My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Crotalus Socks

Here they are, hot off the needles.

Crotalus Socks 081607

Crotalus Socks 081607

Crotalus Socks, my own design, knit with Stone Barn Fibers sock yarn in the “Ice Cream Sundae” colorway on 2mm needles.

Crotalus Closeup 081607

Crotalus Closeup 081607

I am very, very pleased with these socks. I like the stitch pattern, and I do love the yarn. It’s lovely and soft and was a pleasure to knit. I do have some more Stone Barn Fibers sock yarn in my stash, so I’ll look forward to knitting that up.

It’s Q&A Day!

Isabelle had a question:

Question on your old post re: dividing hanks equally. When you say that you rewind to ensure consistent direction, you’re only referring to the colorway, right? If the yarn is a solid, not self-striping, or if it doesn’t matter that the socks come out fraternal, is it an optional step (knitter’s choice)? I just want to be sure that I’m not missing anything obvious.

Well, even with a solid or non-striping yarn, I still rewind so that both balls are going in the same direction. Just like when I knit a sweater, I knit from the same end on each ball of yarn.

Bonnie asked:

So for those of us who count on you not just for knitting wisdom, but popular culture insight as well, and those of us who didn’t know β€˜cat slackers’ existed before you mentioned it the other day, is it worth catching the next episode?

My thoughts on Cat Slackers? Eh. I think it’s been described as being similar to The Family Guy but with cats, but I think The Family Guy is funnier. I’ll watch it again next week (Tuesday, 10pm on the ABC Family Channel here in the U.S.) and see what I think.

Elizabeth commented:

Ok, ok, so you don’t control your computer with your feet…But exactly how many hours a day do you knit? Because I know you have a real job, and a KOARC, and you probably have to make yourself dinner or bathe or drive every so often. Do you just posses super speed?

I do have a real job, I do make dinner once in a while, I play with Lucy, I drive, and I even bathe every day. πŸ˜‰ The number of hours per day that I knit varies from day to day. But a good vague answer is: a few.

Ronnie commented:

I read whilst I knit , but how do you keep the pages open ? The paperbacks especially “close up,” I would appreciate any help on this .

Happy to help, Ronnie. Here is my high-tech solution.

Book 081607

Book 081607

Lastly, Brigitte asked:

Do you miss not knitting big items during the summer of the sock?

You know, I thought I would — but I don’t.

I think part of the reason for that is because I’m designing all my summer socks. That keeps things highly entertaining for me. Who knows? I may only knit socks for the rest of my life.

Oh yeah, that reminds me — I need to show you the new sock on the needles.

SIP 081607

SIP 081607

Once again, I’m using Nature’s Palette sock yarn, this in the “Lilacs” colorway. I got this at The Loopy Ewe. It is gorgeous — much more lilac than the photo shows.

Lilacs 081607

Lilacs 081607

I’ve already named this sock pattern. Anyone want to guess what I called it? L-B and Sheri, you guys can’t guess because I told you. Everyone else, leave your guesses in the comments. If someone guesses it, I’ll send that clever individual a prize.

Lucy knows too, but she will never tell. Not even for Wildside Salmon.

Lucy 081607

Lucy 081607


  1. Your Crotalus Socks are fabulous!!! I love how they are similar but not the same. I was going to ask you if you missed knitting on larger projects, I thought socks might be more enjoyable for you as you heal as pinning out lace might not be much fun till you are 100% again. Lilac is one of my favorite colors, what gorgeous yarn!

  2. Nice socks. I think I like the fraternalness of them!

  3. I would call those new socks Blueberry Patch because they look like rows of blueberries. Mmmm blueberries

  4. My guess Lilac Lattice …

  5. I think they look like hyacinth blossoms, so that’s my guess.

    Congrats on the Crotaluses. They don’t look remotely poisonous to me.

  6. If I were making something so pretty and flowery, I’d name it something like “pocket full of posies” or an equally whimsical alternative.

    Mind you, technically since it’s a sock, I guess it would be a *shoe* full of posies. That just doesn’t have the same ring to it, does it?

