My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


It’s Over

What’s over?

My “Knit From Your Stash 2007” project, that’s what. It ended on September 30, and I didn’t think about it until today.

I’d sort of forgotten about it because of the Summer of Socks. I’ve knit nothing but socks all summer. And one of the original rules was that sock yarn was exempt from the ban on yarn-buying.

It has been pointed out to me by more than one person that I “cheated” by knitting socks all summer. (Heh!) In response, I say:

A. Nope, I did not cheat — the rules say that sock yarn was exempt.

B. I had no intention of knitting only socks all summer until I found out about the Summer of Socks round about April or May, so any perceived “cheating” was not intentional.

C. It’s my knitting and I’ll knit what I want to. (Wait, I feel a song coming on!)

But the bottom line is that other than socks, everything I knit during the the designated time period was from my stash — the Large Lace Collar Bohus, Cromarty, Alpine Lace, Maltese Shawl, Handsome Triangle Shawl, Kiri Shawl, Mitre Sweater, and the Cotton Cardi. I think that’s everything. And I purchased no yarn but sock yarn.

L-B and I planned the end of the project for the end of September because we planned to go to Stitches East. And we are. Going to Stitches East, that is. We’ll be there for the duration, hanging around the market and no doubt making general nuisances of ourselves. So if you see us, do stop and say “hey” will you?

On Hold Sock

Despite having a Ragdoll kitty pasted to me all night last night, I did manage to turn the heel of the first On Hold sock.

On Hold Sock 100207

On Hold Sock 100207

Earth Shoes

There were a lot of comments about Earth Shoes yesterday. For those of you who want more info about how they are made, the benefits of the negative heel, et cetera, Google is your friend. I have purchased my shoes from two online retailers — Zappos and Shoebuy. (You can Google them too and find their online storefronts.) While Zappos offers free overnight shipping, I do prefer Shoebuy. They always seem to have more color and size options, and once you register with them you get an automatic discount on purchases and free shipping (though not overnight). They may take a bit longer to reach me, but they are a bit cheaper, so it’s worth it.

Rori commented:

Have u tried Crocs yet? GREAT GREAT GREAT

I have several pairs of Crocs but cannot wear them right now. One of the features included in my current back issues involves a lack of control and feeling in one leg and I find Crocs to be “trippy” shoes in the first place. I would no doubt end up flat on my face every five minutes if I tried to walk around in Crocs.

That statement is a good segue to reporting that I am having back surgery in the near future. In fact, at the crack of dawn, the morning after I return from Stitches.

Timing is everything, you know.

Lucy Sez

Lucy 100207

Lucy 100207

“I suppose I’m going to have to take care of her after surgery.”


  1. Good luck with the surgery – I hope it takes care of all the problems and you’re back to doing cartwheels in no time…

  2. good luck with the back surgery! we’ll be thinking about you!

  3. Wishing you good luck with the surgery and a quick recovery. Give Lucy a scratch behind the ears for me.

  4. Yah, I saw you’d told Chris you were seeing the neurosurgeon soon…
    GREAT timing, at Stitches East you can fondle lots of yarn and pick the best ones to help you in your recovery!
    You know gazillions of people will be sending good thoughts your way, and the lovely blue-eyed one makes a great caretaker, other than not being able to open the fridge. But purring and snuggling help!
    Take care, and let people take care of you for a while too.
    By the way, I plugged your free patterns in my sock post yesterday (I have a couple of your Loopy Ewe patterns, but haven’t knit them yet, so can’t show them off yet!)

  5. You’ll be in my thoughts and prayers Wendy. Hopefully, I’ll see you at Stitches East – my knitting group (from Colonial Heights) is going Saturday just to do the Market thing.

  6. Good luck! Be sure to buy plenty of yarn to keep you occupied during your recovery. Tell Lucy to take good care of you.

  7. I can’t get over someone rudely suggesting you knit something besides socks. It comes to the front of my mind when I settle down for my daily Wendy Knits. I just wanted to say, thanks for taking the time to share your knitting adventures and all the wonderful sock patterns, etc.

  8. Hope that the surgery proves 100% successful. And kudos to you for reminding everyone that it’s YOUR knitting. Anyhow, you can always start another “knit from your stash” year after you’ve finishing supplementing your existing stash at Stitches East!

