My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Down the Garden Path

That’s where I’m leading you.

Here’s the latest sock:

Garden Path Sock 091207

Garden Path Sock 091207

I’m calling the design “Garden Path Socks.” Hence the blog post title. I think it sorta looks like a garden path . . .

Garden Path Sock A 091207

Garden Path Sock A 091207

Oh, Smooshy Sock yarn, how I love thee! Just knitting with this stuff makes me so . . . freaking . . . happy . . .

Actually, I should shut up about this. The more people who know of the glory that is Smooshy Sock, the more people who will be buying it. And that leaves less for me. Hmmmmmm . . .

Forget what I said up there. This sock yarn blows.

WendyKnits Sock Patterns

Well, they are almost sold out again at The Loopy Ewe. But fear not — I’m sending Sheri another huge pattern order at the end of the week!

And lemme just say again — a huge thank you to all of you who are buying them. I’m so pleased you like them. I promise to keep cranking them out as long as you keep buying them. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’m in an in-between situation here — my operation is still too small to have them printed professionally (I’ve priced it and it’s really not feasible right now — don’t wanna fork out thousands of bucks up front). Color copying at some place like Kinko$ is ridiculously expensive. I outlined my reasons for not wanting to go the pdf route last week. So I’m printing them on a good color printer, collating, and putting them in page protectors. It’s a time-consuming process, but I’m doing as many copies as I can. For this week’s sneak-up I sent Sheri 340 patterns. On Friday I will be shipping her 450 patterns, so those will be available soon (and that includes the pattern for Tangled Vines).

And I can’t say it enough: a huge thank you to you all who have bought my patterns and are eager to buy my patterns. ๐Ÿ™‚

Lucy’s Toys

A comment reminded me of another of Lucy’s favorite toys:

Lucy Toys 091207

Lucy Toys 091207

Those are regular plastic drinking straws that her daddy has bent into triangles for her. She loves them.

Lucy 091207

Lucy 091207

“So what? Everyone likes bendy straws!”


  1. garden path is my favourite sock in the summer of socks yet! you’re going to wind down on a high note, i see!

  2. Actually they remind me of a formal english garden / english herb garden.

    Very Pretty!

  3. A whole lotta printing going on! Wow! Thank you! Sheri’s blog mentioned the same thing about the number of patterns. I didn’t realize you were printing so many!

    Bendy straws, milk cap rings- whatever floats your boat, Lucy!

  4. Lucy’s right; everyone loves bendy straws.

    Nice socks.

  5. Hi Wendy! We have a really nice printing set-up here at home, so if you’d like help printing, packaging, etc. I would be happy to do that for you. At mo’ I am waiting for a new job to start, so I have about 3 weeks of time in which I could help you catch up. Your blog is my favorite, so I would do it for the cost of replacing the cartridges as needed, plus maybe a skein or two of sock yarn. Just email me at the above address if that’s something you’d like to see happen.

    By the way, I think the current pattern is my favorite. I really love lime greens, but I hadn’t seen a good photo of Spring Tickle ’til now. I always thought it was sort of brownish. (my cat loves the plastic ring off of milk jugs too. I guess our family loves plastic rings, since my parents got engaged with one [too poor at the time for a real ring!])

  6. I think your patterns are fabulous and so is the Loopy Ewe – I ordered my lovely sock pattern and super yummy yarn just a few days ago and there it is – sitting on my ottoman waiting for me to turn it into a pair of Crotalus socks. I love that it is in plastic so I can tote it around everywhere and then put it in my binder of sock patterns. I think it is perfect – in fact, a lot of my patterns are just like yours that I bought – I don’t really need fancy and fancy takes up too much space!

    Oh – and this weeks sock pattern looks gorgeous! Mmmm….should I use some sock yarn I already have or by new????? Oh, decisions, decisions. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. These may be your prettiest socks yet. And I don’t particularly like green.

  8. Those socks are absolutely stunning. Almost as stunning as Lucy (but not quite).

  9. My kitty Puma also loves bendy straws, though her very favorite toy was invented by her daddy: a bundle of green plastic twist-tie stuf. And if you need to tie back some of your tomatoes, voila, there are always some green ties lying around.

    Your Garden Path socks are gorgeous!

  10. The yarn is perfect for the pattern – I really love this design!

    And yes Lucy – everyone does love a bendy straw, especially in bright colours!

  11. You know, everytime you put up a new sock I think to myself, “That one is my favorite. No, now this one is my favorite” and so on. Well, it happened again, this one is my favorite! ๐Ÿ™‚

    And thanks for telling me that yarn sucks. I was just getting ready to buy some. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Guess that leaves more yucky yarn for you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Oooo! Tangled Vines and Garden Path? I have to keep up with the shipments! Lucy has the coolest toys!

