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You guys know my dear friend L-B — she’s the one for whom I designed and knitted the L-Bee Socks. I’m giving my blog to her for this entry, because she’s lost her beloved dog Heidi today. Keep her in your thoughts, please.

The following are her words. 

November 1992 – September 13, 2007

Heidi 1

Heidi 1

My beloved Heidi died today in my arms under one of her favorite trees and surrounded by the people who cared so lovingly for her through the many illnesses of her life.

She was my constant companion since I adopted her from the SPCA on February 25, 1993, at 3 months of age.

I brought her home as the snow began to fall. It snowed all through the night. When I took her out the next day, she disappeared in the drifts,but hopped out like a rabbit, and repeated the hide and seek in puppy delight.

And every winter, we looked forward to the first snowball. I would toss it like a ball, Heidi would jump to catch it, and get a muzzle full of snow, shaking her head in disbelief that she fell for that trick again!

Heidi loved her walks through the woods and visits to Meadow Farm and Williamsburg where she’d pretend to use her instinct from the border collie genes she must have had.

She was a very shy dog, maybe due to the seizures she had throughout her life, but people were always attracted to her and she responded to their caring touch. She completed her first two levels of Obedience training, as well as the Canine Good Citizen program, where her individual “trick” was to ring a bell at the backdoor when she needed to go out.

I think she passed that on to Molly cat who tweaked it to mean “Feed me, now.”.

I’m convinced that Heidi gained an extra year with us after Clancy came to us. She wasn’t going to let a beagle take her place. It gave her a reason to live over a year after her cancer diagnosis.

She continued to attempt to chase the wild rabbits in our yard and though she couldn’t run and jump in her favorite game of catch, she devised her own new game of bopping her favorite ball back to me with her nose when I rolled it across the floor to her.

Now, even with Clancy and Molly and Lucky to carry on, the house is far too quiet without Heidi. I don’t know how to get used to that, so, in these far too quiet moments,
I’m writing this tribute to Heidi to share with those of you who knew her “in the fur” or in my stories of her.

My heart is broken but that can only be because of all the love she filled it with for nearly 15 years.

Heidi 2

Heidi 2

Thank you for all of the healing vibes and prayers you shared with us. Heidi is at peace now over the Rainbow Bridge.



Lucy sez:

Lucy 091307

Lucy 091307
I’m sending my Auntie L-B extra love! 


  1. Kathy Klinge says:

    Oh L-B, I am so sorry. Yes, Heidi is indeed watching you from the Rainbow Bridge, but it is small comfort for those of us left behind. I hope Heidi gets to say hello to Jubilee, our 18 year old cat who had to leave us two weeks ago. Know you gave Heidi a life unparalelled. And she gave you one too.

  2. L-B, my heart goes out to you. We lost our beautiful Kyah (German ShepherdxSiberian Husky) a couple of months ago, after 15 wonderful years. The Japanese Maple we planted in her honour has just started to sprout leaves (it’s Spring in Australia). My thoughts are with you.

  3. My condolences to you, L-B. Although I didn’t have the privilege of knowing Heidi, she was a very lovely dog. I believe our beloved friends go off to a beautiful place when they leave us, where they are happy and healthy and enjoying themselves.

  4. Hugs to L-B and her family. May the the special memories you have of Heidi help to ease your broken heart.

  5. L-B, I’m so sorry. Heidi was a beautiful dog, and she clearly had a big heart and a life full of love.

  6. Shirley in PA says:

    I’m crying as I write this. It’s so hard to lost a beloved four legged member of the family. L-B I am so sorry for your loss, and having been through it myself understand the heartbreak. Heidi was a beautiful dog, and you were both so lucky to have found each other.

  7. Oh, L-B, my heart goes out to you. I’ve lost several fur-children and know how devastating the loss of one can be. It’s grief, pure and simple, and people who say “she was just a dog” (or a cat or whatever) have no idea. Those of us who understand send you our electronic {{{hugs}}} at this really difficult time. I wish you peace.

  8. knit1 pugs 2 says:

    Our pets are sometimes closer to us than our human family. Maybe it is the unconditional love they always give us. My thoughts are with you. We lost our original pug ,Winnie, this summer. It is very difficult but with time it gets less painful. She was sick -like Heidi -so at least they are not suffering anymore.