  9. Best of luck on the surgery. You will be on such a yarn high from Stitches East, that you probably won’t need many pain killers. = ; )

  10. good luck with the back surgery. my boyfriend’s mom just had back surgery and i was amazed at the fact that the surgery was done going thru her tummy to get to her back. not sure if that is how they are doing yours or not. πŸ™‚ she has recovered astonishingly quickly and had minimal pain from the surgery, and a plus is that her back pain is totally gone. i wish you as well of a recovery as her.

  11. Wendy, may God and all of the higher powers that be, be in your neurosurgeon’s hands the day of your surgery. While your suffering seems to have gone one forever, as one that has had two back surgeries in the last five years (both successful) I can tell you that your doctor did all of the things mine did before finally recommending surgery. Just don’t throw away the earth shoes – I’ve been wearing similar shoes since my fusion 20 months ago. Also, the neuropathy in the one leg will go away, but don’t be surprised if it takes a while after the surgery to go away.

    I wish you godspeed in your recovery, lots of really good buying at Stitches East so that you have lots to do during your recovery, and lots of warmth and comfort from friends and family, especially that feminine little feline you have!

  12. good timing indeed! good luck! we’ll all be thinking about you.

  13. Kate Lathrop says:

    Wendy – best of luck with the surgery. I send wishes for a speedy and relatively pain free recovery (and good pain killers).

    All the best!

  14. I can’t believe you knit all of the items you listed , plus all of the socks.(Since the beginning of the year). Plus, you published your patterns. You’re amazing.

    How would one find you & L-B at Stitches East? It would be wonderful to say hello.

    Lucy looks a little dubious in being charged with caring for you after surgery. But we who know her so well, know without a doubt that she will be the best Kitty Nurse ever!!! Plus, she has a great Dad who will help show her the way. No doubt, you’ll be well taken care of.

  15. I managed to be pretty good this year with Knit From Your Stash. I fell off the wagon a time or two, but when I did, what I bought was pretty cheap, no more than $10. And my stash did get reduced, even if it wasn’t by the amount I was hoping for.

    It certainly did press to me think of new and interesting stashbusting projects, though, and I’m glad I participated in a 9-month yarn diet.

    Have fun at Stitches, and I’ll be sending good vibes your way for the surgery, too.

  16. At least you have your priorities in order……Stitches, then surgery….although you’ll be having stitches again after surgery, but not of the right variety. Good luck!

  17. Wendy I’m sorry you have to have surgery but I hope that it goes well and your pain will be gone forever!

  18. Best of luck with the back surgery. I had a discectomy in late November last year, and it has changed my entire life, much for the better. I spent the better portion of the year before a prisoner to horrible back/sciatic pain, and I walked out of the hospital after surgery nearly pain free, was back to work in five days, and have actually been LIVING life since. Hopefully it will be the same for you.

  19. I’m thinking you scheduled that surgery for the day after Stitches because of the yarn justifying you’ll be able to do. As in, “I need this yarn – I’m going to be laid up for days with nothing to do but knit and I might run out of yarn.” or, “I so deserve to buy this yarn -I’m having back surgery in the morning, FPS.” Smart thinking…..

  20. Comment to Lucy: Yes, Lucy, You will have to take care of Mama after her surgery. Only you can give her the care she needs. I had surgery several years ago and my old cat Smokey (may he rest in peace over the rainbow bridge) gave me much comfort. The first night home he was there waiting on my bed, meowing to beat all wanting me to hurry up and lay down so he could cuddle up – I had been gone for 4 days and nights you see. My current kitty, Polly, is ever so vigilant (I had her when I had Smokey too) and reminds me that I must get to bed at a decent hour. I never listen to her and suffer tired days sometimes because of it. So Lucy, you have a great responsibility.

  21. Yes, Miss Lucy, it is your duty to take care of Wendy.

    At least you will have warm, fuzzy Stitches memories to tide you over. Will you be able to knit?

  22. Please stop by our booth at Stitches East, Black Water Abbey Yarns. We want to meet you and we have special treat for you and L-B.

  23. Wendy,
    Best wishes to you on your surgery. I hope your recovery will be a speedy one.

  24. Sending good thoughts your way for a successful surgery and easy recovery — and most of all, relief from your pain and back issues. Have fun at Stitches East. Gotta replenish that stash!

  25. Martha in DC says:

    Have a great time at stitches East and stock up on new yarn, you will need some entertainment after your surgery.

    Be assured that you will be in my thoughts and prayers.

    Thank you for doing your blog. I find it very enjoyable and informative. I love your new sock that you are working on and hope that you will send the pattern to Sheri at Loopy.

