My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Happy Hump Day

It’s still only Wednesday, right? Oy. This is turning into one of those never-ending weeks. And I don’t have much here.

I do have a bit of Trilobite Sock number two done:

Trilobite Sock 092607

Trilobite Sock 092607

A number of you have asked (most of you very politely, one very rudely) when I’m going to stop knitting socks, for Pete’s sake, and move onto something bigger. The truth is that I don’t know. I still have a lot of sock enthusiasm going on here and I’m not ready to slow down enough to let other knitting creep into the repertoire yet.

I’m sort of in limbo in a number of ways, so I’m feeling like I don’t want to commit to something “big” until some other things smooth themselves out.

Looking For Spinning Wheels?

Check out this eBay auction that L-B pointed out to me. Wow!


Jill over at The Jilly Knits is participating in a “Making Strides Against Breast Cancer” walk and is having a contest in conjunction with the event. Hop on over to her blog to see what you gotta do to enter the contest.

Lucy Sez

Lucy 092607

Lucy 092607

You know you want to!


  1. Shirley, in PA says:

    Wendy, I’m glad you’re able to knit and design socks with all the pain and frustration you have been experiencing. I have arthritis and my hands sometimes ache so badly it’s all I can do to knit a row. Your sock designs are lovely.

  2. Tigger's Mom says:

    I hope you don’t stop knitting socks any time soon! Love the socks! Love the patterns! Keep on keeping on – it’s all good. Very, very good!

    Skritches for Lucy!

  3. I for another am liking the sock knitting. I haven’t finished a sock yet or gotten much past the toe of one, but I still like to see what others are up to in that department and your patterns are always pretty.

  4. Wendy in Cambridge says:

    Your socks are beautiful, and I love getting your patterns. I’d be happy if you never stopped knitting socks!

    All those spinning wheels–incredible!

    Thanks for the link to Jilly’s blog. And I’m sending Lucy lots of smooches!

  5. Considering the beautiful sock patterns you are churning out, why would you want to quit now? You’re on a roll, and we’re loving it!

  6. I think your sock patterns are interesting. I’m even more intrigued now that I know you’re left-handed!

    Random question: How did you pick out Miss Lucy when you adopted her? What made you choose her? Or did she choose you?

  7. Maybe this is a bit premature, but would you consider putting your sock patterns into a “Collections of Wendy” book? I’d be the first in line to purchase it!

  8. hi there… haven’t commented in a while but still read your blog, and just wanted to say, knit whatever you want! it’s your blog and your knitting! (that and i’m not tired of socks. i’m very impressed with how fast you knit socks– it takes me forever just to finish one.)

    and the spinning wow. someone was a serious hoarder.

    many bellyrubs to lucy.

  9. Socks are PERFECT for those limbo times. I’d gladly watch you create them forever. And keep visiting LE for the patterns when you decide to sell them. Thanks for sharing with us!

  10. What I don’t understand is why you have to EVER knit anything other than socks if you don’t want to? I knit mostly socks myself, so maybe I am just trying to justify my own addiction ๐Ÿ™‚

    And WHOA! That is some auction there!! Wanna split it with me? Perhaps you L-B and myself??

  11. Wendy, your book and blog got me out of my scarf/afghan thing and sent me to my lys to sign up for a toe-up sock class. I’m having so much fun with it and have rarely been as excited as I was when I came home with a toe on my dpn’s. Thank you…thank you…thank you! So…make as many socks as you want! p.s. I Love Lucy! Have 4 of my own – all orphan kitties.

  12. BTW — I am a south paw too ๐Ÿ™‚ Perhaps another reason I am so in love with all of your patterns! Still wish you would consider a non charted version though ๐Ÿ™ Pretty please?

    Isn’t there anyone else out there that loves Wendy’s socks that can’t do charts? Am I really the only one?

  13. Blimey. Keep up knitting the socks as long as you want to, and ignore the rude (and even the polite) comments. The socks are brilliant; and you should knit whatever you want to; and blogs are free information/edification/entertainment/whatever… you shouldn’t have to worry about what you’re knitting!!

    My right-handed friend and I both did the experiment; I do the hand thing the way you do (I’m a leftie) and she does it the way the KOARC does; but she had to think about it…

  14. Like I’ve always said … it’s YOUR hobby! you knit what you want, when you want ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m just glad that you share as much as you do with the rest of us!! Hey … it’s your blog too … so blog when you want and don’t if you don’t ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. I love your sock patterns. (I can’t read the charts yet, but have bought several patterns. I’m going to learn, honest.) Knit what makes you happy.

