My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Leading You Down the Garden Path

The Garden Path socks are done. I cast off the second one on the train this morning.

Garden Path Socks 091707

Garden Path Socks 091707

To recap, they are my own design (will be available for sale at The Loopy Ewe in the near future), knit from Dream in Color Smooshy sock in the “Spring Tickle” colorway on 2mm needles.

This makes 18 pairs and the Summer of Socks ends Friday at midnight. I’m betting I can crank out one more pair.

So those of you who guessed 19 pairs for the Summer of Socks may well be right. Those of you who guessed 18 pairs, no, I am not open to bribery. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I did indeed start a new sock, from Fiesta Boomerang (sportweight) in the White Zinfandel colorway.

Fiesta Boomerange 091707

Fiesta Boomerange 091707

Love this yarn and love this colorway. Love white zinfandel wine, too, for that matter.

Here’s the sock in progress:

Hearts 091707

Hearts 091707

I’m calling it “Hearts for Heidi.” It’s being knit on a 2.75mm needle. Take a look at the needle:

Needles 091707

Needles 091707

It’s one of the new Knitpix Harmony birch needles. I’m liking it very much!

I bought the circulars in 2mm and 2.75mm, because those are the sizes I use for socks (fingering and sportweight respectively). I do think I will be buying them in the Options set as well, because I’m very impressed with their performance.

And they’re pretty too. ๐Ÿ™‚

Roseann asked:

Do you have a favorite sock pattern of all the ones you have created or perhaps one you found the most challenging to get the way you wanted it to look?

Good questions! I think my favorite design is the L-Bee Socks. The one I fiddled with the most was the Asparagus Cables.

Lucy Sez

Lucy 091707

Lucy 091707

Don’t forget — my 2008 Calendar, available in my Cafepress store, would make a lovely holiday gift. And I’m donating the $1 I make on each calendar to an animal charity! The link to the store is also in the sidebar, right under my picture!


  1. They’re just stunning. The socks I mean. The needles are nice, too. I just received mine today, so I’m really glad to hear your take on them.

  2. um, I might already have the yarn just waiting for the spring garden pattern! Is that sad?

  3. Wendy- I think I guessed 37 pairs- and I think if you were on top form you would have done it.
    No matter, 19 pair is still impressive in anyone’s book/

    Thanks for the needle review, and gentle noogies to Lucy.

  4. Love the Garden Path socks! And the Hearts for Heidi socks are looking good so far! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. New Jersey Laura says:

    Lovely socks. What a nice tribute to Heidi. We just adopted a dog from someone who could no longer keep him, and already he is part of our family. Also thanks for the needle review. I’d been looking at them but no mention from you made me wonder…

  6. 18 pairs? I’m with Lorraine, if you’d been in top form I bet you’d be closer to 30, which was my guess. Also, I wasn’t aware that you’d be designing, writing and printing patterns. Oh well, I love the patterns.

    I got my Harmony tips today. Just have to get the socks for my sister off of the needles. I also have a scarf started and two WIP’s is my absolute limit. If those math papers would just grade themselves.

  7. I’ve almost bought that White Zinfadel yarn twice. I like how it looks knit up-might have get it.
    What’s that I hear? Is that Lucy purring? I think she wants you to pet her. To put down the needles and stop at 18 and to pet her. C’mon, Lucy deserves some extra lovin’. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I heart the Hearts for Heidi socks!!! What a lovely remembrance of her!

  9. I really like how your Hearts for Heidi pattern is looking! And, I am happy to see it in the White Zinfandel colorway. It looks more of a pink in your pictures, but it looked more of a coral in the pictures on TLE. (I am making a Chevron scarf out of Fiesta Boomerang, so I already know I like that yarn, and I do have one other colorway in my stash that is not in this scarf.)

    I think I might have been right on my guess of 30 pairs of socks, if you had been feeling better! But, your 19 pairs will still be awesome! You go, lady! Take care.

  10. I’m glad you got some of the new knitpicks harmony needles. I just discovered them today and I’m already planning on getting some in size 3(I am such a tight knitter!) both circular and double points. Love the white zinfandel color. I wasn’t too sure about it on the loopy ewe website,I got sandstone instead.

  11. Well, I was off by about 7 pairs. I don’t think 26 was a bad guess though! Either way, a huge accomplishment. I think I have only made 6 pairs of socks so far and only 1 of those was lace (and I started before summer!).

    So, will you be picking up the scarf that mysteriously disappeared from your blog a couple months back?

  12. Beautiful socks! I can’t choose which pair are my favorite.

    Will you be wearing all these new socks (except for the L-B socks)? Or are they being gifted?

  13. Glad to hear your take on the new KnitPicks needles. Mine are in the mail. Do you find that you have to frequently tighten the Options connection or is that just me?

  14. I got my Harmony needles today! I was a little disappointed that there wasn’t more coloration in the small needles, but I guess it’s cause they’re so tiny! Anyway, haven’t gotten to use them yet, but will probably cast on soon. Love seeing your socks – I’m still having a little trouble with toe-up, but will definitely keep trying!

  15. Socks are beautiful. Can not decide what pair I like the most. Love Fiesta Boomerang,I have 3 of the colorways just waiting for your patterns. Beautiful tribute to Hiedi. knit Picks needles are a great needle for the money. I am about to order the Harmony tips. Glad to have your thoughts on them.

  16. Garden Path socks are my favorites so far; I can’t wait to try them.

    About needles: you said you use just one size for each weight yarn, but didn’t you mention your pleasure upon realizing, not too terribly long ago, that you could increase needle size (instead of adding stitches) as you go up the leg, where the sock needs to be bigger?

