My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Mmmmmm . . . Loopy Laces

Thank you for all the lovely comments about this sock. I am liking it very much myself.

I think that the pattern and the yarn do very well together. Here’s the first sock completed:

Loopy Laces 082607

Loopy Laces 082607

And of course, the close-up:

Loopy Laces Closeup 082607

Loopy Laces Closeup 082607

The pattern will indeed be available at The Loopy Ewe when I’ve got it finished.

I’m on the second sock now. Teddy, of course, insisted on modeling the toe:

Toe 082607

Toe 082607

I am loving the Misty Mountain yarn, too. I think it was just dumb luck on my part when I selected it to try this new pattern. The subtle variegations of the yarn colorway really really work with this pattern and I couldn’t be more pleased.

Marianne Y. commented:

I have a question about the yarn. For some reason, it looks to me like it is not nearly as soft as something like Dream in Color or Fiesta Boomerang. Is that a fair statement?

Nope, it’s really not a fair statement. It is definitely a different base yarn from either Dream in Color or Boomerang, but it is very soft and lovely to knit. And it feels wonderful on the foot too.

Lucy and I have been having a quiet weekend with the KOARC. On Thursday I had two, count ’em two, epidural cortisone injections that really pushed the limits of the ol’ pain threshold for me. The one I had a couple of weeks ago was a comparative piece of cake, so this experience came as a complete surprise. Here’s hoping they do some good.

So we’ve been laying low chez Wendyknits. Just watching movies, working on sock patterns, and the odd trip out for lunch or shopping. I shall venture forth to the office tomorrow. Whee.

Lucy Sez

Lucy 082607

Lucy 082607

“I like quiet weekends!”


  1. Just in time to add to my Ravelry favorites! You really hit a home run , with the design and colors! I love how the pink forms chains around the legs!

  2. Beautiful sock, Wendy! I hope the cortisone shots help. They sure don’t sound like much fun! :-O

  3. I just finished a pair of socks in the Misty Mountain Jubilee Evening Jewel (I think — it was evening something I know) colorway from the Loopy Ewe and loved the feel of the yarn. I just cast on with some Regia DK weight and it feels absolutely scratchy compared to the misty mountain. Really love the way the color travels in the Misty Mountain yarn, too… so close to striping and yet so far and the colorway I chose seems to have deep “mascara” that outlines the brighter colors…cool!

  4. The socks are so pretty. I like the pink striping too. And I do hope that the 2nd and 3rd cortisone injections help you. It’s been 5 years since I’ve had to have a cortisone injection between S1 and L5 (the 2nd and 3rd being the ones that did the trick) so I can sympathize. Rest well and stretch if you can…

    “psst” to Lucy- there’s catnip and cat toys in your near future if you can get your Momma to slow down on the sock knitting, as she’s dangerously close to my guess as to how many pair of socks she’ll knit this summer. You have the technology Agent Lucy. Go forth and be adorably meddlesome.

  5. You are being smart by resting after your cortisone injections. I was not; had to take time off from my job to go in for them, then went right back to work. Standing up, running around. The second series of 3 was much better, though, and I’m doing pretty well. This is intended to make you feel better about the future possibilities! Meantime just keep knitting away–we all love the eye candy!

  6. Love your socks, wish I could be as productive!

    I rarely comment as I don’t want to be repetitive, but I thought my experience would be encouraging to you. About 25 years ago I hurt my back; they called it a disc protrusion. I did the rest, anti-inflammatory drugs, PT, and I was no better. It was the most humbling diagnosis I’ve been given. I could not work more than a few hours a day, had a hard time taking care of my daughter, had used all my accrued time at work. I feared I would lose my house if I couldn’t get back to work full time. The doctors gave me a series of three (I think) injections in my back, a week or two apart. They called them ‘blocks’. I haven’t seen a doctor for my back since, and rarely have more than a twinge (if I do something really stupid). (Right after each injection it would be worse, then would gradually get better.)

    I hope your experience is as positive as mine has been!

  7. The sock looks GREAT knitted up! Even better than I could have imagined from the little bit you showed last time.

    And a question about all the sock yarns…

    How do you decide what sock yarns to try? I mean, there are so many different kinds. Do you ask people what they recommend or do you go on the assumption that you’ll probably like any kind of sock yarn and just buy whatever has pretty colors?

    I know I personally tend to pick a brand and stick with it so it’s always hard for me to pick one to try without knowing for sure if I’ll like it!

  8. The socks are wonderful. I’m looking forward to getting the pattern – several of them, actually.

    The shots sound less than wonderful but hopefully, they’ll help in the long run. I’m sending good thoughts in your direction. (I’d cross my fingers but I can’t knit with my fingers crossed!)

  9. I hope the injection works! They certainly work for me. What I mean by “work” is that one took me from not being able to sit or stand unassisted to walking without pain. If there wasn’t some risk involved with getting them, I would probably do it every 6 months or so.

  10. in your last entry the yarn looks brighter then in the recent pics. which is a more acturate showing of the yarn color?