  16. You can knit socks for the rest of your life if you want to. I know I want to!!! LOL!!! You are being very creative in all your pattern designing, so you should keep right on doing what you want to do. Even if you do decide to knit some other things, you know those socks will be lurking in the back of your mind, so you might as well knit them!!!

  17. If they want to look at something other than socks they can go read another blog! Knit what you want! I’ll keep watching!

  18. I love your socks! I love your blog! But most of all I love Lucy. Keep up the good work, Wendy!

  19. People need to get over themselves.

    That you are willing to put yourself out there is something.

    Whomever the rude ones are can go somewhere else while the rest of us have a grande ol’ time looking at all of the pretty things.

  20. Why are people so rude? No excuse for it. I love your socks and your blog. Oh, and I did buy your book and love it. I think we suffer from OCD. Keep knitting what ever you want to knit. Thank you so much for giving so much. You are Fab.

  21. Keep on knitting socks! Only you know when it is time to move on! Unfortunately, after a year of knitting socks socks socks I let some knitting friends talk me into knitting something other than socks and I am not a happy camper (many trips to the FROG pond and one total and very expensive TOAD)! Knit socks!

  22. I’m happy to be allowed to see anything you knit! Seeing Lucy is another gift. ;o)

  23. DON’T STOP THE SOCKS…… Even as a non-socking knitting member of the knitting “society” I love to watch you create socks. You give me inspiration

    KEEP SOCKING!!!!!!!

  24. I can’t imagine “Wendy Knits” without socks! And they do wear out, so it’s wise to make a stockpile…
    If I win the lottery tonight, before that eBay auction ends, I’ll be sure to send you a wheel or two ๐Ÿ™‚ What an amazing collection!

  25. Knit what YOU like! I am just glad you let us watch. ;0)

  26. Thanks so much for the mention about the contest. You are SO modest!! I have to tell everyone that you made a wonderful prize donation–you are the best!

  27. Love the socks! Keep ’em coming. And when you’re ready to move on – well that will be fine, too. Honestly, if we’re not knitting what we want, when we want to – that’s the definition of “work” or “chore” as opposed to “hobby” or “fun.” ๐Ÿ™‚

    You do what makes you feel good!! I just hope you’re feeling better.

  28. I have to agree with Jess — if someone doesn’t want to knit socks, there are plenty of other web sites to visit and hundreds of various projects to consider. Or go to your local bookstore and invest in a book of knitting ideas, for goodness sake. In the meantime, keep doing what gives you the most satisfaction and pleasure. It’s your web site, and you have a huge following — no matter what you make!

  29. Thank you for the ebay link! I am desperate for my first wheel! ๐Ÿ™‚ And you keep on with those socks. Or whatever else strikes your fancy. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Love the new pattern!

  30. Seriously someone asked you that????

    I love your socks and could look at a new design every week, heck, every day!!! Whoever asks you that . . .should be tarred and feathered for even suggesting you stop doing what you are a master at doing!!!!!!!!

  31. Wendy–your socks are little masterpieces. I understand your enthusiasm for them: the are portable, they are relatively quickly completed, you can incorporated many techniques. Above that, the sharing your your patterns bring a lot of happiness to knitters–THANK YOU.

  32. I don’t know why people don’t realize that we all go through phases- you’re just going through a sock phase right now.

    Actually, so am I. I do other stuff in between because I “have” to but most of those things, even when they aren’t socks, are made with sock weight yarn, lol. I haven’t knit with anything bigger than a US3 needle for months…. I don’t think I’ve touched yarn bigger than DK weight, either.

    You’ve inspired me to start designing socks, though. That and the mystery sock I’m knitting for Ravelry’s sockdown. I’m brave enough to put designs on socks now. Yay!

  33. The other day I was feeling guilty because I was knitting a ton, and not quilting at all. You know what? I’m the boss of my crafting!!! You’re the boss of your knitting and you can knit socks ’til you’re 99 years old if you want. Besides, you make such gorgeous socks and share so nicely!!!

  34. Gasp! Look at all those wheels!! I am patiently waiting to buy my first wheel, but I wanted to be surrounded by all those wheels in the picture.

    I have been enjoying your sock knitting mojo. It is inspiring.