  17. Love ’em! I’m off to wind my DC Spring Tickle so it’s ready to go!!

  18. No offense or ill wishes, but I’m kind of hoping that you don’t get #19 finished by Friday – I was one of the 18 pair guessers! I do really like the Hearts for Heidi socks though. Very pretty:) (I might have to get some of the White Zinfandel colorway too.)

  19. Alright…I guessed 19 and this is the 19th comment. C’mon Wendy…one more pair and that’s all!!! You can do it!!

  20. I guessed 18 and I’m pretty happy with that. It’s a darned good guess!

  21. i can’t wait until the garden path socks go on sale. hopefully i’ll be able to get a copy!

  22. ps, i guessed 18 too. what happens if you only finish one sock by friday?!?

  23. Oh, the Hearts for Heidi socks are going to be wonderful. How lovely of you. Most pets, and most people, don’t have socks named for them!
    (Which reminds me of an anecdote — OT kinda. I’m married to a musician; years ago, when the song “To All The Girls I’ve Loved Before” was being (over)played, I told my then husband-to-be how much I disliked that song, to his surprise (since lots of women he knew loved it). My point was I would HATE being lumped in with a whole bunch of other past lovers — I would want my own song, damn it!
    And yes, he wrote me a song or two — though not by name, now that I think of it. Anyhoo…)
    I also really like the Garden Path socks, oh yeah. I’ll be looking for those patterns down the road at TLE.
    Summer of Socks indeed!
    Wonder what’s next?
    (I guessed 23, BTW. Bet you’ve STARTED almost 23 pair, with all your little toes hanging around!)

  24. Oh, the Garden Path socks are so lovely! I would think you would want to end the SoS tour with this lovely pair of socks, wouldn’t you? (And yes, I did guess 18…. :-D) Though, frankly, the Hearts for Heidi sock is looking very intriguing. Happy knitting.

  25. awww – Hearts for Heidi. How very sweet. I might have to knit it up as my own personal “Hearts for Kelly” socks. She was my wonderful still-miss-her-even-though-she’s-been-gone-over-a-year-and-we-have-cute-Zoe cat. I’d love to have socks with hearts for her. (I’m thinking we all need “Hearts for” socks for those pets we have loved and lost.) ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. my hubbie bought me the entire harmony options set, and it’s SWEET! (it ws our first anniversary). they come with a different pouch than the metal needles, and i likee much! i’m in love!

  27. Theresa in Italy says:

    Darn it all, I was going to guess 19 pairs, but then I thought, no this is Wendy we’re talking about, that’ll be way too low…!

    I agree with Sheri. I need “Hearts for” socks for those pets that are no longer with our family but still in our hearts.

  28. anne marie in philly says:

    my lucy calendar arrived today – yea!

    september is my favorite pix; she looks so regal AND september is my birthday month!

    second favorite pix is november.

    steven and meredith are green with envy for their cousin.

  29. Aw, Hearts for Heidi are going to be lovely! I’m going through a pink phase these days, and I just love the shade.

    Wow, 19 pairs?! I’m off by a bit (!), but hey! That’s a LOT of socks!!

  30. Hi Wendy,
    you are such a wonderful friend to LB.
    Those socks are perfect for Heidi!!
    can you ask LB to email me at bears2shareatcomcastdotnet?
    I want to respond to her comment on my blog, but xanga isn’t letting me.

  31. I guessed 19–I guessed 19…doing a little dance here. Now if you get a burst of knitting energy and finish 20 I will be crushed!

  32. Ahhh… I drooled over that White Zinfandel colorway earlier. It is knitting up beautifully! I love the Hearts for Heidi design as well. Another winner!

    I just got my pair of Harmony circulars yesterday to try out and have already cast on a pair of socks. So far, I am VERY happy with them. I was originally going to purchase the Options set in the nickel-plated version, but I’m leaning towards the Harmony set now. Of course, when it is all said and done, I’ll probably end up with both…down the line.

    Hard to believe the Summer of Socks is about over. You have made some absolutely beautiful socks, each and every pair. Since you plan on continuing with socks for a while, I’m looking forward to what inspiration Fall brings.

  33. Great job Wendy! I think you should donate profits from the Hearts for Heidi sock pattern to an animal charity of L-Bs choosing. What a wonderful sentiment from a great friend.

  34. I am just impressed that you were able to stay focused and complete. You must be some sort of speed knitter on the train. I knit with a friend on the train, but neither of us are that fast.

  35. Gorgeous socks. 18 pairs ! crickey. i must do somemore socks.

  36. Thanks for the needle review! I got the e-mail from KnitPicks and loved the way they look but hesitated because I hadn’t heard anything about them. I love the White Zinfandel yarn, it’s lovely. Keep those sock patterns coming!

  37. The Hearts for Heidi are lovely! Tell KOARC that the Lucy video is such a treat! She is such a beauty! What a muff! And I am awaiting my two Lucy calendars: more Xmas shopping accomplished.

  38. I really like your Garden Path socks and your Hearts for Heidi socks are just as pretty!! 19 pair of socks is quite impressive.

  39. Lucy video is sooooo cute. She is just a cat that rocks it!!

  40. It’s been fun reading along with your journey through the Summer of Socks … I’ve been inspired to try a few different patterns, and lots of new yarns! We didn’t have cheerleading when I went through high school in Australia, so this is the best I could come up with:

    Yay Wendy, I confess
    Nineteen pairs was my lucky guess
    Nineteen pairs will be just plenty
    Just stop before you get to twenty ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Yay, Wendy!!

  41. I guessed 18! I even did math to make that guess. At least I was close.

  42. my suggestion for the name of your new socks is…

    “wave runner”

    the color of the yarn looks like the ocean and the pattern looks like waves rolling in.