My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.



A number of you expressed interest/surprise in the comments that I am able to knit while (ahem) in an altered state of consciousness.

I never really thought about it. Knitting is such an automatic thing for me, I guess it didn’t cross my mind that I’d not be able to. So knit, I did. I can easily knit while lying down, btw. I have turned two heels while complete zoned out on the good drugs.

I finished the first Crotalus Sock.

Crotalus Sock 081307

Crotalus Sock 081307

The colors pooled a bit around the ankle, but that doesn’t bother me — I’m really quite happy with this sock. It’s nicely stretchy so it fits very comfortably. On the hoof:

Crotalus Sock on the Hoof 081307

Crotalus Sock on the Hoof 081307

It has crossed my mind that perhaps my sock creativity is enhanced by my level of pain and mental fogginess. My current health problem commenced on or about June 19. The Summer of Socks commenced June 21. Of the 11 pairs of socks I’ve made so far (well, 12, counting my current socks), all are my own design except for one. Hmmmmmm, I think I’m on to something.


By the way, the only reason I’m not discussing my health problems in anything other than general terms is because I don’t want to hear any medical horror stories, well-meaning though I know they would be. No offense, ‘kay?

Thanks for the anti-nausea tips. I did google for nausea prevention tips first thing and have tried ginger, acu-pressure bands on the wrists, apple cider vinegar (the KOARC sorta rolled his eyes at that one), and acu-pressure on the appropriate part of the foot. All helped. A little.

I’ve got ideas for several more sock designs, too. Some of them I’ve charted and they are waiting in the wings. Some are floundering around in my fevered brain,

And at some point, all these sock patterns will be available — some as freebies, some to buy.

Speaking of freebies, the Cabletini Sock pattern is now available. Go to The Loopy Ewe Free Pattern Page and check it out. Woo!

Lucy Sez

Lucy 081307

Lucy 081307

“I must figure out how to work the remote control. Slacker Cats premiers tonight!”


  1. Thanks, thanks, thanks for the Cabletini sock pattern! I love it. Just last night I placed my first Loopy Ewe order — maybe I’ll have to use your pattern.

    (‘Cause you know, don’t you, that it’s your fault that I’ve bought the yarn. My willpower just crumbled seeing all those gorgeous socks that you are knitting.)

    I hope your health starts improving so you’ll feel better tomorrow than you did today, and not as bad as yesterday.

  2. What is this? Lucy is taking over for the KOARC? Or is she just being sneaky while he isn’t looking?

    I am not good at knitting (even St st) while in an altered state of mind. If I open a single beer, I might as well lock the knitting in the closet.

  3. Aussie Rosemary says:

    I agree with Helene. Last week I also placed my first order with Loopy Ewe[in fact ,my first in USA]

  4. I must comment on your expression “on the hoof.” LOL That qwacks me up each time! You can knit lying down? Man, I can’t even do it sitting up! The Crotalus are darling! So is Lucy.

  5. P.S. My WEN Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner arrived today. (Yes, I paid the atrocious postage . . . blush . . . ) Can’t wait to try it.

  6. We want a Wendy sock book! We want a Wendy sock book! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I hope your current health woes will be your past health woes very soon. In the meantime, surely all the sock knitting is therapeutic!

  7. Thanks, Lucy, for tipping me off to “Slacker Cats”. I never know what’s on TV. Even if I don’t watch, my husband and cat probably will want to.
    You keep taking good care of your momma, ok?
    Hey, I like the sock book idea! Maybe save some of those patterns, eh?

  8. All your socks are so awesome. I’m just finishing up a pair of your Sports weight toe up socks, and I love them.

    I even feel bold enough to try another toe up pattern.

  9. Wendy, you rock! Not only are you able to design all sorts of fun sock patterns while feeling under the weather, but you put up my favorite of those as a free pattern! Thank you so much for the Cabletini sock pattern! I think that has jumped to the front of the line as my next sock-to-be-cast-on. Even though I haven’t finished my current socks yet.