  9. Heidi sounds like such a wonderful dog and companion. I’m sorry for your loss LB.

  10. L-B, I’m so sorry to hear about your Heidi. It sounds like she was everything a dog should be and more and at the same time you were a wonderful caring best friend to her. I know she’s watching over you and even though she’s finished being a dog she’s a lovely spirit that will always be in your heart.

  11. L-B you are very fortunate to have found such a wonderful dog to have shared your life and home. I’m sure you have many wonderful memories of your time together. Thank you for sharing some of them with us.

    Our pets fill our hearts with such love that it is natural to grieve their passing. You will now need to allow your other pets and pet loving friends give you the comfort that Heidi did.

  12. Debra in NC says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss! I know just how heartbreaking it is to have a four-legged family member depart, it’s totally devastating. I lost my diabetic cat over 2 years ago to pancreatic cancer, and the hurt is still fresh. These furry wonders are the only ones to truly know the meaning of unconditional love, and when they leave they take a huge part of our hearts with them. Please know that Heidi is whole now, healthy and playing, all the while awaiting the day you reunite with her.


  13. I’m joining Lucy in sending love. The loss is large, the more so because Heidi occupied so large a place in your heart and life. I still grieve over the loss of my Cali last summer, but as time goes by, my memories of her become a tribute to her life and my thoughts linger less on her death. May Heidi’s continued presence in your memory help heal the pain of her loss in life.

  14. L-B,

    I’m sorry to hear about your loss. Heidi sounds like a wonderful friend and companion, and grand old dog.

    May we all be fortunate enough to come back as our own pets.

  15. L-B, my heart goes out to you on this saddest of days. May your many wonderful memories of Heidi bring you some comfort in the weeks to come. Heaven is a far richer place now that Heidi is there.

  16. Isn’t it amazing how much love our fur people bring to our lives? They love us unconditionally, but more importantly, they expand *our* capacity to love… My heart goes out to you, and I will snuggle my little furry ones close tonight in memory of Heidi.

  17. Renee from Louisa, VA says:

    Dear Heidi,
    “May the road rise to meet you … “

  18. My heart goes out to you, L-B, and I’m keeping you all in my thoughts. The loss of my own past pets is still a sore spot with me, and as much as the pain is awful, I remind myself sometimes that it hurts so much because I loved them so. I’m certain that Heidi’s still with you, in spirit if not in body, and there will come a time when you get to see each other again. And I’m sure she’ll still be tricked by snowballs.

  19. L-B: So sorry about your loss. We should all be so lucky to have all our relationships be as good as the ones we have with our companion animals. We lost our elderly gentleman cat last year; I’ll have him look Heidi up.

    Wendy: Give Lucy a scratch behind the ears for me.

  20. Sorry to hear about Heidi. Sounds like she was a great friend.

  21. I am so very sorry, L-B, that your beloved Heidi has cross the bridge. I’m certain you gave her a wonderful life and reaped the rewards of your investment of love and caring many times over. Fur-children are so dear to their parents and loosing one hurts terribly. I’ve lost a few of my little ones and can only say that it will get better over time.

    Perry Penelope adds her sympathies to mine.

  22. It hurts so much to let them go.
    I am so very sorry for your loss.

    Prayers for you and Heidi.

  23. L-B,

    I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. Your tribute is lovely. It’s clear how much Heidi was loved, and I’m sure that she knew how blessed she was to be owned by such a loving human. The resident furred and feathered residents here send their love and sympathy.

  24. My sincerest condolences on the loss of your beloved pet. I know you are thankful for the wonderful years you had with her and she with you. Our pets leave us all too soon. First, they leave us with a broken heart, and then with wonderful memories of the unconditional love they lavished on us day after day. May you remember Heidi in your heart and head and soul. She will always be there.

  25. i am so sorry. we all send you hugs. she is in peace, free from pain. and looking down at you with love.

  26. L-B, I am tears reading what you wrote. In January, my husband and I had to put down our beloved pet of 15 years. It was the toughest decision we ever had to make and I can remember the day vividly. Our Lab, Legend, just quit eating. We were on day 5 and had tried everything, including steak. Her health had been deteriorating for the past year and a half, but she was our constant companion. While it was a difficult decision for us, it was also the greatest, most unselfish gift we could have given her.

    We still miss her terribly, but the grief does get easier to deal with.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and Heidi.

  27. L-B,
    So sorry for your loss. Heidi sounds like(and from the pictures, looks like) she was a beautiful dog. My thoughts are with you.

