep zippy too! Perfect for a knitting bag, I thought, or maybe just for a knitter’s bag!

    I gave up on leather bags a few years ago, too hard on this getting older every day body – I’m just a couple years older than you. I love microfiber. Not Kate Spade, too expensive for how poorly I treat my purses, but micro is nice and light, and holds up SO well that I really get my money’s worth!

    Love all of your socks. Wish I rode during my commute, knitting while driving is kinda hard to do!

  23. Love the new sock and all the goodies today! Lucy makes a good poster child for anything relating to the joys of sharing life with pets:)

  24. I can’t stand carrying a purse, but I have an obscene pile of random bags that serve as knitting bags. And a backpack obsession. Oh, and I just got three florspace small bags. And I’m now hooked on The Loopy Ewe as well. I think I need to stop reading your blog ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m a long-time lurker and I just finished reading your book. I know a lot of people have suggested a sock book after your Summer of Socks, and I LOVE that idea. Thank you for providing such an informative site! ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Meribeth says:

    I have always been a fan of eclectic bags! I love the fun and color and silliness of them. And who says we have to be “correct and business like?” Have fun and smile a bit, and if bags like yours do it and they are more comfortable, then carry them with pride…and a smile.

    Ooooo, those socks! Double ooooo for the ones on the needles.

    Lucy Love. Priceless. Our four legged loved ones keep us sane and are always there to give us that warmth we need. Dh and I worked horrible hours and one day we got home at 8:00 a.m. after a 13 hour midnight shift. Open the front door, and here come our (new) kittens, tumbling down the stairs to greet us. Now, when dh comes home, all hell breaks loose. Oscar jumps on a kitchen chair and meows loudly and constantly…Elliot is at his feet doing the samething and flopping on the floor. Dadddy’s Home! Thanks for your discription of Lucy…I can just see it and smile to myself.

  26. I can empathize! It was officially 102 and humid in Baltimore yesterday, although my car thermometer read 103. Ugh. The Light Rail system wasn’t operating in the morning, so commuters either drove or were packed into buses (hopefully with a/c). We were having a real melt-down!

    I love the Cabletini sock and hope you’ll make the pattern available soon! I received my first shipment of yarn from the Loopy Ewe and plan to use your patterns for my newly acquired stash. :=)

  27. Heather in Va says:

    Last night I dreamed that you and the Yarn Harlot were both knitting Cabletini socks, and the I found one of my own half knitted Cabletini socks in my stash. I do not need this sort encouragment to start projects Wendy, please don’t invade my dreams like that. Now… what kind of yarn was I knitting with in that dream?……

  28. Ugh…Does that really say “feels like 110F”??


  29. What a wonderful purse! And the little zipper bags are adorable. I can appreciate your hesitance at not using a favorite wallet, I get very attached to my stuff. Lucy seems like a wonderful cat, we just got a new kitten and it’s fun to see how much they enjoy life. Our older cat is much more sedate now, I’m now remembering what a firecracker he was when he was younger.

  30. Wendy- I, too, am a handbag snob of the highest order. Don’t really care about the shoes, but the purse has to be right!

    Lucy- a one-cat welcoming commitee!

  31. Truly bizarre … I just received my Maruca “City Girl” (i.e., sock-knitting) bag from Loopy Ewe (which I’d be the 800th person to have discovered through your site)–in the very same green fern pattern. I love it! It is such a well-made bag, and will look so stylish on the subway! Ha!

  32. Thanks for the update on the Red Scarf project, I enjoyed knitting a scarf for it last year, guess it time to find some more nice red yarn!

    As to purses, I don’t know if you have tried them yet, but I absolutely LOVE my LL Bean healthy bag purse. I got it in a nice tapastry color and it has pockets for everything. It is also much easier to carry then my regular leather purses, and there is a great open area in the bag that is perfect for knitting.

    Lucy is such a cutie! I know what you mean about cats being goofy, my two boy kitties are like that, the oldest, George, has to have a nightly belly rub. Its the cutest thing, this beautiful 25+ lb kitty, plopping down next to you on the couch and wiggling and squirming till he gets his entire belly exposed for petting. Cats, gotta love them!

  33. Wendy, the pleasures of health problems! It’s always a good sign when you are able to find a silver lining (like buying new bags :>).

    The cabelini is a great pattern – I’m also looking forward to making my own. Now that you’ve converted me to a toe-up sock knitter, I’m knitting them faster and better than before.

    Take care of yourself!

  34. OMG!!! I love your new fabric bag. After I write to you I’m flying over to to check it out.

    Your socks are lovely. I do hope you are considering publishing your own sock book. I too would buy it in a heartbeat.

    Lucy is such a purty, purty kitty!


  35. Thanks so much for featuring my MiniZs! I found you from my blog…glad you liked the purses! ;+)

  36. The sock looks wonderful, of course, but OMG LOOK AT THAT BAG!!!

    (Can you tell I’m a handbag person? ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. Just sent the link for those lovely little pouches to some friends – they’re desperately looking for things like that to organize the stuff they carry in backpacks at college!

    Poor Ms. Lucy – long elegant fluffy coat – in 101 degree heat. 99 in Philly, which was bad enough – but the full-on humidity made it twice as bad.

    Let’s start a petition for the Summer of Socks book — even an ebook would be great!

  38. And spokeskitty for the joy you can bring to a pet’s life?

  39. I can’t picture Lucy doing anything like that! But that’s the best way to be greeted at night. Well, *one* of the best ways.

    That bag sounds great! I just gave away some gorgeous practically new purses because they’re just too darn heavy. I’m going for comfort these days. Mostly.

    The Cabletini sock is darling.

  40. LOVE the bag. Love the sock! :o)

  41. Had to laugh about your bag contents. Gee, it sounds like me. I just added the extra phone battery, and have all the rest, along with a wide-langle lens for my camera.
    I use a purse pockets insert ( ) in my large LL Bean messenger bag. I gave up purses years ago when 6 women were murdered in our city (in one year) during the commission of muggings.

  42. It’s a real coinky dink that you talked about downsizing your purse of late. I, too, go through the angst of downsizing my purse. I am a “purse nut,” and even though I change purses often it’s still hard for me to take some stuff out…..I need it all! A recent back problem has me convinced I need to just do it anyway. I love your little bag from Ebags………and all your knitting, too. Hope you enjoy your smaller bag!

  43. It’s so funny that you describe Lucy as a “nut job” because my dog , Jodie, poses for photos and looks all elegant. And she’s really a goofy nut job too. My dad actually calls her “Whack job” on occasion.


  1. […] discovered the information on Wendy’s web site today about the 2008 Red Scarf Project. This was a charity knitting event I wanted to participate […]