    Regarding a prior blog, I just do not understand the people who would send you a rude comment or be mean to you because you are not doing other projects or what they want you to do. Who are these idiots? I really do not understand people any more. Please delete them and if there is any way you can block their email in the future. Please do so.

    Again, thank you for sharing your knowledge, your patterns and your life with us.

  26. I wish you a speedy recovery and freedom from pain! Back surgery can be a godsend, at least for the people I know who have had it. The docs know what they’re doing, I hope you’ll feel a whole lot better soon.

    PS – are these the same earth shoes I was wearing in the 70’s? When I was in high school they were all the rage. We had to schlep to the Earth Shoe store in Manhattan, if memory serves me well. Now, you can get them at Whole Foods (at least the Los Altos store).

  27. Good luck with your surgery! Mine was very successful and fixed the pain, the foot drop, all the feeling came back and everything. I didn’t even use pain meds in the hospital because I felt so much better immediately. The nurses thought I was brave (ha!) but I told them I just didn’t hurt anymore. They’re very good at it these days. πŸ™‚

  28. Wendy, Have a really good time at Stitches and buy lots of fabulous goodies so you will have plenty to keep you busy during your recovery from surgery. Best of luck with the surgery. You know you have lots of people sending you good vibes for a speedy recovery.

  29. Good Luck with the surgery – I have to recommend listening to a soothing music mix on an mp3 player during all the pre-op stuff. I got my first mp3 player in preparation for my surgery, and it helped me IMMENSELY – to relax before the procedure, and deal with the nausea afterwards.

    Another recommendation for Earth shoes – – I haven’t bought from them, but I have coveted their selection of Earth shoes. They also advertise the same free shipping/return policy as Zappos.

  30. Sure hope the surgery goes well for you. It’s no fun having a leg that doesn’t cooperate. I had to go on medication for a while once in order to keep my right leg from doing a little dance every time I took a step. Loads of fun I tell ya.

    Make sure you pick up lots of goodies for your recovery time. Are you going to keep knitting socks or go for a larger project?

  31. PICAdrienne says:

    I wish you well with your back surgery. I am sure Lucy will take good care of you, but I hope a two legged creature will be around for the first couple of days to care for you as well.

    Since you didn’t use your get out of jail free card during knit from your stash, do you get an extra special something from Stitches East? I admire your fortitude, but then again, I don’t have your stash.

    Do the On Hold socks match Cromarty, or is Cromarty more blue?

  32. Best of luck with the surgery! I am sure that Lucy will do a marvelous job of nursing you back to full health.

  33. Best wishes for the surgery- I’m sure you’ll be fine!

    Also, I feel you on the crocs- they ARE very trippy shoes!

    I recently bought a pair in an attempt to help my back problems and I think I want to try the specific “RX” ones but the pair I got- plain Caymans- actually seems to make them worse. Bleeh. And maybe this is just me but my crocs seem to be static electricity magnets.

  34. Good luck with the surgery. (I know it’s not for a bit yet…) And I suspect Lucy knows what is expected of her during your recovery period.

  35. Wendy, good luck with the surgery. You’ll be in my thoughts.

  36. I don’t know what “Stitches East” is, but it sounds fab! I live in the middle of nowhere before you plop off the earth, and we don’t get neat stuff like that….:( Is it like….just yarn everywhere??
    Blessings galore on the back surgery, I’ll be praying for u.

    Oh! and I tho’t EVERYONE knew that sock yarn doesn’t ever count as stash πŸ™‚ hehe
    (sorry the Crocs didn’t work, I was thrilled to stumble upon them (ha! no pun intended) as have foot toubles and have gotten a bit ‘evangelistic’ in my recommendations)

  37. So sorry you have to have back surgery. On the plus side, my hubby had to have surgery last year (sounds similar to your symptoms) and he is 100% glad he did. I hope everything goes well, and very little knitting time is lost!

  38. Well, Lucy, if you need any help
    taking care of your Mama,
    just put your paw on the cell phone
    and MEOW,
    and we’ll be right over to help!

  39. Have a great time and Stitches with L.B. I’m sure you might try to buy a few bags of yarn and you deserve it. God bless you and wish you the very best with your surgery. I’m sure everyone will be praying for you.

  40. Wow, it is over isn’t it! Thanks for reminding me – though I’m saving up my yarn pennies for Rhinebeck now… I also knit a lot of socks during the “yarn fast” and I don’t consider it cheating at all.

    I sincerely hope your surgery goes well. You are, after all, the owner of my favorite Sealpoint Ragdoll!

