My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


What’s Next?

Last week Braden commented:

So, Wendy, now that the Summer of Socks is drawing to a close, what do you think you’ll do? Will you continue to knit socks for a while, or immediately cast on for a ‘big’ project? If so, what will said ‘big’ project be?

Good question!

You know, I don’t think I’m “done” with socks yet. At the moment, there is no “big” project calling to me. I guess we’ll have to just wait and see.

The Lost Weekend

I’ve not done much knitting this weekend, due to feeling under the weather. I did finish the first Tangled Vines sock.

Tangled Vines sock 090907

Tangled Vines sock 090907

I’m working on its mate now, but really haven’t put in too much on it at this point.

But the weekend had its high points.

The KOARC has a new toy.

KOARC 090907

KOARC 090907


And Lucy has an announcement:

The Lucy 2008 Calendar is now available for sale in Lucy’s Cafepress shop. The mark-up over base price is only $1 and all profits from the sale of all items in Lucy’s store (there are a few other items there as well) will be donated to an animal charity.

Speaking of Charity

We’ve made the first donation from sale of the Healthy Spine sock pattern to the Arthritis Foundation — thank you to everyone who has purchased this pattern!

Lucy Sez

Lucy 090907

Lucy 090907
“I need a nap after putting together my 2008 calendar!”


  1. I ordered and received all your available petterns from The Loopy Ewe, but am wondering if the Lacy Ribs was ever made available and I missed it or if you haven’t offered it yet. I can’t decide which one I will start with – they are all great!!

  2. I spent Sunday having my cake and eating it, too! Went to the Cat Show out at Dulles Expo Center and got home in time to see the Redskins win! I saw many pretty kitties out there, but none as beautiful as Lucy! None!!

  3. Oh, poor overworked Lucy!! Nap well.

  4. It’s tough being a celebrity! Poor Lucy. 😉

  5. I hope you continue with designing socks. I love your sock patterns.

    Lucy needs a vacation after such hard work.

  6. anne marie in philly says:

    boys and their toys…

    girls and their yarn…

    lucy and her styrofoam…

    I think girls have better toys than boys.

    now to check out lucy’s calendar…

  7. What type or brand of scale would you recommend for weighing sock yarn? So much sock yarn I buy now comes in one skein. I think I remember seeing one in a previous blog.

  8. The DEC shot of Lucy is hysterical!
    It looks like a copy of Marilyn Monroe’s famous nude calendar pose.

  9. I’m going to make it a personal goal to get the 2008 Lucy calendar. I wanted to get the last one, but had a serious lack of funds. This time, I’m ready for it! 😀

    Sorry to hear you’re feeling under the weather. Sending good vibes your way!

  10. Theresa in Italy says:

    Sorry to hear that you’re feeling under the weather. Hope it is only a temporary setback.

    It’s fine for me if you want to continue with socks—I’m looking forward to buying every sock pattern you’ve come up with. They’re all beautiful! And toe-up!

    Lucy needs her beauty sleep, posing is SUCH hard work.

  11. Wii! I can’t wait to hear what you think about it.. I’ve been considering getting one of those myself!

  12. Alice in RIchmond says:

    Wi! I can just see the boxing now. That must look hilarious.

    Hope you feel better today!

  13. sorry to hear that you’ve had a rough week health-wise. i’m sending thoughts of a better week ahead.
    a lucy calendar is a great idea 🙂

  14. I’m now waiting for the annual Wendy Wii Tennis Sock Championship to be inaugurated – and I’m sure that Lucy would make an outstanding ball-girl(lady)! (I must confess to some Wii love myself! So I hope KOARC enjoys.)

  15. Today I saw Yarn harlot with her socks on Knitty Gritty. Why don’t you try to contact the show wih your socks? I’d like to see this show and not only me.