    Hope you feel better soon! (And also that feeling better doesn’t hinder knitting creativity…)

  10. Try coke syrup for the nausea. One used to be able to buy it OTC, but now it’s kept behind the pharmacy counter (don’t need a scrip tho)… 4 oz bottle was only a couple bucks when I bought it last. Take a teaspoon at a time in 15 minute increments. Old country doc had my mom get it for me when I had a nasty flu bug as a child (complete with projectile spewing). Worked wonders for morning sickness too when I had that. I’ve also used it through countless episodes with all 10 kids and all but the youngest of the 22 grands and it’s never failed us yet.

  11. Those are pretty cool socks!

    My tip for nausea? Papaya tablets, the chewable kind. One or two almost always does the trick for me, for what it’s worth. In any event, I hope you’ll be feeling better soon.

    “Slacker Cats” – cracks me up!

  12. Wendy, I’ve been reading about your health problems and I wanted to tell you that I’m hoping you feel better fast. I had to deal with some problems myself this year and it is probably the least fun I’ve ever had in my life. ๐Ÿ˜‰ For my nausea, I found what works best is taking trimethobenzamide. I take 100 mg when the nausea starts, and I feel drastically better after about 5 minutes. It’s cheap too, although you’ll need a prescription from your doctor. Best of luck!

  13. I hope Lucy doesn’t get any ideas from Slacker Cats! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. I swear by peppermint tea. It helped me get through chemo.

  15. Given how many socks you’ve knit just this year, it doesn’t seem that odd to me that you could knit them while on pain pills. I really look forward to the day I can knit socks in an altered state of conciousness. Maybe I should practice a bit even while I’m still perfecting my fully-concious abilities.

  16. Very smart not wanting to hear other medical horror stories. I absolutely love the internet except for all the medical information – it could scare you to death.

  17. Thanks for new sock pattern! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Here’s hoping you’re feeling better. I’ve heard that aromatic bitters are good for nausea. (Or is it seasickness. Same thing?) From great pain, comes great creativity. Thank you for bestowing it upon us!

    Slacker Cats — hmmm. My girls are consultants for that show, I think.

  18. No home remedies, just a sincere wish that you’ll soon be on the upward spiral. It is not fun having any kind of medical problems, much less the kind that require nausea-inducing drugs. Kudos on turning your enforced rest period into sock productivity!

  19. Love those socks!! Can’t wait to get some things off my needles so I can try them!

  20. Me again. I have to agree with SandyK on the coke syrup for nausea trick. I used to be an EMT and worked in the First Aid station at a local theme park (perhaps you’ve driven by it — it has a rather prominent Eifflel Tower alongside I-95). Anyway, we gave that to everyone who came through our doors, and it helped thousands of people. Those it didn’t help were beyond help.

    Codeine makes me queasy, too. Ginger ale helps that a little bit.

    Back to the Crotalus socks — what’s the source of that name? Is that a Harry Potter reference? (Asks she who has never read or seen an HP book or movie…).

  21. Thank you for your generousity. Your socks are fab. I hope you get to feeling better.

  22. Your pictures of Lucy bring me oh so much joy. My dearly missed cat Amos used to cry when the tv got turned off. Now if he and Lucy could have gotten together and taken over the remote, he would have been very happy.

    Feel better soon Wendy!

  23. Wendy, thank you so very much for all the sock patterns that you are creating and sharing. I’ll gladly purchase some when you get them ready!

    You’re in my prayers and I hope the physicians get your problem accurately diagnosed and treated soon and that you are back to 100% before you know it.

    And BTW, Barkley is gunnin’ for the remote here, too! : )

  24. Hi Wendy. When I was pregnant with my twins, I had awful nausea. The only thing that helped — after I was going to the ER all the time for dehydration — was a medication called Zofran. It’s used for chemo patients to battle nausea and vomiting. It’s expensive but I was fortunate enough to have health care that covered it. If it won’t cause other issues, either medication-related or due to the underlying medical condition, perhaps your doc would prescribe some so you could try it. It was the only thing that got me thru the early days when I literally couldn’t even keep down 7 up or ginger ale.

    In the meantime, have you tried dramamine?

    Hope you get relief soon. Believe me, I am totally sympathetic and empathetic.

  25. Lucy, we thank you so much for tipping us off to this wonderful new show, we would have otherwise never known about it as our owner rarely watches tv in the summer…thank you! We will be sure to tune in (we mastered the tv thing while Lisa was at work: )

  26. Thank you for the Cabletini pattern. I would have paid for it! I will keep you in my prayers. (We still want a sock pattern book!)

