My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.



I returned to the office today after an absence of 5 days. How is it possible for 5 days to speed by so quickly? Is there a rift in the time/space continuum that I do not know about?



Hey, guess what? Sheri has restocked my patterns over at The Loopy Ewe. And the Loopy Laces pattern is now available there.

Speaking of socks, my Tangled Vines Sock is coming along nicely. You can see I am mid-heel turn in this photo.

Tangled Vines 090507

Tangled Vines 090507

I continue to like this yarn very much. Extremely pleasant to knit.

Socks on Two Circs

I seem to be freaking some of you out by knitting my socks exclusively on two circulars. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Two Circs 090507

Two Circs 090507

Will I return to dpns? Will I continue to knit on 2 circs? Who knows?

Lucy’s Toy

The toy that Lucy was pictured with yesterday is a hunk of styrofoam.

Lucy had a hunk of white styrofoam that she carried around for a couple of years until she finally loved it to death. It kept getting smaller, and smaller, and smaller . . .

Last week the KOARC got his laptop back from being serviced by Dell, very firmly packed in a box with blue styrofoam. Being the good daddy he is, he broke off a couple of pieces for Lucy.

So the little princess has a new beloved toy.

Lucy 090507

Lucy 090507

Doncha just love happy endings?


  1. Barbara-Kay says:

    At risk of heresy, I must admit that I only knit socks top down. Like you, I’m good at knitting them “my way”. So, here’s the question: is it possible to take your patterns and apply the pattern part to the cuff and the instep, knitting top down? I really have loved several (make that all) of your patterns, except for the itsy, bitsy problem that they are toe up.

    Hugs to Lucy, and greetings from my 3 Meezers: Minky, Victoria, and Casper.

  2. Awww, and it matches her eyes so well!

  3. I will never cease to be amused at the things that can entertain cats. My Nick can sit for hours chasing candy wrappers of licking plastic grocery bags, and my Jakob has a cheap plastic toy sword that we found outside years ago, and it’s his favourite toy!

  4. “Don’t it make my blue eyes blue?”
    (There’s another test of a certain level of maturity — if you remember when that song came out….)

  5. I’m so glad to see that Miss Lucy is enjoying her new toy – I did wonder what it was when I saw it yesterday. Ah, the simple pleasures in life… : )

  6. I continue to be in shock and awe at the gorgeousness of your incredible sock patterns. Rock on for knitting toe up! I learned to do socks from your book, and I’ve tried top-down a time or two, but to no avail. Toe up is it for me, too!

  7. I seem to have fallen into the two circs wagon, too, much to my surprise. I know you have been happily knitting away on them and I thought I’d give it a try also, since I was trying out some patterns from Cat Bordhi’s new book. I still like my dpns, but am knitting on my fourth sock using the two circular needles. I’ve found that I like the 24″ length because the 16″ ones just make my hands sore. I’m glad there are so many options out there for all of us. I still love toe-up patterns and find myself not even interested in patterns that are top down. I am glad your patterns are available again on the Loopy Ewe! My cats used to love to play with wadded up paper balls and would even play “fetch” with them!

  8. Oh, thank goodness, it’s styrofoam. I thought it was a mop sponge or something crazy like that, and I kept forgetting to click to take a closer look.

  9. “Is there a rift in the time/space continuum that I do not know about?” Yup, it’s Rifty Business! Hah!

  10. Debra in NC says:

    That time/space continuum rift is always present whenever there’s a long weekend present. It’s an unwritten law, don’t ya know? And, if one isn’t careful, it can continue on to make weeks pass like days, months pass like hours, and years…….well, you get the message! LOL!

    Your sock patterns are so pretty, I hope one day to aspire and design a few of my own. Right now I’m test knitting a pattern for a designer, and having such fun watching the pattern develop. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hopefully one day I’ll figure out the whole socks on circs thing, all I’ve ever done them on is dpn’s.

    Lucy is such a true cat. My own (I share my life with 8 cats and 1 species confused drooler – not my dh, my dog!) find the most mundane objects to turn into “toys.” They actually love crumpled up notebook paper, but have been known to make toys of yarn bobbins, rolls of paper towels, and even the occasional waterbug. Just gotta love them!