  7. Since it’s been so hot lately, if they were my socks I’d probably call them Indian Summer.

  8. my guess is purple rain. That’s the only thing that came to my mind for a name.

  9. DNA socks?

  10. I think the new sock could be called Unchained Melody, because it looks like a chain. Or possibly Toad in the Hole, since KOARC has a thing for amphibians/reptiles, and theres a cool little hole in the center of each “chain link”. I guess I really don’t have a handle on how you choose the names!
    How’s your back doing? Sending sympathetic thoughts your way!

  11. I don’t have any idea what name you have given them, but I just did a sock swatch using “Italian Chain Ribbing” from Barbara Walker’s “Treasury of Knitting Patterns” and it looks very similar!

    Oooohhh, that means I’m thinking like you! How cool is that?!?!

  12. Love the socks! And, my thoughts are with you and hope you are feeling better soon… My guess is Loopy Lilacs. Oh, and a friend bought this gadget – “Book Magic” at the Container Store and raves about it…but your option is definitely more economical… : )

  13. My deeply creative guess is “Lilacky Socks”. (I suppose I could go all alliterative on you and call them Lilacky Lacy Leglets.)

  14. Looks like Cheerios to me,but given the grapey color,maybe Fruit Loops.

  15. technikat says:

    Lilacia Park – they look like a lilac bush in full bloom.

  16. Just because it seems like the most obvious answer doesn’t mean it can’t be right…I guess “Lilac Socks”! πŸ™‚

  17. I think Lilac Wine

  18. The Crotaluses are lovely.
    As are the lilac Loopy Lace socks. (That is my guess, anyway.)

  19. I hope you’re calling it tickle twist rib. they look really pretty.

  20. Loopy Lilacs – I love that! πŸ™‚ (C’mon Wendy – I know you have another name picked out, but isn’t “Loopy Lilacs” too fun? Great suggestion, Amy!)

  21. A beautiful sock thus far. I’m going to guess Lilacs in Bloom.

  22. Oh, I’ll continue with the latin theme–lilas

  23. Chappy says to tell you that he’ll do almost anything for Wildside Salmon….

  24. I’m thinking “Lilac Blossoms” for the new sock name.
    Love the Crotalus socks…and I did have to go look up the meaning.

  25. Where are you grabbing your Summer of Socks Stitch Patterns from? Barbara Walkers?

  26. What immediately popped into my mind was ‘Hyacinth’. Now I’ll have to go look back and see if anyone else guessed that.

  27. Lavender lace?

  28. Oh, I am liking the new socks. I’m a sucker for anything in the blue/purple family. And I like the design. Your own, I presume?

  29. Linda Porter says:

    “Dilly Dilly” as in Lavendar blue dilly dilly…
    It was the first thing that came to my mind.
    Of course I may not have much of a mind.
    I love your web/blog site btw.

    Oh I have to press the submit button, see what I mean?

  30. ‘My-lacs’

  31. Tiptoe thru the Lilacs?

  32. Hmm….. my first thought was Double Helix. I’m loving your Summer of Socks – if you keep knitting at this pace I might be right on in my # of socks guess!

  33. kelly in new mexico says:


  34. Lace ladders is my guess, though I have no clue. But they’re gorgeous, whatever you call them!

  35. Must get some of the Stone Barn Fiber sock yarn. I really love the lacy pattern too. I thought of eyes when I saw your new socks. How about Lilac Eyes? Although I think some of the other suggestions are really good. We lost our Goggle last week so it’s good to see Lucy on your blog.

  36. Beautiful sock, I am guessing the name is Lilac Blossom. They look like little flowers.

  37. Though the color is divine I think you have chosen a name that doesn’t have a color to it but represents more the design. I think it looks like a pretty summer eyelet:~D

  38. Holly in CT says:

    They look to me like rasberry gelato, yum!

  39. They look like wisteria blooms but they could be pawlonia flowers too. I’ve got 2 guesses then – wisteria or pawlonia, both of which are doubtless incorrect.