  41. Good luck with the surgery. The results are so much better these days. That and your reluctant nurse will see you through. And maybe the KOARC will let you have the remote while recovering.
    Or not.

  42. It’s your party and you can knit what you want to………best wishes and speedy recovery!

  43. I believe back surgery is complete justification to buying any and all fiber and yarn that your heart desires. All that yarn will help cure any problems you might have.

  44. Good luck on the surgery. Sometimes you just have do it.

  45. Good luck with your back surgery. And, have a great time at Stitches East with L-B!!
    And, I just love your On Hold Socks – another very cool pattern. : )

  46. After being SO very good this summer and resisting all that yummy yarn, you should be rewarded! Stitches will be a great reward! I have to admit I fell off the wagon hard with three yarn stores going out of business and working at another and getting a discount. I couldn’t help but buy, buy, buy with all those incredible prices! I might never see that yarn again! Can you hear the “justification” there?!? So sad to have so little will power!

    Hope your surgery goes well and you will be pain free. My mom has had several back surgeries and I know it’s very distressing to be in pain all the time. Be well soon!!!

  47. I’m sorry to hear you need the surgery, but glad you’re going to get it. I have a friend who is recovering from recent back surgery and she’s wondering why she didn’t get it done years ago. I hope you’ll feel much better after it’s over.

    I hope you enjoy Stitches East!

  48. Have a wonderful trip to Stitches East, we’ll be praying for you and your surgeon and for Lucy and KOARC, too! Enjoy the fiber – you’ve been a very good girl, now it’s time to go for it! Knit happy!

  49. Well at least you get a mini yarn vacay before you go under the knife and you have a wonderful nurse πŸ™‚

    I hope the surgery makes you feel good as new!

  50. I will be at Stitches as well. Working in the Webs booth. Stop by and say hello, won’t you? πŸ™‚ I’m a big fan of your blog and your patterns! πŸ™‚

  51. I’m sorry I won’t be able to make Stitches (wrong side of the U.S.). Rest assured I will be sending you healing thoughts (starting RIGHT NOW) before, during and after your surgery. Does Lucy come along for the ride to Stitches E ??? Or does she stay with KOARC ? Luv.m.

  52. Oh, good luck with the surgery! By way of encouragement (and feel free to stop reading here if you want), I had back surgery last summer (same kinds of symptoms you’ve mentioned), and I’m in much better shape than I was before I did it. I’ll send you healing post-surgical back vibes (and if you should happen to want more detailed encouragement, feel free to email me:, or I’m on Ravelry).

    The socks are lovely — it’s been so much fun to see all of the patterns you churn out. I’m in awe πŸ™‚

  53. Excellent scheduling on your part — prime yarn shopping in preparation for surgery! Enjoy Stitches, and we’ll all be thinking of you during your surgery. I know Lucy will take good care of you, and I’m sure her daddy will chip in, too!

  54. I love the heel on your On Hold Socks! I can’t seem to finagle a toe up heel flap, is there a specific method you use for yours?

  55. The very best of luck at Stitches East and with your back surgery. I really admire your sticking with your blog even when you aren’t feeling well. I look forward to reading it every day.

  56. Wendy, I wouldn’t presume to tell you what your surgery will be like. I can, however, tell you that my MIL just had MAJOR back surgery. 12 screws and pins and things installed (80% compression fractures). She was flat out for a while, but is making steady, if slow, progress. Trick is to do the (in her case) walking even when she is tired. She may lie down as much as she likes in betwen walking.

    So, I hope you keep your spirits up, and doing your upping and downing and walking, etc, as the PT people say is right for you, even if you are tired, it seems to matter.

    And listen to Lucy. πŸ˜‰

  57. NewJerseyLaura says:

    Knit from your stash — over!!! Has it been a year already??
    Best of luck with your surgery. Be well. And, as EZ says: Knit on, with confidence, through all crisis.

  58. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. My Sassy wants to tell Lucy it’s her duty to take care of her mommy ’cause in the long run it gets nurse kitties extra treats, toys and lovin’s.

  59. Best of the best with your surgery. Will be praying for you. I also love Earth Shoes. I purchased the Melissa sandals last year & they went on a trip to Italy with me. I mostly wore those. They were great on the cobblestones & everywhere else. Fantastic shoes. Have fun knitting, no matter what you knit. Have fun at Stitches. Looking forward to Stitches 08 West!

