My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Do Not Adjust Your Sets

New Sock 082807

New Sock 082807

Why is the photo of my new sock in sepia tones rather than in color?

New Sock on Foot 082807

New Sock on Foot 082807

Because I’m soliciting names for this sock design and I don’t want you to be influenced by the colorway of the yarn.

New Sock Closeup 082807

New Sock Closeup 082807

The yarn, by the way, is Sweet Georgia “Speed Demon” — sportweight merino sock yarn. I guess it’s a collector’s item, unless Felicia starts dyeing yarn again.

The skein is 280 yards, which I find is plenty for a pair of decent-sized socks. I’m using a 2.75mm needle and am getting 6.5 stitches to the inch, my usual gauge for sportweight socks.

So . . . what would you name this sock? Leave your suggestions in the comments and I’ll pick a number of my favorite suggestions and we can vote tomorrow.

It’s the end of August, and the Summer of Socks is winding down. By my reckoning, we’ve got just over three more weeks before the Autumnal Equinox. I’ve made 14 pairs of socks. Hmmmmm . . . I wonder how many more I’ll achieve before the end of summer?

Only the Shadow knows.

Sock Sizing

Natalie had a comment yesterday:

I love all your patterns; however, they are too wide for my small, very narrow foot (6 AAA). How can I convert the patterns to make the socks more narrow? Maybe you can also include a smaller size in your instructions.

Ah, the non-average-sized foot — always a challenge.

The problem with converting patterned socks to a narrower foot is in the patterning. The pattern has x number of stitches per repeat, so there’s only so much you can do to re-size the socks. All the patterns I’ve prepared for sale are done in at least two sizes (except the Healthy Spine Socks, which are very stretchy, so will accommodate a wider range of foot sizes in the one pattern). The Pagoda Lace socks are done in three sizes.

One possibility is to knit the foot at a tighter gauge. I have wide feet, so I will often knit the foot of my socks at a slightly looser gauge if it is not feasible to change the stitch count of the pattern.

Anyone with narrow feet out there have any other ideas?

Poo-Free Update

I’m still shampoo-free — using Chaz Dean‘s WEN conditioning cleanser (I use the Cucumber Aloe version) and am still delighted with my hair. (PS to Chaz — I swear I always use a nozzle or diffuser on my blowdryer . . . honest!)

So, L-B has been listening to me yap on and on about how great the WEN products are and has been resisting trying them. She finally broke down and ordered some from QVC, which she got yesterday. She said if she didn’t like it, she’d give it to me. Well . . . let’s just say I’m not getting a free bottle of WEN conditioning cleanser. L-B emailed me this morning, enthusing about how fabulous her hair felt after using it. I of course emailed her back:


And I forced her to put in writing: “Wendy was right.”

Huh? Me, childish?

Wendy 082807

Wendy 082807

I may be childish, but my hair is in great shape! Even when in sepia tones!

Only Lucy gets to remain full color in today’s blog entry:

Lucy 082807

Lucy 082807

Cuz she’s my little princess.

P.S. to Judith S. in the U.K. — I can’t find an email address for you so . . . THANK YOU! ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. Hmmm….the pattern does look a bit like tire tracks. And being that they are “speed demons.” And let us not forget that the summer of socks is coming to a close…How about “finish line” or “speed racer”?

    Your hair is very volumized. I may need to try to go poo-free!

  2. Like Peggy, they remind me of a racetrack, and the first name that came to mind was “Home Stretch.”

  3. To go along with the yarn theme, how about “Happy Trails”?

  4. I’m thinking “Tandem” for the sock pattern name. The cable detail running up alongside (or tandem to the center detail) is what makes me go with that.

  5. I am not feeling inspired with names, unless you like “tilted ladders” but I am LOVING that pattern! Would it look good in a variegated yarn?

  6. Several names came to mind, given the roundaboutness yet directionality of the pattern. Given that sentence I just typed, it won’t surprise you that many of them are wordy:
    Go With the FLow
    Roll Over, Beethoven
    Up the Down Staircase
    Coulee Country* or just Coulee
    *to explain, coulees are valleys in between rounded bluffs, formed by long-ago glacial rivers and runoff. I live on the northern Mississippi, in the midst of coulees, and the silhouettes look very much like the shape that the traveling stitch makes. Plus, when you look down river, you see bluff after bluff rising away from the river, all with the same shape, just like the main stitch pattern again.

  7. Aren’t Pirellis supposed to be pretty speedy tires? Pirelli socks perhaps?

    My baby, Princess Lorelai, says that if only Lucy wore a collar, she’d loan her “Princess Kitty” charm for her to wear.

  8. PICAdrienne says:

    I like the tilting ladders name, as well. I was beaten to the punch. The other name that occurred to me was Tilting Windmills, but there really is not any windmill there.