    Can’t wait to see what’s next on your sock agenda!

  11. Love the socks but miss the sweaters and other stuff you used to knit.

  12. I went to the Loopy Ewe and was disappointed that the Asparagus Cable sock wasn’t among the patterns for sale. Are you going to add that one to your inventory? I sure hope so cuz I really really love them!

  13. Lucy cracks me up… my brothers cats do the same thing… they spend major $$ on cat toys for them, but what they like the most are the little zippy tabs that keep the milk lids on when you buy them!!

    Got Milk??


  14. I was going to mention that the Little Princess should have had BLUE styrofoam all along – with those Imperial blue blue eyes, it’s the purrrfect accessory!

    The Meezer still has a white tearstrip, tho’

    I’m promising myself that, since my “Toe-Up Sock Goddess” has converted to two circs, after the National Capital Cat Show this weekend I may just pick up Cat’s books and learn this new method you’re so enamoured of! Because if YOU love it, it’s gotta be good!

    Wish I could see you at the Dulles Expo Center, but don’t really expect it with your back troubles! I keep missing these opportunities!

  15. You had to tell me about your patterns being up. I had sworn off yarn buying in hopes to save up enough for a new iPod by the time they start shipping. I was going to be strong, I was going to resist. Didn’t make it. Can’t buy just one thing you know.

    I didn’t make it in time for the Loopy Laces pattern. Have you ever thought about selling pdfs? Then you wouldn’t have to worry about running out of stock.

  16. The dog’s favorite toy is a year old pop bottle. His highness the cat is more fond of the dog’s tail as favorite plaything.

  17. Her beloved toy is styrofoam! *snort* Just like when you give a toddler a present and they just want to play with the box!

  18. The socks are so lovely.

    Of couse she would love her new toy. Not only did it come from her daddy, but it matches her eyes so well. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  19. Christ on a cracker, how the heck does anyone *buy* anything at the Loopy Ewe? I was away from the computer for just a few hours (to the LYS) and they all came and went! Do y’all have iPhones to take everywhere and scripts that check the site every 2 minutes for updates? *grrr*

  20. The only pattern in stock now is the crotalus. I hope you’ll consider doing pdfs so quantity isn’t an issue. I wanted to buy a couple of the other patterns.

  21. I love that photo of Lucy, she is just gorgeous!! The socks are nice too:)

  22. Maybe pre-ordering is the way to go. Just hire someone to track all the requests, copy the patterns, collect the money and mail the patterns. I’ll work for patterns. That way you don’t have to worry about all those pesky employment laws. ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Whaaaaaaaa…..Another sock patterns out of stock complaint!!!!!!!!!

    I guess working third shift means I’ll never get any of your patterns. Maybe next year huh???

  24. Rocksolana says:

    Here’s another vote for PDF patterns. Lots of pros for this format: Save on shipping (more profit for you), Less paper (save a tree as well as still more profit for you), save time (I’m all for instant gratification), not to mention never running out of patterns… I love your sock patterns, I knit toe up as well. But seem to be late to the party for the second time – Loopy Ewe is out of stock again! Boo Hoo. Guess I’ll keep trying.

  25. Saw your blog post and headed over to the Loopy Ewe – and dang it, she’s all out of stock!
    Your patterns are popular!
    Would you reconsider the PDF’s so more of us can have a chance to get one of your patterns, please?

  26. Love the new socks and the L-Bee ones too! I hear you on the first day back gahs. I was under water all day yesterday.

  27. Colleen Humphreys says:

    Aw, c’mon!!!!! I went right to Loopy Ewe (cheering the fact that I FINALLY have high speed and my OWN laptop…no sharing!!!!), put a couple patterns into the shopping cart, was looking at sock yarn, and by the time I had decided, the healthy vertebrae were gone!!!!!! so I didn’t order anything from them, at all.

    I think you either need to make a LOT of patterns up, or go to PDFs ๐Ÿ˜‰

  28. And it matches her eyes! ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. I was so disappointed to miss out on your patterns again. They sold out almost immediately. Could you send your patterns in greater quantity to The Loopy Ewe? Is there any way Sheri can reproduce them herself? I have so much enjoyed seeing the stitch patterns that you came up with over the summer and am eager to knit them.

