My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Autumn — Woo Hoo!

I am so happy to be saying good-bye to summer this year. Autumn — bring it on!

First things first . . .

The winners in my Summer of Socks contest!

Twenty-four people guessed the correct number of pairs of socks I would knit during the Summer of Socks. They are: Sue C., Jumi K., Beverly S., Megan B., JoAnn V., Alison M., Sarah, Diana T., Margaret B., Zonda B., Gina F., Pat V., Vanessa L., Karin S., Barbara M., Jen H., Carlyn F., Ashley L., Leonara C., Sockie, Katherine M., Christy H., Angela G., and Kimberly W.

I have emailed all of you at the address you used to enter the contest. Each of the winners receives a pattern and sock yarn. Thanks to everyone who played!

Yep, I knitted nineteen pairs of socks. And here they are.

Summer of Socks 092307

Summer of Socks 092307

Lucy of course had to check ’em out.

Summer of Socks with Lucy 092307

Summer of Socks with Lucy 092307

Eighteen out of nineteen of these are my own design — the “Solstice Slip” socks from the Rockin’ Sock club are the only non-Wendyknits socks I made this summer.

If you want to see better pictures of these babies, check out my Original Socks Designs Flickr set.

The nineteenth pair was, of course, the Hearts for Heidi socks, which I completed about 3:00pm on Friday.

Hearts for Heidi 092307

Hearts for Heidi 092307

They are made from Fiesta Boomerang in the “White Zinfandel” colorway, knit with a 2.75mm needle. The pattern will be available for sale at The Loopy Ewe soon.

I wasn’t quite ready to stop knitting socks, so I immediately cast on after finishing Hearts for Heidi. I suffered some difficulties in deciding what to do.

Abandoned Toes 092307

Abandoned Toes 092307
But I eventually decided on this.

New Sock 092307

New Sock 092307

This lovely, lovely yarn is from J.L. Yarnworks, and it is a wool/bamboo/nylon blend. I am once again at a loss as to what to name this sock design. Any ideas? Leave ’em in the comments and we’ll vote!

Lucy sez:

Lucy 092307

Lucy 092307

“These socks make a fairly comfy kitty bed!”


  1. How about “flowering vine”?

  2. What an incredible picture!
    I vote for Lucy as the Poster Kitty of the Summer of Socks!

  3. I think they sort of look like the “Fir Cone” design from your shawl pattern, so how about “Fir Cone Frolic”!

    Congratulations on finishing so many beautiful pairs of socks and designing all these patterns for “our” enjoyment!!! I’m looking forward to buying the “Hearts for Heidi” pattern. Lucy looks SOOO happy that you made her so many socks for her to sleep on!!!

  4. The pattern reminds me of Trilobites. So I suggest the “Trilobite” socks.

  5. I bow to you in the Summer of Socks!! It is quite a sight to see so many pairs lined up on the couch. And Lucy is so stinkin cute cuddled up with them.

    As for the socks, I was also thinking something like Pine cone socks or Fir cone socks. I know, I am boring. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I think the lace motifs look like heads of grain. In another colorway, maybe “Amber Waves”. Or how about “Cornicopia”. A nod to the fact that it is now officially Fall.

  7. Because of the lovely way the pattern undulates and waves in and out, as well as your difficulty picking, respect for grammar, and Knitterly love for alliteration, I submit the name: Indecisive Idiom socks.

  8. My first thought was Butterflies!

  9. Yay winners! And yay for everyone winning prizes – that rocks, Wendy! ๐Ÿ™‚

    It’s not very artsy, maybe, but it reminds me of a zipper. Zippy?

  10. I think they look like Scarabs. It’s so odd how we are all seeing something different.

  11. Wendy, I know you didn’t have a great summer. Your Summer of Socks; however did add a lot of joy to my summer.

    The construction and color of your latest sock reminds me of my morning glory vine – that is finally blooming.

    My suggestion is:
    Morning Glory sock

  12. Amazing accomplishment!! Looks like Lucy is waiting for the leprauchan’s pot o’ gold under a rainbow of socks!!

    Looks like berries to me – Blue Berries Crush.

  13. I like how the patterning billows in and out, so my suggestion is Blue Billows Socks.

  14. Hmmm…I see bushes and windows…

    Shrubs and Shutters

  15. Delightful to see all of your socks lined up in a row. Quite a feat (feet?).

    Loving the new pattern. I’m seeing fans of ostrich plumes…Fan Dancer?

