My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Home Stretch

Yes! It’s the home stretch for the Summer of Socks. I think I’m gonna make it to 19.

Hearts Sock 092007

Hearts Sock 092007

And since a bunch of you asked, yes, Hearts for Heidi will be available for sale from The Loopy Ewe in the not-too-distant future.

In the meantime, hey look! I’m rich! My winnings from the Virginia Lottery for the past 6 months:

Lottery Winnings

Lottery Winnings

Lucy is so not impressed.

Lucy 092007

Lucy 092007

P.S. Helena is holding a contest on her blog. She’s asking people to donate to the Make A Wish Foundation, and in return she will enter their name into a drawing for some of her hand dyed sock yarn, a sock bag for carrying around their current WIP, and other goodies! Read all about it here.

P.P.S. Storey Publishing is hosting a contest giving away FREE skeins of yarn for a whole year! You can enter the drawing online here.

Okie dokie, see you guys on Sunday with the Summer of Socks wrap-up.


  1. Wow, I wish I could remember just what I bet you’d do . . . something tells me I was off though.
    Congrats on your winnings! That could buy a whole . . . . ummmm, well congrats anyways.

  2. Good luck down the homestretch with that last sock!

    Lucy, $14 may not impressive in terms of lottery winnings, but it could get you quite a few cans of Fancy Feast!

  3. Oh, $14! You could get some sock yarn with that money! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Darn…..I guessed 18. Are you sure I can’t distract you with chocolate or wine??? Both??????? I live in California verrrrryy close to the wine country…….I’m just saying…..

  5. Heck, that’s $14 more dollars than you’d have otherwise made!

    Not taking into account the money you spent on lottery tickets, of course. :p

  6. I can read Lucy’s thoughts…”Hmmm, let’s see, $14.00 will buy some premium cat litter, a few cans of tuna, a mousie or two, and maybe enough left for some nip.”

  7. I’m so glad you’re making Heidi’s socks available. I’m a sucker for anything with a heart motif. AND they’re purtyful.

  8. I’ve tried and tried to catch your patterns at the Loopy Ewe and I’m never there in time. Can we buy the directly from you? I love so many of them, and have just discovered a love of toe-up socks. Your specialty.

    Thanks for all of the great pictures of Lucy. We just lost our cat, who was a twin to Lucy and your pictures make my day….

  9. Well, since I think I guessed something like 30-odd, I guess I’m not going to win. ๐Ÿ™‚ But heck I just voted to keep in the spirit of the game. It has been very entertaining & inspirational watching all of these beautiful socks that got created this summer.

    So, whatcha going to knit next?

  10. Wendy – if I purchased one of your patterns – would you be willing to sign it so I could give it away as part of the Thank you Prizes for my lupus walk???

  11. I’m impressed. We only got a winnings check for $8.00 !!!

    Love the Hearts for Heidi socks.

  12. I think I did guess 19! I’m thinking positive thoughts about you finishing that sock by the dead line….

  13. $14 huh? I guess the question is how much did you invest to win $14?

    You have done a fabulous job on your SofS knitting. I guessed what now appears to be a humanly impossible number, unless you are that knitter that never sleeps over at Sock Madness. 12 hours a pair or somesuch.

  14. I thought I was being so conservative guessing 34! ๐Ÿ™‚ I should have known you’d be inventing new patterns, not knitting plain socks!

  15. ….yeh, yeh, yeh (not yay)…..I am being honest when I say congrats on all the socks, but they have gotten boring…we all knit socks and we vary the patterns and we are successful…..too many socks for too long a time….much more exciting to watch you knit a sweater—Aran or Norwegian or Fair Isle or Bohus etc etc….you have so much more to offer than endless toe coverings….let’s get back to inspiring instead of tiring….looking forward to your Fall knitting of larger projects, please…

  16. GO, go, Wendy!

    I think your wrap-up of the Summer of Socks has infected me with some sock mojo. I just cast on for my third sock in two weeks – after not knitting a pair for a good year! Granted, it’s the third first sock, but I’ll start in on the second socks after I finish this one. Really, I will.

  17. Hi Wendy, I have the same comment as #8 above. I can never get to the Loopy Ewe before your patterns sell out! Will you be offering them directly at any time? Or could Sherry make a back-order list maybe? Thanks! Laura S.

  18. Theresa in Italy says:

    I agree with Mama Cat—it’s been great watching you invent these new sock patterns. (Even if I keep missing them at the Loopy Ewe! Just promise that you’ll keep Sheri well supplied until we’ve each got our own set!) There aren’t that many toe-up patterns around (except for your generic ones, which we all know and love) so it’s no surprise that they’re in such demand. Most sock pattern books out there don’t even mention toe-up socks. I guess some people were born knowing how to Kitchener stitch…not me. Have a good weekend and be prudent when planning how to spend that $14!

  19. Wendy, I have thoroughly enjoyed this Summer of Socks – it’s been a good learning experience to see the variety of sock designs you’ve come up with. I had asked you about a sock book but I think selling the seperate patterns is a better solution. Thanks for all the hard work that goes into getting patterns ready for publication.

    Take care of yourself this weekend and give Lucy a scratch behind the ears for me :>

  20. I see by your summer of socks counter that it is over and you still have the last pair in progress and you have completed 18! YAY! That was my guess….do I now owe you wine and chocolalte???!!! LOLOLOLOL
    Forgot to tell you when I saw those Harmony needles I rushed over and bought a pair of circular #1’s to try out on yet another pair of socks (I have 4 pairs in varying stages on the needles!!!) They should be waiting for me when I get home tonight….can’t wait….thanks!

  21. Lucy is trying to figure out how many baby chicks she can get for $14.

  22. I don’t know if I love Hearts for Heidi for the pattern or the color. Either way, it’s serious eye candy.

  23. My cat Jet and I were wondering Lucy’s position on vacinations and if she would ask others to vacinate their pets so they can help stop the spread of terrible feline diseases like our newly adopted Smoke is suffering from. (to read about our struggle with feline distemper…)

  24. I have thoroughly enjoyed your Summer of Socks. My guess was considerably higher, but I was going by the amount of time has taken you in the past to knit a plain pair. I had no idea you would get super creative on us with all those fabulous designs.

    To jr (comment 15) above: You are a very insignificant minority!