  30. I must say Lucy is one gorgeous girl. ONE. GORGEOUS. GIRL.

    Not sure if you’ve ever eated at the Stray Cat Cafe but there is a picture on the wall that looks an awful lot like Lucy!

  31. You didn’t mention what your reasons were for no pdf downloads. I would be interested in knowing what they are (i.e., hidden costs for the store? easily stolen by knitting hackers?) I just went over to Sheri’s to buy Crotalus (I have the PERFECT yarn for Crotalus socks), but the shipping cost more than the pattern! I did email Sheri about the shipping costs (a lot of online knitting stores provide different shipping rates for patterns). I would love to try the patterns you came up with this summer.

  32. Michele in Maine says:

    dagnabbit, I missed the pattern update AGAIN! Why no pdf patterns?That would make it all so much easier.

    I never thought to give my cats some styrofoam blocks – I will try that. My only fear is that the dogs would eat them. I have very bad dogs.

  33. Theresa in Italy says:

    Maybe Sheri needs to set up a waiting list for your patterns! (And then you’d see how many of us are still waiting, and either faint or quit the day job.)

  34. Foiled again! Missed out on your patterns…once more. Granted, I did snag a skein of Dream in Color, which is a GOOD thing. I’ve got a pattern waiting for not only that skein of yarn, but I’ve got yarn waiting for one of your patterns!

    My guess is that you don’t want to go the .pdf route just because it is too easy to “share” and unfortunately, there are folks out there more than willing to do so? (No, I’m not pointing my finger at anyone in particular).

    Our cat, Sweetie (ain’t that an original name and “sweet” she is not!), has been entertaining herself with some brown paper packing material that I brought home from work. She would certainly love the blue styrofoam as well. Hmmm… I think we have some of that around here somewhere…

    If your space/time continuum works anything like mine, it secretyly sucks away your time off and spits out tons of extra work for your return at the other end!

    Last thing in my wordy post here… I finally got my tension bit worked out with both using 2 circs and the ML. I know you said you would never try the ML, but I have actually found that I like it better in many ways to 2 circs. Regardless, I’m sticking to ML, or 2 circs, for a while. You think that maybe, just maybe, you might give it a try sometime?

  35. Not to be a downer but aren’t you afraid of Lucy ingesting the styrofoam? We need to keep all plastic away from one of our cats because she tries to eat it and that could be deadly.

  36. Skeetshooter says:

    Missed out again on the patterns. I too was checking up until the last minute. . . until I left to pursue my other hobby.

  37. Did you ever imagine how quickly your patterns would sell on Loopy Ewe? I went there this morning because I wanted the asparagus sock pattern and they were gone again! It’s great that they’re selling so quickly for you all, but were either of you expecting the kind of response that you’re getting now?

    Print them quickly :oP

  38. My cats go crazy for styrofoam peanuts. They don’t eat them, but they carry them around like mice in their teeth.

    It seems like there’s a huge, weird debate going on regarding how people knit socks. If you use DPNs for a long time, and then you switch to Magic Loop or 2 circs, DPN people feel betrayed or offended somehow. I’m not sure why this happens, but it seems to galvanize knitters the way English vs Continental does.

    Can’t we all just get along?

  39. I love your blog and your beautiful sock patterns. I haven’t tried socks toe-up yet but when I do I’ll use your pattern.

    I agree with the other Susan – please be careful about the styrofoam. If you only let her play with the styrofoam when you are there to keep an eye on her it should be OK, but it would be a good idea to put it up in a cat-safe place (if you can find one!) when you are not home.

    I hope your back will be feeling better soon.

  40. Argh, missed ’em again! All that’s left is Crotalus and that wasn’t one of the ones I wanted. (though it is very cute … I just have to prioritize.)

    Maybe next time you can clue us in as to the time when Sherri will be uploading them, so that we can stalk there. (yeah, and probably crash her site, but heck it would give us some kind of chance to get them!)

    I guess we just love ya too much Wendy.