  27. Hmmm….illness+nausea+good drugs=patterns. Not an equation I’m willing to try on purpose. But you might as well make the best of it, since you are there anyway!

  28. Marianne Y says:

    Thank you for your gorgeous Cabletini Socks pattern! It is going to the top of my list of must knit patterns!

    Coke syrup, as suggested by SandyK, is an old remedy (my mom used to give it to my brother when he was little & sick, and he will be 65 this fall) that has really helped us over the years. There are some prescription anti-nausea meds that can really help, too, like Tigan, and some of those might make your pain meds more effective, too. (Don’t ask me how, but they can.)

    What a cute picture of Lucy, contemplating the remote control!

  29. I am thinking: raspberry swirl……just saying!………love the socks…… believe I thought you are super human re the number of socks I voted on………….take care…….good thoughts coming your way!!

  30. Wendy, my life is a constant of “good” drugs (they don’t even give me a buzz anymore, and I’m talking heavy narcotics -none of that Vicodin crap) due to my medical condition. Per your request, I won’t discuss it. But I wanted to say that I knit while I’m sleeping just about every night. Due to the nature of things, I sleep during the day and am up all night – not by choice, it’s just how things have worked out. In any event, I fall asleep in the monster (my big chair) with my knitting in hand, and Hubster has told me that I continue to knit, whether it’s lace, plain knitting, socks, or whatever. It just goes to show that once you truly learn the art, it’s a brain/hand/eye disconnect. Your hands learn what they’re supposed to be doing, and once your brain learns the pattern, it just all works. I’m sorry for your condition and hope that you recover soon, but in the meantime, you go, woman!

  31. Thank you SO much for making your Cabletini pattern available so soon! I have some lovely yarn (courtesy of the Loopy Ewe, of course) waiting in the wings as soon as I finish the second Eyelet Rib sock.

    I hope you’re having a better week and aren’t feeling quite so “loopy.” :=)

  32. Thank you for the Cabletini!

    BTW – Sign of altered state:
    “The colors pooled a but around the ankle” – is what appeared on Bloglines, but you’ve apparently fixed it since first posted.

    I wondered –
    a bit?
    a butt?

    Never mind. (Said Roseanne Roseannadanna.)

    Must be the pressure of the Summer of Socks.

  33. Peppermint. And not just in the form of tea… Altoids are great. And one has such minty fresh breath!

  34. You are wise to avoid the medical horror story-tellers. When I was waiting for my hip replacement, I forbid anyone to tell my neighbor across the street that I was facing surgery. She’s a nurse and I just knew what awful terrible things she’d relate. She still hasn’t forgiven me, after two years, but it was a good decision on my part and I regret it not at all.

  35. I love the yarn you used. What is it?

  36. Lovely socks!
    In my experience, the best treatment for nausea is to buy more yarn. Lots and lots of yarn. Silk and cashmere are especially known to be beneficial. Trust me, I’m a doctor. ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. I spend a lot of my life nauseous, and can’t really take anything for it (since it isn’t treatable by swallowing a pill or liquid), so here is what works for me:

    I keep my house cool, dress in very comfortable clothes all the time, usually Pjs and slippers or loose-fitting jeans and crocs with a thin t-shirt (though you know what’s “comfortable” for you!) When I start getting that feeling, I put a cool, damp (but not wet, since it makes me feel sweaty, UGH) washcloth over my eyes and try to breathe deeply. Keeping a fan going and a window open to have fresh air also seems to help. Don’t get up or sit down quickly, or make really sudden movements. (It’s easier than it sounds. Just add one additional second to your rising or sitting.)

    I have a hard time moving while nauseous anyway, so I generally sit, mostly inclined but not quite, on my bed with a fan going. I can’t listen to music, but reading seems to be okay as long as I keep cool and don’t read anything too scary or intense.

    (I sound like I am about 100 years old, don’t I? Yet I’m a mere 24 years old…)

  38. i like lorette’s treatment for nausea! and i’ve been loving your socks this summer – thanks for the freebies at loopyewe – i think i’m feeling nauseous – gotta go visit loopyewe….