  13. The sock patterns are wonderful, keep them coming. But Smooshy must not suck because you keep using it. I love it and the fact that it keeps going out at Loopy is good for Sheri. I just keep going back to the stash while I wait for more to come in.

    Lucy – your toys! Is there something secret about them? My cats just look at me like I have 2 heads when I try to get them interested in bottle tops, straws or that fun popcorn stuff that comes in boxes.

  14. New Jersey Laura says:

    Now I know where your knitting mojo went: collating.
    Too bad you’re not closer. Coffee and collating would be fun, followed by a few socks rows.

  15. Lucy, for a great toy, get the tall ones to buy a package of pipe cleaners and spiral each one of them around their finger, so they look like a stretched-out Slinky. This makes for hours of fun, which you deserve. And tell your Mommy I said thanks for all the pattern printing she’s done – I have 2 of them coming from the Loopy Lady.

  16. Has Lucy tried to help with collating yet? A friend’s kitty just adores the printer – she sticks her paw into it and tries to ‘help’ the paper come out!

    Of course, working with colored prints might mar Lucy’s perfect coiffure so . . . maybe she’s better off supervising.

  17. I love these new socks!!! I don’t have any Smooshy yet, but I SOOOO want some!!! I am trying to be good and haven’t bought anything from the last three sneak ups at “you know where”! My resolve is crumbling, though. I have fiber festival to go to this weekend near Rochester and I am saving up my money, but after that I will be caving in I am sure.

    I am so happy that your patterns are selling so well. I always send people to your site to get started doing toe-up socks. I can’t wait for this new one to be available. Thanks for all your hard work getting them out to us. We really appreciate you!!!

  18. Wendy in Cambridge says:

    Love, love, love these new socks!

    I’ve gotten several of your patterns from Sheri, and I think they are just fine. No need to incur huge expenses to have them printed; you’re doing a great job. I’m just happy that we can get them!

    I think I may have to get some bendy straws to make some new toys. Jenny thanks you, Lucy!

  19. I LOVE these current socks!!

  20. You could do like Fiber Trends — print the text on plain paper and attach a color photograph. Sometimes this is cheaper than the cost of replacing the color printer cartridges.

    Also, put thought into the pagination and arrangement of the text on the page — if you can make that sucker one page, front and back, with a reasonably-sized photograph, your collating time will be reduced significantly.

    Just things to consider! Pattern on! (I have yet to go to TLE and find a single pattern under Wendy Knits, btw – stinks, but I guess I’ll just have to design my own socks!)

  21. Aaaack!! Don’t let Nacht see those straws…. or he’ll want me to bend some for him, too.

  22. I hope this sock pattern is going to be available as well because I really adore it. And I have a skein of Spring Tickle just begging to be made into the pattern.. Hee hee.

    Lucy enjoys the simple things, doesn’t she? I remember I used to wad up a piece of paper and tie a string around it for my kitties. They loved it.

  23. Oh no – suddenly I have this overwhelming desire to buy Smooshy Sock yarn… *twitch twitch*

  24. I really really really like this new pattern. I think I’ll have to start buying the semi-solid type yarns rather than follow my more normal instinct toward the wilder ones though because the patterning in your sock patterns seems to call for more restraint than I usually manage to muster.

  25. Ohmigod, the Garden Path socks are the best yet. Tell us they’ll be available for sale, please!

  26. This is by far my favorite sock ๐Ÿ™‚ Now I really have to learn me some toe up!

  27. I’ve been fortunate enough to grab a couple of your patterns and I can’t wait to cast on. But I will most anxiously be awaiting your current one as I have that exact color of Smooshy in my stash! Woo-Hoo!!

  28. I agree with several that’ve already said this is the best pattern yet!!
    I have so far snagged 3 patterns from TLE and will definitely pursue this one when its available (it WILL be available, won’t it?!).
    And I just love that they’re toe-up patterns!!

  29. Really pretty socks, too bad you’re using such yucky yarn ๐Ÿ™‚

    I have a question…you seen pretty easygoing as far as the sock yarns you like…have there been any you would never use again?

  30. Both Garden Path and Tangled Vines are beautiful! Could it be that, like me, you don’t want summer to end? And I gotta get me some Smooshy.

  31. Beautiful socks! Out of curiosity, how are you planning to work your Summer of Socks count for the guessing competition? You’ve completed 17 pairs and have 34 single socks completed and waiting for a mate (meaning you’ve knit 68 socks to date). Or, very likely, am I totally misunderstanding things and the 34 single socks are the same as the 17 pairs?

  32. Very pretty Garden Path socks.

    I’m going to have to try bendy straws and see is my cats like them. Lord knows, after they eat the tails off their toy mice, they don’t like them anymore.