    Lucy looks like she is getting ready to do some aerobics with that stretch.

  9. Judith in NYC says:

    No sock name nominations from me as I am not creative that way, but your idea for knitting the sock feet in a different gauge works for me. I do not have narrow feet but do have fat legs so I usually knit my socks with a 2.5mm needle (sometimes even 2.75) and knit the feet in 2mm.

    By the way, your hair looks great.

  10. That is quite the streeeeetch Lucy has going!

    I’m feeling very un-creative on the sock name front… I like the “Coulee” suggestion!

  11. I, too, saw tire tracks when looking at the pattern. Which led me to automobiles. Which led me to thinking about the hybrid-fuel cars I’ve been researching. Which lead me to my idea:

    Tread Lightly

    It’s always fun when you involve your readers in the naming of the socks. ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. I really like the sepia pictures, keeps us guessing.
    I think the name should be… Trellis because they
    look like the one my clamatis climbs!

  13. Your hair looks great! I really may have to try this stuff, especially since I’ve gone back to short hair – it could use some more volume!

    Sock name – L’s Cables, Cables and Els or even L-B’s Cables (I’m really going for the sentimental name there) – I see a bunch of capital L’s when you look at the sock foot to hill.

    I know you just named the last pair “loopy Laces” – but that’s the first thing that came to my mind when looking and admiring them.

    Anyway, what’s wrong with a LOOPY family???
    Loopy laces, loopy ladders, loopy . . . .
    the more, the merrier :=))

  15. How about “London Bridges over Cabled Waters” …. or just “Bridges” …. ?

  16. MayPoles. Even though I know that it’s just about Autumn calendarily speaking.

    Your hair looks incredible. I would try going poo free too but I’m afraid.

  17. I don’t have a name for the sock pattern, but it looks nice in the sepia tones. How did you do it with your camera? Also, what type of camera do you own? I’m looking for a new one that will enhance my photography skills.

  18. My first thought was “Chutes and Ladders”. But that also sounds familiar. ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. They remind me of how waves grow as the crash on the beach or how the circles grow around a pebble thrown in the water, so maybe:

    Sea Shore
    A Stone’s Throw

  20. ‘Grunhild’ came to mind after I saw entirely too many tires lines up in the parking lot (from Lucy’s viewpoint).

  21. From a distance the pattern looks kinda like fringe…Fringe Benefit socks…Tassle Treads…Flying Fringe.
    PS: Your hair looks lovely!

  22. Debra in the San Francisco Bay Area says:

    How about “Sliding Into Home Socks”? A little baseball never hurt. Maybe it’s the sepia tone of the photo…

  23. How about Turbo Twister? I love the way it looks, even if I can’t think of a good name…

    Great hair:)

  24. Gorgeous and love seeing them in Sepia – it really makes the pattern stand out! I also thought of the garden trellis when I saw them:

    Trellis Toes
    Garden Arbor

  25. Aw man. I wanted to say Maypole.

    How about Barber’s Stoop?



    Final answer.

  26. How about Criss-cross Applesauce? Can you tell I work with preschool children? ๐Ÿ™‚ Gorgeous pattern, as always!

  27. Those socks are “Neat and Tidy”!

    Really smart pattern!

  28. Sock title: Turbo Twists or Twister Turbos

  29. I hadn’t read any of the comments prior to writing my name ideas and see there is another one VERY similar to mine. WEIRD! ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. Your hair is beautiful Wendy! You do, however, have a thick, glorious mane. I have extremely fine hair with no body, that is easily weighed down by heavy conditioners, and sometimes even heavy shampoos. I wonder if WEN would work for such lousy locks. I looked it up on the internet and found that a trial size is offered, but is it worth trying?

  31. I will delurk because I actually thought of something. The spiraly thing made me think of a column, and the smaller pattern reminds me of socks with clocks (….heh, it rhymes) so… my suggestion is ‘Clocktower.’

  32. OK, you twisted my arm –

    Radiator Socks
    Firestone Socks
    Super Swamper Radial Socks

    and since I don’t have a car, or tires, I don’t know what else to say –
    oh – wait a minute:

    My Cousin Vinny Socks?
    e-mail if you can’t get the totally out of the blue explanation ;o)

  33. Rapid Transit
    Making Tracks
    Lucky Ladders.
    Tip-toe Trellis

  34. Eli Arendt says:

    Misty Mountain socks? They do remind me a of Asian paintings of mountains (and I’m also a Led Zep fan). I wonder if poo-free would be good on curls? Maybe I’ll give it a go, since your hair really does look fantastic.

  35. It made me think of vines…so how about vineyard?

  36. For some reason they remind me of a labyrinth, so Labyrinth socks it is! I am envious of your beautiful hair! I’m gonna have to try going poo free!

  37. They look like s’s to me Wanna call em Twizzlers they remind me of licorice whorls ๐Ÿ™‚

    or Licorice!!!!