  39. That sock turned out SO good.. I love it. Can’t wait to see the other one.

  40. Lovely socks.
    As for quelling nausea, I have found the scent of lemons, especially, but most any citrus fruit, to be very soothing. A glass of lemonade as tart as is palatable helps when things are very bad.
    Another cool trick – a frozen washcloth to the front of the neck. Something about the nerves in our throat which are connected to the digestive system. The shock puts them to sleep for a bit.
    Both, plus Benedryl, got me through being allergic to my body for the months I was pregnant!

  41. OK this is something very silly and only half related but I was really confused for a moment when I saw a comment from me that I didn’t remember writing..

    till I realized it was by someone else with my name. You don’t run into that every day (or even every month..) haha.

  42. Cabletini sock pattern is great, generous of you. Now, for Lucy stuff, when she learns to run the remote, she’ll not only be gorgeous but one smart lady. The Lucy slide show is a great hit at my house, the cats sit and try to get to the cat on the screen.

    Have a great sock evening!

  43. Mint works really well, either as tea (hot or iced) or candies. I’ve noticed that a milder mint seems to be more soothing for me. And knitting, a satisfying, soothing bit of knitting helps, especially with a congenial cat (or dog, or both) to snuggle.

  44. I have loved all your socks this summer but was very much hoping you’d sell or post this cabletini pattern…thank you! Much luck as you recover from your illness…your website has provided so much information and inspiration this past year (my first year of knitting)!

    All the best,

  45. Thank you so much for the beautiful sock patterns you’ve been sharing—that really is very generous! I love to see what you’re working on — and I’m in awe at how quickly you finish things – WOW! It’s always fun and inspiring to see what others are knitting and the type and color of yarns used. Enjoy reading your blog, and also your book. Will look forward to a sock book!! Lucy is pretty and must keep things interesting for you!

  46. Sorry, no nauseating stories. ๐Ÿ™‚ Just wanted to say “thanks!” for the Cabletini — siipped stitch cables — Love – Them — yippee!!

  47. Thanks so much for your socksy generosity. I can’t wait to knit me some Cabletinis, and the Crotalus sock looks fabulous!

    Feel better.

  48. OK, this is not a medical horror story, but it goes with knitting in an altered state. When I had my treatment for thyroid cancer I had to be completely thyroid free, which meant that my brain was hardly working, I couldn’t read knitting charts, and I did everything in slow motion. But I could knit toe-up socks. One day I was waiting for my appointment and knitted the amount that normally takes me half an hour, thinking I could then go get a drink and get down to the clinic in plenty of time. When I looked at my watch I found that my half-hour of knitting had taken a whole hour and I was now late for the appointment. I was so surprised! I am usually a pretty fast knitter, but at the time I was grateful I could put one stitch in front of the other.

  49. Wendy, thanks so much for the Cabeltini Toe-Up pattern at The Loopy Ewe. I’ve got stash from there just waiting. Just finished the Eyelet Cable, and I think these may be the very best socks I’ve ever knit – perfect! I’ve got the Wollmeise on S.O. and planning to knit them for my husband, the wide-mouth frog story teller in the family.

    Wise beyond your years not to discuss your health issues…just look at all the suggestions we’ve given for nausea. The coke syrup is an old stand-by…I didn’t know you could even find the real thing anymore.

    My suggestion is to stay well hydrated!!!

    Thanks again…and take care.


  50. Thanks for the Cabletini pattern — love it! It’s on the list for the next pair of socks (once I’m done with these darned knee socks I’m knitting…). I’m sorry you’re feeling crummy — nausea is no fun at all. But it sounds like you’ve gotten lots of good anti-nausea advice, so I’m hope you’re feeling better soon.

  51. You are so sweet to share your Cabletini pattern with us. I really appreciate it. I hope you get to feeling better soon. Those medical problems are a real bummer. Take care.

  52. Sheesh! It’s been a long day. I meant to add, people are always asking me “How do you knit that without even looking at it?” I don’t know. I can just feel when it’s right, or wrong. It’s fun to amaze people that way, isn’t it? LOL!

  53. I hope you are feeling better soon. My question for you, and I apologize if you have recently answered this, have you ever knit a pair of socks for KOARC? I was wondering because I was actually thinking of knitting up a pair for my guy. Unfortunately, I think the Cabletini are a bit too ornate for him. He has average size guy feet. The trouble will be when I tackle a pair for high school boy with the size 12 tootsie’s!