  40. “Lucy’s nose”

  41. My guess is Hugs & Kisses. I see some x’s and o’s. With the holes they kind of look like lips all puckered up for a kiss. I’m crazy, aren’t I?

  42. hippy hydrangeas

  43. “Purple Rain” came to my mind first; “Wisteria” second. Who knows! Only you and a couple others!

  44. “Lilac Lace”, or is that too obvious?

  45. Wendy, I am in awe of your prolific sock knitting! I’d like to know how you go about designing your socks – are there ideas lurking in the back of your mind, are you perpetually perusing pattern books (I do so love a little alliteration), or something else?

  46. I think the Crotalus socks are beautiful. They look like an ice cream sundae.

    I think your name for the lilac socks is “Lilac Bush”.


  47. I see Crotalus are fraternal socks; nothing wrong with that! I won’t even try to guess the new ones. Well, Lovely Lilac? As in Lovely Lucy.

  48. I’m going to guess Loving Lace. They do look a bit like an x and o pattern. I think I might also guess Sweet Socks since they also look a bit like a honeycomb pattern.

  49. Ok, I’m throwing in Wisteria as a guess. That’s what they remind me of — the wisteria on my back patio. I love the patterns you’re coming up with this summer!

  50. I am going to go with “Lilacs” Or “Loopy Lilac”

    You are such a talented knitter πŸ™‚

  51. Loopy Lilac and Wisteria are great — but I thought of Lilac Fog.

  52. I was thinking “Lilac Eyelets”. They are lovely, by the way! Oh…slow down just a little smidge on the sock knitting. You are just a little bit ahead of my prediction of sock pairs! πŸ™‚

  53. I’d say “Lavender Fields”, the color is so subtle and pretty! For the record I like “loopy lilacs” too.

  54. Stone Barn should rename that yarn “Fudge Ripple” — that’s the kind of ice cream of which it reminds me.

  55. Leslie too says:

    I’ll guess “Wisteria”, but whatever the name, they are gorgeous! Almost as pretty as Missie Lucy.

  56. No guess on the sock name. It’s a great colorway. My real reason for commenting today is to say “I love Lucy’s pic today”. It fits in with the topic of rewinding both skeins so they go in the same direction. Lucy’s coat/fur looks very different in today’s photo … I think it’s because she’s in the opposite direction than usual.

  57. How about “Corn Rows” πŸ™‚
    I love the individualality of your fraternal crotalus!! Lreally like the stitch pattern also……………I love all your socks!!

    Feel better soon.

  58. Marianne Y says:

    “Somewhere in Time”, in honor of the movie on Mackinac Island and its Lilac Festival?

  59. Those eyelets really look like cheerios to me! The pattern BEGS to be knit in yellow.

  60. How about Bloomin’ Lilac?

  61. Crazy Eights? haha

  62. Lilacs in Bloom? Sure is lovely. As is the Crotalus pair! They really do remind me of an ice cream sundae! If Lucy won’t tell, I’ll be civilized and not ask πŸ˜‰

  63. Well, someone already said it, but I was thinking of “lovely lilacs”, for the alliteration and all!

    Hope that you are feeling better!

  64. Love the Crotalus socks. They really look like meted ice cream!
    How about Wisteria socks for the new lilac ones!

  65. New Jersey Laura says:

    Love the socks & high tech page holders. Love socks even more now that you have confessed that you don’t type with your feet — therefore you must knit with your toes. Toetally fetching :).

  66. Blueberry pie?
    A study in blue?
    Purple rain?

    Am I getting close?

  67. “…both balls are going in the same direction” and “same end on each ball of yarn” ? Respectively and sincerely — what are you talking about?

  68. Lilac Buds or
    Sweet Lilacs

  69. Hm. I’m thinking Bubble Yum.

  70. Laura from Italy says:

    You should have called them Strawberry and Cream! I love them!

  71. Laura from Italy says:

    As for the new ones I ‘d think “Wysteria”

  72. They look like pale little “blueberries” to me.

  73. I think the Crotalus Socks look like big peppermint sticks.

    I like whomever said Loopy Lilacs πŸ˜‰

  74. Your latest socks look similar to a patern I’m not knitting on very much that I just call Eyelet Rib. I do hope you’re not calling yours that, though, as then I’ll have to think of something more creative when I write the pattern up.