  35. Beg pardon? Someone was rude about your sock knitting? Hmm. Have they missed the badass knitting thing – we knits what we wants when we wants as much as we wants (sorry, left over from Pirate Day). Besides, socks are so much fun. My kittens want to know why I don’t take lots of pictures of them – slavedrivers!

  36. I’m loving watching the Trilobites evolve (hee). For some reason I can handle bugs and insects and whatnot on socks….and in real life YUCK! Keep on keeping on!

  37. I love your socks AND I love making my socks!! Socks are wonderful projects and you are designing yours so adding extra wrinkles of knowlegde to the grey matter!! Let others knit BIG things. Socks are wonderful when you do not feel like having a heavy item on your needles. I for one am enjoying your patterns, pictures, and your ideas! YEAH!!! for socks!!

  38. I vote you stick to the socks until you’re done sticking to the socks, and then do what you want to do then. I’m all for loosely-conceived plans ๐Ÿ™‚ Hang in there; as of now, the week is officially halfway over (I’ll drink to that!).

  39. I find this sock knitting discussion kind of amusing. I only started reading your blog at the time you were taking votes for the number of socks in the summer of socks. I came to your blog from someone else’s and didn’t even realize you had a book right away (I do own it now!). But for awhile I just thought you were Sock Knitter! The idea of you knitting something besides socks is a little foreign to me ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. Ann (yet another) says:

    So you are on a sock knitting jag? And the rest of us benefit from this via great patterns and looks at really great yarns? And some people want you to stop? Piffle.

    One day you will wake up and not be on a sock knitting jag. Of course this usually happens right after you’ve laid in a years worth of what you think is the sock yarn of your dreams but such is the humor of the universe. And then some people will say “more socks – we must have more socks!” Yeah, the universe is like that.

  41. I’m not tired of your socks. I’ve enjoyed watching them evolve (so quickly!) over summer. Besides you always have socks going for commuter knitting, right? Many of us look forward to a daily sock and Lucy pic.

    I hope your back and health issues smooth themselves out, meanwhile I’m amazed at how much knitting you’ve accomplished with a hurt back. Do you have a favorite chair to knit in?

  42. I love the socks! Knit wheat you will, it is always lovely!

  43. Wow… I can’t believe that people are actually asking with anything other than interested curiosity, when you’re going to start knitting something else. I mean… this is your knitting. This is your knitting blog. They’re your hands, and it’s your time. You’re not here to knit for the pleasure of the peanut gallery. We are here watching because we’re interested – if you’re not interested, go find something else to pique your fancy.

    People just leave me slack-jawed on occasion, I guess.

  44. Don’t let anyone tell you what you should or shouldn’t knit! If you’re still enjoying knitting socks, why wouldn’t you continue. Goodness gracious, I don’t know what gets into people sometimes.

  45. I love what you do – you inspire thousands of knitters!

  46. Knit what you like, I say, and feh to the nay-sayers. A question for you, if you wouldn’t mind: How does knitting toe-up affect your choices in patterns? Do you find that some lace or cable patterns are best done top-down, or do you just redesign a pattern if you want to use it as a toe-up motif?

  47. You keep right on knitting those beautiful socks. I love them. It is the highlight of my day reading your blog and watching your socks grow. I am a little slower but knit socks all the time as well. Good for you they are beautiful. I just ordered some sock yarn and your patterns from the Loopy Ewe.

    Give Lucy a pat for me. I would do it but am allergic!!
    She is beautiful.
    Have a lovely day.

  48. What the heck?!!? Knit what your heart desires!!! Why on earth would someone want you to stop doing what is giving you pleasure? I so understand about times in my life when my projects have been on the smaller scale…nice to have a beautiful item finished in a short time period…somehow gives me a sense of accomplishment and that I actually might be in control of something.

    As for the E-bay thing…ohhhhh….wish I was rich…I let out a groan at work when I saw it and my co-worker thought I was getting sick…no, just envy.

    Wendy, you do what you want, perhaps that rude person was having a bad day and you got the brunt of it. Just ask Lucy, doing what you want rocks!

  49. Seems to me, you should knit what you want to knit. We can chose to participate or not. There is certainly enough non-sock related info if someone has an anti-sock thing. I wouldn’t want anyone telling me what I should knit — that would make me extrodinarily cranky.

  50. Knit what you want to knit. So far this year I’ve been stuck on sweaters, and I can’t seem to get out of my rut for some needed socks. I love to watch your progress on sweaters and shawls, but it is just as captivating to see your prodigious sock output. I’d be a lot less “ladylike” in my response to a remark like that.