  28. Nothing is sadder. My heart breaks for you.

  29. L-B:

    I am so very sorry for the loss of your beloved Heidi. She was lucky to have you, her playmates, and your friends with her over the course of her long illness. How important it was that you were with her when she passed on to the big Doggie Park in the sky, where she will always know your love. Remember her when you look up at the sky – there is a cloud up there each day here she is sitting looking at you hoping you are reveling in her life as she does in yours every day.

  30. Oh L-B, I am so very, very sorry for your loss. I know Heidi is waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge. I lost my Bandito a year ago (he was 16 and in kidney failure). He was very ill and I know he’s happier at the RB, waiting for me and his “dad” my husband. Prayers, hugs to you and yours. luv.m.

  31. I’m so sorry for L-B, I know how hard it is to lose a beloved pet.

  32. Wendy, thank you for sharing this tribute to Heidi. I have been crying off and on all day since I heard that today was to be L-B’s last day with Heidi. Some people think “they’re just animals,” but any of us who have loved a so-called animal know that doesn’t make any difference to the heart.

  33. L-B, I’m joining the others who have shed a few tears while reading your testimonial to Heidi. I’ve watched two beautiful adopted Dobermans and a Bassett Hound cross the Bridge, and although it’s always a heartbreaking experience, the ache does fade away to happier memories in time. How terrific that Heidi came from SPCA. What a wonderful life she must have had with you!

  34. Oh, I’m so sorry about Heidi. I’ve lost my 2 oldest dogs in the last year and a half. You finally get used to them not being around, sorta, but you never forget them.

    We love them so much, and their lives are so short….

  35. I am sorry for your friend’s loss. Please give her an extra hug from me. (normally a lurker, but love you and your blog…will look for a link to L-B’s site so I can lurk there too).


  36. Wendy in Cambridge says:

    L-B, your tribute to Heidi was beautiful (I’m crying also), and I’m so very, very sorry for your loss.

    Losing a fur-child is devastating. My heart is with you.

  37. I’m so sorry about your loss and I know how very difficult this can be. We have lost many pets in the past, and in the past 10 months we have lost two of our four beloved dogs. Trixie died in Oct 2006 and Chica two weeks ago today. This is the difficult part of pet ownership. They leave us with such an aching of the heart. We can only console ourselves knowing that our pets had wonderful homes when they were here with us, as so many animals leave this world not having known love and kindness. I share in your grief for Heidi.

  38. I’m so sorry for your loss. There’s nothing like a furry friend to warm your heart when they’re with you or to break it when they’re gone.

  39. L-B,
    My heart aches for you as you grieve your precious Heidi! She was so lucky to have you (and you her) for the last 15 years. I know that she and my NIkko (who we lost just Tuesday) are chasing squirrels together in the sun.

  40. I’m so sorry for your loss. When you’re feeling better, pick up a copy of a children’s book called “Our Animal Friends at Maple Hill Farm” by the Provensons (i think). You’ll love it.

  41. I’m sorry for your loss. I do understand what you are going through because we had to put our black cocker, Mel, to sleep when he was diagnosed with cancer in December 2006. I’m sending warm thoughts your way to help with the grief. I got a card after Mel died and it said that to grieve is to know that you have loved.

  42. My condolences, L-B. But I’m glad that Heidi had such a wonderful life with you!

  43. L-B so sorry to hear of your loss of Heidi. What a beautiful girl. As I looked at her picture and saw the date you got her, I could only think of a neighborhood dog Spooky (they could be twins). Spooky was 17 when he passed away in Feb of ’93. He was a wonderful, handsome old man. Just think, Heidi’s with him now at Rainbow Bridge.

    I’ll always remember what a generous person you are. When I won the contest on Wendy’s blog. Guessing what time the Inishmore sweater would be completed, you sent me such a huge package of yarn, even though I was only supposed to get one hank.

    Take care of yourself and your other furry friends.

  44. L-B, my thoughts and prayers are with you at this most difficult time. I know that my own dogs are like my children, and I would be beside myself with grief when that time comes for me. Remember the good times and know that she is in doggie heaven, looking down, and missing you as much as you miss her. Lots of love and hugs, Kit

  45. You are in my thoughts and prayers. I can’t even think of your loss without tears coming to my eyes. Our furry friends are such a part of our lives that it is painful to imagine life without them. I hope that soon the lovely memories will ease your pain, and you will remember the happy times. Be good to yourself at this time–Heidi would want that!