  60. Best wishes for a speedy and full recovery from your surgery, Wendy. You’re in good hands/paws with KOARC and Lucy!

  61. Have a grand time at Stitches with L-B! The kitties and I are sending lots and lots of healing vibes and wishes for a successful surgery with a quick and complete recovery!!

  62. Well a girl has to have her priorities in order and I approve of the comfort of mass amounts of fiber and fiber enthusiasts before surgery!
    You’ll be in my thoughts!

  63. Timing and priorities are indeed a girl’s best friend. Good luck on the back surgery. I’m sure Lucy will bring you breakfast in bed – heeehee. Great job on the knitting from the stash! Very impressive.

  64. Good luck with the back surgery. I know Lucy will take good care of you.

  65. The back surgery will make you feel so much better. Just take it real slow and follow your doctor’s instructions. Lots of prayers will be focused on you. Have fun with L-B

  66. Good thoughts for you on your surgery! It’s a pain short term, but so worth it, I think. That’s how I feel about mine for sure!

    Mmm yarn. Enjoy your yarn accidents!

  67. Good Luck with your surgery. Bring plenty of knitting and give the IV pain med button a push for me and one for Lucy too – hey why not! Can you actually feel all the well wishes swarming to you? I am sure it will help for faster recovery. Knit On!

  68. I had no idea Knit From Your Stash was over. Oh, I did knit from my stash, and I’ll confess I made a buy, but it was someone else’s destash!

    The best of luck with your surgery!

  69. Theresa in Italy says:

    Have a great time with L-B at Stitches East and best wishes for the back surgery and a swift and full recovery. We’ll be keeping you in our thoughts.

  70. You’re right about Crocs being trippy; I love them but can only wear them on my good days. On my bad days it’s back to the Eccos.
    But I’m really writing to say thanks for the tip about the cleaning-with-conditioner – I’m a total convert. I did get some of the Chaz Dean (I nearly typed Chaz’n’Dean there, they sound like a pair of ’70s singers) but I like Herbal Essences pink grapefruit best. I can wear black tops again.
    And fingers really, really crossed for the surgery. Lots of people will be thinking of you.

  71. If one must have surgery, I would suppose that being able to treat oneself well and distract oneself with a yarn marketplace immediately before said surgery can only be good. I hope they are able to resolve your problems for good and that your recovery is smooth and quick.

  72. Barbara Snyder says:
  73. Sorry to hear about the surgery. I know you’ve been trying everything else so this must be the last resort. Hope it all goes well and gives you some relief. How long will the recoupertaion be?

  74. So many people will be sending out healing vibes the morning of your surgery. Between your family, friends and “fans” ….and your feisty attitude!…your back issues will be licked. I wish I were going to Stitches too, but not this year. I would love to see your two making nuisances of yourselves! AND no more From Stash Only. Soounds like you will be having a yarn Paaahrrrtay!

  75. Best of luck with the surgery! I have little flat fat feet, and I just discovered Keens. Bliss. Sadly, their solid shoes (as opposed to sandals) cut me across the instep.

  76. And the crocs.. yes, very comfortable… but since they lack support, they can also cause a very painful type of tendonitis in the heel if you do a lot of standing around in them.

    Ask me how I know.

  77. Best wishes for your surgery from Germany, I hope you will be ok soon.
    Could you explain to me, what a ” Ragdoll kitty ” is. I couldnΒ΄t find it in the
    dictionary. Is it something contagious? πŸ™‚

  78. I have a group of friends – we are scattered all over the world and have many religious affiliations (or non-affiliations) and, in order to take into account everyone, rather than “praying” for people, we send them Good Vibes.

    So, Good Vibes for your surgery from me. Molly TheDog wants Lucy to know that laying really, really close to your master after she has surgery is really helpful. Although maybe not so much after back surgery. Then again, Lucy weighs alot less than Molly.

  79. Hmm that does feel like a song coming on! Hee hee hee…love it, will have to play with that today…Wendy, just wanted to let you know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. I pray that all goes well and that you will be moving without pain or hinderance. And yes Lucy…you will have to be the nurse again.

  80. Congratulations on the completion of the knit for your stash project. I was inspired by you, but decided to continue through the end of the year, so I’m still at it! Thank you for the idea.
    Good luck with your surgery, hopefully it will mark the beginning of the end to your troubles.

  81. Good luck with your surgery and have fun at Stitches.

    I wore Earth Shoes about 25 years ago. I thought they had disappeared for good. I have been wearing Merrells for the past few years and find them comfortable, but I may have to go look at the Earth Shoes again. I loved them.