    Hugs to Lucy.

  54. The new sock looks great. Maybe I should try to knit in an altered state. I might get more of it done. LOL

    Lucy, are you a reality tv junkie??? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  55. When I was a paramedic, we would pop an ammonia inhalent and have the patient take a whiff or two. We never had to clean up an ambulance.

  56. I’m amazed at how you can keep blogging and knitting while feeling so crook. Hope you’ll be better soon. I also think that a sock book would be the ticket although there’s always the problem of finding a good publisher. We’d buy the socks from you anyway. Thanks for Cabletini.

  57. this is for Lucy, I know you have this blog but have you tried 2 dogster and 2 catsters its a myspace for cats and dogs. I heard about it on the radio on my way home. it might give you something else to do while your worrying about your momma. you can sit on her and force her to rest and pet you.

  58. i think maybe it was just and i am googleing now trying to remember what the dj said thru the breakup static. and please let your momma know that i am still trying to perfect my kitty artichoke bed , still trying to get the beginning increases to lay flat
    take care and hugs all around

  59. Theresa in Italy says:

    Very wise of you not to want to hear medical horror stories, however well meant. Just take in all the good wishes coming your way. Thanks for yet another fantastic pattern!

    I knew I wasn’t anywhere near being in your league when it comes to knitting, but hearing that you can turn heels while on the good drugs….well. Some of us have to take the phone off the hook before starting a heel…!

  60. I, too, have heard of Coke syrup. But a pharmacist once told me just use coke, stir it to let out the carbonation and sip it. That has worked for me. However I am sorry to say your symptoms seem to be on a much higher level. God bless you.

  61. Isn’t it cool Lucy?! We totally intend on ambushing Mom when Slacker Cats premieres tonight so she can’t watch dumb stuff like “Law & Order” or “Engineering an Empire”. Pffft! Whatever!

    Love Atticus, Mae and Gandalf

    (and purrs for your Momma, ‘k?)

  62. Hope you start feeling better, nausea is the pits. Also, slow down with the sock production, you’re nearing my (apparently low) guess in the contest! Just kidding, and best wishes to you that whatever this is, you kick its butt.

  63. About the hair…your pic looked great (very touchable, ahem). What hair type do you have? How much of that conditioner do you have left after using it for a while? Thanks!

  64. Ooh, I’ve downloaded all the patterns you’ve posted so far and am currently working on the Eyelet Rib toe ups (taking a brief hiatus to make some baby gifts, for twins, eek) — thank you!

    If the accupressure works, you could design an accupressure sock pattern!

    I hope Lucy has better luck with the remote than Calvin does. So far his only ability is to stop the playback on a recorded program.

  65. I agree, when is the sock book coming out? I do hope you are well soon and I completely concur with not wanting to hear horror stories. I don’t know why people insist on telling all the gory details of things gone wrong, but they do and most relish rehashing it way too much.

  66. Liz in NoWhere PA says:

    I LOVE the way the colors are turning out on the Crotolus sock.

  67. Wow you are popular today aren’t you?

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for the cabletini sock pattern. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hope you are not too loopy today!

    Take care, WendyT

  68. I suppose if you’re going to have to have something good come out of the ill & sluggish thing, it might as well be creative drug-induced sock patterns ๐Ÿ™‚

  69. I’m a long time reader…but don’t comment often. I don’t knit socks yet, just dream of them. But, this title, Auto-Pilot is too funny. Last summer I was taking Vicodin for much of August. I knit a bunch…and have a surprising number of FO to show for it, but don’t remember knitting at all. I actually took pictures and videos of the kids that I don’t remember either. Kind of scary. I hope you Auto-Pilot hasen’t left you without memory…or at least if it does you have blog details to spur you memory.

  70. Is it just me or are those socks ready for christmas? I mean, red, white, sorta candy-striped. Yeah, I’ve got the holiday knitting on the brain already.