  16. Flutterbies and Moonbeams

  17. To me they look like a wallpaper pattern that you’d see in a very traditional house, so I’d call them “Parlor Socks”.

  18. I think they look kinda like pussy willow, and the color is like Lucy’s eyes, so what about “Lucy Willow” socks?

  19. Pattern Name: Feathered?

  20. Not as many socks as I thought you’d knit, but heck, 19 socks is quite a lot! That’s almost a month’s worth of socks! I don’t think I have that many socks to my name. I don’t think I could have knit that many over the course of a few months! Kudos to you, Wendy!

    The sock pattern reminds me of little blue butterflies, so my vote goes for Morpho Socks.

  21. I think the summer of socks is pretty awesome, but don’t you think you’re being a bit of a cheat? Here you made this whole big deal about only using what’s in your stash and only being able to buy sock yarn and extras for projects where you’ve run out, and then you go and spend the summer making… socks. What’s the purpose of making that whole big pact when it didn’t really matter anyway?

  22. I’m not sure my first comment posted properly. Bah. Oh well. If it did, feel free to delete this one. If it didn’t, then I’ll say here that my first thought for those socks was of blue butterflies, so I think Morpho Socks would be a good name for them.

  23. I think the pattern looks like wheat – how about “Wheat Fields”?

  24. Free association — Blue Danube. That was my first thought. I think it works.

  25. Butterfly or Flutterby

  26. Lavender Fields? It looks to me like the wondrous lavender flower .

  27. The socks are all wonderful. The new socks look like rivulets. or how about trickles?

  28. Looks great to me! How ’bout “Fern Fronds”. Having just swept up some fern fronds that had fallen, that’s what they look like to me.

  29. I am so inspired by your “Summer of Socks” photo–tres cool! Personally, I think that would make a great sock pattern book to have them all (the original ones) together (it’d be on my shelf!).

    My cats share the same high regard for my knitting (yeah, yeah, Mom, whatever you wanna call it–just lay it down right here so I can sleep on it please!).

  30. I bow at the feet of the Master! Nineteen gorgeous pairs. Brava!

  31. First, I want to thank you for sharing your Summer of Socks, with all of your beautiful patterns and yarns with us! I have learned a lot from you this summer. I already bought several of your patterns, and I look forward to getting several more. I think you did terrifically, especially since you were under the weather for practically the whole summer!

    Second, I absolutely love your Hearts for Heidi socks, both the pattern and the yarn! I look forward to its becoming available at TLE.

    And, finally, what about something like “Blossoms among Pine Cones” or “Ribbons and Lace” or “Blossoms and Lace”?

    Take care, and have a great week! Marianne

  32. 19 pair – so awesome! For awhile I thought I was going to have a summer of sock (as in 1 sock), but I did manage 1 pair and a bit. This has not been the summer for me and knitting. Maybe next year.


  33. I can see the flora aspect of the pretty new blue socks, but to me they’re definitely more buggy than blossomy (in a very good way!). . .maybe, like Nancy said, “flutterby?”

  34. On seeing your new socks -my first thought was of a big fat blue caterpilar! Your socks have been beautiful-Ya done good Wendy!

  35. Blue Lagoon is the name that immediately came to my mind because it looks like a lovely blue lagoon.

  36. I keep checking with the Loopy Ewe for your sock patterns and they only have one listed. Is there a way to be put on a waiting list for the next batch?

  37. how’s about waving wheat? they are wonderful, and remind me of those decorative wheat bundles.
    that’s a lot of socks grrl! and to think you did it all while coping with such intense pain – amazing. Hopefully the doc’s are beginning to help you a bit now.

  38. I think they should be called Bluebelles. I am not sure why but it is the first thing that came to mind.

  39. That’s an amazing amount of sockness. I’m seeing all these sock line ups, and it just blows me away. You’ve got quite the colorful collection.

  40. I vote for “nineteen” as the name of your socks. Self-explanatory?

    And congrats on your feat! Truly.

  41. Kudos on all the socks!

    How about Fall Migration?

  42. They make me think of blueberry cheesecake.

  43. The purl columns remind me of furrows or ditches..

    So I vote Ditching Work Socks. Who wouldn’t wanna stay home and knit???