  38. Marianne Y says:

    Well, I had suggested Chutes & Ladders for a previous sock name, but I see that someone got in ahead of me with that one tonight.

    A couple of other ideas:
    “Twist and Shout” for one.
    Another idea, if people like coulee, there is a dam out west, called Grand Coulee Dam, and it has fish ladders in it. So, what about just “Grand Coulee”?
    Or then there could be “Bridge over Troubled Waters” (with your back problems) or simply “Twister”, like a tornado?

  39. Hi Wendy & Natalie, I am a narrow-footed sock knitter as well. Along with using smaller needles (and perhaps a slightly lighter-weight yarn), I find that adding ribbing on the sole of the sock can help give a snugger fit.

  40. How about “With a Twist”?

  41. Irish Hiking Socks. Why not? There’s an Irish Hiking Scarf so there should be socks and that’s what they look like to me.

  42. Your HAIR! Is gorgeous! And (although I cannot see her…L-B’s hair is too! I am so glad you are converting others!!
    Okay, here’s my nomination for your sock: as long as you remember how irreverant and silly I can be:
    Say Wen

  43. Didn’t read all the earlier comments, so I apologize if this is a repeat.

    Crosswalk socks.

    The columns on the sides, with the hatched lines between them, totally remind of a cross walk. Plus I like the name. ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. Wendy – your hair looks great!
    How about “Autumn Branches” for the socks- they look like branches of a tree to me.

  45. Well, they look like the patterns in the sand the water leaves in the Arroyo – so that’s my vote: Arroyo!

    But whatever you call them – I have to have that pattern! I LOVE Sweet Georgia Speed. Demon! It’s just the right weight for my size 3/7spi addiction – LOL!

  46. How about Wheat socks?

    Wheat…(wheat)…WHEAT…wheat…darn, what was that Woody Allen movie named again? It’s the one where he’s in the Russian army (or something like that).

  47. No name for the socks, but a tip for changing the foot width: I like my sole stitches to be firmer (longer-lasting, more comfortable), so when knitting with 2 circular needles, I always drop down a size or two for the sole stitches, beginning with the toe (toe-up) or with the heel turn (top-down). Right now I’m working socks top-down with fine yarn and a lace rib pattern, which meant that I had to use a size 0 needle to keep the lace rib from looking and feeling too loose and sloppy. So when I came to the sole stitches (in stockinette), I changed to an Addi size 000 circular needle (unfortunately, no one makes a size 00). Definitely makes a difference!

  48. Wow! Love those socks. They sort of remind me of winding country roads so I choose the name “Winding Roads”.

  49. Kate/Massachusetts says:

    I was going to suggest “Dog Days” or, more to the point, “Dog Daze” since they were knit during the dog days of August but feet are also referred to as “dogs” so take your pick! lol

  50. Rippling Waves

  51. I’d call em Chain Link Fence socks…just the first thing that popped into my head when I saw them.

  52. Off to the Celtic Races

  53. Okay, since Wendy doesn’t often get this opportunity to hear it from me, once again with feeling:

    Wendy was right!

    And for the doubters, all I can say is try it!
    I have long, straight, flat-to-my-head hair which will never ever look as good as Wendy’s,but,man,it looks better than it ever has even after the first wash! And even in the hot,humid,sticky weather, my hair felt clean all day!
    Amazing potion!

    As for a shot at the socks name, I’m looking forward to a train ride north soon, so I’ll toss out Am-tracks. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  54. What about “Autobahn”?

  55. Since it’s called speed demon and there is a “stripe” down the side….I would say racer stripe socks.

  56. What about “Sweet Georgia Browns” in honor of their sepia disguise…? Actually, “Chutes and Ladders” was what came to mind first, but it’s already been suggested. I know you said you wouldn’t, but would you please reconsider creating a book full of your wonderful sock patterns? My new found obsession with sock knitting is pretty much your fault anyway… might as well take it to the limit!

  57. I have no idea for names on your sock pattern, but I just wanted to tell you that I ordered that WEN stuff and I absolutely am hooked. I’m never never never going back to shampoo again. Thanks for turning me on to this product. ๐Ÿ™‚

  58. “Swirl” is what popped into my mind. And your hair looks fabulous!

  59. Couldn’t get this naming a sock pattern thing out of my head tonight!

    Reminiscent of the 70s, how about, “Don’t Tread on Me” ??

  60. How about “Cocoa Toes”? ๐Ÿ™‚

  61. Alice in Richmond says:

    Speedy Steps.

    That is the cutest picture of you and your hair!

  62. My first thought was “Speed Bumps”.

  63. How about Tread on Toes?

    Your hair looks smashing! Wonder how the “shampoo” would work on whitish hair? I hate that some shampoos and hard or even softened water cause my hair to look yellowish…I’ll NOT become one of the blue haired.