  46. I’m so sorry for your loss. I too lost my beloved Sarah almost 3 months ago…I am lost without her, my life is empty…she was a 22 year old Russian Blue mix and the light of my life…I can’t wait to see her at the Rainbow Bridge…we will all be together again!!

  47. Dear L-B, I’m so sorry to hear of your loss, but I’m glad that Heidi’s last conscious moments were ones where she knew you were there, and that she was surrounded by love. We should all be so lucky.

    I’m sure she will be busy watching over all of you. I know our Abigail, who died in April, is – and you’ll never convince me otherwise!

    Everyone at our house – furry and otherwise – will say a special prayer for all of you.

    Take care.

  48. L-B–I am so sorry for your loss. Heidi seemed like a very nice dog. ((hugs))

  49. L-B,
    My heart cries for you and all of those who loved and will miss Heidi. She and you were so lucky to have each other. Knowing the love of a furry family member, and loving them in return, is such an integral part of every day. I love to read memories of the happy times you had together. I hope those provide some comfort.
    With caring concern….. Katey

  50. Oh L-B I am so sorry about the loss of your dear Heidi. She was right where she wanted to be when she passed. You were lucky to have her and she was lucky to have you. My thoughts are with you today.

  51. L-B, I’m so sorry for your loss. You and Heidi were lucky to have found each other.

  52. I’m so sorry for the loss of your beloved Heidi. She will always have a place in your heart.
    I’m glad you could be with her at the end. I’m sure that was a big comfort.

  53. My deepest symnpathy, L.B. We love our fur babies with all our hearts. Bless you. I know how much you loved her.

  54. My heart goes out to L-B. I know what she is going through after losing Candice and Chanel this year. We adjusted our “games” with Candice to accommodate her limitations, too. Heidi is clearly a special and well-loved family member, you are in my thoughts, L-B.

  55. So sorry L-B. Those fur kids sure have a way of grabbing our hearts.

  56. Wendy, it’s so nice of you to turn over the blog to L.B. so she can receive our sympathies today. Give Lucy an extra hug of love today, from all of us.

  57. L-B, I am so very sorry for your loss. You gave Heidi such a happy, love-filled life! She sounds like a wonderful girl. My condolences to you and your family.

  58. I am so sorry for your loss, L-B. The first pet I had that was all mine, a wonderful cat, passed on Labor Day of this year, so I can empathize to some extent to what you must be feeling. I wish you love and hope during this time.

  59. my deepest sympathies to you, LB. i become overwhelmed each time i think about the fact that i may have only six years left with my dog, billie. you are in my thoughts.

  60. L-B, my heart goes out to you…. I thought this was fitting.
    The Creation

    When God had made the earth and sky
    the flowers and the trees,
    He then made all the animals
    the fish, the birds and bees.

    And when at last He’d finished
    not one was quite the same.
    He said, “I’ll walk this world of mine
    and give each one a name.”

    And so He traveled far and wide
    and everywhere He went,
    a little creature followed Him
    until it’s strength was spent.

    When all were named upon the earth
    and in the sky and sea,
    the little creature said, “Dear Lord,
    there’s not one left for me.”

    Kindly the Father said to him,
    “I’ve left you to the end.
    I’ve turned my own name back to front
    and called you dog, My friend.”

    Author Unknown

  61. It’s so hard to say goodbye to those furry ones we love so much. It’s more than 2 years since I lost my Sirly and I don’t think I’ll ever stop missing him. When he had to go out he taught himself to ring the bell I have on my front door handle. I thought him such a clever guy. Very sweet to learn that Heidi was a ringer too.

    I hope the memories of your beloved pet will bring you peace and comfort.


  62. Oh, LB, many heartfelt condolences to you. I’m so sorry for your loss…

  63. Oh, L-B…I am so sorry for your loss. Take care — my thoughts are with you.

  64. My husband and I adopted two wonderful adult cats in 2002. Already, time has flown by and we have become such at attached family. How could I already be in the twilight years with these beloved friends? As I enter the stages of kidney problems, etc., all I can remind myself is what a wonderful life they have lived with us – I call it their second life and remind myself how good they have it now. And mostly, I remind myself how much they have blessed me over the years. We must always think of how blessed we are to have them for this period of time in our lives, however short it may be. I have great hope that we will be a family again in our next phase of life.