  51. I see no reason to knit anything other than socks – they are so much fun, not to mention portable. Keep on knitting….SOCKS!

  52. I am actually envious of your ability to focus on one thing like socks for so long. I have always toyed with the idea of doing that with socks and have never had the focus to do it. Keep at it if that is what is appealing to you right now. Knitting (and crafting/art in general) is the only thing in life that is truly our own, so just do what makes you happy.

    I have read your blog for more years now than I can remember, and no matter what you are knitting, it is always my first stop in knitting blog land!

  53. Well I like to knit socks too so I completely understand why you’re still knitting them. But what do you do with all the socks? My drawers are getting very stuffed!

  54. Theresa in Italy says:

    I pretty much agree with all of the above. Leslie (#22) summed it up best for me: I, too, am happy to be allowed to see anything you knit, and seeing Lucy pics is just the icing on the cake.

    You just take care of yourself and ignore those rude people.

  55. You’re a Bad Ass Knitter, you will knit what you want, when you want! People are so funny. Dropping you a comment to thank you for posting the Toe-up pattern with the gussett. I prefer a gusset/heel flap and am just not smart enough to figure it out myself. Since using your pattern, I have now made 3 pairs that way and it has now become my default pattern. Thank you also for writing the directions up for the sport/DK weight yarn, I am a slow knitter, so to compensate, I use thicker yarn.

  56. Knit and blog about what you want. It is kind of interesting to read about someone pursuing one aspect of knitting so in depth. I enjoyed reading about the summer you knit so many lace shawls too.
    If you do feel like moving away from socks a little I would love it if you could explore gloves, fingerless gloves, tipless gloves, mitts etc. It’s still a small project. You can still take advantage of all the lovely wonderful sock yarn out there. I’m seeing a lot of choices in this area now that I joined the Fall Fingerless Mitts KAL.

  57. I’m an addicted sock knitter myself. right now, I’m going through a serious and rather unusual “finishitis” phase, so I have no socks going right now. and I’m lonely without my socks. and about that auction — HOLY CRAP!!! I’d like a second wheel, one that fits nicely in my little car.. but that auction makes my head spin.. get it ? spin… I crack me up. ๐Ÿ™‚

  58. Why should you stop knitting socks? Your sock patterns are lovely! I agree, I would love to see you compile your patterns into a book – Wendy’s Socks. I’d buy it in a hearbeat.

  59. violetsunus says:

    I am new to knitting and I started a gray wool sock so far so good. I enjoy seeing your knit socks , I was actually looking for more. But, I have a question, when you knit your socks do you knit them with the RS facing you or the WS facing you? I seem to be knitting wrong side out, is there anything wrong with that?
    Wondering how other people knit their socks as well. Mind you I am starting from toe-up.

    Thanks for your time.


  60. NewJerseyLaura says:

    Love socks. Knit more. P.S. Anyone who can knit a Bohus in a few weeks earns the right to knit any old thing she wants at any old time.

  61. Party on with the socks! I’m not complaining because I totally understand the enthusiasm for knitting socks. I’m having trouble putting down sock projects for other things — maybe because I know I have a baby to do and that’s a real time commitment. Keep up with teh socks if that is what you want to do … it’s your blog and your time! If others don’t like it, they can choose not to read.

  62. Wendy, I hope you have a chance to answer some questions but sure understand if you do not. However, can you explain how you keep your KnitPicks Option needles together so they do not “unscrew”? I used them once and had such proplems, I stopped and went back to my Addi’s. Thanks for any help.

  63. WHo dared to tell you knot to knit socks, this is my socks fix, until I can make some. Looking at your socks is always a very nice experience, you are a motivation to everyone who wants to learn to do socks. Keep up the good work!

  64. Adding- I just noticed the link to the ebay auction. HOLY SPINNING WHEELS BATMAN!

    That’s one of those things where you really want to go in with.. I dunno.. 75 other knitters to buy it and then divide them all up, lol.

    I wonder if that listing will actually sell. I’m going to h ave to put it on my watched list now.

  65. Oh, silly me.. the auction of course ended with no biters, lol.

    I wonder if the local pickup was just too much? *giggle*

  66. I think you should knit socks as long as you want. It is all I ever really want to knit anyway. I love to see your completed socks. Sock ON