  11. Gorgeous! The best design yet! ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. I just wanted to say how happy I am for you that you’re going to finally profit off of some of the fabulous sock patterns you’ve written. Being picked up by the Loopy Ewe is such great news! Between you and Adam (Yarn Nerd) there’s sure to be some gorgeous looking socks emerging from future Loopy Ewe purchases!

  13. Not only is it a nice design for the yarn, but I LUUUHHHV the cool way the picture transitioned in when I clicked to biggify.

  14. My thoughts exactly, Wendy. The yarn and the lacey meanderings are great partners. Lovely sock — this might just be my favorite this summer.

    Chronic pain stinks… good thoughts coming your way.

  15. Quiet weekends are indeed a good thing.

    Out of curiosity (and feel free to not answer this, of course), but of the patterns that you’re selling through the Loopy Ewe, do you get all the money from the sales, or just a percentage? (Or are you being paid in new yarns instead? :D)

  16. Ouch! Feel better, Wendy . . . (I mean, really, feel better, already!)

  17. Wendy in Cambridge says:

    Here’s hoping those injections do their job, and you’re feeling much better, and SOON!

    I though the Frog Warts socks were my favorite, but Loopy Laces may just have taken over my top spot. These are gorgeous. I’ll definitely be wanting several of your patterns when Sheri has them available for us.

    I’m with Lucy–I enjoy quiet weekends, too.

  18. Yay Lucy, I agree!

  19. Yeah Loopy Laces!! Very nice pairing. Is your pattern project an on-going thing with Sheri, or have you agreed to a set number of patterns? I’m getting more and more curious as to what you’ll cast on when Summer of Socks is over.

    Have a nice quiet rest of your weekend. Take care.

  20. I just love all the beautiful yarns I see here, and your socks are wonderful!

    I’m tempted to try loom knitting socks, but I’m sure they won’t turn out anything like your wonderful creations. ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Hi Wendy,

    I hope you do feel better really soon!

    This is a very happy combination of pattern and yarn. Your work is always lovely. This sock is no exception.

    Take care,


  22. Wow. It sucks to be you! Hope this pain thing works out soon. At least you have a furry nurse.

  23. Ack, that word! That e-word! I remember my epidural. I remember my epidural somewhat wearing off during my c-section. My sympathies on the shots and I hope they work.

    The socks are, as always, lovely.

  24. Cathy Johnson says:

    Be well, Wendy.

  25. I agree that the yarn and pattern are fabulous together. The pattern in fabulous, period. I’m watching The Loopy Ewe for your patterns – they’re definitely in my future! I DO hope that a less painful existence is definitely in YOUR future!

  26. Beautiful, you answered my question befoew I even thougth it! The yarn goes so well with this pattern, perfect stripes! Well wishes coming your way ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. I thought I recognized the colorway you’re using — it turns out I used some recently to make some Monkeys for my sock pal. I picked up the yarn at MDSW several years ago. While it was labeled Blue Ridge Yarn, a few minutes looking up Misty Mountain Farms convinces me it’s the same dyer. I think the yarn has changed — I’m pretty sure the base yarn in the skeins I used was Gems Pearl, but who cares, it was lovely and the colorway is great.

    I hope the cortisone shots work well enough to justify the stress and pain of getting them. Back issues are no fun.

  28. Apologies if this has been previously answered but are all your patterns toe up? I’ve seen at least 3 I’d like to do. Depending on the answer, it just may be time to expand my sock-knitting repertoire, no?

    Re: the ESIs, I empathize completely and shall leave it at that, except to say best wishes for a positive and long-lasting steroidal intervention ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. Look at those socks, fab, I just love them I think they may be my favorites. Waiting anxiously for Sheri to put the patterns up. Quiet knitting weekends are the best. My cats love to help. Hope the shots work for you. I have cortisone shots in my hand and they certainly help.The best to you.

  30. The Loopy Laces is wonderful. The pattern and the yarn go so well together.

    Oooo a epidural cortisone shot. I really hope that it helps. The cortisone shot is bad enough without having to have it in your lower back. And then 2 of them.

  31. Gorgeous socks-both pattern and yarn! The previous comments for this post seem to lean toward this being a good treatment in the end. I’m sending happy healthy thoughts your way, Wendy. Feel great soon!

  32. I also love the combination. I hope this treatment helps. Quiet weekends are nice.

  33. I’m with Lucy, I love quiet weekends too. Unfortunately, my weekend was spent traveling about 600 miles in a pick up…BUT I was able to knit as the hubby drove, so it was a good trip for me! I can hardly wait to try out your latest sock pattern.

  34. Ouch!! I hope you feel better tomorrow and ready to deal with the office…

  35. I’m not sure which I like more — the yarn or the pattern. I might just need to buy both!

    And I hope the injections work their magic and that you feel better.

  36. I really, really like this pattern and yarn combo. Add another WK pattern to my wish list!

    So sorry to hear about the painful epidurals (cringe). I hope they bring even more relief than you could have ever hoped for!