  65. What a wonderful tribute to Heidi, L-B – you moved me to tears… thoughts and hugs to you…

  66. Heidi will be welcomed joyfully at the other end of Rainbow Bridge, where she can chase rabbits all day and meet old friends and wait for you to join her.

  67. Wow….that’s so sad. But it’s also wonderful that she had such a happy life, and lived longer than maybe she was expected to…thanks for being a good mom, L-B, and my heart cries for you. (Maybe my eyes do a little, too.)

  68. L-B-So sorry to hear about Heidi. I can tell you loved her very much and she was an incredibly lucky dog to be adopted by you and have such a great life with you. hugs for you and your famlily!

  69. anne marie in philly says:

    my sympathies on your loss.

    I will tell my sydney and kelly to show heidi around the rainbow bridge and make her feel welcome.

    we will see our furry children again.


  70. L-B, my heart breaks for you. One of the only downsides to love is the loss that goes hand in hand with it, making it bittersweet. They give us so much, and to be able to accept and give love in return is a priceless gift.

  71. Oh, my goodness-this brought tears to my eyes. There is nothing more difficult than saying goodbye to a loved one. Animals love us unconditionally. We put our Teddy down 4 days before Christmas(age 17)-he looked just like Heidi. That was one of the hardest things I have had to do in such a long time. Hope memories make L-B smile soon.

  72. L-B, I am so sorry for your loss. May God bless you and help you through your sorrow.

  73. L-B, my heart goes out to you! I know the heart break you are feeling now, as I have lost several of my Lhasa Apso friends/family members over the years. I started crying before I had read 3 words, because I could tell where it was going. But, friends is not the right word. They are really family members, and were treated as such. Each one holds a special place in your heart, as they are special friends. I am glad that you have your other friends, Clancy and Molly and Lucky, to help you through this difficult time. Know that you gave Heidi the best possible home & care, and that you were family. Heidi is over the Rainbow Bridge, where she is pain free, and you will be together again someday. Time will make only the good memories come to the front of your thoughts. You will never forget Heidi. In the meantime, Clancy and Molly and Lucky will grieve for Heidi, just as you do, so please give them each an extra hug & treat in memory of Heidi!

    Part of the reason that I started crying early on is that Janice, Loopy Sheri’s good friend, lost her long-time friend on Tuesday. I knew on Monday that Tuesday would be Nikko’s last day. This has been a really rough week for long-time friends & family members!!!

    Wendy, thank you for sharing L-B’s tribute to Heidi; it is beautiful! L-B should have our thoughts and prayers!

    {{{|Hugs}}} Marianne Y

  74. My heart goes out to you. Two weeks ago I lost my sweet Seamus who we believe was 12 years old. We had adopted him in March and were lucky enough to share his last 5 months. No matter if it’s 5 months or 13 years, these creatures steal our hearts and we’re a little less with their passing. I wish you peace and a healed heart.

  75. Just delurking to send many ((((hugs)))) to L-B and her family. It’s so hard losing a pet and my thoughts are with you.

  76. I’m so sorry for your loss.

  77. L-B, your tribute to Heidi is beautiful. I’m so sorry for your loss.

  78. Oh L-B I am so sorry for your loss. Thankfully you were there to hold her as she passed on.

    I am going to have to quit reading blogs. You are the 4th one this week that their beloved dog has passed on. I don’t like this trend. It is all too sad.

  79. I’m so sorry, L-B. I’m giving my furry guy extra hugs tonight.

  80. Heidi was a beautiful companion, L-B! May you be comforted by all the heartwarming memories.
    My sincere sympathy!

  81. I am so sorry for your loss. I lost one of my best furry friends over 4 yrs ago and just the other day had tears in my eyes over her. After she died I planted a lilac bush in her honor. Every year when it blooms, I think of what a wonderful dog I had. It’s very hard to lose an animal but the amount of joy that they bring makes it so worth it. My thoughts and prayers are with you L-B during this time of sorrow.

  82. Oh LB, I am so deeply sorry for your loss. How wonderful for you and Heidi to have found each other and spent so many happy years together, and how hard that must make it to be without her now. You’re in my thoughts.