  41. I just love cats and how they will play with anything. Our Ms. Kitty, had all this stuff, but her absolute favorites were the plastic ring off the milk bottle and a wadded up ball of paper!

    Hope the back is feeling better!

  42. Oh continue with the 2 circulars! It’s the ONLY way to knit socks. I’m so glad I found out about knitting that way. I can’t remember the last time I knitted on straight needles.

  43. You have inspired me togive 2 circs a whirl again. i did one pair on two circs a while back, but they came out bigger than usual, I could never figure out why till one fine day I noticed they were 2.5mm, NOT my usual 2.25mm. WHY are there TWO sizes of size ONE needles??? and when will I learn to pay closer attention? anyway an excuse to hit the LYS, and try out those lovely new Addi’s

  44. Wendy,

    Looks like it’s one of those days you can’t do anything right!

    I can totally see why you don’t do pdf’s. It’s just one more thing for you to have to fool around with & I’d rather see you creating more patterns!!! I’ve had no trouble getting your patterns at the Loopy! Maybe I’m just in the right place at the right time. I’m sure that everybody will have their chance to buy them if they just have a little patience! Little did you know your patterns are so popular!!!

  45. Oh, darn. All your patterns are sold out- AGAIN!! When AM I going to get some Healthy Spine Socks?

    And speaking of making one’s brown eyes blue, I sat next to Crystal Gayle in seventh grade music class. Her hair only reached to her earlobes then!

  46. Wendy, I love your patterns & I’m in awe of your ability to not only knit, but *design* & knit up so many pairs of socks in such a short time! I’m inspired to try toe-up, & am drooling over several of your patterns. (I’ve got some Shibui “Bark” on its way from Loopy Ewe, to await the Making Tracks pattern!)So I was upset to discover that I was also shut out *again* on your patterns! I checked & rechecked the Loopy Ewe site (& Sheri’s blog) throughout the day yesterday (more times than I care to admit), til I left the office just before 5pm… & nothing. I felt somewhat confident that I wouldn’t miss out again because Sheri’s blog mentioned no sneakups til next week. Left work, ran a quick errand on my way to my SnB meeting, then finished up my daughter’s school supply shopping – closed Office Depot & got home around 10:30pm. Then had to wade through more school forms & info, fell asleep in the living chair, woke up 2:30am & stumbled into bed. Didn’t get back online til I got to the office this morning. So I was surprised & disappointed when I saw that everything was already gone (well, all the patterns I was waiting for), for the 2nd time. If Loopy Ewe’s system can handle backorders/pre-orders/waiting lists (whatever you want to call it), I think that might be the way to go (since you don’t want to go the pdf route). That way, Sheri could give you an idea of how many copies she needs. …Or maybe they could take care of the copying at that end, & keep the supply levels up, & save shipping costs, too? Just a thought… Keep up the amazing work, & I hope your back pain eases up!

  47. Yep, get them expensive or handmade toys and they’d rather play with the box and packing materials.

  48. I think you might be a two circular convert! Now, your next task, should you wish to accept it, will be two on two.


  49. Add me to the list of whiners — no patterns for me again! A back order system would be nice.

    Something — anything to give a girl a little hope!

  50. I learned to knit socks on 1 circ last year – that’s the only way I know how — and I love it! But, I always have to rethink every pattern. I just made my first sock toe-up – and of course, I bound off too tight, and can’t get it on my foot!! I’ll be off to my friend at my LYS and see if she can help me fix it. GRRRRRRR

    Keep up the good work, Wendy! Sooner or later, we’ll all get your patterns!

  51. So, Wendy, now that the Summer of Socks is drawing to a close, what do you think you’ll do? Will you continue to knit socks for a while, or immediately cast on for a ‘big’ project? If so, what will said ‘big’ project be?

  52. Magic Loop, Toe Up socks are my DREAM!!! I’ve made one pair of ML socks, top down. REALLY want a pattern for MLTU socks. I have Cat’s book, but being a new sock knitter, am still having some difficulties trying to figure out the 2-circ conversion to ML. But, I will persevere!! But maybe, soon, you could write a simple MLTU pattern for us newbies????????? Please????????????