  33. Wow, the Garden Pathway socks are my favourite yet! I can’t wait until the pattern is available. Nice work!

  34. “Garden Path” is my favorite pattern yet. I hope you find a source to print your patterns for you. It must be a bit tedious. At the very least recruit a few neighbor’s kids to put them in the plastic sleeves for you!
    Thanks for all the cat toy ideas lately! Our Sophie appreciates them. (She looks like a distant cousin of your Lucy.)

  35. Oh, Wendy, that sock is to die for!

  36. I’m so glad someone else talks about their cats with so much love…:) I’m enjoying your blog, and I found it through The Loopy Ewe. I’m looking forward to seeing a finished Garden Path Sock….I love gardening and I’m wanting the pattern just because of the name.

  37. I really like the new pattern, Tangled Vines and Asparagas Cable – odd that they are all from GREEN yarn…but I have yet to snag any patterns either – at least the ones I’m really after!!
    It’s kinda like waiting for Ravelry:

    You are #16387 on the list for WendyKnits Patterns.
    4175 people are ahead of you in line.
    15915 people are behind you in line.
    37% of the list has been able to snag her patterns so far

    Maybe you could put on one of those multiple choice voting whatchamacallits and list all the patterns and have your bazillions of visitors check off which ones they want. Then just go for it and print ’em all up – would probably be cheaper that way! Cause otherwise it’s gonna be a really long time before 15916 get’s invited to the party – forget about little ol’ me – 4175!!

  38. Ann Carpenter says:

    Naw, Lucy’s not a spoiled little princess is she? I mean, her Daddy makes her toys, feeds her his dinner, combs his dinner out of her tailfur, nope, not spoiled at all. Must be why she’s such a beauty. She looks like all she needs is a tiara to prove how she rules the roost.
    Ann Carpenter in Dallas, Texas

  39. Leading us down the garden path by our noses! They all look so lovely but I am fighting my way through a pair of simple ribbed socks and would be able to start this pattern in about, oh, 2012. Perhaps they’ll be my Knitting Olympics 2012 project? I am sure you thank the heavens that there are more prolific admirers of your work than me!

  40. Theresa in Italy says:

    I’m another one who sees the latest sock pattern and says, “THIS one’s my favorite!” Garden Path does look like the layout of a formal European garden. So pretty!

    I’m with Lucy—nothing like a bendy straw to brighten up your day!

  41. Will you be selling them anywhere else but to the Loopy Ewe, her sneak attack schedule conflicts with me at work. I am not permitted to use the internet at work to buy knitting patterns. Gee imagine my employer not wanting me to shop on line but work while I am there. If not I have no other choice but to be resolved in not purchasing your patterns.

  42. Stitchinmary says:

    Another simply perfect fit of pattern and yarn. They’re gorgeous.

  43. I love this pattern and I even have the same color in Smooshy. Can’t wait til it’s available. Keep em coming!

  44. Re: kinko’s and printing professionally.

    Have you asked them to price the color copies behind the counter, or are you just pricing them at the walkin DIY stations? They will, if the order is large enough, gladly print off copies for much less than their walkin color stations. And you can even have them print directly from your files.

    Don’t forget to figure in the cost of your ink at home!

    Other professional print places that use presses instead of copiers will be totally more expensive, unless you go with massive amounts. We’re talking in the order of thousands of copies, and then it’s really cheap per copy.

  45. re: printing
    Have you tried online print vendors? I am a graphic designer, and I use a few online printers — they are much cheaper than your local print print shop and Kinko’s, and the quality is that of a traditional 4-color press, even for small runs (though, of course, the more you order, the greater the savings). Try,,, and please feel free to email me if I can help you out with anything.

  46. Our Princess likes the milk jug rings, too. One of her favorites is a piece of loosely wadded up aluminum foil. Shiny make a little noise and rolls when swatted…

  47. How can you not love bendy straws? I love the new pattern. It makes me think of beautiful formal gardens.

  48. Just when I think there can’t possibly be a more beautiful sock than the last one you knit, you whip out another one.

    My kitties love bendy straws too. Have you ever given Lucy a few hazelnuts in the shell? They roll around erratically and are fun to chase, although not so great to chew on.

    I’m still snickering about ‘Chickentail’…

  49. Wendy, the Garden Path is my favorite so far this summer – and you’ve done some truly *lovely* socks already!

  50. Nope. Sorry. It didn’t work. I’m going to go buy some smooshy sock yarn and decrease the global supply.

    On the other hand, you also distracted me with an idea for new cat toys (bendy straw triangles), so it might be a while before I get back to my computer.

    The race is on…

  51. oooo….can’t wait to try the bendy straws for my kitties! what a great idea! they love the milk rings too. no expensive toys for them…they just walk away. crazy, huh?