    Also the y/o’s are kinda looking like dew drops

    So Dew Drop Socks is good for me too

  44. Since it is almost winter (well, ok, not really) I vote for Winter Wheat. Also? 19 pairs of socks is *crazy*!!!

  45. chickwhoknits says:

    Heeeey… looks like feathers to me. How about “Bluebird Tail” socks?

    Or, with a nod to Elvis (and the colorway), “Blue Suede Shoes.”

    ps- seeing all those socks lined up in all those different colors gave me a moment of inner-hippie-channeling happiness.

    Say hi to Lucy for me! She looks so happy….

  46. I vote for “cyanosis”

  47. I like how the YOs move in, then out.

    “Inside Out, Outside In” is my name for them.

    Congratulations on 19 pairs! Wow!

  48. How about “End of Summer Blues”

  49. Thank you Wendy! I enjoyed living vicariously through your summer of socks! What say next we do …. the winter of wool?!

  50. My first thought for naming the new sock is “Topsy-Turvey,” then I thought well, why not “Melody.”

  51. Amazing socks!

    I am going to suggest “Fluted Leaves” for the name of the pattern.

  52. Blue Corn. (It actually reminds me more of wheat than of corn, but since I know there’s blue corn and I don’t know anything about blue wheat…)

  53. I am just catching up to speed on some blogs and was absolutely blown away not only by the number of socks that you have knit, but also designed. Beautiful patterns!!!

  54. Delurking to say “Awesome”. The socks are absolutely beautiful. As is Lucy ๐Ÿ™‚

  55. Of course, there’s always “Blue Fugates” – (scroll down for the story)

  56. New Jersey Laura says:

    19 Pair! That is sockalicious & an amazing accomplishment. And you say that you are not a fast knitter :).

  57. crazybamboo came to mind as a name….
    or crazy blue bamboo

  58. I think of wheat. Blue Wheat?

    Actually, I LOVE Trilobite and Morpho.

    Impressive summer of socks! Glad it’s just the summer you’re ready to say goodbye to, and not sock knitting and designing. I can start stalking LE again to nab a few more patterns!

  59. Congratulations, Wendy, your bunch of socks looks lovely. I love all those yarns. and what colours! Makes me almost want to wear socks ๐Ÿ˜‰

  60. I’m not reading any of the comments before me, so if mine is a duplicate, I apologize. How about “Water Droplets?”
    I’m loving the 19 pairs of socks….great job! ๐Ÿ™‚

  61. “Blue Hawaiian” because they look like little pineapples with the leaves toward the toes and the fruit toward the top. So I guess they’ll be upside down pineapples, so maybe they should be called “Pineapple Upside Down Cake” socks.

  62. Between the blues in the yarn and what looks (to me) like wheat ears, I’d call it “Winter Wheat”.

  63. Lacy Ladders?

  64. Wendy, Congratulations on your 19 pair. You are amazing. The patterns are beautiful. I must say Hearts for Heidi is probably my favorite. To the winners Way to Go, congratulations also.Thank you for everything you do. Hugs to Lucy.

  65. Well, my guess was WAAAAY off!! It’s amazing how cool they look all in a row like that.

    As for a pattern name, how about Rippling Waves? I noticed a previous poster mention that it could be Amber Waves, except for the blueness… Rippling Waves could be more multi-color appropriate.

  66. Pretty pattern! The stitch pattern reminds me of crinoid fossils.

  67. I also saw heads of grain and so came up with the name “Waving Grain.”

    Nice batch of socks just in time for warm sock season.

  68. When I saw them, all I could think of was Fats Waller singing, “Blueberry Hill”.

    I found my thrill….oooooonnnnnnn Blueberry Hilllllllll! ๐Ÿ™‚


  69. How about “All Laced Up” ? Your summer of socks is very impressive. Betsy

  70. The new sock looks like Blue Bonnet wildflowers to me – you can see some at this link: (or if the link doesn’t display, go to www DOT 50states DOT com SLASH flower SLASH Texas.htm

  71. Oops, I think it’s spelled Bluebonnet, all as one word!!

  72. Barbara-Kay says:

    The sock pattern reminds me of our lake when the wind comes up. Perhaps Wind on the Water?

