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Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


The Longest Week

It’s Thursday, right?

This is the longest week since the beginning of recorded history.

It is, coincidentally, also the first week I will have gone to work every weekday (assuming I manage to drag myself in there tomorrow) since before the beginning of summer.

Once again, I spent the evening with a small fur-bearing animal pasted to me, but I did manage to get some work done on the second On Hold sock.

On Hold Sock 100407

On Hold Sock 100407

There was a question in the comments about what kind of row counter to use when knitting in the round.

I usually don’t use row counters when knitting socks, unless the pattern stitch is very complicated and is made up of many rows. Then I do this:

Stitch Counter 100407

Stitch Counter 100407

A stitch counter threaded on a large pin that I pin through the knitted fabric nearΒ  the beginning of the round. Elegant it is not, but is works quite nicely for me.

Lucy Sez

Lucy 100407

Lucy 100407
“Excuse me, I’m in the middle of my kitty yoga!”


  1. I have a stitch counter with a loop to go on a circular needle, but your method looks nicer as it keeps the counter out of the way. I got one of those digital counters with 3 separate counters, which is the one I am using for Asparagus cable with its mere 4 row repeat (I like keeping track of my total rows, too). When I store more than one project on this counter, I can get confused as to which row count number is for which project.

  2. It IS the longest week ever, isn’t it? My husband thought I was just imagining it.

  3. Kitty yoga for the win!

    I keep meaning to pick up a row counter, but most of the time if I need to keep track of my rows, I just use plain old pen and paper. Low tech and cheap, but it works. (So long as I don’t lose the piece of paper, that is.)

  4. Hey, this has been my L O N G E S T week,too! I’m packing out and getting ready to move. Arghhhhhhhh! I am so tired! Maybe I should try some of that there kitty yoga myself! My kitty Puma has plastered herself to my side, too; it’s funny how they know something is up. Stay well, Wendy!

  5. This week’s been okay for me, but next week looks like it may drag a bit…I do recall one week last February that lasted about three months. (February’s always a rough go, though.)

    So THAT’s how Lucy stays so trim! πŸ™‚

  6. this has seemed like the longest week for me too, because I’m taking tomorrow off and it seemed like it would never get here. I’m in the same camp as Ria, if I need to keep track of what row I’m on when I set my knitting down, I just write it on a notepad that I keep in my bag.That said, I try to get in a full pattern repeat before I have to set it down, but things down always work out so neatly.

  7. Same sentiments here, too. IS THIS WEEK OVER YET?
    Hope you’re feeling better soon.

  8. What ever gets the job done! I don’t suppose Lucy would be willing to sit there and count for you πŸ˜‰ Love the new socks and seems I missed an awful lot…Le sigh

  9. yes long week mainly since one of my evil neighbors complained about the ferals my father was feeding now i have to get rid of part of my family. part that was already going to be put up for adoption mind, after i get them retested the mother is fiv+ so anyone out there looking for a black oriental girl, a ragdoll male and the third sister a tux just like mommy??? they like to help in everything you do cleaning/ eating/ knitting. ok question i am working on a stitch diva pattern ‘sahara’ and i have to put short rows in.I am DDD and do not want to look like a slut how far down do you start them under the arm?

  10. I have been reading for about a year, but this is my first time to write back. This seems like a good time to tell you that you have multitudes of silent fans. We wish you all the best. Your website is such a treat every morning. I don’t know very many knitters in my small city in Louisiana and I don’t know any that are fiber snobs like you and me. You and Clara Parkes are major information sources for those of use who are unfortunate isolated fiberolics and you are great cyber-friends. I want to speak for the silent multitude and let you know we are all pulling for you. With caretakers like the KOARC and Lucy, you should recover very soon indeed!

  11. It is definitely not just you. This is a long week. I was giddy in class today, and my students all clearly thought I was nuts, but they agreed that they were ready for the week to end, too. One. More. Day. We can do it!

  12. Is it obvious that I have had a long week too? I can’t spell.

  13. and Wendy care care at the show, have fun gather as many treasures as L-B will let you and that you can sneak past her, but please remember your fans love you and don’t want you to be away too long recovering from surgery. we’ll miss you even knowing that Lucy is taking the best possible care of you and of course the koarc will be helping her.

  14. Well first of all, pace thineself—– no need to overdo!!! Be GOOD to you!

    And, my stitch markers are the same sort of contraption, none to elegant I agree but it works well and that after all is the core of it.

    Love the color of the new socks, it appears rather ‘turquoisey’ is that a true assessment?

    As far as a long week, it is the longest of weeks indeed. I’m exhausted and combine that with having to run errands after work tonight and seeing CHRISTMAS TREES in every store I went into, well that just about drove me around the bend!

  15. I like to use a super post it. I can put where I need and it sticks but does not destroy your pattern. I work on different things so I keep track this way.
    My girls have been glued to me lately also. Kitties make great care takers! KORACs are not bad either. I have had three major back surgery, and it does take time to recover, you will never be 25 again, but you will feel better!!!

