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Benedict, designed by Michele Wang, knit from Rowan Softknit Cotton in the Cocoa colorway, on a U.S. size 6 and 8 needle.

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What’s Next?

Last week Braden commented:

So, Wendy, now that the Summer of Socks is drawing to a close, what do you think you’ll do? Will you continue to knit socks for a while, or immediately cast on for a ‘big’ project? If so, what will said ‘big’ project be?

Good question!

You know, I don’t think I’m “done” with socks yet. At the moment, there is no “big” project calling to me. I guess we’ll have to just wait and see.

The Lost Weekend

I’ve not done much knitting this weekend, due to feeling under the weather. I did finish the first Tangled Vines sock.

Tangled Vines sock 090907

Tangled Vines sock 090907

I’m working on its mate now, but really haven’t put in too much on it at this point.

But the weekend had its high points.

The KOARC has a new toy.

KOARC 090907

KOARC 090907


And Lucy has an announcement:

The Lucy 2008 Calendar is now available for sale in Lucy’s Cafepress shop. The mark-up over base price is only $1 and all profits from the sale of all items in Lucy’s store (there are a few other items there as well) will be donated to an animal charity.

Speaking of Charity

We’ve made the first donation from sale of the Healthy Spine sock pattern to the Arthritis Foundation — thank you to everyone who has purchased this pattern!

Lucy Sez

Lucy 090907

Lucy 090907
“I need a nap after putting together my 2008 calendar!”

Ah, That’s Better

The first day back to work after a long weekend is always ugly, I think. Today was a little calmer.

Last week, two hours before I left for my long weekend, I got a new computer at work. While there is nothing wrong with getting a new computer (far from it), it always takes me a while to get things set up the way I like ’em, and I hadn’t quite finished that. So when I came into work yesterday and logged on I was flailing around a bit, looking for my stuff.

I had a busy night last night, too, getting started on the next pattern order for The Loopy Ewe. Boy howdy, I love how you people buy sock patterns! Don’t worry, there are enough for everyone, or there will be, eventually.

Yeah, About the Patterns

A bunch of you commented about how disappointed you were that my patterns were all sold out at The Loopy Ewe before you had a chance to buy. Have no fear — I am sending Sheri a huge pattern order in the next couple of days. A lot of you have expressed a wish that we distribute patterns in pdf format. I had said previously here that Sheri and I had discussed it and decided against it.

One of the main problems with electronic delivery of patterns is that it makes it so easy for an unscrupulous person to send copies along to people who have not purchased the pattern. Now, I know that you and I would not do that, but there are people who do. They buy one pdf and send it along  to everyone in their knitting group. There’s something about the online world that makes some people think that this is okay. “It’s electronic, it doesn’t count.” But it does count.

(I think these are the same people who think it’s okay to flame people in online forums and in blog comments because it is not “real” — it’s just “online.”)

So, the patterns will continue to be available in hard copy format. For your money (the same we would charge for a download), you get a color pattern in a plastic sleeve. Already printed out, such a deal. (Yes, I know people can make copies of hard copy patterns and distribute them illegally, too. But it’s not quite as convenient as doing it electronically.)

Someone was concerned about the flat shipping charge at The Loopy Ewe if you are just ordering a pattern or two. Well, if you check the FAQs, you will see the following:

When possible, we ship lighter orders (patterns, Handknit cards, etc) in envelopes and will adjust your shipping rate down to the actual cost. In most cases it ends up being just $1 – 2. We will email and tell you when we have been able to save you money on your shipping. 

So no worries there!

And don’t worry if the patterns sell out — I can make more! 🙂 And I am making more, so they will soon be available for sale. I think these patterns’ popularity are following the same trend for each new yarn that Sheri gets in. Remember when she first got Apple Laine, for example? It sold out in a heartbeat. But Sheri reorders and reorders, and now you can hop on the site and see a nice selection of Apple Laine yarns.  The same will eventually be true of my patterns — there will be plenty for everyone. When we release a new one I guess we can expect a run on it for a while, but it will settle down. And what happened here is we released a whole bunch of them at the same time, so there is a run on all of them. But it will settle down.

And can I say here and now how hugely flattered I am that so many of you are so anxious to get my sock patterns? Thank you! 

Okay, no sock knitting for me tonight — I have patterns to assemble.

But here is my Tangled Vines sock, coming along very nicely (sorry about the blurry pic).

Tangled Vines 090607

Tangled Vines 090607

Lucy can’t stand the suspense.

Lucy 090607

Lucy 090607


I returned to the office today after an absence of 5 days. How is it possible for 5 days to speed by so quickly? Is there a rift in the time/space continuum that I do not know about?



Hey, guess what? Sheri has restocked my patterns over at The Loopy Ewe. And the Loopy Laces pattern is now available there.

Speaking of socks, my Tangled Vines Sock is coming along nicely. You can see I am mid-heel turn in this photo.

Tangled Vines 090507

Tangled Vines 090507

I continue to like this yarn very much. Extremely pleasant to knit.

Socks on Two Circs

I seem to be freaking some of you out by knitting my socks exclusively on two circulars. 😉

Two Circs 090507

Two Circs 090507

Will I return to dpns? Will I continue to knit on 2 circs? Who knows?

Lucy’s Toy

The toy that Lucy was pictured with yesterday is a hunk of styrofoam.

Lucy had a hunk of white styrofoam that she carried around for a couple of years until she finally loved it to death. It kept getting smaller, and smaller, and smaller . . .

Last week the KOARC got his laptop back from being serviced by Dell, very firmly packed in a box with blue styrofoam. Being the good daddy he is, he broke off a couple of pieces for Lucy.

So the little princess has a new beloved toy.

Lucy 090507

Lucy 090507

Doncha just love happy endings?

Fits and Starts

Thanks for all the compliments on the L-Bee Socks. I’m pretty pleased with them myself. 🙂

The pattern for the L-Bee Socks (as well as the pattern for Making Tracks) will be available for sale at The Loopy Ewe later this month. Stay tuned!

Speaking of patterns for sale a number of you have requested that we make the patterns available as a pdf download. While I do realize that this would be convenient, we’ve decided to offer the patterns for sale as hard copies only at this time. I am sorry if this inconveniences some of you, but we’re going this route for a number of reasons.

So anyhow. I needed to start a new sock pattern so I spent yesterday evening fiddling with yarn and needles and yarnovers and what-not. I finally came up with something I liked.

Sock in Progress 090407

Sock in Progress 090407

I am calling this pattern “Tangled Vines” because the pattern looks to me like . . . well . . . tangled vines.

The yarn is Shibuiknits sock yarn in the “seaweed” colorway. This is my first experience using this yarn and I like it very much. It’s got a nice firm twist and knits up into a nice soft cushy fabric on my ubiquitous 2mm needles. And I like how it makes a very subtle stripe while knitting up.

Sock in Progress Back 090407

Sock in Progress Back 090407
Other than that, I’ve been tidying up today. So I’ve got nuthin’ else.

Lucy has been busy with one of her new toys.

Lucy 090407

Lucy 090407

Labor Day

 Lucy and I have had a very busy day.

Lucy has been keeping track of the sock blockers.

Lucy 090307

Lucy 090307

I finished the L-Bee Socks.

L-Bee Socks 090307

L-Bee Socks 090307

Happy Labor Day.