  52. MMMMM… Smooshy…..

  53. Melissa Sprott says:

    There are tons of digital-printing enterprises in the DC area – if it’s an 11 x 17 4-color job, folded to 8.5 x 11, it shouldn’t cost a wad – and you’d have the flexibility of printing as many or as few at a time as you needed. They’d probably give you a price for inserting into the page protectors, too (or even get you a bulk price).

    Linemark – Jeff Ankers – 301/925-9000 x116
    Automated Graphics Systems – Ken Lemmert – 301/843-1800

    I’m not shilling for anybody, I’m just relieved to have a use for the business cards I collect. I print books, and we just don’t have much work for these guys, but they’ve been great resources.

    Since pattern sales looks to be a semi-permanent enterprise, don’t burn yourself out – get some help!!


  54. Wendy
    I Love this new pattern. can;t wait until you send it to Sherri to sell.

    thank you for your great ideas.

  55. LOve the color, one of my favorite greens. Beautiful design! I always say you are very inspiring

  56. Love the garden path socks, sooooo pretty.

    And the straw toys. Straw art is big around here. In fact Josie is bringing her latest creation of straws with holes and yarn and beads to show her art teacher tomorrow. I sure hope the teacher can find the right face to show Josie her gratitude of being shown such fine art ๐Ÿ™‚

  57. I have a non-sock question: Do you include blocking instructions when giving shawls as gifts or do you offer to do it yourself (as in your friends send you the shawl back for you to block it)? I’m giving a shawl as a gift and I’m not sure if I should give detailed instructions on how to block this item, or if I should just have her send me the damn thing every few months or so. Advice is appreciated!

  58. Wendy, how many years before you retire from your current job? (Smile) I’m hearing a post-retirement job in the works here – knitting, pattern designing and all manner of fiber related fun :>

    Your sock patterns are gorgeous – I expect no less from you. You definitely inspire my sock knitting and I love toe up – which I learned from your book.

    Are you going to make Stitches East this year? My knitting group (from Colonial Heights, VA) is going just for the market on Saturday. Since this is our first year, we thought we’d start slow…

  59. Hi Wendy…………my latest package from KnitPicks arrived this morning and in it were my new…..”drum roll please”….Options Woods. I had to make a swatch immediately and OH MY GOSH…….do I ever love them……….love…….love them. They are every bit as wonderful as the metal ones.

    Your summer socks are, as is everything you show us, wonderful too. Hi to Miss Lucy.

    Sandy in South Dakota

  60. Wendy, I too have a pretty good set up here, if you would like help in printing or just putting them in windows or anything, I could help, just needing compensated for the materials and maybe a skein of sock yarn or a free pattern or two. Just email me if you’re interested!

    By the way, I’m like, seriously coveting the garden path socks. I must have them. They’re gorgeous! (As is Lucy, but you know that already…)


  61. constant reader says:

    The Garden Path sock’s the best yet!

    My little girl-kitty’s favorite toy is a purple knit glove, which she carries in her mouth while making strange yowling noises. My gigantic boy-kitty’s favorite toy is eucalyptus leaves. They both like wine corks also–luckily there’s a never-ending supply of those in our house.

  62. Let’s see, you’re in the DC area. Call a local college and ask for the print shop. They are often cheaper. Inkjet ink isn’t cheap either.

    Also, try Staples, or Office Depot. They are also often cheaper – I used to have a newsletter printed there. And if you join Office Depot’s loyalty program – well, I’ve got several 30% off coupons for their printing service on my fridge right now where some are good till the 22nd, others till the 30th. Send me a snail-mail address if you can use them.

  63. JoLene Treace says:

    Wendy, your socks are lovely but it isn’t clear on your blog which ones are your designs and how knitters can get their hands on the patterns. Your book is shown well, but the pattern leaflets that you are doing now need a little more fanfare, as they really are quite nice and by the sound of it, selling well. Where can knitters go to get them?

  64. Love the Garden Path socks. Please, please sell it as a pattern! They would look great with open-top shoes.

  65. Yeah, my LYS just told me that Dream in Color is upping the price of Smooshy asap. Horde it whilst you can get it at this price!

  66. That is the prettiest sock yet!

  67. Will you follow up the Garden Path socks with the Primrose Path socks? I’m always ready for a trip down the primrose path.

  68. Hi Wendy,

    I’ve used a vendor to print patterns who is quite reasonable for smallish orders. (I ordered 100 pieces, glossy, folded 11×17 stock, color on glossy side, and they ended up being roughly $0.50 each.) I asked why the discrepancy in prices between him and the other guys who quoted the job, and it was because he basically prints the digital images, whereas the other guys set up for 4-color printing, etc, resulting in prices which were very much higher (4 times higher in some cases). In any case, you may want to just get a quote from him. You can send him a pdf file, and turn-around time on their end is just a few days.


    They say no job is too big or too small. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again, and I have no relationship to this group — just found them on the internet….. Just a thought…..might save you some time…