    Ms. Lucy’s pic is priceless. I had a cat named Angus a few years ago. Angus has a fascination with remote controls. He figured out that if he sat on one, the TV screen would start flashing from one channel to another, which was highly entertaining to him. Less entertaining to me were the scores of batteries and the 9 remotes I had to buy, as he burned out the units on the average of one every two weeks. This is why he now lives with a friend on a farm, far away from any tv’s. . .

  71. Wendy, THANK YOU for making Cabletini a Freebie via The Loopy Ewe! That’s very generous of you. It’s been my favorite so far in your summer of socks so I’m delighted. I am continually amazed by your ability to crank out socks!! Maybe I need to take some medication. ;o) No, seriously, everyone handles medications differently – yours is apparantly enhancing your creativity which is great because your creativity can also be a source of healing. So, by the looks of it, I’d say you are on well on the path toward healing! :o) I respect you keeping that more private and I agree, you don’t need to hear horror stories or what I call “whoa-is-me” or “I’m more ill than you” stories — you need as much positive energy as possible and I’m sending you as much as I can.

  72. wow… being little latin lupe does not make me near that creative!
    and woo hoo for cabletini, might just be the first toe up pair I try ๐Ÿ™‚

  73. The cabletini socks are my favorite so far (but I’m an avowed sucker for cables). Thanks!

    If you can stand another suggestion, when I had “morning” sickness, spicy ginger beer worked well.

    I hate nausea. I can stand almost anything but nausea. Yuck. I’m so sorry!

  74. Ann in CT says:

    If we all talk about the sock book like it’s a done deal, will the publisher fall into line? And this time I will come to the signing myself instead of sending my mom.

    As for the pooling around the ankle, have you tried using the other end of the ball for the heel? Then you switch back to the original end to finish the sock. It’s not supposed to interrupt the color pattern as much. But you probably knew that. (I got the tip from a class with Lucy Neatby, or was it Nancy Bush? They were at my LYS in rapid succession.)

  75. Nancy in Oregon says:

    Thank you so very much for sharing the Cabeltini sock pattern. I’ve been watching in hopes that eventually some of your sock patterns from this Summer of Socks would be available for purchase. Hope your current health problem improves quickly so you can get back to life in relative comfort.

  76. I haven’t tried socks yet, such small needles:-O I grew up seeing my grandmother make them, but she taught me to knit on size 10 needles and over 40 years later I’ve never gone lower than size 5!

    Possibly this site would have some info that might be helpful for you:

  77. Hey Wendy – for the record, I would totally buy a book full of your sock patterns.

    That is all.


  78. Here I was thinking that you weren’t oversharing because it’s nobody’s damn business ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope that whatever ails you is resolved soon. Thanks for another great sock pattern.

  79. Gwyndolyn O'Shaughnessy says:

    “Slacker Cats” — how can you tell?

    Lovely Crotalus! When they’re done, will they be Crotalii? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Get well SOON!

  80. Love the colors in your new socks! They don’t really look pooled, almost like they’re supposed to have wide stripies ๐Ÿ™‚ When someone doesn’t feel good, it’s never Ok to tell horror stories, only encouraging words allowed. If you need nausea relief, (from personal experience), it’s prescription and powerful, but works, Compazine.

  81. Cynthia A says:

    Wendy, I am sorry that you have been feeling really crummy and nauseous – I hope that some of those tips mentioned will help you out. I do see that I seriously underestimated the number of sock pairs that you could get done – especially when you can work on auto-pilot! I shoulda known better….geez!

    I was curious about which type of M1 you use when increasing on the toe after using the Turkish-Cast on? I saw that you recommended to knit in the front & back loop for the gusset increases on the Cabletini pattern, but didn’t specify for the toe. I am trying to avoid the “lacey” look.

    Thanks so much for being so generous with your free patterns and time on the blog. For what it’s worth, I’m sending some positive vibes your way.

  82. I was even able to knit while lying on my back having an MRI done (wooden needles only). No amount of back pain can hamper a knitter. After all, isn’t knitting supposed to be relaxing?

  83. For anti-nausea, I prefer soda crackers (also known as saltines… I can’t remember what strange name they use in the US, but I seem to remember it being different than in Canada).

  84. Wendy, I’ve been on pain killers for nearly a year due to back problems, and I swear that my knitting has never been better! LOL So I can totally relate to knitting while “looped up”.

    Hope you feel better soon! {{hugs}}


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