  16. Does Lucy do the famous Potted Plant Pose?

  17. omg, we have the funniest book that my in-laws gave us called Yoga for Cats. have you seen it? it kills me and i’ve read it many, many times. you would love it. lucy’s pose above is entitled “improper bug” or “buggamudra,” for example. πŸ™‚

  18. dee near Berkeley says:

    Take care of yourself at SE. Last Feb. I was at about my lowest point with the sciatica and couldn’t walk worth beans. I only went to the Market on Thurs. night and only made it to Blue Moon. I wish you the very best and quickest recovery possible. KOARC and Lucy will take good care of you, or we’ll know why! No, they’re both the best of people, fur people in one important case. The healing powers of blue-eyed cats is well known, even if the literature is rather sparse.

    Are “Hearts for Heidi” and “Trilobite” going to be at the Loopy Ewe eventually? I’m yearning for them. But later, Wendy, later. We can all wait til you’re better.

    Fond regards.


  19. Theresa in Italy says:

    It’s been a loooong week over here as well—must be the phase of the moon, or perhaps the exceptionally hot and definitely not autumnal weather we’ve been having.

    I like your row-counter-on-a-big-pin method! Beats hash marks on the back of an old envelope!

  20. Joan Callaway says:

    Thanks for the row counter on circulars idea. I had thought it would be handy to know exactly how many rows I had knitted on sock #1 when I start gusset, etc. — that sort of thing. As it is I keep my tape measure handy…

    Take care, Wendy…thinking good thoughts for a quick recovery.


  21. I do the same thing with stitch markers. I pin them on my socks or shawls near the start of the row using a short stitch holder. I have had people look at me like I am nuts but it works. Plus you can move it as needed.

    And never interfer with kitty yoga. It is almost as important as naps and food.

  22. I use post-its and a katcha-katcha, and whatever else works. My main criteria is that I understand it. I had seen one like yours but didn’t like the idea of it hanging on my needle. Never thought of your solution! Cool!

  23. Which end of the kitty is which? That’s the problem with yoga.

  24. (de-lurk)

    When knitting at home, I keep track of stitches/rows with a little ornamental abacus that sits on the table beside me – nothing special about it but it’s fun –

    Doesn’t work too well when stuffed in a bag though –

    Best of luck with the dreaded surgery – I’ll have my needles crossed so you’re going to be fine –


  25. Has Lucy been more “attentive” lately? Good luck with the surgery!

  26. Lucy tummy!

    Row counting for me depends on the project… If I’m doing generic toe-up stockinette socks, I just measure and when it’s the right length I start my gussett increases. If there’s a pattern I usually keep a paper copy of it and do little tick marks along the side of it next to the rows. Then make a note to myself when I start the gussett so I can do the same thing on sock #2.

    I use the green locking katcha katcha counters for big projects. I have um… a lot of them. They just sit on my desk while I’m working and get snuggled in with the yarn and WIP when it’s resting. (or when I’ve banished it to the WIP basket) Each project gets its own counter. Which is probably why I have so many of the silly things.

  27. Hmm, my row counter is an excel chart. Seriously. If I’m doing anything like color changes or cables (my new favorite) I chart out the sweater and then just check off the rows.

    Be careful Lucy, or you might end up like me — injured in doing yoga, which apparently is now the fastest growing injury-prone sport in the US. And you have to be healthy to care for Wendy!

  28. Like that idea of a row counter. I had a counter like that, but when I put it on my needles, I couldn’t stand the weight on one needle…this could work for me! πŸ™‚ And I’m digging the socks, too.

  29. Thanks for showing the row counter tip! Occasionally I’ve needed one for socks but worry about how not to take up so much space as to ‘ladder’. I’ll use this tip. πŸ™‚

  30. Yeah, I have to agree with you. This WAS, quite possibly, the longest week in the universe. To date. But then again, never overlook the possibility (and pretty good chance) that next week might be even longer.

    i wish i could knit a toe up sock.


  31. I love the toe up system – I need to rey that more often since I’ve run out of yarn too many times. Reading other entries it sounds like you are having surgery for sciatica issues. I had a lumbar laminectomy nearly 2 years ago, and had a great recovery. Then my car was rear-ended in January but that’s another story.

  32. I’m behind so, good luck with your surgery. I hope it goes very well.

    I like the On Hold sock. I hope it will be another Loopy Ewe available sock soon. It looks like something I could manage while watching tv. There’s too much to watch so far this year. Is it weird to hope that some of the promising series’ tank soon so that I have time for more complicated knitting?

  33. This is my second comment, but . . . . . I just wanted to wish you all the best, Wendy. I’m moving to California, but hopefully they knit there, too. I had a hip replaced and two knees replaced about 10 years ago, and it’s the best thing ever. I hope your business goes as well. Take care, sweetie.

  34. I run a contrasting color peice of yarn up the side, before the first stitch of the row. I flip it to the outside or inside every x number of rows. stays out of the way and is freeeeeeee.

  35. I’m way behind because of surgery last week, so I have yet to find out if you managed the entire week of work – but I fully sympathize at how exhausting it is! (As I imagine trying to go to work, which I hopefully won’t have to for 4 or so more weeks.)