  73. Hey, good work! 19 pairs! You should get double credit for designing your own, especially since you are making them interesting (I am having fun with Frogwarts–thanks for visiting my blog).

  74. The new socks remind me of the fossil of a Trilobite. Trilobites?

  75. I know it has already been suggested, but I think Butterfly works best for me. Oddly, I didn’t think of actuall butterflies, but a swimmer doing the butterfly stroke.
    Congrats on the Summer of Socks. Since finding your blog I have been inspired to learn how to knit socks, and started a socks on two circulars class at my LYS today!

  76. I thought of a centipede when I saw the pattern. And now the image is stuck in my mind. All your patterns are beautiful.

  77. Paula in Iowa says:

    Because they look like Icanthus leaves, to me. Very pretty.

  78. Since Lucy loves them, I submit the name Ragdoll Socks.

  79. Skipping Stones – I can see the trail of little splashes in the water from when you skip stones.

  80. I’m so excited to be one of the 24 who guessed 19! I’m looking forward to one of your patterns, since I’m not fast enough to buy the one I really want at TLE. Your patterns are wonderful and I’m glad the sock inspiration isn’t over! Keep on knitting…

    And for your new pattern – what about “Sea Waves”? I also really liked “nineteen” – for obvious reasons!

  81. How about Pacific Waves

  82. How about blue ferns, or Fern for marketing purposes. Other people may choose another color for their socks. Congratulations on nineteen socks for the summer. Incredible! I will be embarking on my first pair of socks this week, in part due to your inspiration.

  83. i also see wheat, so will suggest ‘wheat chex’ sox.

  84. Call me a geek, but it totally looks like trilobites on the socks. Completely awesome!! And of course, superbly impressive that you knit 19 pairs of socks this summer…and they’re all so gorgeous and colorful!

  85. I would suggest “Bamboo shoots” or “Finale” as grande finale of the summer of socks.

  86. Fern!

  87. That is just amazing looking at how many socks you did over the summer. I don’t even OWN that many pairs of socks. I wish I was less of a procrastinator.

  88. I thought they looked like lavender flowers too and there is a variety called ‘Fathead’ which amuses me greatly. That said the bluebonnet arguement is very pursuasive – Lupin Lace? And I’m very taken with Indecisive Idiom ๐Ÿ™‚

    Lucy is looking particularly attractive posed with all thise lovely socks.

  89. Only because I had to kill one yesterday…but the first thing that popped into my head was centipede socks! Although caterpillar is probably a prettier name.

  90. Your socks are beautiful!
    I say Fern Fall socks.
    I love everyone’s associations.

  91. “Wooly caterpillars” that’s what they look like to me.

    If that was one of my cats, instead of the delicate Lucy, they’d have curled up *on* the socks. If it was our Bassett, socks would have to be mussed while he rearranges them for optimal snuggling. He does this with pillows and afghans.

  92. Sock rainbow! Lovely…

  93. Well, I thought they looked like little opened books so “Tome”y Toes came to mind.
    Your socks are amazing and congrats on 19 pair, 38 socks!
    Thanks for sharing your world, Wendy!

  94. I too am reminded of Trilobites! I vote for Trilobite Socks or Trilobites or Trilobita or Trilobite Toes or something clever to do with Trilobite.

    (If you say that word too many times it loses ALL meaning.)

  95. I immediately thought of “trilobite” too, and I was surprised to see that other commenters had beat me to the punch. So consider this just one more “vote” for that name.

    I don’t think of myself as a sock knitter, since I’ve only made a few pairs as compared to countless sweaters. But I’ve enjoyed watching your summer of sock progress and the beautiful results. Your work has inspired me to do more of my own sweater designs and to add a couple of pairs of socks to my “to-knit” list.

  96. I agree with the Trilobite… I am going to suggest “Alien Vs Predator”

  97. Well, they look like ruffled ribs to me so I would suggest either Ruffled Ribs or Ruffle and Flourish

  98. I’m another who immediately saw heads of wheats in this pattern. So my idea is: Waving Wheat Fields.

  99. kim in oregon says:

    Congratulations! What an accomplishment. I think I had 22 pairs, I’m proud that I came thaaaat close!~

  100. In the old days, pineapples in needlework were a symbol of friendship. So, what about “Pineapple Friendship”, or some variation of that?