  82. Wow, timing is everything. Enjoy Stitches. I wish I could go, but just can’t do it this year. Funny how people react to our own self-imposed limits. It is your knitting and you can do what you want. I enjoy seeing what ever you are working on as it all makes me think. Thanks!

  83. Thank you for writing and sharing your projects with us. I’ll be sending you many healing vibes for your surgery. The best way to heal is by petting a purring kitty.

  84. Just wanted to thank for the the prize from your sock contest. It arrived safely the other day and I’m giving a lot of thought to what to knit with it. Thanks again for the yarn and the pattern. Barbara

  85. Barbara-Kay says:

    Have a wonderful time at Stitches. Perhaps you could take a rolling bag or cart so you don’t have to both walk a lot and carry a lot all around Market.

    One other hint that worked for me after surgery: have some projects you want to work on all bagged up: pattern, yarn, stitch markers, needles, everything you’ll need. Lucy and KOARC can fetch so much more easily that way!

    We’ll keep you in our hearts and pray for a speedy recovery. Do believe them when they say you should take the pain meds as ordered, on schedule. Post-op meds can’t play “catch-up”. If you wait until you just can’t stand it, they won’t cut it. Play nice with the good nurses! VBG!

  86. Michele in Maine says:

    The image of a kitty pasted to you is so funny! I have a tortoise cat named Ella (plus a tiger and a calico kitten, and two bad cocker spaniels but I digress) who loves to sit on my lap when I am home. “I won’t play with the yarn, Mom, just let me turn around a hundred times in your lap till I’m ready to settle down, ok?” She’s a little funny looking because she lost the tips of her ears to frostbite (before we got her from the shelter), but I think she’s beautiful (and of course I tell her that all the time).

    Good, good luck with back surgery.

  87. I’m sure Lucy will do a wonderful job of caretaking. My kitty certainly did after my surgery.
    Best of luck Wendy.

  88. I feel your pain, literally! I had back surgery 2 years ago, after too many years of constant pain in my back and numbness in one leg. I am happy to say that it was a success, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. I wish I had “bitten the bullet” and done it sooner. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think it’s a good thing to rush into surgery, and the recovery period was pretty painful (God Bless Percoset!!!) but I spent much too long in pain. I hope your outcome is just as good! I’ll be thinking of you and sending healing vibes your way!

    P.S. I took six skeins of sock yarn to the hospital with me. I figured if I was going to spend 3-4 days in the hospital, I was going to get a lot of knitting done. Wrong! Between the pain meds and the after effects of the anesthesia, my fingers refused to knit. All I could do was stare at the yarn! At least I had something pretty to look at and pet!

  89. I’ll be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers as you go into your surgery, Wendy. Have fun at Stitches East where I’m sure you’ll stock up on yarn for your recovery period. What timing!

    With the KOARC and Lucy by your side, I’m sure you will have the smoothest recovery possible.

  90. I add my very best wishes to everyone else’s, and know the surgery will be successful, the recovery will be short, and you’ll be back to “normal” in no time!
    Meanwhile, have fun at Stitches.

  91. Congrats for making your goal of knitting from stash! I don’t think I could have done it.

    Best of luck with your back surgery too. I will keep my fingers crossed that it will bring you some much needed relief. Hugs to you!

  92. Good move to enjoy Stitches and stack up on yarn before surgery. My thoughts are with you and I hope the surgery helps with your pain.

  93. Hope to see you at Stitches but you didn’t mention where you would be? Book signing, Loopy Ewe or something else?

  94. I hope to be able to meet you at Stitches East. (I’m trying to decide if I’ll be there Friday or Saturday . . . decisions, decisions.) Good luck on your surgery. You’ll no doubt feel MUCH better as a result.

  95. Have a great time at Stitches East and speedy recovery with your surgery. Will Lucy be blogging for you while you recover?

  96. Ann in CT says:

    Goodness! The title of this post scared the dickens out of me. Glad it’s just knit from your stash that’s over.
    Have fun at stitches.
    Good luck with the surgery.

  97. Best of luck with your surgery. I am so sorry that your back problems have you brought you to this point, but I hope you will have better luck in the future after the surgery.

  98. Karen P. in Ohio says:

    May your surgery go smoothly and may your recovery be swift!!!

  99. Comment #100 has to be auspicious somehow. πŸ™‚

    Good luck with your surgery, Wendy! I really, really hope it makes you feel a lot better.