  64. Your sock has a rather Egyptian look to it. There is something that reminds me of the some of the decorations from the tombs. Therefore, I would call it Cleo after Cleopatra.

  65. My suggestions:


    Bobby Vee Socks

  66. Love the sock pattern.
    I thought of Trellis Vine

  67. To me it looked like a maypole with flowers on the side. So my name is Maypole socks.

  68. I was thinking something to do with ladders. But couldn’t come up with anything cute or clever.

    How about…………………….Making tracks?

    Lovely hair BTW.

  69. Kathryn Sigman says:

    Beautiful socks!!! How about The End of Summer Socks?

  70. Looks like a road to me too. How about
    “Ease on Down the Road” ?

  71. Labor Day Socks?
    Can Lucy get any cuter?

  72. The first thing that came to mind was “Sweet Georgia Brown,” then “Georgia”, probably because I live in Georgia and like Ray Charles. Then I thought of “Garden Trellis” because it does remind me of a garden trellis. It’s a very pretty pattern.

  73. i applaud your efforts not to influence our ideas with color, but the sepia/brown made me think of a freshly plowed field. therefore, i am putting forward the name ‘furrowed fields’.

  74. My first thought was “Speed Racer”, and I thought I was being quite original until I looked at the comments, and the very first person to post had the same thought. Must be a good idea, huh?

  75. Since football season is upon us: Sidelined Cables

    Lucy looks good in any color ๐Ÿ˜‰

  76. How about “Swiss Mocha” or “Mocha Twist” for your lovely new socks? Your hair looks quite beautiful, I am intrigued by this conditioner washing technique.

  77. Chutes and Ladders (you know the children’s game) if you were born before 1965 anyways!


  78. I was thinking of “Tornado Alley” –

  79. Wendy, you need to be more subtle with L-B. I’m afraid she’ll never switch to circs for sock knitting because she thinks you’ll parade her through the streets of Rome like a conquered Boudica.

    You could call the new sock pattern “Spiraling out of Control.”

  80. Ok, so I had to chime in here…

    Summer Scroll
    Little Hills
    Flowers and Vines
    Trellis and Vine
    So far that’s all I got!

  81. Sepia dreams ๐Ÿ™‚

    OK, really – snakes and ladders, after the game. (I pick Snakes because the cables look more like snakes than chutes…)

  82. They kind of look like a rose arbor or trellis to me. Like a garden gate. So…I say either Garden Gate socks, or Rose Arbor socks.

  83. Coral Reef

  84. Trellis

  85. OK, my husband just came up with this one – and I have to admit it’s pretty good –
    Shoelace socks – he says the center looks like shoelaces.

  86. Love the new pattern – I immediately thought of “pathways”. I’m anxiously awaiting the other summer sock patterns from the Loopy Ewe.


  87. My suggestion is “Spiral Spice.”

  88. Waves

  89. Hmmm…as usual, I’m off on a tangent from the crowd. Not necessarily a bad thing in my mind! I immediately thought nautical…the pattern made me think of lines (ropes to the landlubbers amongst us) and anchor chain. And the sepia made me think of days of yore, so my nomination for a pattern name is “Ancient Mariner.” Maybe it’s just me, but I think it’s kind of cool!

    Ciao, Jan

  90. Love that sepia! I’d call em’ barberlla
    kinda reminded me of a barber’s pole

  91. How about “cabled treads”??

    they’re nice no matter what the name is ๐Ÿ˜‰

  92. Ridge Runners was my first thought on your beautiful socks. You are the devil you know. Am really getting into knitting socks. Nice hair. Give Lucy some love for me.

  93. For some reason, the sepia tones are making me think of old movies, even though the monochrome coloring would have been different.

    North by Northwest?

  94. Christine says:

    Those are beautiful socks
    They remind me of Mercury, the Roman messenger god
    How bout “Winged Mercury” for the sock name?

  95. Today Wendy says:


    They’ve got me thinking of the striped poles with horses on them on the carousel. They’re gorgeous and I’m looking forward to seeing them in colour ๐Ÿ™‚

  96. I also have the problem of narrow feet. I tried knitting your Cabletini sock pattern, but finally had to abandon it in favor of another pattern because it was too wide, and I couldn’t come up with a solution for making the pattern narrower. When you’re already knitting with a size 0 needle, using a smaller needle isn’t very practical. Hope someone has some ideas because I love your patterns.

  97. I think “Winding Walkway” for the socks. For some reason the pattern reminds me a brickwork or stonework on a garden path. I think they’re beautiful by the way.

  98. Keeping with the racing theme and knowing they’ll be stunning in color how about Va Va Vroom?

  99. I’d call this intricate pattern Snakeskin.

  100. I’d combine two of the above suggestions and call them “Tandem Treads.” Tire tracks definitely come to my mind, too.