  83. I am in tears reading about your dear Heidi. I’ve lost cats over the years, the most recent one in January, so I know just how much it hurts. Right now we’re a one-cat household, with my dear Midnight the last of 4 furry kids we had 15 years ago when we moved into this house. I will be thinking of you, and all of us who give love to four-footed companions.

  84. Oh L-B, I’m so very sorry for your loss of Heidi. There are no words just an aching heart. x

  85. New Jersey Laura says:

    My deepest sympathy. The first snowball of the season will be in memory of Heidi.

  86. Barb Edison says:

    So sorry for your loss. I had my Heidi for 13 years and when she went to heaven, the void was just unbearable. Our thoughts and prayers are with you L-B.

  87. I’m sorry for your loss, L-B. Heidi sounds like she was a wonderful friend and had a good life.

  88. Laura from Italy says:

    Dear L-B, you never get used to lose the pets you love andwho loved you back so much and unconditionally. Yet there are some who will be forever in our heart more than the others because they were special. Your Heidi was so. I lost my beloved Miranda at 11 to cancer after two operations and chemio. When the cancer came back a third time she was too weak to stand a third operation so we let her be till it started to be painful and then had her put to sleep. She died in my arms and will be in my heart forever. Time is said to heal you… but you never recover from some losses. take care. HUgssssssss.

  89. Only the memories of the joy and love our fuzzy friends give us can eventually heal our hearts when they pass over the Rainbow Bridge. Sending many hugs to you L-B

  90. L-B, I am so sorry for your loss. It is such a blessing to share our lives with dogs, even though the time we have with them is far too shart. Our broken hearts do heal, but it takes time.

    You are in my heart and prayers.

  91. Many hugs L-B, and our deepest condolences. One of my Hams left us yesterday too. It’s hard when these furry family members leave us. They always manage to make our hearts filled with joy and unconditional love. May the wonderful memories of Heidi help heal your grief. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

  92. I’m so sad for your loss L-B. I’m sending you thoughts of comfort.

  93. Theresa in Italy says:

    L-B, your beautiful tribute to Heidi brought tears to my eyes. We lost two dogs within a few months of each other. The grief at first is overwhelming, but as time passes the memories become less painful. Condolences and many hugs.

  94. We’ve been going thru similar losses at home this Spring, and on one of the groups I belong to, and someone posted this last week:

    Anyway I came across this poem that a friend sent me about 12 years ago when
    I lost one of my beloved cats and was agonising about my loyalty in getting
    another ……. I haven’t got the title but to me it’s …..

    Love’s Legacy

    Now our time together has ended
    There is another in your place
    And a tiny star shines at last
    Through a dark and frozen space.
    It shines a light across a world
    That yesterday seemed black
    When you left you took the sun away,
    Your successor brought it back.
    It wasn’t that I loved you less
    But that I missed you more,
    And trying to recapture
    Precious moments gone before.
    Then the bond we shared continues
    And as a tribute to your name
    All the love that once lay wasted
    Is given freely once again.
    Although your life on earth is over
    And another is sleeping on your chair,
    But forever, softly haunting,
    Your sweet ghost beside lays there.

  95. I know this is comment #95, but I feel your pain. 3 weeks ago I lost 2 kittens from a litter of 3 I adopted form a mother who ran away. They were 3 weeks old, and I was with them as much (if not more) than a normal human baby. Each kitty was found on a seperate day, and each day they were sicker. One dies of digestion problems, and one died due to a severe cold (she was the only girl, and found after a bad rain storm in the gutter). They were so small, no Vet would help me.

    I cried, and still do, for what seemed like forever. As I am sure you will miss her, she is not gone. I promise you – you wil hear the bell ring, and the cat will be right next to you….just wait, youll see.

    She is never gone, if always in your heart!


  96. There really are no words, are there? I’m glad that you know she’ll be waiting for you. That helps a little. But it doesn’t really relieve the pain of missing her now. I’m glad that you came here and shared a tribute with us. There are thousands of arms reaching for you now. Thousands of us quietly talking to a long lost pet, saying “Check on Heidi. Make sure she’s ok.”
    Hugs, LB and love.

  97. Oh, no…L-B…I lost my lovely Heidi dog 12 years ago…but I still miss her. I lost my Rocky dog last year…

    It’s so hard…:( My thoughts are with you.

  98. 🙁 I’m crying for you.

  99. L-B I’m so sorry. I wish you peace and happiness with your other four legged family.

  100. L-B, I’m so sorry for your loss.