My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Happy Leif Erikson Day

Wow, it’s hard to believe that it’s Leif Erikson Day again already. Time flies, does it not?

Leif Erikson Day or not, today I did go to work. So there is just a bit of progress on the sock.

Butterfly Sock 100907

Butterfly Sock 100907

There have been a couple of comments recently, asking me about my sock design process. Like — what software do I use for charts.

I have Stitch and Motif Maker v3.0 and I use it occasionally, but more often than not, I use a Knitting Symbols font by Aire River Design and Microsoft Word tables. If I am doing a huge chart, I’ll use Excel, but for socks, tables in the body of a Word document usually work just fine for me.

But I usually start out with graph paper and pencil and doodle up something I think might look good. Sometimes I knit a swatch, and sometimes I fearlessly start a sock and incorporate my lace pattern into it. Sometimes I have to rip back to the toe and adjust. This was true of the Butterfly Socks — I didn’t like the placement of the lace motif I had decided on initially, so ripped back and re-did it. So this sock has actually been started three times.

Several of you have asked about the fate of the patterns for my latest completed socks. For the next little while, they are going nowhere — I’ve too much on my plate to deal with at the moment.

But you may have noticed that Sheri did a shop update at The Loopy Ewe — I think all of my current patterns are in stock right now. I sent her a huge order, so they should stay in stock for a bit.

Mystery Fibers

Here is the last installment of mystery fibers from Clara:

Mystery Yarns 100907

Mystery Yarns 100907

They are both from large animals .  .  .

Meanwhile Back at the Ranch

Lucy 100907

Lucy 100907

Lucy is doing an interpretive dance in celebration of Leif Erikson Day.


  1. Yay, I’m first! I like the new sock, and I think the mystery fiber is yak.

  2. I think the top one is Buffalo, based on the color. The bottom one…not so sure. Maybe alpaca?

  3. I did snap up the Garden Path pattern but I must have missed out on the Trilobyte pattern. Ah well. Next time.

  4. I think the top one is buffalo, and the other might be quiviut or camel

  5. Yo Wen & L-B – I think I may be at STitches Saturday … will you be there? I’m not bringing the catz – only moi – lemme know – I got my arm twisted and thought I might just show up one day for the heckuvit –


  6. I’m going to guess that the top one is Camel and the bottom one is Quivit.

    Lucy really rocks the dance.

  7. I’m guessing the top one is camel, having seen many that color, but I haven’t a clue about the bottom one.

    I’ll be at Stitches East Friday afternoon. I hope you’ll be there!

  8. I’m guessing the top one is bison/buffalo but I’m not sure about the bottom one.

  9. I’m terribly sorry not to have a wise opinion on what fibers they are—- yak? Wow, I couldn’t even begin to guess but I’ll want to know what they are in the end.

    The butterfly sock looks great, it looks ‘happy’.

    A happy Leif Erickson Day to you and Lucy as well, I think that makes tomorrow Leif Erickson Boxing Day which means that all knitters need to take the day off and sit about in their jammies praising Leif to the high heavens and knitting. I’m calling in right this second………………….

  10. It is also my husband’s birthday.

    Love the butterfly sock.

  11. I think the bottom one is Shokay yak.

    I got my Wendy patterns last week, they look great! They’ll keep me busy until the Triobytes come up, I guess after your speedy recovery!

  12. Llama on the top, alpaca on the bottom, maybe?

    Wow, Lief Erikson Day actually was one we had to learn one year when I was in elementary school. I always felt somehow connected to the day as I’m half Swedish on both sides, but I’d completely forgotten it.

    I’ve just been going through my own ‘time flies’ pangs. Next week I’ll have my six month blog anniversary so posted a contest today. Time flies yet it seems odd to think I’ve only been in this knitblog world for half a year.

  13. If Wednesday is L.E. Boxing Day, then it must be devoted to shopping — in the true Boxing Day tradition. Furthermore, in the WendyKnits tradition, the shopping should be knitting related — like yarn or patterns, etc. Some nice E. Lavold products would be especially in keeping with the spirit of the day. If only there could be LYS within 75 miles of my house! Internet shopping will have to suffice.

  14. It’s official. My brain is not working as well as it used to. I saw the reference to Leif Erikson Day and my feeble little mind immediately questioned how an 80’s heart throb got a “day”. Then it all became clear…. you said Leif Erickson….NOT Leif Garret.

    I think I better start the Aricept soon or this could get ugly. Maybe I just haven’t been knitting enough.

    Have fun at Stitches. Hope your back gives you no difficulty this weekend and that you an LB have a great, pre-surgery, yarn enhanced, blow out. Live it up.

  15. The yarn on top was spun from the hair of a Tonton (from the ice planet Hoth)!

  16. You have a Leif Erikson day???? Norwegians have been moping and whineing for years, because that other guy took all the fame and glory for that trip he made in 1492, and we did not know about Leif Erikson day… Because he IS Norwegian, we had him first! He Icelandics can say whatever they want… Sorry, I’ll stop kidding. Hug Lucy for me and finish the butterfly socks. I want to see them in all their finished glory. They are gorgeous!

  17. Mystery fibers: top one looks like it has alpaca and the orange one looks like it has cashmere…I’d know for sure if I could touch them. :o)

    Have fun at Stitches with L-B (I’m jealous)! Pet Ms.Lucy behind the ears for me…she is just soooooo darn cute!

  18. I don’t know…llama for the top and alpaca for the bottom?

  19. Wendy- Where are the Viking Hats? Huh?

  20. Hmm, quivet and camel, maybe? The bottom does look like the smooth camel yarn I’m knitting a scarf with. The top I’ll guess quivet.

    And Lucy’s interpretive dance is quite cute.

  21. Happy Leif Erikson Day! Thanks for the link to the knitting symbols font.

  22. The top fiber: buffalo or quivaet. The bottom: clearly cotton, probably from the notoriously huge cotton sheep of south-northern Borneo.

  23. I think the bottom one is Yak. It matches a yummy yak skein I saw at my LYS.

  24. Thanks for mentioning the knitting symbol font. I am a relatively new knitter and like to follow a pattern closely. I’ve found that some of the charts are so small they are difficult to follow. I have photocopied and enlarged patterns, etc to get a larger version of the chart. This font will make it easier for me to copy the pattern chart into a larger format.