    I actually expect there are plenty more socks with that name. Shall we join them?

    Very nice, though, and I like the look of the yarn, a least from this distance.

  75. Lavender Fields – immediately looked like Lavender flower heads – very pretty pattern.

  76. OK, I thought that you may name them Lilac Sidewinder…keeping with the reptile/amphibian theme..but it looks as if KOARK is not involved this time.
    Sooo, Louie the Lilac from the Batman series?
    Lilac Time…the old movie?
    Lilac Trellis
    But I do like Wisteria though

  77. My guess is “Fleur du Loop”. As an adv. beginner, I did not understand the discussion about “yarn direction”. I did not know yarn had any “direction”. Please clarify or direct me to a previous post. Thanks so much for helping and inspiring us all.

  78. It’s a lovely color, they look like Forget Me Nots.

  79. Mental Rose says:

    Did anyone guess “Wisteria” yet? That pattern reminds me of the long “ropes” of those flowers. The color is perfect.

  80. Thank you for the hi-tech reading solution. I couldn’t figure out how people did that knitting while reading thing.

  81. Very cool Crotalus socks.
    I’m guessing Wisteria Lanes.

  82. I think you may have called them Purple rain because it seams like you.

  83. Wendy, I’m a relatively new sock knitter (2 pairs baby socks & 1 pair adult). Can you describe the easiest way to downsize a sock pattern? I have size 6 feet, and “one size fits all” is the bane of my existence, sock-wise! Most patterns seem to be for medium or large sizes. Thanks!

  84. Hmmm… I’m gonna say “Mystery at Lilac Inn.” Because Nancy Drew never stopped being cool.

    The Crotalus socks look great! I can’t wait to try that yarn. I always love hearing your reviews of each of the yarns you use. It helps me decide what to get when I’m doing a Loopy Ewe order!!

  85. I think you will call them Lucy’s Lilacs. Pretty!

  86. Hi Wendy! My guess is your going to call them Wildside Salmon. Say hi to Lucy for me!

  87. lacy eyelets. love the color

  88. I wish I could read and knit at the same time. I think I’d get too distracted by one or the other, and end up either rereading the same line five times, or screwing up my knitting. I think I’ll just settle on watching TV while knitting for now. Much less challenging. :p

  89. i would say lilac buds. very pretty

  90. my guess–bunches o’ grapes.

  91. Grape Knee-Highs! I associate summer with Grape Nehi.

    OK, maybe it doesn’t work for these socks, but for a future project.

  92. Skipping all the comments — Spring Melody? You’ve got the whole lilacs first budding in spring thing going on there . . .

  93. (snork–only socks for the rest of your life–you *are* funny. I seem to recall a recently arrived, long anticipated Bohus…….hmmmmm)

    I would call them:
    Lilac Trellis (even though lilacs don’t climb)(’cause I’m like that)

  94. Happy Hyacinth – I know your names are normally more descriptive, but that’s what I think of when I see you new socks!

    Thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery!

  95. Cracklin Oats – like the cereal. Okay maybe not. You won’t knit socks for the rest of your life for all the reasons you gave in your book. Silly Girl.

  96. Misty Lilacs

  97. Scents of Lilac for a new sock name …….and you made me laugh with your book holders…too cute.

  98. I’m enjoying your summer of socks too! Thanks so much for the freebie Southwest pattern at Loopy Ewe! I was wondering if you consider yourself a tight or loose knitter?? I’m gauging some different yarns and sometimes it helps to know the designer’s gauge!

  99. Marianne Y says:

    More guesses, if I might: “Lavendar Lace” or “Arsenic and Old Lace”? πŸ™‚

  100. The bumps in the pattern looks like lavender to me. I’m going to guess “Lavender Stalk Socks”.

    It also looks like the pattern is “moving” up from the toe. Since you referenced salmon, my second guess is “Salmon Swimming Upstream”