My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Labor Day

 Lucy and I have had a very busy day.

Lucy has been keeping track of the sock blockers.

Lucy 090307

Lucy 090307

I finished the L-Bee Socks.

L-Bee Socks 090307

L-Bee Socks 090307

Happy Labor Day.


  1. Am I really first? Wow, I love the color of the socks…terrific. Can’t wait for patterns to be restocked at LE

  2. Yeah, that’s how my Grace “keeps track” of stuff, too. 🙂

    The L-Bees are beautiful! Happy Labor Day!

  3. I’m not sure what is cuter, Lucy or L-B’s new socks, well, maybe Lucy, just by a little. Those are gorgeous socks, I love they are in the Clover Honey colorway, L-B will love them!

  4. Love the L-Bee socks and their colorway! And as always, Lucy is gorgeous

  5. I shall be the first to wish you a Happy Labour Day! 😀

  6. Late breaking Labor Day news: “Associated Press – September 3, 2007: Jimmy Hoffa’s remains found in a Department of Labor cafeteria freezer. This is a developing story. Please check again for further details. All rights reserved, The Associated Press.”

  7. I cannot think of a better way to spend Labour Day than with kitties and knitting socks. Hope your day was great!!! I do so love those sox!!

  8. Love the L-b socks. Do hope they’ll be available at Loopy Ewe! I’ve a dear friend who’s daughter is named Bea(trice) and I’d love to knit her the socks (don’t knit socks for kids — they grow out of them WAAAAY too fast!)

    Always enjoy the photos of Lucy — glad to know I’m not the only knitter who’s servant to cats.

  9. Those socks are so beautiful – what a great gift! Did you use stitch patterns from Anne’s patterns, or is this your own design (in other words, how will I be able to knit these socks? I’ve already got the bee stole on the needles…!)

  10. Socks are beautiful and as always Lucy is stunning.

  11. I’m with Lucy – except I was counting pillows on my bed during a lovely afternoon siesta

  12. Wendy in Cambridge says:

    Love the KOARC’s comment! Too funny…

    Hope you three had a lovely Labor Day weekend.

  13. your post made me think of the c oolest pair of sockblockers i’ve ever seen. hubby and i were enjoying a solitary breakfast (the kidlets were visiting nana in KC, and we drove down there afterward) at the cracker barrel, and they had a pair of wood sock blockers that looked like they would work for thigh highs! unfortunately, the batteries in teh camera were dead. i may go back!

  14. neat-o! i ahve so enjoyed your summer of socks wendy!

  15. I’m so relieved your sock blockers are safe. Does she lie on them randomly or only when you need them, like my cats do. Oh, you were reading this knitting chart, Mum? I’ll lie in the middle of it and look affronted when you try to read around My Royal Fluffiness.

  16. Hard work : Lucy must be very tired !

  17. Your L-Bee Socks are gorgeous! I won’t say I keep flying over to Sheri’s, oops I did 😉 Like the (new ?) blockers!

  18. Beautiful socks, Dear Lucy is as precious as ever. I need to get started on some more socks after seeing the gorgeous pairs you have done, but when it is 111 degrees outside (I’m not kidding either fellow knitters, I live in So. California and it was 111 on Labor Day) knitting even a dishcloth is way too hot too do. Happy Knitting Wendy!

  19. These are fantastic socks! One of your best patterns, I think.

  20. I love the KOARC’s comment also. Its like finding that EPA HQ is built upon an abandoned hazardous disposal site…in time for Earth Day.

  21. Love the L-Bee socks – best of the summer, I think. I am wondering 2 things: First, how would you describe the clover honey colorway? On the BMFA site it looks red to me, here it looks more brown, but somewhere i saw a photo of it next to a jar of honey and it looked like a perfect match. So, is it really the color of honey? And, if the sock pattern goes up on the Loopy Ewe, will there be a size to fit people with not-so-tiny feet?

  22. gorgeous socks!