    Lucy, our kitties, Sami and Sweetie, think you are doing an excellent job taking care of your mom. Our mini beagle, Lil Anne, even mumbled something about you being a good caretaker. ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. Ouch, ouch, ouch. Here’s hoping the shots do what they’re supposed to do. And that Lucy takes very good care of you.


  38. I love the sock and the color of the yarn!
    I haven’t made comments for a while, but I’m still reading.
    Lucy is as cute as ever!

  39. The yarn and the pattern work VERY well together! Lovely!! Hope the injections work for you…they were life (back) savers for my hubby… you are in my prayers.

  40. Beautiful sock, lovely yarn!

    I hope the shots are helping. My husband went through this five years ago (two herniated disks) and I know how life-dominating it can be.

  41. Sorry about the cortisone shots – I’ve had several in my foot, and they are NO FUN, but they hopefully will help you a lot!

    I love this sock pattern, I think this and the Pagoda socks are my favorite so far.

  42. Great looking sock and the color perfectly compliments it. I have had back issues on and off for over 10 years. Not to the point of injections in the spine but the name and number are in my junk drawer if it gets there. I took some anti inflammatory drugs over the summer that were amazing. The neurosurgeon prescribed then and a full course was exactly what I needed.

    In the past, when I got to the point I could exercise again, I did personal training. Building up my core muscles really helped me to support my back. Now I am completely out of shape and overweight. Not good. But I am at the point where I am ready to lose the weight again and exercise too.

    Hang in there Wendy. Back pain is miserable. It just effects EVERYTHING!

  43. Hope you are feeling better. I LOVE this sock and pattern! And I have some Misty Mount Fiber from the Loopy Ewe stash to make them with when the pattern become available.

    I’m working on 2 different socks now – one in Nature’s Palette and the other in Dream in Color and I have found that the DIC yarn is not as soft as other sock yarns I have worked with, but I ‘m loving working with Nature’s Pallette, which feels nice and soft. I agree, Mist Mountain Fibers feels very soft. I’m looking forward to working with it.

  44. I’ve been lurking most of the summer, admiring the socks “from afar.” I even ordered some sock yarn from the Loopy Ewe — great experience by the way.

    I’ve had little to add to the other comments. However, I recently found something you may find interesting — and related to an earlier post. Cat Bordhi has posted some videos on YouTube that demonstrate some of her techniques. While the quality is not professional, she does demonstrate some pretty cool things. Just search for Cat Bordhi in YouTube, and enjoy.

    Glad that you’re feeling a bit better. A very wise doctor told me once that pain is a good indicator that something is wrong. When you’re in a lot of discomfort, you sometimes forget that.

  45. Now I feel pretty stupid. I just realized that the Cat Bordhi link is from the Summer of Socks site.

    I heard somewhere that the memory is the first to go.

    Oh, well.

  46. anne marie in philly says:

    I just noticed that teddy looks like the KOARC; coincidence?

    quiet weekend at my house too. too hot to do anything else.

    meredith and steven agree with lucy; weekends are meant for sleep, sleep, and more sleep! they send their meows to their cousin.

  47. I turned to page 136 in the new Vogue Knitting and said “Wow, there’s Wendy’s sweater!”
    You are way ahead of us, as always.

  48. Michele in Maine says:

    I’ve had a couple of those shots for persistent lower back pain and I felt that the relief was only temporary…the shots weren’t fun, but I wasn’t laid low for too terribly long. I hope they work better magic for you!

    Can we arrange to just double every order you place for sock yarn with the Loopy Ewe! I love your taste in colors. I wish I had ordered the Nature’s Palette in “lilac” while it was still available – now it’s gone. And I love the one you’re knitting now.

    You’ve inspired me to really put a big push on finishing up all the single socks I have left to do (5? 6?). Of the eight pairs I have going this summer, only one is finished!

  49. Oh! I love those colors in your sock! That looks GREAT! Can’t wait to see em on feet!

  50. I just can’t get over how pretty that sock has turned out.

    I like the toe up sock with the gusset heel too. Looks really good. Looking forward to trying out that pattern!

  51. The sock pattern and yarn really do work well together. Very pretty.

    I hope those injections help your back problem to heal. They are not a nice thing to have done.

  52. Marianne Y says:

    I love your Loopy Laces socks! The pattern is gorgeous, and the yarn really looks nice with that pattern. I can’t wait until the pattern is available!

    Thank you for answering my question about the softness of the yarn yesterday. I have another question about the yarn, now. ๐Ÿ™‚ I will be interested to know how much yarn you will have leftover when you have finished both socks? I’m wondering if someone with a larger foot, say size 10, would need to buy two skeins to knit your beautiful pattern?

    I am sorry that your cortisone injections were painful; that can happen with them, sometimes. I do hope that they will provide you with some much needed relief, and that you will find it worth the painful hassle!

    Many thanks for all that you are doing for us! Marianne Y